Special Matching Necklaces Between Mom And Daughter From One To Another


There are numerous different styles of matching necklaces available for many different couples, from those romantically connected to best friend but there are none that have quite the same level of adorability than those designed for mother and daughter. The are many people that find items that match a little too overboard but we are sure even many of they can see there is a special bond between a mom and her child and showing the love they have for one another in the form of an item of jewelry makes it even more special.

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If your little one is a newborn or just a toddler that will soon be at an age where the love and attachment turns into a phase of wanting to be exactly like mommy and this includes anything that you wear. Wearing matching clothing is not for everyone, even something as simple as a set of pajamas just for home may be too much for some. But if you do want to keep them happy then perhaps a set of necklaces for you both will be the solution. She gets to wear something that matches yours and you get a nice extra piece of jewelry.

These necklaces can come as a set of two or even three means you are getting one for both you and her or for you and your two daughters if you have them. The sets will have some kind of message that pairs the two, an image, or a charm that is in two and completes when joined together. These can be great for when your child is moving away, perhaps to college or moving in their own home, getting married or even giving them strength when first starting school. At a wedding they can be for an in-law and be gifted from mother to daughter or from daughter to mother.

They also come as individual pieces that are for the mother or her child and these will be again for particular occasions or notable events in your lives. As above they are perfect gifts for a wedding day or at any time you will be parting ways with each other. As with mother and daughter bracelets they are also good gifts to say to one of you thanks for being there and showing your appreciation and how much you love them and usually include a message of love, the bond you have, infinity or charms with a personalized  engraving.

If you are struggling for an idea for a present for your daughter, wife, girlfriend or any other female friend or relative and
their daughter than these would make a gift they will love. It can be difficult coming up with new ideas for gifts for all
the various celebrations throughout the year and a necklace will fit in with most of them. It will be perfect for Christmas,
birthdays, Mother’s day, weddings, engagements or a special gift for mother daughter bonding day. Because they have a
connection to the child or parent they will have even more sentimental value.

When you do have to buy a gift for a female relative it can be tricky to get right, especially when it comes to something they are going to wear. As a female you probably know your child or parent pretty well and probably have a good sense of whats stylish and what the other will like. As a male buying for a female it can become more of a gamble on what to get as they are probably not as fashion conscious. However, due to the personal touch and the type of gift it is we think you the recipient is bound to be happy.

Looking through the range of necklaces designed for mother and daughter you will see that there is a lot of choice as you would expect when searching through any kind of jewelry. If you have in mind to buy a pair for the both of you then you should consider whether their style is the same as yours. You may like charms in sterling silver whereas they may prefer a plain cuff design in stainless steel. It then comes down to a compromise so that the both of you like what you are wearing. Purchasing an individual piece is easier because you only have to think about one persons likes and dislikes. It’s easy to look at what they already wear and aim for a similar style. If you are having it personalized you also need to think about what engraving to have written and whether it suits the person you are giving it to.



Gift An Adorable Necklace For Mommy And Me Times



The wonderful thing about giving a mom and her child a matching necklace set is the connection that is made between the two. The mommy and me connection is already a special one but wearing something that shows this bond makes it even more adorable. To make them even better they can be worn at any and all times of the day, whether going out somewhere or at home relaxing you will always be able to wear them and enjoy them, unlike perhaps wearing a set of clothing which can only be worn at certain times.

Any jewelry is a beautiful gift that most people will enjoy receiving and this is especially true when they have a special message of love and a bond between two people. There is a choice of materials which include titanium, gold, leather, stainless steel and beads among others and there are many different designs, some simple some more intricate. Almost all of these types will have an engraved message which will either be preset or you will be able to customize them with a personal message of love, inspiration, quotes or text such as names, special dates or initials.

As well as choosing the material or metal they they are made from you may always want to think about what reaction you might want to see from someone who see them. As we have mentioned, most necklaces given as a gift will contain a message, image or some kind of charm and what you want will depend on how you want people to react. You could have something that is fun for you and others to laugh at or perhaps a message that is heartwarming and special that makes peoples hearts melt.

When you buy a necklace as a set of two you will be both wearing one half of a pair and they will always serve as a reminder of your bond when you are apart. It shouldn’t take much reminding but nevertheless wearing something that joins you both over a distance gives you a feeling you are both together and staying connected. This also raises another point when it comes to buying these as a set. Does it matter to you if they make sense when worn alone? Many of these only become whole when joined together and don’t always tell the full story when seen as a standalone piece of jewelry whereas others will still have some kind of complete message when apart. It will not matter too much but for some people, continuously having to explain what they are wearing may get tiresome.

We don’t think anyone can have too much jewelry and any excuse to add a new piece to the collection is a valid one. So not only will you have the perfect way of still feeling close to your mom or daughter but you will also have another new item added to your jewelry box.

One other idea for purchasing these is as a reminder of a particular special occasion. It would be something you both will do together, maybe a like the vacation of a lifetime and you both wearing these throughout the vacation to serve as a memento of a great time in your lives. Perhaps it could be something you have both achieved together and wish to mark the occasion with an item the both of you can keep as a memory for a difficult task or time in your lives.

With all the various ideas and combinations of why you might purchase a necklace, maybe the most difficult choice is yet to come, which one do you choose? As with any type of jewelry there are a wide range of designs, materials, metals and styles as well as customized engravings and you have an almost infinite choice. Through one choice you can portray and kind of message or emotion so it’s time to run through a few ideas.



Inspiration For Sets And Engraving – Infinity, Sterling Silver, Locket, Butterfly, Split, Bar And More



Looking for that little bit of inspiration? We are going to take a look at a few ideas to help get you started. This will give you some idea of what is available to suit either you or the person you are buying for. We have described a few of our favorite designs and added some of the set engravings that have already been added to them. Some will be fully customizable to enable you to add your own words and we will go through some ideas for these below.


  • Infinity symbol personalized with between one and six names of your choice
  • Infinity symbol combined with heart and keepsake card gift
  • MyNameNecklace personalized infinity with 2 names in 10k White gold, 14k Yellow gold, gold plated or sterling silver


  • Personalized locket that hold photos/ pictures and customized for any text or symbol
  • Floating charms engraved locket


  • Butterfly formed in infinity symbol in sterling silver


  • Sterling silver heart pendant with blue Swarovski Crystal
  • Pendant with hidden message – You are my sunshine
  • I love you mom message on blue Swarovski Crystal pendant


  • Cross with infinity symbol
  • Sterling silver with interlocking circles


  • Grace of Pearl for love and friendship

Long Distance

  • Sterling silver animal style with large and small bear sitting inside heart shape
  • Sterling silver animal style with adult and baby panda inside a heart shape pendant
  • Animal style inside heart Adult and baby Koala bears
  • I love you distance style with two butterflies
  • I love you set with adult and baby sloth bear
  • Animal design with adult and baby pandas
  • Elephant tree of life round pendant


  • Heart shape split in middle to become two pieces
  • 2 pieces of jigsaw that match when together


  • Set of 2 – One with bar design with heart shape cut out and one with matching heart disc
  • One piece sterling silver with custom name
  • Vertical bar with 4 sides that can be engraved with own choice
  • Gold plated bar with custom name
  • Set of two with your custom engraving on each


  • Handmade mother bird and three little birds


  • Sterling silver rose flower with petals

Interlocking Hoop

  • 925 Sterling silver two interlocking hoops measuring 19 inches
  • Interlocking circles in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold


  • Loving embrace with choice of one to four Swarovski crystal birthstone charms
  • Two heart shaped birthstone within a pendant with 2 custom names
  • Cross or heart shaped with 2,3 or 4 birthstone charms in Swarovski Crystal


  • Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser necklace with message, heart, parent and child

Mommy And Me

  • Set of Tree of life charm made of stainless steel with pewter pendant 16 – 18 inches in length
  • Mama bear and baby bear


  • Custom names and birthstones up to 3 different ones on heart shape pendant
  • Custom baby feet from 1 to 4 with birthstones and engraved names, dates, words etc


  • Sterling silver double heart with infinity design with choice of message such as Always my Mother Forever My Friend
  • Heart shaped with Mom intricately created across the front
  • 925 Sterling silver with blue heart and jewel in a heart shape with Swarovski Crystals and text Mom
  • Eternity circles one inside the other symbolizing mother and child
  • Lucky tree of life with choice of adult and baby animals – elephant or giraffe
  • I love you to the moon and back triple heart design
  • I love you to the moon and back opal moon and start design
  • Guardian and Angel wing with large and small hands
  • Adult and baby turtles in sterling silver
  • Adult cat and kitten with Mom message
  • Two stars in the center of a circle pendant
  • Pair of dolphins making heart shape
  • Mommy and baby sloth hanging from tree branch

Set For 2

  • Pair each with heart pendant and text, one with heart shape cut out and one with solid heart that fits inside
  • Snake chain with heart charm on a ring. One solid heart and one heart outline that fit one another
  • Sterling silver cable chain with large and small dandelion charm
  • Mermaid tail pendants with Swarovski Crystals
  • Two tone silver and gold Sun and Moon hallow

Set For 3

  • Three piece set – 1 large heart with 2 small hearts cut out and two other pieces made up of the missing heart segments
  • 3 piece set – one large mama bear pendant with three bears and set of two others with baby bears

Set For 4

  • One bar pendant with three heart shapes cutout and three individual heart pendants

Three Generations

  • Sterling silver 3 hoops for three generations of family including Grandmother
  • Three generations including Grandma with three interlocking hearts
  • Three interlocking rings with custom engraving
  • 3 piece pendant set for three generations


A Few Engraving Ideas


Some of these necklaces come with standard messages but other allow a personal one to be engraved. Often it is just a choice of names, dates or initials but some allow for more extensive wording and here we have listed a few ideas to get you started.

  • Love you forever
  • You’re my inspiration
  • Thank You for loving me
  • Thank You for your strength
  • I couldn’t do it without you
  • Mother is another word for love
  • All the right things in life, we learned from you
  • We are so proud of you
  • Believe in yourself
  • You are the joy in my heart
  • Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time
  • My favorite place is inside your hug
  • Happiness is mother and daughter time
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • You are the joy in my heart
  • Always close to your heart

Other great ideas for engraving include quotes from favorite books, movies or songs or even a pet name you may have for one another.


You Can Wear Personalized Neck Jewelry That Matches Every Day



With each passing day your daughter grows older and it does not seem like a long time at all before they are moving out of the family home and going away to college or beginning a journey with their own family. Those times you spend with them are incredibly precious and should be treasured. They will soon go from being at the age of wanting to spend all their time with mommy to wanting to be with their friends or on their phones.

Time going by so fast is an important thing to remember. You cannot buy more time so if you have been too busy with other things such as work recently perhaps it is time for a change. A great way for a new beginning is to surprise them with a beautiful necklace that marks a new start of dedicating more time to them. It is never too late and your daughter will  love these at any age so don’t delay any further.

Of course, your little girl could already by all grown up and flying from the nest to head out into the world, perhaps to college or getting married. In which case a personalized gift with a message to tell them how you feel about them and what they mean to you can make a great going away present or for the start of a new life. These necklaces suit many situations and are purchased for mom. They will make her feel special as a thank you for her love over the years if you are going away or again as a mother of the bride gift or for occasions such as Mother’s day.

There is a lot of flexibility in buying this style of gift as they can be for a different members of the family, for in-laws or bought as a pair for two people or even for three people. Equally they can be given from and to various combinations so they are a gift that can be bought by many different people. If you are buying them for a wife, girlfriend, friend etc and their child then you need to think about the styles they like to wear and the materials. Another consideration is the reaction you want from the recipient, will it be something amusing to make everyone laugh or an engraving that has some deep meaning to the persons involved.

They could also be bought as a surprise for a special day out. You could plan out your mother daughter bonding day with all your favorite things to do – lunch, dinner, a walk, some kind of activity or simply curled up at home enjoying a movie and mark the occasion with a spontaneous gift which could be just for her and a set that matches and completes its message when brought together.

Unlike may items that match these do not have to be saved for special occasions nor do they look out of place where ever you wear them. Things like a pair of onesies or rompers are great for spending the day together in but they are limited to those particular days. A necklace can be worn at any time of the day and for any purpose and can be worn just as well alone even if they are part of a matching pair.

The final thing is choice. With so many varieties, narrowing that choice down to a final one can be a difficult decision no matter who you are buying it for. When you add in the fact you can add your own words to be engraved you have an even harder prospect of making a final decision. There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry as well as many wonderful words of love, encouragement, thanks and inspiration. Take you time to get it right and we are sure whoever the recipient is will love what you have given them.