Customized Jewelry For Couples


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Bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry to purchase for the better half of your couple, but buying a matching set could be an even better idea. Buying a pair obviously means you will have one each and when they match you  add that special romantic connection. This makes them a perfect gift for any occasion, although an anniversary or valentines day present certainly seems like the perfect time to give one of these to your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Any kind of jewelry will always be happily received and a bracelet will be no exception. The ones that are aimed at couples come in various materials including gold, silver, leather, plastic, beads, titanium and stainless steel and can be very intricate or as simple as you like.

These matching bracelets can usually be customized in some way to include a message to one another or names or initials as an example. This personalized touch offers something extra to what is already a wonderful gift for your partner.

Bangles, wristbands or the bracelet, whichever name you wish to call them have been around for many many years. The word bracelet comes from the Greek word brachile which means of the arm. One of the first known pieces was dated to be from around 40 000 years ago, made from bones, stones and wood and used for differing cultural, religious and spiritual reasons around the world.

However, it was not until the 20th century that they became more popular as mass production made the price more affordable and therefore more available. Today there they are made from many different materials and used for not only decorative purposes but as symbols of support for certain causes.


Her Beast His Beauty Bracelet


There are different choices available when it comes to ones that are matching. Her beast his beauty is one of the more popular slogans for a couple as it adds a fun element to this romantic gift. King and queen are a well known brand among couple items and jewelry is no exception. They offer a her king his queen bracelet that comes in a few different styles and colors. These could be popular for long distance relationships where both couples wear their bracelets as a constant reminder of their loved one and something to help them to look forward to being with each other once again.

Wearing anything that is matching is special and creates the perfect bond between two people in a relationship that see shared things as a positive. These matching pieces of jewelry can be expensive, romantic, cheap or fun and there is something for every ones tastes.

We would like to offer some inspiration for what to choose with the following matching ideas that can be found mostly online at sites like Amazon and Etsy. These are just a few of the styles that we shared among the team of the ones we have liked best. We understand every ones tastes differ greatly so we do have a greater range to view here. We know your partner will love receiving and wearing these together with you in a heartbeat.

  • His and Hers
  • Her Demon His Angel
  • Her Prince His Princess
  • Coordinates – Where you met/ married etc
  • Names
  • Names/ Dates In Roman Numerals
  • Wedding Anniversary Date
  • Leather Infinity – Symbol
  • His Only Her One
  • Lock And Key
  • Name And Dates Of Relationship
  • Her Buck His Doe
  • His Queen Her King
  • Her Beast His Beauty


Cute Leather Matching Wristbands


These bracelets can be worn at many different times, from everyday usage to going out casual or formal events. Where you are going may determine the type of bracelet you will want to wear so it might be a good idea to have some different ones in different materials.

When you have a very formal event to attend to as a couple, then a gold bracelet would make a great choice but you might not want to wear these for every day use. Gold obviously makes beautifully pieces of jewelry and although more expensive could be a good investment over time. If gold is too expensive for occasional use then silver would make a good compromise. It still looks incredible and wouldn’t look out of place when dressing up but silver is going to be cheaper.

Stainless steel looks great, is durable which makes it a good material to use daily and is a metal than can be worn on pretty much every occasion.

Leather probably isn’t the most suitable for a formal event but is great for every day use because it is durable, comfortable and light. It will be something you can wear without knowing it is there so could be a good option when undertaking any kind of activity.


Bangles For Couples – Sets Charm Heartbeat


You can get different matching styles and these include charm bracelets which have various trinkets attached to them, including lock and key, hearts, animals, sporting items, romantic things and a plethora of other bits. Anything you can think of will probably be available as a charm. These types can be bought pre-made with a certain theme of charms already attached or you can purchase the bracelet and create your own personalized version with the charms you prefer as couples.

In conclusion, your jewelry needs taken care of whatever the material it may be. If you are wearing gold or silver then removing it for any manual work could be a good idea as it could get damaged or scratched. A metal such as stainless steel may be alright for every day use but it could get scratched easily and will soon be in a poor condition.

Wristbands made from any material such as leather are more robust and can be worn in any environment but can absorb things they come into contact with which may make them smell so definitely require the occasional wash to keep them fresh.