Chill Out In Matching Pajamas Perfect For Couples


Pajamas are designed to be a loose fitting garment worn by both male and females, originally and primarily for sleeping. However, they have quickly evolved into a stable go to clothing for lounging comfortably at home. They are a term for a few of different garments that relate to both day wear and nightwear.

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Many people take afternoon rests as well as sleep through the night and the pajama is the most common garment to wear for these occasions. The pants can be long or short and the top can be a jacket or a t-shirt although many men will choose to only wear the bottoms. There are those that are specifically designed for a couple so they can be matching and look great together.

During a persons lifetime there will not be many throughout the world that has not worn or owned a pair of pajamas at some point in their lives. It is among one of the most popular garments purchased and very flexible in terms of when they can be worn and in terms of comfort levels. Although they originated as nightwear they are now used as items of clothing to be comfortable when doing anything around the home. Any time you are considering something with that come as a set for couples there are many items that you could choose from including clothing such as shirts or jewelry such as bracelets but pj’s are also a great idea that will suit being a gift for any couple and with the personal and custom elements that can be added it makes them even more appealing and unique.

Although they generally for indoor use, some persons wear them outside for reasons such as popping to the shops. This can be a frequent occurrence for those shops open late at night and shoppers requiring a last minute item and not wanting to get changed. There are quite a number of shops who have had to ban customers from wearing them when coming into the store.

A matching pair will tend to be in two pieces, a jacket and pant combination but onesies have also gained much popularity among couples for their comfort levels for lounging around.

They are traditionally made of a soft fabric to enable comfort and maybe a light cotton or flannel material. Other materials used are silk and satin as these are also soft, light and very comfortable. Most of the time they will usually be designed with some kind of pattern that could include flowers, stripes, dots, sporting teams and for children, popular children themes including  movies.



Relaxing His And Her Pajamas Make Wonderful Gifts



There are many times through the year when special occasions are soon upon us and it is a time when you will be thinking about what to buy for your partner or any couple that you intend to buy a gift for. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts but when it has a personal element included it will enhance the thought that has been put into it and the recipient will appreciate it even more. The personalized or custom touch to it takes it from a wonderful gift to one that can be thought of as a symbol of the love and bond that is shared between you. It does not matter whether you are a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or are in a civil union, you will all have similar factors in common. These will include the trust that has slowly been built up between you, the ability to confide in each other and discuss anything including the most intimate secrets without judgement but always being supported. You will also have an amazing love that binds you and will be with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with and this means through both good times and bad.

Although your partners love and affection should be enough there are time when small gestures can mean a lot and will often be representative of this love. There are many items that could fulfill this role and those that are especially designed with couples in mind are perfect. These matching items are available in many different clothing and accessories and you will probably find that if it is available as a separate item it will be sold as a set. A set of matching pajamas will be one of these gifts that can be purchased to wear together so that you look coordinated. Any pj’s would make a nice present but these his and her style have that personal factor which means they will not only look amazing but also carry some sentimental value.

All pj’s come in many different colors but with those produced for a couple will have the addition of having a custom text, image or monogram. There will be many that come ready printed and these will include popular text like His and Hers, Mr and Mrs, King and Queen etc and there will be those with options for custom prints such as photographs or embroidered monograms. Because of who these are purchased by the theme of the nightwear will revolve around something romantic but there are also those that have a print that is funny and those with more of an adult humor.

The general buyers of these will either be a couple together or one half of them buying as a gift for the other. This is because they are usually sold as a set of two although something there individual items that fall into this category. This does not always have to be the case though and there is no reason why they should only be limited to buying and giving between partners. It would be just as acceptable to purchase a pair for a couple that is close to you and a relatives like mom and dad, brother or sister could buy a set for a family member and their partner. They would be perfect for any bride and groom on their wedding day or as something for their engagement or bridal shower. They could also make a nice present for a housewarming and of course all the other yearly festivities such as Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving or Easter.

Pajamas come in a variety of types and designs in order for us to have enough choice to keep us all happy. They come in various materials such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, Polar fleece, polyester along with various blends of these and more. You buy them with short or long sleeves as well as full length legs and shorts style and those with and without pockets, hoods and ones that are footed and footless. They obviously come in any sizes to fit from small through medium, large and all extra large and plus size variants. They also come in any color you care to think of any of course the many custom and personal elements you may wish to add.

You would think buying a set of pj’s would be fairly straightforward but when you think about all those options you have to think about before buying it could take more time than you first thought. It is better to take some time to consider some of these before jumping in so that you will not regret what you have bought later on. This is especially true when buying a set for you and your partner and with a pair to buy you will be having to thinking what both people like the most and maybe making a few compromises in order to please both of them

Having so many different options to decide upon and choices to make can be a positive because it means a much higher chance of really finding something that both people will adore. However, a lot of choice can also soon become a headache because it may make actually picking out the one pair that you think the recipients will like best quite difficult. You are more likely to find many pairs that you think they will like and actually reducing those to just one could be really hard. Fortunately we are here to help with a round up of some of the best looking, romantic words and fun ones available.


Get Some Ideas And Inspiration For Your Pj Set


If you require some fresh ideas or just a little inspiration the take a look through our favorite selection. We have picked out those we think are the best from a number of different categories some of which are romantic and others fun. You can expect these to be available in a variety of colors and many sizes – small, medium, large, x large, xx large etc and plus sizes. Some will be short sleeve, some long.

His And Hers Pajamas

  • Boss – The real boss
  • Mr right – Mrs always right
  • His and Her My bae – My boo
  • His and hers love heart

His And Hers Silk Pajamas

  • Classic silk top and bottom sleepwear set

Couples Pajamas Funny

  • I like his beard – I like her butt
  • Don’t go bacon my heart – I couldn’t if I fried
  • Missing piece pizza – pizza slice
  • Milk – Cookies
  • I love my crazy wife – I love my crazy husband

Couples Footie Pajamas

  • Footed all in one set of two with penguin print


  • Classic satin loungewear or sleepwear

King And Queen

  • King – Queen with custom dates
  • King – Queen with crowns
  • King – Queen Pajama pants
  • Her King – His Queen

Husband And Wife – Hubby Wifey

  • Hubby – Wifey

Bride And Groom

  • Honey – Mooners
  • Bride – Groom


  • Wifey – Hubs

Big Spoon Little Spoon

  • Big spoon – Little spoon


  • Mr – Mrs with personalized surname

Mr And Mrs

  • Mr – Mrs with custom date
  • Mr – Mrs

Beauty And Beast

  • Beauty – Beast
  • Beauty and beast pajama pants

Buck And Doe

  • Her buck – His Doe

Prince And princess

  • Her Prince – His Princess

Bonnie And Clyde

  • Bonnie – Clyde
  • Bonnie and Clyde with pistols


  • Mickey – Minnie
  • His Minnie – Her Mickey

Valentines Day

  • Love and heart set


  • Black and red flannel matching set


  • LBGT rainbow colored


  • Pumpkin – Jack O’ Lantern image set in black and yellow

New Years

  • New Year holidays cotton Pjs matching set


  • Plaid color set with separate top and bottoms

Valentine’s Day

  • Hello there handsome – Good morning gorgeous


  • Fleece warm and cozy hooded top with flannel pants

Star Wars

  • I love you – I know
  • 2 piece set with many image from star wars on top and pants



You Can Also Get Cute And Funny Matching Onesies For Couples


Onesies are available for couples or for the whole family. Those that are designed for familes are of the same design and color so you can have a relaxing day to yourselves.

The material is usually made up of fleece or a knitted cotton fabric and are loose fitting jumpsuit designed for both men and women for sleeping and for comfort while lounging around in the home. They have been used as a child one piece sleepwear for many years but recently grown popular for adults as an alternative to the pajama because of their warmth, comfort levels and ease. The name derives from the trademarked child bodysuit Onesies.

They could be described as a step between traditional sleepwear and a sleeping bag. You step into them and zip up but with your feet, hands and head remaining exposed apart from the hooded option. You could say they are the ultimate blanket but with arms and perfect for a day on the sofa. Their popularity has seen much growth and we now see people wearing them out because they are so comfortable.

They come in huge variety of styles and colors, you can getting dotted, striped, animal ones and all sorts of known character versions which can be purchased so that they create a set that will match. Matching onesie’s could be a good alternative for couples if they are looking for sleepwear.

Children’s one piece sleeping garments are known as footie type or blanket sleepers. They will be of a blanket material and are more often in one piece with long sleeves and legs with attached booties to keep the little ones warm. They will be a loose, comfy fit and children will enjoy wearing them around the home.

Depending upon temperature, they can be used in place of blankets which means they could be a possible replacement for parent worried about the possible impact of excessive blankets and sudden infant death syndrome.

Matching Onesies

  • Onesie set in Buffalo plaid
  • Black and red plaid cotton and flannel footed design
  • Full adult footless with zip in army camo color
  • Footed one piece in blue unisex set
  • His and Hers with custom personalized text

Cute Couple Onesies

  • Cute plush cozy critters design
  • All in one piece footless with cute pom poms
  • Cute owl design with hood


  • One piece set with funny butt flap – Danger blasting area
  • Ride a camel one piece costume
  • Pepperoni pizza with zip and hood
  • One piece set with funny butt flap – No Entry


Variety of onesies available in colors and look of animals with hoods that have the animals faces and
often ears etc. Here are a few of the animal types you can get.

  • Shark
  • Elephant
  • Kangaroo
  • Raccoon
  • Giraffe
  • Cow
  • Wolf
  • Bulldog
  • Squirrel


  • Bear design in brown with bear face hood
  • Koala bear one-piece in grey with hooded koala face


  • Disney Pixar Toy Story all in one
  • Short sleeve and pants dalmatian from 101 dalmatians
  • Stitch in blue with stitch face on hood


  • Cartoon Pooh bear one piece sleepwear
  • Cartoon anime elephant in grey flannel
  • Sylvester the cat with cat face
  • Sonic the Hedgehog blue and yellow


  • Green and yellow dinosaur one piece
  • Black and grey dragon with hooded dragon head
  • Orange and pink dinosaur all in one with hood

Star Wars

  • Chewbacca wookie style with hood

New Years

  • US flag design drop seat all in one


Flapjacks are one piece pajamas or onesies that come with a drop seat butt flap. Many are plain but some also fun and humorous messages and here are a few.

  • Danger blasting area
  • No entry
  • Wasn’t me
  • Sweet cheeks
  • No peeking
  • Tailgate
  • Bear bum


  • Panda design in black and white with panda face hood
  • Plush panda animal fleece with black and white with pink heart


  • Holiday penguin in black and white with hooded penguin head


  • Stitch from Lilo and Stitch one piece with face on hood
  • Spiderman
  • Spiderman plaid lounge pants


  • Superman design comfy sleepsuit with hood


  • DC Comics superhero footless and hooded styled for Flash, Batman or Superman


Sloth design in brown and white with sloth face on hood


  • Minions look in blue and yellow with minion eyes and mouth on hood


  • Striped from horizontally from top to bottom in variety of colors


  • Multi-colored one piece with hood designed as unicorns head


  • Warm cozy thermal fleece one piece perfect for cold winters



Wear This Personalized Sleepwear For Lounging At Home


During your life you will meet many people but the most important of them will be your family, close friends and loved ones. It is the time that you spend with these that you will look back on as being the most precious and the majority of the most memorable. It will not matter what that time is spent doing with them, it is enough that they are there and you are enjoying each others company and it will be these that you will treasure above all others. Those valuable people in your life will be fairly limited and will generally include your dad and mom, siblings and when you get older the person that you fall in love with and choose to spend the rest of your life with. This person will be your soul mate and whatever their title, be it husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

The love you have for each other will always be enough but there will times when you want to let them know how much they mean to you through giving them a beautiful gift. It will not matter if the gift is cheap or expensive, simple or detailed, it will be the loving gesture that is the dominant factor and it is these simple gestures that helps to keep relationships on solid ground. The gift itself, albeit nice, is just an item that is being used to demonstrate how much you love them, care about them and appreciate them and all that they do. As it will be a symbol of your love you can choose anything to act as a representative of this and it could be an accessory, some jewelry or something else you may particularly both like, pajamas for instance.

They are one of those garments that is often brought as a present for all genders and age groups and they already make for wonderful gifts loved by many. A couple that wants to celebrate their love through a piece of clothing will also find them suitable. There are many different possible prints and messages that can be printed or embroidered on and these can be romantic or fun but they will both be telling the world that you are a cute, contented couple together and in love. There are many matching pieces of clothing that you can wear almost anywhere, although they probably wouldn’t be accepted in some places. Obviously pajamas are not for going out in, although it does happen, and are really produced to be worn at home either as perfect loungewear to watch a movie, chilling out, playing games, working from home and obviously as sleepwear. They are a resourceful piece of clothing that many of us will wake up and knowing we are having the day at home, will never change out of because they are so comfortable.

As we have previously mentioned there are a number of options when it comes to purchasing a set of pj’s and this includes when you are buying them together or as a gift for your partner or for another couple. We know you have options when it comes to what materials they are made from, the size you need, the length of sleeve and legs, whether or not they have hoods, feet or pockets and of course all of them print, text and customized decisions. The other option we have mentioned is whether you choose one that is romantic or funny.

This is actually quite an important point because what you decide between these two will depend upon what reaction you expect from the recipients when it is opened. This will also be decided by what occasion they are being given for and also the receivers personalities and how you think certain themes may go down with them. There are prints that have deep and meaningful, loving messages, some which are romantic with a bit of fun attached, some that are just funny and those that have adult humor. You will know for what celebration you intend to give it and you can base your choice from this. A party with lots of friends like a bachelor/ bachelorette party or a birthday could be well suited to a set in the romantic and fun or rude category whereas a wedding gift you may be more inclined to give something that portrays romance and love.

We hope we have filled your head with the many different options and decisions to think over and maybe even inspired your choices. With the amount of different factors to consider it might feel like you suddenly have a massive decision on your hands but if you get down to basics and choose one or two of the options that are important to them and get them right the rest will take care of themselves as pretty well all of them look amazing.