Find The Perfect Romantic Matching Couple Underwear


Romantic presents are always a great gift to give and are equally well received. Sometimes you want to add the sexy factor to the lovey stuff and this is where matching underwear can solve you gift idea problem.

With any particular occasion looming, it always gets tough thinking about what to buy for your partner. Over the course of a year there are many times you need to get the brain working on overdrive to come up with something new to surprise them. When you need to do it year after year it soon becomes a struggle to find new things to buy and many of us often resort to buying them same old things over and over again.

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This time you are going to be giving them something a little different. These couple underwear tick all the boxes for the perfect gift for you other half. They are romantic – matching together covers that, they are a fairly unique and unusual present. They are items you can both enjoy and bring some fun and laughter into your relationship. On top of that, they are also sexy and we are sure you will both look great showing off to each other.

These are one of the perfect gifts that are designed particularly for couples and will be great for pretty well any occasion. Obviously valentines day springs to mind as the best time to share these with your partner but they would make an equally great present for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas or perhaps on the wedding day.

Just as an idea, they don’t have to be for a partner, maybe they would be good to send to someone else as an introductory
flirty message.


His And Hers Undies Set


The bedroom, or any other room for that matter is the place where most of the best action takes place for a couple. A matching set of his and her underwear will add a lot of laughter, fun and even more romance into your bedroom antics.

There are many ways to make your sexy time more fun and to make an evening out of it and there are plenty of places that offer items to spice things up a little. You don’t want to be stuck in the same old schedule and do the same things so introducing new items to your love life will certainly keep things alive and entertaining.

A set of his and her undies is one of the extras you can both dress up in to make your love life more interesting. From feedback we can see that couples that buy these absolutely love them. They brings a surprise factor but also laughter and we have even read feedback that they saved a marriage.

Another idea is for people that are in a long distance relationship or dating online. Why not send your partners underwear to them and you have yours on while they open them on camera then you can show off your at the same time. It’s a great idea to stay romantic when you are far apart and when you both wear them on the same day they will always be a reminder of each other.


Ideas For Couples – Bride And Groom – Mr And Mrs



When it comes to the design and styles that are available for couple underwear one of the more common pairings are usually a pair of boxers and a pair of briefs. There are also briefs for both couples, boxers and thong and boxers for both. As with all types of underwear they come in all different colors and sizes. For you convenience we have a list of the more popular styles available now at Amazon.

Popular Styles

Boxers and Briefs with text – Caution choking hazard and Caution slippery when wet

In black with white text in sizes xs to xxl made from cotton/spandex/elastane

Boxers and Brief set with text – Nice Cock(image) and Nice Ass(image)

In black with white text and image – Nice (image of a cockerel) and Nice ( image of an ass/donkey)

I love you text on front with kitten

Pair of knickers in grey with black text and orange image.

Spongebob Squarepants image

In yellow with white trim, made from cotton/ spandex with Spongebob Squarepant face

Flamingos print

A pair of boxers and briefs in blue with red/pink flamingo pattern

Boxers and Briefs both with text – I licked it so its mine

Both in black with white text

Personalized set of boxers and knickers with text – To Do 1. Persons Name 2. Rest 3. Repeat

In black with white text in sizes xs to xxl

Personalized boxer and brief set with text – Property of Persons name

In black with white text and can be personalized with your name

Pair of couple briefs both covered in lipstick kisses

In white with red trim and covered with kisses in colors of different shades of pinks and reds

Boxer and thong pair with panda cartoon image

In black with blue panda face or grey with black panda face

Boxers and briefs with Love sweet and warm text

In black with gold text

For The Bride and Groom

Particularly for the bride and groom although some of these can be for anybody we have

Boxers – Groom

In black with white center with wording Groom and bow tie image

Boxers with the wording – I said I do

In black with white center with I said I do wording

His and Hers available in boxers, briefs and thongs

Boxers in black and white with Hers printed on the front with hearts. Thong in various colors with His printed on the front.
These same styles are also available with Mr and Mrs prints.

Under New Management

Thong panties with Under new management printed on the front

Just Married

Lace thong with Just Married on front


Panties with Wifey printed on front

Property of the Bride

Boxer shorts with Property of the Bride print on one side and custom date on the other

Mr and Mrs Boxers

Flannel boxer set – his and hers boxers in black with white dots and checks
Also available in other colors such as blue with Mr and Mrs print
Flannel boxer set also available with custom names

Bachelorette Party Bride Panties

Various colors with The Mrs and custom date printed

You May Now Bang The Bride

Perfect wedding night lingerie – the wording says it all

Same Penis Forever

Great for bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Other Bridal Shower Panties

Text on panties include

  • I need a stiff one
  • Lick me till ice cream
  • Just Do It
  • Oral Me
  • Morning Handsome
  • Guess What Day It Is
  • It’s not going to Lick itself
  • It’s not going to Spank itself
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • I’m Getting Meowied
  • Midnight smack
  • Love sucks True love swallows
  • Welcomes to Assablanca
  • If you’re gonna shoot, shoot don’t talk

Single – Individual Undies

Lick it before you stick it

3D printed image of cat on blue/green briefs with Lick It Before You Stick It printed on front

Customized panties with mrs your surname for bridal shower

High quality lace panties with custom text, can be your name or anything you wish in choice of white, black or blue

Banana bucket mens boxer brief with tie rope

Low cut tie bulge pouch in various colors

Mens micro mesh breathable bulge pouch

Available in black or mix of colors – white, red, blue, black, grey. Low cut pouch that your partner will love

Candy g-string

Edible g-string with candy held in place on elastic

Candy bra

Edible bra with candy held in place on elastic

Mens see-through underwear

High quality in various colors.

Littleforbig adult baby onesie diaper lover or button crotch romper pajama with I love Daddy pattern

All in one with buttons at bottom. In with with black text I love Daddy and heart.

Womens panties with I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

In black with white text on back – I solemnly swear that I am up to no good, Harry Potter inspired

His Princess text on womens briefs

Briefs in Pink with His Princess printed on back.

Novelty Undies For 2

One pair of undies that fits 2 people, stretchy waste with 4 leg holes a great novelty idea perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Bachelorette parties or holidays. They usually come with a game and make for a hilarious time trying to get partners in and out of them. Probably not the most practical to actually wear out in but their for a gag gift and to have a bit of fun.


While the choice is somewhat more limited compared to if you were buying shirts for couples for example there are still plenty of designs there to suit most peoples tastes. Deciding on what kind of thing you are looking for and what your partner will like is the most important part. Are you looking at something just to bring a laugh or a set with a more romantic feel. Either way there are enough designs to make you think and perhaps order a few different styles to suit various occasions.

From A Secret Admirer Or To Someone You Fancy


You could of course be thinking of giving them to someone you are not in a relationship with yet and you want to let them know you are fun and flirty and would like to see more of them. You will need to pick something that has a fun and sexy theme while also being a little romantic.

Sending it to them as a valentines gift will be certain to get their attention and maybe be a nice surprise from the usual flowers and teddies. Of course they can be sent to someone you fancy at any time of the year and you will definitely be revealing your flirty side.


You and Your Partner Will Love Wearing Underwear That Matches


We spoke at the beginning about how wearing matching underwear can bring about a variety of emotions. Firstly a personalized gift that has required some thought outside of the usual items will always be received with happiness. Your partner will love the fact that you have put some effort into choosing a present for them and no matter what the cost it will then always feel more personal to them and will be something that they value.

Any couple, whether you are husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or in any other couple will be happy to wear these. Whether you are buying these a surprise gift for valentines, anniversary or a birthday or ordering them together there are enough different styles, colors and sizes to fit every persons requirements.

Which pair you choose will be determined by the reaction you are looking for. Do you want a gift that is purely just to bring a laugh between you when they open it? Is it an item you want other to join in the laughter with as well as yourselves? Will you be wanting to share photos with friends and others on social media?

Alternatively are you looking for a more romantic reaction? Perhaps you want a bit of fun but also a pair you can both wear and enjoy a laugh but also have some naughty time taking each others off.

Although this isn’t the type of gift you would necessarily buy another couple, there are some suitable designs that would fit should you be looking to be buying a pair for someones wedding gift for example. You would most probably looking for something that would bring a lot of laughs when opened.

Whichever way you end up owning a matching set of underwear, you can be sure that both you and your partner will enjoy wearing them in what capacity they were intended for. These style of gifts are made to bring some happiness, laughter and happiness into a couples life, enjoy them!