Add Romance To Your Drink With These Mr And Mrs Mugs Designed For Couples


If you take a look in most peoples kitchen there will be a number of items that are common to all and one of those is the good old coffee mug. There will not be many homes that do not have at least one with most have a multiple selection from plain to funny. Indeed a house without a single coffee mug would feel like a rare occurrence and a little bit odd. During a lifetime you are bound to collect many different ones. They will come in various different sets, individual ones with certain themes, ones that celebrate something you particularly like or support and some that have been picked up as freebies from an advertising campaign or come free with another object. They come in every color imaginable in different designs and while the base size is generally the same there are some smaller and larger varieties.

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Before you start looking into the range of items available to couples it is good to know that there is a massive range of clothing and accessories dedicated especially to a couple. You will soon find that anything that is available to buy individually as a gift will be available as a pair or a set of two. Many people love this particular niche of clothing and items and there are others who very much hate it. There many things that fall into this category of working well in this range and those include picture frames, for the bedroom, pillows and even kitchen aprons. These all make great gifts independently but when you enhance them with custom words and images that are romantic in nature, it makes them an even better gift to receive. The words and images that are printed or engraved on them will tend to be meaningful words to show you care and ones that display your love for one another and for some larger items full verses and poems especially written. Smaller items can have pre written words as well as custom option such as names, initials, dates and your own photographs.

Matching coffee mugs fit will into this category and they will produced as a set of two or sometimes individually with a special dedication to a loved one. As there are many different designs in this range from which to choose it makes them fantastic gifts to give to your partner because they are not only romantic but also often unique. As well as being a brilliant gift they are also a very personal one which means your partner will appreciate even more so because of the extra thought and effort that has been put into it. With all of the various occasions during the year that require a gift of some kind, it can soon become difficult to think of something different and many times you probably end up  buying the same kind of things as you have bought previously. These make a wonderful personal gift for almost any celebration including Christmas, Birthday’s, Valentine’s day, Anniversary, Weddings, Engagements, Easter, Thanksgiving or even as a surprise present at any time.

While many of these matching type of items can be worn when out, mugs are only going to be used at home or perhaps in the office and will generally only be seen by family and friends. They maybe fairly inexpensive but they still look exquisite are something any one receiving will be guaranteed to love and make good use of. They are a way of saying I love you in one of the sweetest ways without actually saying it while drinking your coffee and also act as a reminder of your loved one every times you take a sip.

There are a vast range of mugs that are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, prints and messages and the although not quite as bigger range there are still many different types available

that have been produced for couples. Having a good choice is generally a good thing when it comes to buying anything because there is a higher chance of finding something that you really like. Having said that, there can be times when too much choice, especially too many good choices can make the decision harder because it gets hard to eliminate some that you particularly like to narrow it down to the final one. As it will be an item you will probably use many times throughout the day it is important to take your time and make the correct decision.



These His And Hers Mugs Can Be Used For Coffee Tea Beer You Name It



It can be true to say that the majority of us love receiving gifts and there is also much joy to be had from giving a special present to another and seeing that happy look on their faces. If it is a gift you are giving to your partner or another couple it will be even more enjoyed if it also has your personal touch. The personal element is important between loved ones because it can become an item in your relationship that will become a symbol of how strong it is and what you mean to  each other. For any couple it can become a reminder of the love and bond that they share and this will be the case no matter what your relationship status is, be it husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or in a civil union. Each of you has something in common and that is the love between you, the trust you have for each other, the support that you offer to one another and the knowledge that you can confide in them your most intimate secrets and they will stand by you no matter what. They will be the person that you going to be spending all of your life with and although the love you have will often be  enough buying a gift that will represent your commitment to one another can increase the bond between and at the same time be very romantic.

A coffee mug can look plain and ordinary or vibrant and appealing to look at and read and is something that every home will have at least one of. You can be sure that they will be used regularly and because of the type they will also be sentimental because they have been a personal gift and this make using them even more special. Mugs generally will be made in one material and that is ceramic but they can be porcelain or china as well as others. Making them feel more personalized or themed is what makes them feel more alive and interesting and this can be done in a few different ways. You could make them your own by added names, initials, dates or photo’s of you and your loved ones. You could choose one with a long meaningful verse or something with a pre made image and words. These can be either romantic and unique but you can also get those that are funny to look at and they will usually come as a set of two.

As they have been made especially with couples in mind they will usually be purchased by them together or by one as a gift for the other half but these are not limitations. A set of mugs can just as acceptably be bought for a couple by any members of the family or friends who are thinking of getting them something. The family members such as mom, dad, brother or sister will usually be the ones who spend more time with you and will see first hand what your relationship is like and how and how connected you both are and find the appropriate style that will suit you. They make great gifts for a bride and groom on the day of their wedding or maybe on their engagement or at a bridal shower. They could also be given as a housewarming present or for any of the other yearly festivities such as Christmas. There are many opportunities and reasons to give these as a set to any partners that you know.

A mug may not be as straightforward as you might think and although we would usually picture the classic style in our minds there are actually a lot of different types made from various materials and can be used for drinking many different drinks, not only coffee but tea, juice, water or even beer.

  • First up is the classic mug that will be ceramic, porcelain, china or glass and will hold around 8 oz of coffee. You will find that some materials retain not only the heat but also the flavor of the coffee better than others.
  • Travel style mugs are great for taking out with you, they maintain the heat well because of their great seals and will usually be made from stainless steel.
  • A demitasse is a small espresso cup that has a capacity of 3.4 oz and will usually be made from ceramic, porcelain or stonewear.
  • A tumbler is a combination of classic and travel style being shaped like a classic style but slightly taller. They maintain the heat well for a long time and will usually be made from stainless steel or melamine.
  • There are also disposable cups of course and while these are popular for take outs they are not the most eco-friendly and your own reusable version will be much better for the environment.

As you can see from what we have already covered there can be many options to consider before making your final decision. These basically come down to who you are buying for and what you think they will like the most. A mug does not have to be perfect and you only need to choose a color that they will like and add to that the image and text, of which can be vast in choice. This will come down to what kind of theme you think your partner will like the most and because they are a pair, it will mean also picking something that like and often making some compromises. Buying for other couples will depend upon who you are buying for, there will different styles for newlyweds as compared to a well established couple with some being romantic and others fun. For example, the gift for a two year anniversary in modern times is china so if you know any coffee lovers with an anniversary approaching then these will make the perfect present at this time. With many choices it can often become difficult to narrow down your final decision so we have listed a few of our favorite designs below.


Get Gift Ideas And Inspiration For Your Next Set


We have listed here our personal favorites some of which are funny and others romantic in the hope to give you a few ideas and some inspiration for what to choose.

His And Hers Coffee Mugs

  • Kissing mugs in black and white with hearts
  • Be Loved in black and white marble with hearts
  • 100% Pure solid copper set of two with unique straws and recipe book
  • I met a boy cute as can be – I met a girl crazy for me
  • Better – Together
  • His – Hers

Mr and Mrs Mugs

  • Mr – Mrs 11.2 oz gold and marble color and two spoons
  • Elegant Mr and Mrs in gift box with spoon in blue and white
  • Mr right – Mrs always right
  • Mr – Mrs in black and white with decorative pattern

Personalized Couple Mugs

  • Mr – Mrs – established with personalized date of choice

Couple Mugs Funny

  • Taco – Avocado
  • Don’t go bacon my heart – I couldn’t if I fried
  • One great fisherman – Best catch of his life
  • Peanut butter – Jelly
  • Bacon – Eggs
  • Coffee – Donut
  • This might be wine – This might be whiskey
  • Milk – Cookies
  • I like her butt – I like his muscles
  • His Wierdo – Her Wierdo
  • I didn’t fart, My ass blew you a kiss
  • My girlfriend is hotter than my coffee
  • You’re wiener is the only one for my buns
  • I love to wrap both hands around it and swallow
  • Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice
  • Bitch, please…I’m so f*cking fabulous I piss glitter and shit rainbows
  • Sorry No Hablo F*cktardo
  • I like her buns – I like his guns
  • The boss – The real boss
  • Her Captain – His mermaid

Couple Mug Set

  • Happy hug, hugging mug set with faces
  • His and Hers stainless steel double wall set of 2
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear

His And Hers Cups

  • His and her porcelain cup set with stirring spoons
  • Set of 2 porcelain tea cups in assorted colors
  • Mr – Mrs cup and saucer set

King And Queen

  • His Queen – Her King
  • Queen of everything – King of whats left
  • King – Queen with crowns
  • King – Queen in marble with coasters set


  • Soulmates set – girl with magnet – man flying through air


  • His – Hers with Mickey and Minnie mouse ears
  • Disney Princess the little mermaid kiss Ariel set of two
  • Mickey and Minnie love inspired blowing kiss pair

Boyfriend Girlfriend

  • This girl has an awesome boyfriend – This boy has an awesome girlfriend

Prince And Princess

  • Prince – Princess ceramic set of 2

Beauty And Beast

  • His Beauty – Her Beast

Buck and Doe

  • Her Buck – His Doe

Bonnie And Clyde

  • He’s my Clyde – She’s my Bonnie 11 oz set of 2


  • Personalized Photo on jumbo size 20 oz mug

Couples Christmas Mugs

  • Marshmallow shaped hot chocolate mugs
  • Christmas Calories don’t count
  • 3D mug with Santa Claus inside

Wedding – Bride And Groom

  • Kissing cats set in blue and pink with black and white cats
  • I stole her heart – So I’m stealing his last name
  • Girlfriend fiancee wife – Boyfriend fiance husband


  • I like her butt – I like his beard
  • I like her butt – I like his beard with additional beard and butt image

Color Changing

  • Cartoon image of color that changes color from hot to cold

Long Distance

  • No matter the distance with stick drawing man and woman with hearts
  • You are worth every mile long distance set

Anniversary – Married

  • 50th anniversary Mr and Mrs set
  • 50th golden wedding anniversary set
  • 25 years ago I said I do – 25 years ago I said I do what I’m told
  • 40th anniversary Mr Right – Mrs Always Right
  • 20 years of being Mr and Mrs
  • 10 years of being Mr and Mrs
  • Sharing the nest for 30 years
  • After 5 years you’re still the best wife keep that shit up

Husband And Wife

  • Husband – Wife nutrition facts novelty mug
  • Best husband ever – Best wife ever

Travel Mugs

  • Mr right – Mrs always right in stainless steel
  • Mr – Mrs insulated travel/ tumbler set


  • I am the boss – and I’m kind of a big deal


  • Batman shaped ceramic mug – DC Comics embossed
  • Batman through the year – DC Comics officially licensed


  • I like his – I like her


  • Naughty Bugs Bunny and Lola
  • Mess with bun your time is done


  • Enamel coated stainless steel Mr and Mrs set


  • Best dog mom ever – Best dog dad ever


  • Love you – Love you more
  • I said yes – That’s what she said
  • Does this ring make me look engaged? – I put a ring on it
  • Soon to be Mrs – One lucky Mr
  • Feyonce – Bae-Z


  • Oh for fox sake

Good Morning Handsome

  • Good morning handsome – Good morning beautiful
  • Good morning handsome – Good morning beautiful 12 oz marble ceramic


  • I found my Mr right – And do did he
  • Mr right – Mr always right


  • I promise to love you even when we’re old and you still play video games


  • Her Jack – His Sally
  • Basic witch


  • Heart shaped mugs set of 2 that fit together


  • Kissing mugs set in various colors fit perfectly when joined together


  • I don’t snore, I dream I’m a motorcycle

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter Hogwarts crest with splatter
  • Lumos/ Nox heat reveal ceramic
  • Dobby morphing heat reveal
  • World of Harry Potter Marauders map
  • Hogwarts castle heat reveal

Star Wars

  • I love you – I know with Princess Leia hair and star wars blaster
  • Star Wars coffee – My the froth be with you

Valentine’s Day

  • Love me tender – serenade man with music notes and hearts with woman listening on other
  • Love you – Me too with hearts and arrow

Zoo – 3D mugs with animal inside

3D mug with animal inside including

  • Panda
  • Shark
  • Cat
  • Mouse
  • Cow
  • Dog
  • Frog
  • Spider
  • Hippo
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe


Any Personalized Matching Cups Add Fun To Drinking



For the majority of people it will be their family and close friends that are the most important to them and it will be with them that most of their happiest memories will be made. These are the people that always stand by you and the times you spend with them will be the most precious and will create memories you will always treasure. Among this group will be your partner and whether they are your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or in a civil union they will be the person that you love the most and will spend the rest of your life with. This is the person with which you will share everything and who will be there through all of the good time but also the bad and although your love is enough, sometimes it will be a good idea to show your appreciation for them in other ways.

There are many ways in which you could show your appreciation of them and one is by giving them a gift. In reality it does not matter what this gift is, it can be expensive or cheap, simple or intricate, the important part is that it will be a gesture of your love and it these acts of love that help keep your relationship healthy. By giving them something you are letting your partner know how much you care about them and the item will act as a symbol of your love for one another. You have a choice of many different items that you could be that would fill this role of a gift that will represent the bond that you both share. This item could be a piece of jewelry like a couple bracelet or something that is usable around the home like a set of mugs.

Mugs in this niche are great gifts that often look beautiful, sometimes too beautiful to use and are often used as decorative display pieces around the home instead. They are a great item for a couple to enjoy sitting down together and drink their coffee from while enjoying each others company. Displaying them will allow visitors to admire them and see how romantic you are with each other or in the case of amusing styles, be a conversation piece and bring a laugh. Some people like taking their mugs to places of work and this can be another opportunity to show off your designer mug.

We have previously touched on the various options available when buying a mug for your partner or a couple you know and these will come down to color, type, material, size and then you will have a choice of transfers that have been already designed and transferred on or a custom choice of your own that you may want added and these words or images can be romantic or funny. What you choose in terms of romance or funny will decided by what reaction you will be wanting to see from the recipients. This reaction could be influenced by the receivers personalities and also the occasion that they will be receiving it. There will be different occasions and one may suit a set of mugs that are rude, while another may work with ones that are funny while there will be other times where something with some romance and love is required. A bachelor/ bachelorette party could be a good choice for one with more adult humor, while a birthday with some friends and family might be the perfect choice for one that is funny or romantic. Only you will know the celebration for which you are will giving them and will need to buy accordingly.

There are now what may seem like numerous options to think about before making your purchase but it is important to get right so that everyone is happy. They will be an item that is used daily and the person using it should like the look of it and because they not incredibly cheap and could be costly to get wrong. Having said that the majority of them look incredible and you will usually be buying the classic shaped mug so once you have the color it is only a case of choosing the image or words that have been transferred on to it that will suit the person or persons you are buying for.


What To Look Out For Before Buying


Once you have decided upon the design and print you wish to buy it is worth checking on some of the finer details of the item themselves. As they are for two people, ensure you are purchasing a pair and the price is not for separate ones.

Look at the material of the item, is it a high quality material and are the graphics of a high quality also? Are they hand painted and are they microwave and dishwasher safe and not prone to fading under these conditions.

This is hard to check before hand but will they stain easily? We have all seen how easily many cups and mugs seem to stain up and not look very nice. Lastly, check on the weight of the mug. People have different preferences when it comes to weight so compare the weight with your current favorite mug or if it is for someone else and you can, the receivers favorite, as the weights can vary and some prefer heavier and other lighter.