Get Your Mini Squad Ready With Shirts That Match For Mom And Daughter


There are a few ways the whole dressing like mommy phase starts and one might be that your little one has reached the time when all she wants to do is dress like you. Anything that you happen to be wearing she will want to copy and some mom’s will find this all very cute whereas others may not be quite so keen on the idea. We love to see a mother and her daughter looking coordinated and a shirt is one item of clothing that can make this happen.

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Whatever your viewpoint, if you want to keep you little girl happy you might either jump at the opportunity or cave in and do it for her. Either way, you close family members, relatives and friends will love to see you both matching and looking adorable. Most people that you come across will love the look and we are certain you will be on the receiving end of a lot of compliments.

These are not an item of clothing that only have to purchased by a mom or daughter they can also make a great present to be given by other family members. If you have a wife, girlfriend or any other female relative or friend who has a daughter then a gift like pair of shirts that match might be a great idea. After all it can be difficult dreaming up new and exciting presents for every different celebration throughout the year and it gets harder and harder all of the time. Many of us fall into the trap of buying the a variation of the same items over and over but this time you will have something different to give. Buying clothes for a female isn’t always the most easiest of tasks especially if you fashion sense isn’t up to par but as these have a personal touch that includes a loved one they can be more forgiving.

Although shirts for your the mom and daughter squad can be bought at any time of the year they are especially good for celebrations. Occasions such as Christmas, birthday, Mother’s day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Trips, Vacations, Cruise’s, Valentine’s day and baby showers all make great times to buy these for a loved one. They could be purchased simply for a special mom and daughter bonding day treat where you can surprise either your parent or child with a nice day out doing your favorite things.

When it comes to any type of clothing there are massive ranges of designs, styles and colors to choose from and shirts are no exception. When you are buying for yourself you know what you like so the choice is easy but remember these are a matching pair so you might want to consider the other persons tastes also. She will love to be dressed like her mommy but will still want to like the look of it before wearing. If you are thinking of these as a gift for female relatives then the choice gets more difficult. Often a large choice is nice but it can make actually making that choice harder. You need to do some research into their fashion style, the colors you see them wearing the most and whether you think they would like a shirt that stands out with bold images that are fun or perhaps something more subtle, discreet and cute. Do your initial research and it will help you with the choices that you have to face.


Look Incredible In Cute Mother Daughter Matching Shirts



If you have ever looked into matching shirts previously then you will have seen that there are many different types available for all different sorts of combination of people from shirts for couples to those for best friends but it is without doubt the mother daughter or mommy and me style that seems to pack the biggest punch and have the most positive impact from people who see them. Most of us love to see any families together having happy times but a parent and her child always have that extra special connection.

Although this type of shirt can be worn at any time they tend to be saved for particular celebrations because they are already times being spent together in a happy way and wearing matching items steps up the enjoyment factor either with some fun or the sheer cuteness of the look they give. However they can be worn at any time even if its just chilling out at home together, watching a movie, eating or doing whatever you both enjoy the most.

For the most part you are probably going to wearing these when going out together. You will both look fantastic paired up in your coordinated look and depending on the design you have decided upon they will either bring a laugh or you will be looking extra cute. They are nice when spending that day together at home but it when going out that you can really show off your new style. This reaction from people that see you plays a large part in what you decide to buy. As we have mentioned there are designs that are made to be a bit of fun while others have printed options that displays the special bond you both have.

A matching set for you and your daughter are a great way to surprise her at the beginning of a vacation. Buying them for you both can help build up the excitement and vacations are the perfect time to be wearing clothing like this. They will give you plenty of enjoyment and serve as a reminder of a great time together. You can even buy ones for specific vacations such as those for Vegas and cruise shirts are very popular. Can you picture in your mind the both of you enjoying a fantastic cruise vacation taking many photos for memories and with both of you wearing the same shirt it will make the trip even more memorable and they can always be kept as a memento forever.

There is an added bonus that we forgot to mention. They might comes a set but choosing wisely enough will see you being able to add something new to your wardrobe that you can also wear individually. This will depend on what design you and your child have chosen. There are many designs that work particularly well as a pair and while they can always be worn individually they can sometimes look out of place and a little odd. However, there are some designs that while part of a set can be worn equally as acceptable while out alone. As a plus you are also wearing an item that connects you to either your parent or child which is all the more important if you live some distance apart and rarely see each other.

It all comes down to what are you going to choose. With such a wide range of designs, styles, prints, messages and colors actually narrowing it down to the set you want can be quite difficult. There are many different ideas and effects you can portray with a single garment so getting the right one for both of you is important.



The Best Ideas For Your Collection



It can often get a little confusing when it comes to choosing especially when there are so many different styles available. We will run through a few ideas and some of our favorite designs which will hopefully give you some inspiration for what kind of shirt you both may want to wear. We have added here what prints and words are available and most will come in different colors and of course, sizes.

Mommy And Me Shirts

Great for newborns, toddlers and older children who themselves or their parent loves the mommy and me style.

  • Blessed to be her Mom – Blessed to be her Daughter
  • Mama’s Bestie
  • Your are my sunshine – My only sunshine


  • Long distance style personalized with US State Map
  • First Mother’s day personalized with custom names

Mother Daughter Christmas Shirts

Christmas is a special time of the year, especially if you have children and one of the perfect times to be dressing in matching items. There are many designs especially for Christmas available which can add to the fun of the season.

  • Reindeer print on front of both
  • Merry Christmas with Christmas Trees
  • Baby it’s cold outside
  • Christmas deer cartoon style
  • Merry Christmas with Christmas tree on top of truck


  • Happiness is being a mom
  • I don’t need Google, my daughter knows everything
  • Best Friends

Mother Daughter Cruise Shirts

Going on a cruise is another example of a great time to be wearing this type of shirt. Cruise’s are already going to be packed with amazing times and adding to the memories with a set of these will add even more enjoyment to your time together.

  • Oh Ship It’s A Mother/Daughter Trip
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • Mom On Board Family Cruise with custom date

Disney Cruise

  • Disney cruise ship vacation with Mickey ears

Valentine Shirts

Another celebration where there are especially designed tops to match and with valentine’s day being a day of love what better than to share it looking coordinated.

  • Heart jigsaw with missing piece on one and the missing piece on the other
  • Long sleeve with love message on each

Breast Cancer

  • In pink with breast cancer ribbon design
  • Football style jersey with pink ribbon


  • Mommy’s Hunny Bunny

Mother’s Day

Designs include individual styles letting your mom know how great she is as well as sets so you can match up together.

  • Happy 1st Mother’s Day Mommy
  • Best Mom Ever
  • Our first Mother’s Day


  • Red and Black with text I think I’m gonna kick it with mom today


  • This is what a feminist looks like
  • Empowered women Empower women


  • Disney Anna and Elsa set


  • Mermaid mama – Mermaid mini

Minnie Mouse

  • Minnie’s bow image with Minnie print
  • Minnie mouse face

Minnie Me

  • Minnie Mouse bow with Minnie Me text

Mini Me

  • Me – Mini Me


  • Long sleeve unicorn with rainbow

Vacation Shirts

  • Disney vacation with custom names
  • Disney castle design with personalized names


  • Viva Las Vegas

Matching Birthday Shirts

A brilliant time for you both to wear matching shirts. Whether it be for a quite lunch together or a lively party, these will put the icing on the cake in terms of style.


  • Mickey Minnie ears summer vacation
  • Hakuna Matata

Mom Daughter Squad Shirt

The perfect words to describe your little squad, whether it is the two of you or more, your squad will always be ready for action.

  • Mom Daughter #Squad in various colors


There are a many available with funny messages, here are a few suggestions

  • Tough Mama – Tough Cookie
  • Baby Shark – Mommy Shark
  • Mommy of a Princess – Daughter of a Queen
  • Regional Manager – Assistant to the regional
  • 100% Charged – Low Battery
  • I need coffee – I’m a latte to handle
  • Mom of the wild one – Wild one
  • She got it from me – I got it from me mama
  • Burito – Taco
  • Ok but first coffee – Ok but first milk
  • Trouble maker – Trouble
  • Mama Bear
  • Queen Princess
  • Classy with a side of – Sassy
  • Mamasaurus dinosaur
  • Wine – Whine

Like Mother Like Daughter T Shirts

  • Like Mother – Like Daughter in pink with black text
  • Football style T shirt – like mother – like daughter text


Wear Your Personalized Clothes At Any Time


Some of the most important years of your life are those spent with your little one as she grows up. Each of the times you have together are creating precious memories which will soon start to become less and less as she grows up. Time flies by incredibly quickly and it will not be long before the time she enjoys spending with you becomes time she would rather be with her friends. When they are still young they love the attention that they get from you and simply adore having mommy dedicate time to her

This is an important thing to think about, especially if you have a busy life and do not have as much time to spend with your little one as you would like. Nothing can buy more time so perhaps now is the moment to begin dedicating more to her. Start the day with a surprise set of shirts for you both and have a day planned out doing all the things she loves.

Whether or not she has talked about dressing like you or not, it will make a lovely surprise for her which she will remember for a long time. When planning something like this you have a couple of ways to go about it and either will be great. You could plan a day out doing all her favorite things and have a pair of shirts ready for both of you to wear for the day and surprise with a spontaneous bonding day. Alternatively, you could suggest a day together and then have the enjoyment of planning it all out together. The element of surprise would not be there but you would have extra fun planning it all and choosing your clothing and you will guarantee you won’t miss something out that she loves.

If someone has in mind to buy these for a female friend or relative such as your wife, partner or girlfriend and their child then you need to consider what they both would like to wear. There are some choices that particularly stand out where the colors are quite bold, those that are funny and would bring a lot of attention and some that are out and out cute. It comes down to the design – long sleeve or t shirt, color and print and text on the shirt itself. What kind of reaction do you want to see when they open it and what kind of reaction do you think they would like when they wear them.

With all these various choices it can be especially difficult to choose just one when buying for another person. The various designs can fit in with different occasions and moods and knowing when they might wear them will be an advantage. Having said that, some of the prices are fairly cheap which could mean buying a few different types in order to suit different occasions which will keep everyone happy.