Winter And Seasonal Headwear For Couples


A hat began as a head protection to protect users from the weather which could be both cold and heat. In cold climates, very early ones would be made of fur and used to protect from the cold. In hotter climates they were worn to keep wearers cool, especially those of upper classes.

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In later years the hat would become a mark of social status, in fact it was probably the item of clothing that indicated social distinction the most amongst men. Womens hats were aimed more at them being conspicuous.

Many new designs would begin at the top of the social classes and eventually work their way down to the lower classes. For example, top hats in the early 19th century would have originally been worn by upper and middle classes but by the mid 19th century the lower classes were seen to be wearing the same style. In this period of time almost everyone would have worn some kind of head wear.


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Head wear is also worn for protection at work and this type of protection has developed over the years for increased safety in many work place environments.

In modern times hat have lost the social status and dress fashions have changed. They are still worn for certain occasions and by some for sport, work, style or as an accessory. There are caps for couples who wish to wear matching ones and go out together in style.

King And Queen Beanie


Beanies come in various styles but the most popular are knitted, most often from wool caps and without any brim. They come in different colors or two or more differing colors and are a hat that became popular within some college fraternities.

The beanie is a common hat used by tradesman to stay warm in winter months or for keeping hair out of the face. It was baseball caps that evolved from the beanie and beanies would fall out of favor among many people.

For anyone looking for matching hats, the beanie variety could be an idea and you should be looking for his and hers or king and queen brands. These brands are recognisable, can be easily found and are known to be a high quality garment.

Wearing a pair of cute beanies together can be worn in a number of places where you may want to stay warm. They will look good worn during many activities such as skiing or cycling and being together in coordinated beanies are a fantastic way to spend time together.


Cute Winter Matching Bobble And Pompom


A bobble or pompom hat is very similar to a beanie. These knitted caps are ideal for winter weather to provide warmth to the users.

The question some people ask, is where does the pom pom come from and why do we wear them? The word itself comes from the word pompon but its history most probably derives from art works depicting Viking gods wearing them.

The function is somewhat unknown, it could be that the pompom was for the purpose of hiding the finish of the hat at the tip due to the decreasing in stitches toward the top that would leave seams, and adding the pompom would solve the issue. Alternatively it could have been for styling and a great way of decorating the hat.

Pom-poms were worn by a number of military units including those from France and Scotland which were both decorative and to denotes ranks of soldiers.

We can certainly say that pom-poms have been popular throughout history, not only on hats but on other garments of clothing and foot wear.

Today, the bobble or pompom is for decorative purposes and they are indicative of cold winter days and look cute, so they are an especially good choice for couple looking for matching bobble/ pom pom hats.


Caps For Couples – King Queen Soul Mate His Her


Being a very popular hat, caps might be the perfect head gear for this genre of fashion.

The baseball variety are certainly the most popular hats worn in current times and probably of all time. The baseball cap was obviously first used by a baseball team. They would identify the team and would also have the teams logo and colors.

Baseball types are generally made up of 6 sections with a peak that has cardboard or plastic sewn into it. Materials vary, some being wool, some polyester with logos and colors embroidered onto the fabric. There is usually a strap on the back to adjust the size although some have a one size fit all approach.

From its routes in sport the baseball cap has crossed over to be the most popular fashionable hat worn by everyone. Because they are so popular they are readily available in many styles and colors and make the perfect choice for partners looking for matching caps. With logos such as beauty and beast, soul and mate, prince and princess, mr and mrs, king and queen and his and hers there are is plenty of choice for couples to choose from.