Relax Together in Matching Shirts Designed For Couples


There can not be many people throughout the world that does not own a shirt of some kind. It is probably one of the most used and flexible items of clothing of all. They can be worn and are acceptable in many situations and are something that has a high comfort level and there are enough different types to suit everyone’s tastes. Any shirts you may choose to give as a gift is a great choice but there are those with a personal element that might make them more unique and individual and therefore be even better received.

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There are varieties that have been designed as a matching set and are produced for many different family members. You can purchase ones designed with the whole family in mind or just parents, the children, brother and sister and even best friends. They are also created with couples linked romantically in mind and these again come in many different styles and a lot of different words, monograms, images and logo’s.

If this is a niche that suits you and your partner and you have decided to buy something that is coordinated in some way you will begin to realize there are many different items including clothing and accessories that are available. It is safe to say that if an item is sold for an individual you can probably buy its equivalent that is produced for a couple. When it comes to the clothing range there are those that have it’s fans and others who wouldn’t be seen dead in them. You will find accessories like matching bracelets and items of clothing such as swim wear. Many of the items sold in this range will have printed or engraved some kind of image or text that defines you as a couple and these can include things like His and Her, Mr and Mrs or King and Queen. You will find that they can be romantic or funny and this include matching shirts for couples that we are reviewing here.

What we intend to look through here are designs that have been produced for couples that they can either enjoy buying together or to be purchased as a surprise gift for their partner. As we all know each year there are many many celebrations and holidays that require you to buy a gift for your loved ones. With each passing occasion year after year, actually thinking of something different to buy can become really hard and often it becomes easy to buy the same type of thing each time. Shirts are already a great gift and maybe something you regularly purchase but by adding a personal touch and custom in design it can also be fun and romantic.

Any gift that you give to your partner will be received with a smile and are a sign of how much you love them but you can enhance that by giving one that is more personal which will show how much you love them even more so. This due to the personal touch you have added as this shows the gift required some effort and that some thought has gone into it. It is this kind of gift that comes from the heart and has been lovingly thought about and created to make your partner happy and this will be appreciated more so than the gift itself. A present can be given at any time as a spontaneous surprise but most of the time this kind of one will be given for certain festivities such as Christmas, Birthdays’s, Anniversary, Wedding day’s, Engagement parties, Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Easter etc.

While there is a large v

ariety in the range of matching accessories, clothing etc and any couple will look great wearing anything from this vast selection they are not all usable for all occasions. While you may get away with wearing something like a matching necklace to most events, a t shirt with His Beauty, Her Beast will most only be acceptable at more casual occasions. It is important to think about when and where you may want to wear certain items and reserve many of them for when no one is judging how you dress.

The shirts that have been designed for you and your partner number quite an amount in variety. While all of these varieties are great because it means more choice, sometimes more choice means taking time to make more decisions. There will many different styles, materials used, colors, images, prints, words and custom ideas that will need to be finalized before making a purchase. Because they come as a set you will also have to be making those choices to keep two people happy.


Romantic Or Funny His And Her Shirts Are Great Gifts


As any special celebrations throughout the year draw close it will be a time to begin thinking about what to buy for your partner and in this case perhaps any couple that you may wish to purchase a gift for. We have already spoken about the personal factor that will help to make a gift even more appreciated and it is because that personal or custom element will be the one that takes the item from some already lovely to one that can be thought of as a symbol of the love and bond they share between them. Every husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend and couples in a civil union all have some things in common and these include the trust that has grown between them. They also have each other to confide in and discuss their most personal and intimate secrets of their life knowing they will always remain loved and supported. They will also be a  person who is committed to spending the rest of their life with you and to be by your side through good times and bad and many times it is small gifts that can identify and represent this love.

A shirt is one of those gifts that almost everyone will already own many of but are also ecstatic to receive a new one and you know it will be a garment that will be used and worn regularly. A shirt on its own is already a great gift but as these generally will come as a matching set it will be an even more enjoyable to receive and wear together. They will also have the personal factor we have spoken about and will soon grow to be a sentimental piece of clothing for you both. Normal shirts come in a variety of colors as do those produced for couples but these will also be customized, monogrammed etc. They will usually come either as an already printed item having an image, text or both with some popular slogans such as King and Queen, Mr and Mrs, His and Hers etc and sometimes custom additions that maybe printed or embroidered. Most of the themes will be centered around romance while other will be funny and a laugh for everyone with some having more adult humor.

Because they will usually be produced and sold as a set of two it will usually be either purchased together as a couple or one half buying for the other as a gift. Having said that, there are no limitations and it would be equally as acceptable for someone to purchase a pair for any couple that is close to them. A relative such as a mom, dad, brother or sister may find buying these for a member of their family and their partner a perfect idea for certain occasions. They would certainly make pleasant gifts for a bride and groom on their wedding day or as a present for an engagement or a bridal shower. They would also make a wonderful housewarming present when they begin their own journey in a new home as well as the normal yearly festivities such as Christmas.

As with all shirts there are many different styles and designs in order to keep the majority of us happy. They come in some different materials including various cottons such as combed and organic, polyester, linen, rayon, modal and different blends of these. They come with long or short sleeves, in a t-shirt style, polo neck, dress, flannel, golf, jersey, tunic  and formal to name but a few and of course many different sizes from small to plus sizes. The will obviously a choice of almost  any color you can think of along with many kind of images and prints to demonstrate what or who you are a fan of as well as  those custom varieties that can be personalized just for you.

When you begin to think about just a simple shirt the actual options that can be considered before actually purchasing can soon stack up to quite a lot. When it comes to surprising your partner then you will not only be choosing what they like the most but also combining those choices with your preferences and most likely having to make some compromises. When it comes to buying a pair for others such as newlyweds, it is these same options that will be need to be decided upon in the hope to keep the both happy.

In some ways it is great to have many possibilities to take your pick from because it means more opportunity to find something that will suit two people. On the other hand, too much choice could mean actually picking out then one set you believe the recipients will like most might become even more difficult. With many available you might find you actually like quite a few different ones and get stuck on narrowing it down to just the one. Luckily we are on hand to help you with a few ideas up next.


Some Ideas And Inspiration For Your Next Set


We have searched through most of the designs available and have a chosen a selection of our favorites, some of which are romantic, others more fun and some unique . Hopefully our favorites will help you with some ideas and inspiration for your purchase. Almost all come in many sizes, small, medium, large, X large, XX large and XXX large to a plus size and come in many different colors. Many also come in different types such as polo style, with collars, short sleeve, long or full sleeve, tank top and  tshirt.

His And Her Shirts

  • Better Together – split wording half on one pair, half on the other
  • If lost return to babe – I am babe perfect his and her style
  • Nothing makes sense when we’re apart – split wording half and half
  • His and her – Love and heart split image and words
  • His and her matching set – My Bae – My Boo
  • I’m With Him – I’m With Her
  • Partners In Crime

Couple Shirts Funny

  • Peanut butter – Jelly
  • Don’t go bacon my heart – I couldn’t if I fried
  • The boss – The real boss
  • Mr right – Mrs always right
  • Burrito – Taco
  • Milk – Cookies
  • I love my crazy wife – I love my crazy husband
  • Mustard – Ketchup
  • Broke – Spoiled
  • I don’t need Google, my wife knows everything
  • Coffee – Donut – Better together
  • Captain – First Mate
  • Bearded for her pleasure
  • She’s my sail – He’s my anchor
  • Missing piece pizza and slice
  • I got a dig bick
  • Her Rock – His Peace
  • I Like Her Boobs – I Like His Muscles
  • He’s the man – She’s the boss
  • Her Captain – His Mermaid
  • My Wife Is psycHOTic
  • I Like His Beard – I Like Her Butt

Custom Couples Shirts

  • Custom jersey with his name and her name choice plus dates

King And Queen T Shirt

  • King – Queen matching set
  • I’m His Queen – I’m Her King
  • King – Queen with crowns
  • Her King – His Queen
  • King – Queen jersey with personalized name and dates
  • The King – The Queen

Star Wars Couple Shirts

  • I love you – I know – Han Solo and Princess Leia inspired

Beauty And Beast

  • Beauty – Beast with claw marks and lipstick kiss
  • Beauty – Beast with lightning strike and rose
  • Every beast needs a beauty – Every beauty needs a beast
  • Her Beast – His Beauty

Mickey And Minnie

  • Matching Love tops with Mickey and Minnie heads
  • His Minnie – Her Mickey
  • Mr and Mrs with Mickey and Minnie blowing kisses
  • I’ll be you Mickey – I’ll be your Minnie

Just Married

  • GirlfriendFiance – Wife
  • I stole her heart – So I stole his last name
  • Just – Married tank tops
  • Just Married set of 2

Boyfriend Girlfriend

  • I love my girlfriend – I love my boyfriend
  • Have everything I need – I am everything


  • Custom married since with personalized dates
  • Trophy husband


  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear


  • Drinking Partners
  • He’s my drunker half – She’s my drunker half
  • Tequila – Lime
  • It’s not for me its for the baby and mommy – It’s not for me its for the baby


  • Power couple with Disney theme
  • Her Jack – His Sally – Disney nightmare before Christmas
  • Hakunu Matata

Disney Toy Story

  • Disney Toy Story logo
  • I’m a Nervous Rex
  • Toy Story – The Claw


  • Family trip to Disney with custom year


  • Christmas vacation – Griswold family Christmas
  • Why is the carpet all wet Todd? – I don’t know Margo

Husband And Wife – Hubby Wifey

  • Hubby – Wifey
  • Hubby – Wifey since custom dates

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter – Gryffindor Quidditch
  • If you can read this my invisibility cloak isn’t working


  • Soul – Mate
  • Soul – Mate jerseys with personalized name and date

Maternity – Baby Announcement

  • Bun in the oven – The bun maker
  • Mom-to-bee – Dad-to-bee
  • Beer – Baby

Bachelor/ Bachelorette

  • Under new management
  • Beer Me – I’m getting married
  • Bride Vibes
  • Bride Tribe

Bonnie And Clyde

  • Bonnie – Clyde
  • Bonnie – Clyde with dual pistols
  • Bonnie – Clyde with custom dates
  • Bonnie – Clyde tank tops

Prince And Princess

  • Prince – Princess tank top
  • Prince – Princess in black or white with crowns
  • Prince and Princess jerseys with custom names and date

Shes Mine Hes Mine

  • She’s mine – He’s mine
  • I’m Hers – He’s Mine
  • She’s mine – He’s mine surrounded by heart


  • Avengers End Game distressed t-shirt
  • Captain America logo
  • I Love You 3000


  • US Army distressed logo

Buck And Doe

  • Her Buck – His Doe

Bible Verse

  • Faith – Hope – Love
  • The Lord is my strength


  • Summer camouflage sleeveless


  • Distance means so little when someone means so much


  • Wifey – Hubs – established with custom dates
  • Feyonce
  • Boyfriend, Fiance – Girlfriend – Fiance


  • Firefighter – Firefighter’s wife


  • I paused my game to be here


  • Polo golf shirt in variety of colors


  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • X-ray skeleton set of 2


  • My heart beats only for home – My heart beats only for her


  • Matching Hawaiian Luau Aloha shirt and tank top

4th Of July

  • Freedom 1776 t-shirt and tank top set

Lock And Key

  • I locked my heart – I found the key


  • Wifey in LGBT pride rainbow color heart

Mr And Mrs

  • The Mr – The Mrs
  • Mr – Mrs
  • Mr never right – Mrs always right
  • Mr – Mrs jersey with custom names and dates


  • Her Joker – His Harley


  • King of Hearts – Queen of Hearts printed on back


  • I like you more than pizza set with large pizza and slice
  • Missing pizza piece and slice in variety of colors


  • Unicorn and rainbow with clouds pair


  • Eat Sleep Rave Repeat tank top

Together Since

  • King and Queen Together Since two sided with your custom date
  • Print on two sides – front with name back with personalized dates
  • Together Since plus your personalized year and date

Valentine’s Day

  • Love – split across 2 shirts LO and VE
  • Jaws the two of us set of two

Wedding – Bride And Groom

  • Bride and Groom themed with Mickey and Minnie ears
  • He asked – She said Yes

With Baby

  • And now my watch begins – Baby is coming Game of Thrones inspired
  • Moon of my life – My sun and stars from Game of Thrones
  • Promoted to Mommy – Promoted to Daddy


You Can Wear A Cute Custom Shirt Together Anywhere


The most important and enjoyable times in your life as those spent with loved ones like family and friends. These will be the people that when you look back at past memories the ones spent with them will be the most precious of all. It does not matter what you may be doing with them, being in their presence is enough and it is these times that will treasured above any other. During your lifetime there will be a small number of very close people like your dad, mom and siblings and later on in life the person you fall in love with and want to spend the rest of your life with. They will be your soulmate and could be your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and although your love will always be enough it is at time nice to show them how much they mean to you.

There are a few ways through which you could express this and a good one will always be a nice gift. The gift is actually not the important part and it does not matter whether it is expensive or cheap, it is the gesture that they will remember and it is these simple moments that help keep a relationships foundations strong. The gift is just a object through which you are telling them how much you care about and appreciate them and because of this it will become important as it will act as a symbol of your love for one another. There are many things that you could buy to represent this bond, it could be a piece of jewelry or something simple like a shirt.

Shirts are one of the most common purchased presents and make for wonderful presents at any time and this includes any couple who may want to celebrate their love. The romance you both share will be displayed to the world through the print that is chosen on the front and it does not matter whether it is romantic or fun it will still establish you both as being together in a relationship and very much in love. While some matching items are more subtle and are acceptable being worn at pretty well any time, a shirt will be more bold, striking and in your face. You can still wear them almost anywhere but at certain times that probably wouldn’t go down too well, for example at a fancy function or to dinner at certain restaurants. You could of course wear them underneath and would be a little joke you could share between you.

We have included here the fact that options are many when it comes to buying a pair of shirts, be it together, for your partner or as a gift for a couple. In these options you can include materials, sizes, styles, sleeve length and then print, text and custom options. The there is the choice between something that is romantic or one that is funny. This will be an important one because it will depend upon what reaction you would like to see from the recipients when they first open it and what occasion they are receiving it for. This could also come down to their individual personalities and how you think they might feel about certain themes. There are those that have very meaningful messages full of love and romance and also many that are very funny and some that will have more of a rude adult style humor. Only you can make this choice as only you will know the people involved and the occasion for which you intend to give it. As an example, if it was a birthday or bachelor/ bachelorette party surrounded by friends some funny or rude to get everyone laughing would be great but there will be other times when one that is more romantic would be better suited.

Hopefully from what we have looked through here you will go away with some ideas about options and perhaps have been inspired into what to buy. Although it may feel like it has become a more complex decision there are many amazing looking shirts available of which most people would be happy to own any. One thing that is advantageous is the price and many of these are cheap enough to buy a few sets to suit different occasions.


A History And A Beginning


The oldest shirts were found preserved in an Egyptian tomb and date to around 3000 BC. Very early varieties were classed as under garments. The first colored ones appeared in the 19th century but these were classed as casual wear for the lower class. This was a large step away from what we see today where people will wear this type of clothing for casual and work.

A t style is named after its shape, the body and sleeves making that of a T shape. They will come in either a round or v neckline with no collar or collared which are named polo. The material of this garment will be light and mostly made of cotton and the fabric will be fairly cheap.

The popular piece of clothing as we know it today evolved from underwear. It was common to wear a one piece under garment which would be worn to bed. Eventually this one piece were separated into two pieces. They were seen as a cool garment to use in the hot mines and by the Navy’s in hot climates when jackets were removed.

This theme spread to other industries due the being comfortable, loose fitting, cheap to purchase and easy to clean. They eventually began to being used as casual clothing by boys playing outside and members of the Navy in casual wear combined with their uniformed trousers.


Where To Get Printed Tops


You can get all of the different styles for a couple at various online retailers. Here we present a selection from Amazon that we think are particularly stylish but when did using printed shirts get popular?

During the 1950’s many companies would begin to add various designs to clothing. Popular prints included holiday resort destination names and Disney characters perfect for partners or families. Over time printed t shirts have come more wide ranging with thousands of different prints available as well as printing your own designs.

Such prints could include music, concerts, movies, tourist, funny, art, clubs, various slogans and a myriad of other ideas. Quite literally, the sky is the limit when it comes to what prints are available.

With these advances in printing, you can now purchase tops for partners, family or friends. Whether you are sister, mother and daughter, father and son, brother and sister or the whole family you can get a design to suit the combination you wish. Examples could be a family motto or crest or friends on tour.

There a number of fun prints you could all wear together that can bring something extra to a day out, and event or a holiday. They can be quite often be seen on a group of friends on a holiday or a girls hen night with an slogan or motif created for the occasion. They can be worn for a particular occasion like this or at any time as they look very stylish.


Keeping Cool


As well as being cute and fun, you can also buy them with a special functionality such as body cooling which are especially
useful in hot weather. They work by reacting to your body temperature changes and taking heat and sweat away from the body which would be great for a couple on their holidays.

There are a few different companies that are developing and producing various technologies that perform a similar task. They use slightly differing materials and have built in SPF factors to help block the sun.

Because they are specialized garments, if you are requiring a particular matching print then, like a designer brand they would need to be especially printed although we would suggest ensuring any print on the clothing would not cause any detrimental effect to the special material.