Pajamas are designed to be a loose fitting garment worn by both male and females, originally and primarily for sleeping. However, the pajama has become a stable go to clothing for lounging comfortably at home. They are a term for a few of different garments that relate to both day wear and nightwear.


Many people take afternoon rests as well as sleep through the night and the pajama is the most common garment to wear for these occasions. The pants can be long or short and the top can be a jacket or a t-shirt although many men will choose to only wear the bottoms. There are pajamas that are specifically designed for a couple so they can be matching and look great together.

Although they generally for indoor use, some persons wear them outside for reasons such as popping to the shops. This can be a frequent occurrence for those shops open late at night and shoppers requiring a last minute item and not wanting to get changed. Some shops have had to ban shoppers from entering wearing pajamas.

A matching pajama will tend to be in two pieces, a jacket and pant combination but onesies have also gained much popularity among couples for their comfort levels for lounging around.

They are traditionally made of a soft fabric to enable comfort and maybe a light cotton or flannel material. Other materials used are silk and satin as these are also soft, light and very comfortable. A pajama will usually be designed with some kind of pattern that could include flowers, stripes, dots, sporting teams and for children, popular children themes including movies.

What About Onesies

Onesies are available for couples or for the whole family. Family onesies are of the same design and color so you can have a relaxing day to yourselves.

A onesie is usually of a fleece of knitted cotton fabric and are loose fitting jumpsuit designed for both men and women for sleeping and for comfort while lounging around in the home. They have been used as a child one piece sleepwear for many years but recently grown popular for adults as an alternative to the pajama because of their warmth, comfort levels and ease. The name derives from the trademarked child bodysuit Onesies.

They could be described as a step between traditional sleepwear and a sleeping bag. You step into them and zip up but with your feet, hands and head remaining exposed apart from the hooded option. You could say they are the ultimate blanket but with arms and perfect for a day on the sofa. Their popularity has seen much growth and we now see people wearing them out because they are so comfortable.

Onesies come in huge variety of styles and colors, you can getting dotted, striped, animal ones and all sorts of known character versions which can be purchased so that they create a set that will match. Matching onesie’s could be a good alternative for couples if they are looking for sleepwear.

Childrens one piece sleeping garments are known as footie type or blanket sleepers. They will be of a blanket material and are more often in one piece with long sleeves and legs with attached booties to keep the little ones warm. They will be a loose, comfy fit and children will enjoy wearing them around the home.

Depending upon temperature, they can be used in place of blankets which means they could be a possible replacement for parent worried about the possible impact of excessive blankets and sudden infant death syndrome.

His And Hers Pajamas

Wearing matching pajamas as couples not only make good sleepwear they are also ideal for a relaxing day in the home and with his and hers, you can wear a set that matches. Setting aside the occasional day, you can spend that time at home together wearing his and her pajamas and this can be a good time to bond and talk and build on your relationship.

Wearing a matching set can add to the fun and romance and there are many options for mens and womens whether you are looking for boyfriend and girlfriend pjs or are married and wanting a pair with mr and mrs on them.

A couple who have been together for a while often do not have the time or neglect to take time to spend a day together doing nothing but talking and having one on one time in a pair of pajamas.


PJs For The Whole Family

Of course, there are matched pajamas but they do not have to be just for a couple, they can also be for the whole family or a part of the family.

Wearing matching sets are great fun for the whole family. There are pjs available for everyone including men, women and children. These sets come in a variety of choice from one piece to to full sets. There are obviously a wide variety of styles and colors available to buy and these can be all color coordinated or perhaps opposites with children in one color and parents in the other.

  • Christmas Pj’s

Cuddled up together in a matching set as a family could become a nice family tradition or perhaps a pajama day on the sofa playing games and watching movies. Another great time to wear these is at Christmas. Opening Christmas presents in the morning all coordinated would create a wonderful memory for the whole family to treasure.

Alternatively, if you do not want the whole family involved, you may want to spend a special day for mother and daughter and wearing something like these would be a wonderful way to enjoy the time together, cosying on the bed or having fun doing whatever you enjoy doing and mom and daughter.

Nightwear For Pets – Dog And Owner And Cat

You can also get a set of pajamas for your pets that match yours. Ones for dog and owner are readily available to purchase as well as cat ones if your cat enjoys them. Dressing your pet isn’t for everyone but for those that do and pets who like it, being coordinated doesn’t only have to be when going out. You can wear pj sets together with your dogs and cats while at home.