Beautiful Light Kimonos For Mommy And Me Moments


The mommy and me or twinning style can begin for a few reasons and some mommies who may have once cringed at the thought are often swayed once they try it with the right kind of garments. Many times this look will start with the baby in its early years to capture photos with in a coordinated look with mom in a shirt and baby in a sleep suit that matches. A kimono will generally be made for the toddler age group and upwards.

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When your baby reaches the toddler age and begins to say a few words they may begin to have a desire to dress like mommy and although some mom’s but if you are one of the mom’s who fall into the anti matching group you could give them something more subtle like a apron, pajamas or a headband to keep them happy. However if you in the group of moms who find it all incredibly cute then there are many garments from which to choose with kimonos being a great introduction. Obviously many small children have no care about what they are wearing and the majority of the time it will be mommy who thinks the look is too adorable to miss and begins to dress themselves and their little one in a matching way.

The sheer cuteness of this style of fashion is not only going to be enjoyed by you but also by close friends and family members who appreciate and adore seeing you both looking so radiant. Dressing in garments that match not only portrays a beautiful look in a physical way but also a mental one. Enjoying the look and sharing it with your baby will energize you and make you very happy emotionally and this will show when your friends and family see you in them. You will also be presenting themselves and you many opportunities for some gorgeous photographs of you both.

There are actually many different garments that would work perfectly as a pair with kimonos included. These are what would be described as an addition to an outfit and work well for many occasions as well as being perfect example for those people that follow fashions three piece rule. These are not kimonos of the original Japanese sense but a name people are using for light robe with an oriental look but for arguments sake we will stick with the term kimono. The wonderful thing about wearing a kimono is that they hang loose meaning they fit anyone well. They are also very light often because they are made from silk or other very light fabrics and wearing them often means you hit that magic three piece rule.

As you would expect from any type of garment that you buy there are a wide range of colors from which to choose as well as sizes. In terms of materials, as they are produced to be light weight you will be looking at silk, satin or a light cotton in order to uphold the feeling of wearing nothing. Although when buying these, your child will most likely be fairly young and not considerably fashion conscious you might still want to consider their favorite colors to keep them happy and interested in wearing it.



An Easy To Wear Kimono Goes With Any Mom And Daughter Clothes




You can make a purchase from a huge range of different clothing that have been designed with different combinations of couples in mind from friends to those romantically involved but non makes as bigger impact as those made for mommy and me. It does not matter if it is a boy or a girl, people love to see a mommy and her children, especially when dressed in matching items.

Kimonos are a great addition to the overall look of your outfit and go well as a matching set over anything a mom and daughter has chosen to wear. This means you can both wear separate items underneath but still have the twinning look on top. They work will with skirts, leggings or jeans and there is the same degree of flexibility for the choice of tops. As they are light they are best worn on warm summer days or even a nice warm spring day.

These are not the beautiful traditional Japanese robes but rather a modern take inspired by the look and using the name. We mentioned above some of the items they can be worn with but in reality you could choose anything from your closet and they would go together. Their flexible nature means they can fit in with almost all occasions and here are some examples.


A loose wearing and over sized kimono adds another element to your look. A t shirt with jeans or shorts combined with this draped over you is the perfect casual dress for summer.


An occasion such as a special dinner or an event like a wedding can also be attended wearing a kimono. They work fantastically well with a fitted dress and a colorful addition to your ensemble.


Being light and often silk means they are super comfortable and a great covering for your pajamas or other night wear.


In much the same vein as wearing one to sleep in they are incredibly comfortable and perfect for lounging around in at home.

Beach Or Pool

A great light garment for the beach or pool to cover your swim wear after time in the pool or to protect from the hot sun. One for mom and daughter can compliment a set of mommy and me swimsuits.


Due to their material and design they are generally regarded as an item to wear in warmer periods of the year but that does not exclude them from cooler months. As we have mentioned they go well with anything and pairing them with a sweater and jacket works as well as any other combination. They are all about adding an extra layer of color to compliment what you are wearing and as they also come in various lengths they go a long way in living up to their reputation as a great all around element.

Apart from enjoying your new mom and daughter look and the compliments that come with it there is also another advantage that comes with wanting to look cute together and that is having the perfect excuse to add new garments to your wardrobe collection. Unlike some mother and daughter outfits these are not designed and printed to be part of a pair. Although those made as sets can be worn separately they don’t have the same effect as wearing them as they are supposed to be worn which is together. Whereas these kimonos, while also available as a set of two do not have specific words or images that bring the two together and therefore can also be worn individually at any time. This means they serve more than one purpose and you are going to get a lot more wear out of them which make them better value for money.



Comfy And Colorful Ideas



We have listed a description of a few of our favorite design to help inspire your decision of what to set to buy.



  • Chiffon Kimono in pink with leaf pattern pair
  • White with palm leaf print set of 2


Mommy And Me Set Of 2

  • Floral Satin and Silky set of 2 in purple
  • Green with peacock and blossom pattern
  • Navy base color with floral designs
  • Plain pink silky satin finish with tie belt
  • Pure white knee and wrist length
  • Plain black color wearable anywhere
  • Light blue with flower print
  • Pink with white and assorted color flowery pattern
  • White with lightly patterned flowers


Short Length

  • Flower patterned short length in blue and pink set of two


Individual Buy Two For A Pair

  • Loose knee length black and white patterned with tassels
  • Sleeveless loose blue and white with pom pom
  • 3/4 sleeve loose chiffon in black
  • Sheer chiffon loose kimono in plain and floral prints


Long Length

  • Long ankle length with short sleeve in cotton



Matching Garments Are Cute, Fun And Perfect For Most Occasions



Throughout your life there will be many moments that stand out with the most important being the times spent with your child as they grow up. Doing things with them as a baby and through the years of being a toddler before starting school will be some of the most enjoyable moments of your life that will stat with you as treasured memories for the rest of your life. During this time you are their main focus and it is the time you dedicate to them that they love the most.

Those years are so important and not to be missed but so many of us have busy schedule and work to complete there all too often there are periods where there is not enough time spent with your son or daughter and you miss some never to be repeated moments. For those people that find it a struggle to spend time with their little ones, now is the time to make important changes to your lifestyle and schedule as you will be missing living all of those precious moments with your baby which will never happen again. Time stops for nothing and it won’t be long before all those potential milestones have passed and been missed and the time they want to spend with you is replaced with games, phones, tablets and friends.

Who chooses to buy the kimono will be determined by the age of your child. A younger girl will not be so interested in clothing and therefore it will be the mother who chooses and purchases what they think will look best on both. If the child is a little older and a little more understanding of what she is wearing then you may want to pick out the color together. You could of course still choose and give her it as a nice surprise ahead of a mother daughter bonding day. Another great time to be purchasing this garment would be ahead of a planned vacation and we have already spoken of their diversity and wearability for almost all occasions. Again this could be an item you pick out together or you could have the vacation planned in secret and this could be a clue as to where you are going.

Although the mom will be the most likely buyer of such clothing it does not mean other people could not buy them as a gift. They would make a wonderful present for your wife or girlfriend and daughter. It would be a surprise for them both and probably something a little more unique and unusual from the normal kind of gifts. With all of the various occasions throughout the year, constantly thinking up new ideas can get difficult and these would be perfect gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day or any other time of the year.

There are times when buying for another person can be difficult, especially with clothes but kimonos are relatively simple and pretty similar with only length and color being the primary decisions. It would not take much thought into their favorite colors and patterns to be buying the perfect gift. The same can be said for anyone choosing their own, a couple of quick decisions and you can both be looking super cute together.