Get The Best Matching Couple Swimsuits


There is something special about giving your partner a gift that is part of a matching pair. This type of item is one that is personal and often requires a little thought which will mean that the recipient will appreciate what you are giving them even more.

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When each occasion that requires a gift looms it can be easy to fall into the trap of buying the same kind of gifts over and over again, year in year out. You know the type of thing you usually buy that requires no thought. The problem being there are so many times throughout the year when you are expected to come up with a new thing to surprise your other half and it becomes difficult to continue coming up with ideas.

Getting your partner something designed for couples is one that is personal while also being something that you will both be able to share the enjoyment together. These swimsuits for couples are a great choice for anyone looking to buy this kind of present for anyone who loves the beach or going to the pool.

They can be be brought for all types of occasions including Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, engagement and wedding gifts and bridal showers. Although the make a great choice for your partner, there is nothing stopping you buying a set for other couples and some of the celebrations make these the perfect items to give. They also make amazing surprises for any couples with a beach vacation coming soon.

You will find a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from as well as styles to suit the reaction you are looking to see from the receiver when they realize they have a pair of swimwear in the matching style. You could be looking for something that brings some fun and laughter or one that might be a little more flirty. Either way you will both look great in your matching swimwear.

Wearing items that match isn’t just about showing the world how much you love one another and the romantic or flirty message you are trying to portray as couples. The more indiscreet matching items enable you to compliment one another in terms of style and colors. With you both looking coordinated you are not only telling everyone you are together but you also have a way to look great together in terms of looking fashionable. Complimenting what each other are wearing gives off an aura of style and sophistication you don’t get by both wearing complete opposites.

His And Hers Swim Set

As we have previously mentioned there are quite a wide range of swimsuits that are made for couples. If you are a couple in a relationship you will see there are many matching designs for you to choose from and the one that you decide on will depend on what you like, what you think your partner will like and also whether or not you are looking for any particular reaction when they open the present.

If you are looking to buy matching swimwear you probably enjoy going to the beach, going to the pool or perhaps have a  vacation approaching where you think wearing couple swimwear will be romantic. Of course you could just need to buy a set  and be choosing with your together with your partner as a bit of fun.

Once you have your swimsuits they don’t have to always be worn together. There will probably me numerous times when you are swimming or sunbathing alone and these will then serve as a nice reminder of your partner. You could be a long distance apart at times for work or other functions at wearing these to relax will help you to feel like your loved one is nearby.

Swimwear is similar to underwear and while there are some sexy undies for couples the swim suit range doesn’t have quite so many options but that’s not to stop you both enjoying each others pieces of clothing once you are back in your room. The right style can still send a flirty message to your partner, especially if you have set up a code beforehand that tells your partner whats in store depending on what you wear.


Ideas For Couples

To help you out with your decision of what to buy we have taken a look at a few of the various designs out there that you may like to wear with your partner. Most come in a variety of options in terms of colors, patterns, print and trim with the combinations being endless. Lets take a look at some of the possible ideas you could be buying and wearing soon.

King And Queen

When it comes to any items for clothing and accessories you will find King and Queen on them all and swim wear is no exception.

  • Bathing suits and shorts with king and queen printed on them in various colors

Classy And Indiscreet

For the couples who want the connected feel of matching swimsuits but want them to be indiscreet and classy rather than shouting to the world look at us, we are together. These designs will enable you to compliment one another perfectly while also being classy and both looking very fashionable.

  • Blue and white in color with palm leaf and coconut pattern – men shorts and women 2 piece high waist halter and one piece ruffle
  • Mens shorts and womens one piece monokini bathsuit coming in a variety of colors –
  • Light purple with coconut tree pattern
  • White background with lemon tree
  • Black with green and pink flowers
  • Pink with red and green flowers
  • Black background with red flower and leopards
  • Yellow with coconut tree print
  • Pink with darker pink floral design
  • Blue background with pink and yellow flower print – men shorts and women 2 piece bikini
  • Blue and white floral print with shorts and women’s 2 piece retro design bikini set with ruffle style bra top
  • High neck tank bikini top with bikini shorts in a variety of floral colors – black – green and black – green and white
  • Chic and classic modest 2 piece with men’s shorts in leopard print
  • Single shoulder strap chic design with high waist band bottoms in white with tropical plant design
  • One piece swimsuit for her and shorts for him in blue and white color with coconut tree design


Creating Your Own Styles

Although there are quite a few designs of  swimsuits, there should be some matching styles that you might like there is nothing stopping you from coming up with your own styles. If you are just looking for something that compliments in terms of color it would be a simply matter of finding a bikini or one piece that you like the look of and ensuring your husband/ boyfriend buy a pair of shorts that match. Men’s swimwear is pretty straightforward – shorts, there are a few different styles long, short, classic budgie smugglers/ speedo’s but the one and 2 piece bikinis have a lot wider range which makes it easier for the man to find something to match his partner.

Apart from more subtle styling there are some ways you could stand out more with some suggestions below.


For Him
  • Shorts with cockerel printed on the front
  • Mankini
  • UFCK letter print
  • Sesame Street Bert and Ernie
For Her
  • Shark bite taken out of one side
  • Leaves on bikini line and pineapples over breasts
  • Hairy man wearing mankini one piece
  • Custom photo of boyfriends face printed
  • Jaws inspired with shark rising from bikini line
  • Thick thighs saves lives text on two piece or one piece
  • Suns Out Buns Out text
  • Suns Out Bumps Out text maternity swimsuit
  • If lost please return me to my squad
  • Bae watch
  • Thong bikini with Eat Meowt text or Wanna Bone text
  • Spandex thong with It’s not going to lick itself text


You could give them all a treat and go sexy and lets your other half keep one with the same color. There are many one piece deep V neck with high waist swimsuits that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

  • A high cut thong with under cut bikini showing enough under boob to be sexy
  • A mesh knit crochet style with lace up front, very revealing
  • Front self tie high cut thong bikini, oozing sexiness


Spending Time Alone By The Pool

If you and your partner are just looking to spend some quality time together and have access to a private pool then actual swimwear isn’t really necessary. If you are wanting to go for a flirty/ sexy look then you could just relax and have a swim in your underwear. There are many choices for matching underwear designed for couples which will give your partner the message you want to get across and we are sure he or she will enjoy seeing you in them. On the plus side it also saves money on new swim suits.


Best Friends Swimwear

Spending time with your best friend is one of the highlights of the week and for those that live close to the beach or like to relax at the poolside then why not complement one another in matching swimsuits. While there are many items that are made as pairs specifically for best friends, there are not many in the beach wear range. Having said that, it is an easy fix, a nice shopping trip together and you can buy a set that matches one another or ones that have complementary colors.


Wearing Matching Swimsuits Is Great Fun For Couples

As has been mentioned previously, wearing swim gear that matches is a great way to display to the world that you are together and have a deep and romantic connection. The design which you choose will influenced by the look you are going for and the reaction you want to see from your partner.

Because these items have a personal touch about them they will always feel more valued by the recipient because of the thought that has gone into buying them. It doesn’t matter which person you are buying for – your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend these make great gifts for any occasions such as birthday, anniversary, valentines, Christmas or as an initial vacation present. If you are thinking of buying them for another couples then these make great engagement or wedding gifts ready for their honeymoon or for a bridal shower.

If you have a vacation planned then matching beach swimwear might be an item you want to choose together. You will need to come to some agreement on what style and fashion taste you have. Are you looking for something that stands out, one that is more discreet and classy while still maintaining the look of a coordinated couple or maybe something that is flirty and sexy that will turn heads.

You might not find a design that you can both agree in which case coming up with your own as an alternative makes a great compromise. It only means finding similar styles and colors that will match one another.

If you are dating online and that person is a long distance away and you both enjoy swimming then this could be a nice way  of sending them a present that matches your own so when you both go to the pool or beach you will be reminded of each other.

In conclusion, whichever choice you make, be it designs that will bring fun and laughter, romantic or flirty you will both enjoy wearing matching swimwear at home, on the beach or on vacation. With the choice of designs and colors available you may find yourself buying more than one set to suit various places, moods and occasions.