Matching Pillows Or Pillow Cases Make A Great Gift For Couples


It is that time of the year where you need to think of a gift for your partner and you want to buy them something a little different. You want to give them something that is both romantic and fun and steps away from the usual gifts couples tend to buy one another.

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Giving your other half something that is personal and has required some thought from you will make them appreciate your gift even more. With so many occasions throughout the year that need gifts it can be easy to get into a pattern of buying them same things over and over.

What we hope to achieve for this occasion is to help you choose something that your partner will love and is also something you can both enjoy together. These pillow for couples offer a great answer to buying this type of present. They are perfect for any occasion including Christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentines day or to give to other couples for wedding presents, engagement gifts or for a bridal shower.

There are many different colors and designs available which would suit any purpose. Whether you are wanting to give a romantic message, a flirty one or one that bring laughter and fun to the occasion, there is something for every one.

They do not have to be just for yourself and your partner. You could also buy a set of matching pillows or pillowcases for another couple as a bridal shower, engagement or wedding present.



His And Hers Pillows


We have already said above that there a wide range of pillows and pillowcases designed specifically for couples. A couple in a relationship will find a wide choice of designs to choose from and which you like will depend upon the reaction you are looking to get when giving it to your partner.

The bedroom is an important room for any couples relationship and having a set of his and hers pillowcases will serve as a reminder of your love and the laughter you enjoy together. These pillow cases will be there on display for you to enjoy forever. As there are many differing design you could have a few sets to suit your mood and could go together well with a set of matching underwear.

One idea is to set the mood of the room with pillows on show. If you fancy some fun that night you could put out the flirty pillows as a message to your partner to see to let them know whats on the agenda tonight, for example Lets Get Naked. Other  sets could be saved for every day use and fun ones brought out on days off to enjoy a laugh together.

There are many designs that will allow you to set the mood, lets take a look at the pillow and case range.


Ideas For Couples In A Relationships


Beauty And Beast

  • His sleeping beauty – Her sexy beauty
  • Beauty – Beast in various styles
  • Her Beast – His Beauty
  • Sleeping Beauty – Snoring Beast
  • Every beast needs a beauty – Every beauty needs a beast
  • Beast with claw marks – Beauty with lips

Mr and Mrs

  • Mr – Mrs in various designs and writing styles
  • Mr – Mrs with Mickey and Minnie ears
  • Mr Right – Mrs Always Right
  • Mr – Mrs with custom date

His Hers

  • His – Hers – The Cat – 3 pillows
  • His – Hers in many different designs colors and text fonts

Hubby Wifey

  • I love my hubby – I love my wifey
  • Wifey – Hub
  • Hubby – Wifey
  • Hubby – Wifey with custom surname and est. date
  • Hubby – Wifey with mustache on lips image

Buck and Doe

  • His doe – Her buck text with buck and doe image


  • Love text with heart and personalized your names and date
  • Mr Your Name – Mrs Your Name
  • Your names

Star Wars

  • I love you – I know – with Princess Leia hair and Han Solo blaster

Friends TV show

  • You’re my Lobster with personalized names and dates

King and Queen Pillows


One of the more common known logo’s when it comes to items for couples, you will find King and Queen printed on almost everything related to this niche and pillows and cases are no exception. Although fairly basic they is a stylish look to them with the text and the way they are designed, here are some examples.

  • King – Queen in a variety of colors and text fonts
  • King – Queen with crown
  • Her King – His Queen

Styles For A Long Distance Relationship


If you are in a relationship where your partner is a long distance away or with someone who spends long periods away from home then these could make the perfect gift. They are also great for anyone online dating and wanting to send something to their partner to show them they are thinking of them.

  • May the moon kiss you to sleep until I can – May the sun kiss you awake until I can – reversible message pillow
  • Hug this pillow until you can hug me
  • Clock drawing – 24/7 I love you always
  • Postcard style with text
  • If you miss me hug this pillow
  • Messages with image of globe that completes when coming together

Harry Potter

  • After all this time – Always


More Ideas


  • Man and woman drawing with hearts across the pillows
  • Tonight(woo hoo) – not tonight(sorry) – reversible message pillow
  • There is no one else I’d rather lie in bed – And look at my phone next to
  • I Love You – Love You More
  • Lovers – Lo and vers that completes when coming together
  • Every love story is beautiful – but ours is my favorite
  • I love wierd – I am wierd
  • Big Spoon – Little Spoon
  • I like her butt – I like his muscles
  • After all this time? – Always
  • Yes (woohoo) – No(sorry) – reversible message pillow
  • Lets Get Naked – message pillow
  • Hello there handsome – Good Morning gorgeous
  • Sweet – Dreams
  • I Love Us
  • I belong with you – You belong with me
  • I like her butt – I like his beard
  • I (heart) You – heart completes when joined together
  • If you love me – Let me sleep
  • We had sex here – And here
  • Touch my butt – Buy me pizza
  • Jigsaw piece with heart image – piece on each pillow
  • Love – with list of what love is
  • When I tell you I love you I don’t say it out of habit or to make conversation….
  • She’s mine – I’m hers
  • I like you – & naps
  • Groom – Bride

Pillow For Couples Cuddling


These are shaped to make cuddling and spooning together more comfortable. We all like a cuddle and a spoon when we get into bed but often getting into a comfy position and maintaining it can be difficult. These pillows are specially designed to make the spoon easier. The pillow is arched with support to allow an arm to pass through so little spoon can be lie comfortable on a pillow and big spoon has their arm through the arch with getting squashed or shoulder going to sleep.

They are not just for cuddling couples, they can be used as a comfortable pillow for an individual or for taking out where you may need to get your head down and are made from memory foam.


Light Up and Glowing Varieties


If you like to bring some light to the room, aside from the normal lights, you can get pillows that will light up or glow. They can add a romantic touch to the room with some low level lighting or be something fun for the family to share. The lights are supplied by long lasting LED bulbs and you can get a variety of styles. A few examples of these would be, star shapes in different colors. Good ones for the children are animal shapes such as dolphins that glow in different colors, perfect for birthdays etc. Other animal include elephants, dogs, cats, giraffes, dinosaurs and teddys.


Pillows, Cushions and Covers For Family


Bring some warmth and love into the family home with these customized cushions etc. They look great either on the sofa for everyone to see and be reminded of the bond you all have together or for some designs in the bedroom portraying the same message of unity and love. Here are some examples.

  • Family
  • World’s most awesome Mom – World’s most awesome Dad
  • Personalized list of names of the family
  • This is us – our life – our story – our home
  • You, Me and The Dogs
  • Custom family surname with initial and first names
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Better Together
  • Blessed


Funny And Amusing Styles


We don’t always want love, romance or sentimental things in the house, we also like to see some fun items that could be for the whole family or one particular person. There are also good comedy designs that make the perfect funny gift to a family member or a friend or colleague.

Disney and Other

  • Mickey – Minnie
Winnie the Pooh
  • Pooh and Piglet with text – How lucky I am to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard


  • Love is supporting each other in old age with funny image


  • Girlfriend body pillow – with snuggle arm attached for fun
  • Boyfriend pillow – same as above cuddly form body pillow

These Personalized Gifts Will Be Loved By You And Your Partner


Giving anyone a gift that matches or one that is personal is something that is given out of love and in the hope to bring about a particular reaction from the receiver. Whichever pillow you may be thinking of buying for your partner or anybody else will depend upon what sort of emotion you are looking to create. A personal item is one that show a lot of effort which in turn will mean a lot more to the recipient.

Whatever status you are in as a couple, husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend there is a choice that will make them happily surprised on any occasion, such as birthday, anniversary or valentine’s.

The style or design which you choose to give them will be influenced by how you want them to feel. Is it an item that you want to bring a laugh when opened or something a little more romantic and sentimental. Do you want one that is fun and flirty and is there to send a message to your other half about what they have in store for them that night? You might want to buy a few different ones to fit the mood of the home at any time.

What you might buy for another person or couples as a wedding present or one for a bridal shower will also depend upon the type of people you are buying for and whether you think they would want something romantic or one that will bring them a lot of laughter.

These are great ideas and it makes choosing one quite a difficult choice. They come in sizes for all different bed and pillow sizes be it standard, queen or king size and most have a choice of colors. No matter which one you choose we are sure whoever the recipient is will love it.