Relax Together In Nightgowns That Are For Mommy And Me


There might come a time when you are thinking about some type of clothing that will come as a matching set for you and your daughter or perhaps son. It could be an actual set or an individual item from one person to another. While nightgowns went through a period of being considered old fashioned they have been making some what of a comeback and the trend is growing with more and more people recognising their usefulness. This makes them an up and coming garment that is a great choice for your mommy and me relaxing day.

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There are a number of different varieties of nightgown with a few differences. Most of the these differences relate to length, for example a full length, baby doll, chemise, vintage and slip. Another major difference is the material or fabric used which can be cotton, flannel, lace, silk or satin among others. The choices are there to enable people to choose what they intend to do in them, i.e just for sleep or to lounge around in for the day.

Other than nightgowns there are also many more different varieties of nightwear and other garments that can be purchased as a matching set for mom and daughter. These include relaxing night attire such as pajamas and onesies with additional robes and kimono’s. There are also clothing that is produced for different occasions of the year which include thanksgiving outfits and outfits for Christmas. You will also find everyday garments such as shirts and jewelry like a necklace. They are also produced for almost all different permuations of family members as pairs or for a group.

From all of the possible combinations of people it will be the mommy and me types that most people will find the most adorable. There is something about seeing a mom and her baby in matching stuff that melts our hearts. They same can be true of any parent and child wearing such things but not all permutations have such a positive reaction. There are some people who just can’t embrace the whole idea of wearing things that match and although there will be many who find mom’s and daughters alright, when it comes to couples who are wearing them to be romantic it all gets a little too much. Obviously this type also has many fans and people wearing them but are not as mainstream as the ones produces for the likes of a mother and her babies.

Everyone has to start their journey into wearing this matching stuff somewhere and there will be a number of different paths to entry. It might be a case for some that it has been a family tradition that they wish to pass down. For others the act of seeing other families wearing such items and wanting to share the same enjoyment as they are having with their kids. There is also the case for a child who has decided they want to wear their mommys clothes to look like them and the only way to have full ownership of them again is to buy a matching set to keep the little one happy.

One of the initial reasons to wear a nightgown set that matches is to look good, which of course they do. There is a deeper, psychological aspect to the wearing of any matching items and that is the strong connection that they portray. They show a mom and daughter who have a close and loving relationship which is not only trusting and caring but also full of fun. The identical look is one of unity that shows two people who are considered equal and who will feel closer to one another through wearing such garments.

The person who will be purchasing these sets of gowns will most likely be the mother. Younger children will not have too much input as they are not quite interested in what is going on. However, it will not be long before they are taking more of an interest in what they wear and then it becomes a joint decision.


Matching Nightgowns For A Mother And Daughter Can Make Fantastic Gifts



We touched upon just a small selection of the various clothing, accessories and jewelry than can be bought for any combination of family and friends you can think of. Anyone wishing to first try out thi twinning look has a massive range from which to start. Fashion is quite individual and everyone has their own style, otherwise we would look the same. There will be many pieces of clothing that some love and some would never want to even try it on. This is the same within the niche of matching garments and even those within the mommy and me range.

Many of the various garments purchased from this niche tend to be worn at home or for certain celebrations. There are still a lot of every day versions but the most popular tend to be for one of the many festivities during the year and vacations. They make fantastic gifts between a mom and daughter or to them both as a set. Although they can be worn at all times of the year they can be given for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays or Easter plus any other occasion that requires a gift.

Gowns are not just an item of clothing to be worn to bed but can also be used for day or evening wear. They are a perfect piece of clothing to wear on a mommy and me day at home, providing that added bit of warmth with a lot of comfort. They can be worn to relax and watch a movie, play some games, dressing up or even doing some baking. They are a good all round item and at the end of the day can be used to lie down and sleep.

Although we use them now for many purposes, nightgowns have been used for many centuries by both men and women to sleep in. From their origins as nightshirts and eventually gowns, their popularity spread during the 17th and 18th century throughout Europe and America. Today it has become popular to repurpose the gowns or nightdresses as relaxing daywear.


Some Ideas For Your Next Set



Read about a few of our favorite designs for which we have included a brief description.



  • Red and white striped with green sleeves and top pocket



  • Wife Mom Boss



  • Blue silk with floral pattern



  • Long sleeve flannel gown in plaid



Spend The Day Chilling Out And Bonding In The Comfort Of A Gown



Most moms are fortunate enough to be able to spend much quality time with their children from when they are babies, throught the infant and toddler stage and onto school age. Those early years where they grow so fast and learn so uch are full of milestone moments and amazing achievements that, as a parent, should never be missed. Those precious time are the ones that will be etched into the mind to be replayed as often as you like. We feel sorry for any parents who misses a childs achievements that should be treasured memories.

Most mothers would not think twice about wanting to spend every hour with their newborn baby and this time together will benefit both parent and baby. For a baby having their moms constantly present means they will grow up feeling love and affection which helps to build that special bond. They also learn much from the people around them and this includes how they act within their own relationships when they grow up and also having a positive impact on school grades and behaviour.

Unfortunately some mothers do find it a struggle to devote as much time they would like to their kids and while often this cannot be helped there are a small minority who prefer their own social lives to being with their children. Those that have to work all hours to feed and keep a roof over their childs heads are commended for their commitment but the other group need to change. If this has become a realization of late and you wish to make it up to your daughter in some way that a mom and daughter day, just chillin’, talking, reconnecting and bonding properly is a good place to start. Buying and wearing matching nightgowns can be a show of the fact you want to be closer and also be a symbol to represent the new beginning moving forward.

Whatever kind of mom and daughter relationship you may have, each are choosing from the same range of gowns. Purchasing as a set may need some more thought to ensure that color is one that both will like. The sizes need to be correct and also the preferred fit, loose or tight. The material is another important decision and will be chosen depending on the warmth of your rooms and perhaps outside weather. Last of all is the overall style which can be long, medium or short, long sleeve or shorts sleeve. The final choice will be one that both love and if it is a gift will have the additional sentimental value.