Celebrate Christmas In Outfits That Say It’s Mommy And Me


Christmas is a joyeus time of the year that is loved by most and children especially so. It is a time where everyone is that little bit more merry, friendly and looking forward to the all of the celebrations the big day brings. For children it is the build up and excitement to Christmas Day itself and the opening of their presents. Parents love to see their little ones happy and enjoy time off with their families and plenty of eating. Depending on where you live, temperatures are likely to be cooler so outside outfits will need to be warm for most people. However, appropriate adjustments should be made if your new clothing is mostly for indoor use during the holiday.

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Clothing for a newborn baby will usually be limited to bodysuits or rompers as these provide the comfort and warmth they need plus they are easy to change. There are still plenty of options for Christmas outfits but once they become infants, toddlers and older then the choices widen greatly. Whether it is at Christmas or any other time of the year, there are many different types of clothes, jewelry and accessories that are available for a mom and her baby to wear.

An example of these would be mommy and newborn outfits, costumes for halloween, for the head, bonnets and home wear such as kimonos. There is jewelry including bracelets and even accessories such as keychains available. These are not just limited to mom and daughter but also produced for every combination of family member you can think of.

Dressing in this way is incredibly popular around various festivities and the holiday season but also features in many peoples day to day wear throughout the year. Some people are not so keen on the twinning look although this is usually aimed toward those couples romantically involved. Parents and children dressed in this way will almost always have positive feedback and you can expect many comments that include cute and adorable.

The mommy and me style, although popular is still fairly niche and the wearing of this kind of clothing will usually begin for a particular reason. For some moms it might be a tradition that she enjoyed as a child and has passed down to her children in the hope they have the same fun and build similar fond memories. These designs could have been seen on the TV, online or from friends wearing them which has given a mother an idea she would like to copy. There is also the case that a child has reached an age where some seem to enjoy trying on their parents clothes etc. This can be a lot of fun but also cause much chaos and a good way to satisfy their curiosity and keep them happy is to buy them a set of matching outfits and Christmas is a good time to start.

It is not just the fun of dressing up that makes the wearing of coordinated outfits so great. It is also not just because the look cute and makes the family photos all the more adorable. They also create an image that shows a lot of love within the family and a strong connection between, in this case, a mom and daughter. They portray a look of unity and two people that are seen as equal with a close bond. For the people wearing them there is a feeling of being closer to each other than ever and although this will be largely psychological it is still a great benefit.

This image and strong connection can be true of both Christmas outfits and those that are worn for any other celebration or generally throughout the year. Babies and younger children are not going to understand the impact but older children will and as the younger ones grow up and look back they will see what a loving and caring family they have.

Outfits for Christmas are available for moms and her girl or boy and can be great fun to pick out. Obviously younger childrens clothes will be chosen by mommy but older kids can join in the fun in choosing togther. This can become a new tradition and another exciting build up to Christmas. You could choose a date each year in November or December as the day you sit down and pick out your holiday clothes together. That is, of course, unless they are intending to be a surprise for those involved.


A Matching Outfit For Mom And Daughter At Christmas Can Make A Wonderful Gift



The majority of females can be difficult to buy clothing for where most of the time either the size, color, look or all of them are wrong. Most of the time any attempt at giving any garment as a gift will result in it being exchanged. One figure suggests around 75% of clothing purchased for women is returned. They know what they like and most of the time everyone else is wrong.

Mom’s will buy a lot of outfits for her and her baby but they would also make a wonderful gift. Knowing how many are returned will mean you are thinking it is probably better avoided and that is understandable. However, we would say Christmas outfits are probably have a wider degree of flexibility because choices are more limited and they are a novelty item to be worn over the holiday period. This means there is a better chance of success and combined with that fact they are a set that includes her child means she is more likely to love it You could offer them as a pre Christmas gift but giving them as a present on the big day is probably the best idea.

As they come as a matching set, it means there are two people whos tastes will need catering for. Clothing for Christmas tends to focus on Christmassy type things so it is difficult to go too far wrong but there are still choices of colors and designs which two people may have different thoughts upon. Because of the time of the year red is probably the color to go for and most people in the holiday spirit will likely see them as a bit of fun and put them on regardless.

Although Christmas has only a limited amount of what items relate to it, for example Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman, elves, decorations and Christmas trees, but there are still many different outfits available. Many have already been designed and printed, ready to be purchased and worn. Some will come as an actual set that matches in some way through its words, images or being identical whereas others are aimed at a mother or daughter individually and can be purchased to go together by the customers. Some can have additional things added such as custom photos and personalized words to make them even more individual for a certain family.

Some prints and designs would be deemed as being funny and there to make the people around those who wear them laugh. Others will be produced just for the cuteness factor and which you choose will depend upon the reaction you might wish to get from your family and friends who see them.

As we have previously mentioned a Christmas outfit can make a brilliant gift and with the many celebrations that occur and require a gift year after year it can often become tough to come up with something new to buy. This is the type of present that makes for a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning and can be enjoyed for next few days.


Ideas And Inspiration For Your New Set



Take some ideas or some inspiration from the list we have compiled selected from our favorite sets. We have added a brief description to help guide you through a great selection.


  • Stretchy plaid long sleeve dresses with tutu for child
  • Deep purple floral printed long sleeve with pockets
  • Plaid long sleeve red Christmas dresses
  • Christmas skater cocktail dress
  • Half sleeve plaid party dress
  • Green and white half sleeve holiday dress printed with dog and cats wearing santa hats

Buffalo Plaid

  • Buffalo plaid high waist patchwork midi dress

Baseball Shirt

  • Merry Christmas Y’all baseball shirt with truck and Christmas tree image

Sweater And Legging Set

  • Multi colored leggings with green sweater and text Hello Winter printed on both


  • Christmas skater dress in red with lace


  • Reindeer printed blouse top


  • Vintage velvet long sleeve stretchy dress in green


  • Matching set of snowman print leggings
  • Winter print Christmas tree and reindeer leggings set of two

Jersey / Sweater

  • Green ugly sweater with reindeer and snowflakes


  • Red and white long sleece shirt with words
  • Merry Christmas set of 2



Make Merry And Enjoy Some Mother Daughter Bonding Time This Holiday



Every day of the year is an important day when it comes to spending time with your children as it is during these times spent together that you can really bond. Any vacations, birthdays or holiday seasons and especially Christmas are wonderful opportunities for a mother, daughter or son to have quality days together. Younger children love the mommy and me moments but older kids can sometimes be difficult to connect with. Christmas combined with matching outfits can be the chance to have some fun and rebuild the strong connections that may have been lost.

There are a small percentage of both moms and dads who have difficulty in finding the time required to be with their children. Often this is enforced through hectic work schedules while other times it can be choice where social lives come first. Most parents gladly sacrific their old lives because their babies are more important but for some this can be a difficult change to make.

Those that choose to neglect their children end up missing out on many amazing milesstones and first times that will never be repeated. These once in a lifetime moments really should not be missed and most that do will live a life of regret later on. These are some of the most treasured memories that you can collect and ones that will be looked back on forever.

Being there for your children is not only beneficial for you due to witnessing some incredible moments but also for them. They not only get to grow up in a home where their is love, warmth and a mom and dad who listen but it also helps their development. Your children will learn from the people with whom they spend the most time and they learn from those people how to act around people and how to react in their own relationships later in life. For any parent who wants to ensure their children develop good socially then it is vital to be spending some quality time with them.

Not all parents have a choice with some working every hour to feed and clothe their children but there are some who can make changes and begin to dedicate more of themselves to their kids. If you feel as if you have been neglecting your parental duties and wish to make the necessary changes then what better place to begin than during the holiday season. Christmas is already season full of happiness with most people enjoying time at home which is the perfect way to mark the new beginning. Once Christmas is over you can continue in the same vein and each anniversary of the new start can be a double celebration with you and you son or daughter in matching outfits.

The majority of mothers are their for their babies and they take priority above all. Studies have shown that as parent we spend more hours a day with our kids than we did 50 years ago. This shows we are learning that it is important to take part in activities, talk and play with them a lot. Christmas makes it an easier time to be more involved which is why it is synonymous with love and families.