Gorgeous Matching Bracelets For Couples In Love


Bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry that anyone may purchase and are an item that you will see many people wearing every day. They always look gorgeous and sit well on a persons wrist and for many it is the one item they couldn’t live without. By giving anyone a bracelet you can be sure it will a gift that they will be very grateful to receive but they can be turned into an even more special present by making it more personal to them. These pieces of jewelry are immensely popular and there is a massive range of designs and styles produced and in this range there are ones specifically designed and made as a set for family or friends. There all sorts of combinations that are produced for various family members and these will include parents, children and of course couples that have a romantic connection.

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You will soon begin to realize that there many various items that are made with you and your partner in mind and these matching things are available in clothing, jewelry and many accessories. In fact there are a huge amount of things that you normally might think of as a nice gift that are also made to be coordinated in design and can be purchased as a set. These niche of matching stuff, whatever it maybe has many fans but also many people that hate the ideas of dressing in matching clothing, such as walking around in matching shirts. However, small accessories and jewelry are no so in your face and many will be discreet enough for them not to be noticed and may be more acceptable to some of the haters.

Most of the accessories that are made for couples will come with an image or a message, which can often be customized, engraved or printed on the object. These could include things like King and Queen, His and Hers or Mr and Mrs and there are those that can be romantic, funny or a bit of both. Bracelets make great items to wear as a couple and fit in well with many examples within the matching gifts category. A bracelet is most of the time an already beautiful piece of jewelry that is very popular but with some personalization and added design for a couple will also allow you to show off your romantic side.

You will find that most of the bracelets produced for couples will be bought as a set of two which share some text or image either by way of it matching or a split design. The idea is for you both to wear the same item that connects you both but  there are some that are available to buy as individual pieces which again would carry some special words to your partner. The vast range and amount of choice makes them perfect gifts for any partner because they are not only romantic but also fairly unique and even more so with some custom message. With the many celebrations and special occasions which occur throughout the year and each requiring a gift it can soon becomes difficult to think of something fresh and exciting. More often than not it is easy to end up buying the same kind of thing repeatedly but a bracelet like this could save you at least once and you will be able to give your partner something romantic and personal.

All gifts are happily received and are a sign of how much you care but something that is romantic and more personal shows how much you care about them even more so. Because of the personal approach to the present it shows that much thought and effort has gone into it and gift like these that come from the heart and has had love and time put into it will always be  appreciated more so than anything else. A spontaneous present is enjoyed by everybody and is excitedly received so if you wish to surprise your partners with a romantic bracelet we are sure they will be ecstatic. Of course this kind of gift is normally given during certain celebrations such as Anniversaries, Wedding day’s, Valentine’s day, Engagement parties, Christmas, Birthday’s, Thanksgiving or Easter and any other times you give and receive presents.

As we have previously mentioned, there are a wide variety of not only jewelry but clothing and accessories that come as a pair and are a part of the matching niche. Although they are great for a couple to wear, use and enjoy, they are not all things that can be used at any time. Items like couples underwear or matching hats look fantastic but are limited to a set that is between a couple and one that is not always going to be acceptable in many places. A piece of jewelry however is more flexible and items such as necklaces or bracelets will fit in anywhere on any day from a casual lunch to an important meeting.

When it comes to the various styles of bracelets that can be purchased the choices will be in the thousands or higher and while those made with couples in mind do not have the same volume there is still many varieties. On the one hand many  choices can be a good thing because it means having more chance of ticking off all of your wishes but on the other hand too much choice can make your actual final decision more complicated as you may have multiple pieces that you like.


A Bracelet Set Makes A Romantic His And Her Gift


With any particular occasion looming you may be beginning to think about what to buy for your partner or you may have a couple in mind that you wish to give something to. As we have gone over already, it is the personal touch that make any gift even more special as it will be the element in an item that can act as a symbol of their love and the bond between them. Whether you are husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or in a civil union you all have some things in common and one of  those is the trust for one another. They are someone you can confide in, share your most personal secrets and know you will never be judged harshly and they will always be there no matter what is happening in your life. They are the person with whom you intend to spend all of your life with and any gift that represents the love and connection you share is a very special one.

A bracelet is one of those gifts that most people open and are immediately thrilled so you can be sure that buying one for your other half will mean it will be well received and regularly worn. In addition to it looking spectacular it will also have that personal touch we have spoken about and will therefore be a sentimental item for both of you which in turn makes the wearing of it even more special. You have a wonderful choice of many bracelets with many options which include materials and design of pendants or charms but it will the personalized part that makes them special for a couple. There are quite a few ways you could opt to add your personal touch to it and this could be something along the lines of engraving your names, initials or significant dates or have a charm the splits in two and is only complete when they join together. Bracelets are generally too small to be adding photographs but smaller ones are possible and very long verses are difficult to fit in but there is room for short meaningful messages for the two of you.

As they will generally come as a pair and the pre design monograms are usually written as something that would be between a couple they tend to be purchased together or for one or the other. However, they are not just limited to gifts for each other and could be purchased for any couple by close family and friends. Anyone close to you such as mom, dad, brother, sister or best friends may buy and give you both something like this and there are certain celebrations that are perfect for this. For a bride and groom on their wedding day for instance, or for their engagement or bridal shower. Maybe even as a housewarming when they embark on the journey of moving into a new home as well as all of the other yearly festivities like Christmas.

There are many options to consider before actually making a decision and one of these is the type of materials that are used. Many will be metals such as Gold in yellow, white and rose, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, titanium, copper, bronze and also leather or beads. You can different styles like chains, charms, pendants, birthstones, bangle, cuff and tennis are some examples and you can decide upon something simple and elegant or one that is much more intricate in construction. On top of that you have the various custom options which include custom words or your names and special dates.

The actual number of things you will need to consider is actually quite a lot and it is these options you will need to decide on before making any purchase. Getting it right is important and the first step is paying attention to what they like to wear. Do they have a favorite style? a material that they like the most? Many times you are taking a gamble and going off instinct but knowing a few things can help you to pick something your partner will like. It will be the same approach if you are thinking of buying for a couple but you may also compromise if they both like different things. We would like to add, do not get too worried about ticking every box, these bracelets are all incredibly beautiful and we are sure the majority of people would be pleased with any of them.

With that said you will have all those amazing options which should be seen as a positive and a way to find exactly what you are looking for even if it might be a little harder to narrow down. We are going to help you out with some ideas and inspiration for your decisions.


Get Some Ideas And Inspiration


There are different choices available when it comes to bracelets that are matching. To help give you a few ideas and some inspiration we are going to add a few details of our favorites. For instance there are popular slogans such as His And Hers, Her Beast His Beauty and King And Queen. There are those which are for long distance relationships which will give both partners a constant reminder of each other and serve as countdown to when they both see each other again. Most of the following ideas that can be found mostly online at sites like Amazon and Etsy. These are just a few of the styles that  the team here have picked out as the ones they liked best.

His And Hers Bracelets

  • Braided handmade set with His on one and Hers on the other
  • Agate beaded his and hers in all black with one white bead and all white with one black bead
  • His and Hers link wristband with engraved love quote
  • His and Hers turquoise and black beaded
  • His and Hers stainless steel bangles engraved with Love – Thinking of you always… split across the pair

King And Queen Bracelets

  • King and Queen matching in black and pink – Her King – His Queen
  • Stainless steel silver color matching set with His Queen Her King engraved
  • Her King His Queen set on black nameplate
  • Link design in black and silver stainless steel with His Queen Her King engraved

Couple Bracelets Distance

  • Elegant surgical grade steel long distance style
  • Distance strand style in matte agate beads
  • Going the distance – A reminder of love and strength during time apart
  • Love > Distance two piece set in stainless steel

Couple Bracelets Touch

  • Bond touch pair – when you touch it they feel it no matter how far apart with bond touch app

Couples Beaded Bracelets

  • Beautiful natural stone beaded set with 8 mm healing balancing beads
  • Amethyst and rose quartz beads in purple and black with opposing colors for each pair
  • Amazing color cherry tree purple with black 8 mm beads and stretchable


  • Gold plated with custom engraving on nameplate
  • 24 ct gold plated diamond cut rope chain


  • Handmade genuine leather wrap with King And Queen wording
  • Simple love knot two piece set in leather
  • Hidden secret message with custom quote, date etc on leather strap


  • 925 Sterling silver tiger eye stone beaded healing crystal


  • Stainless steel black chain and nameplate with choice of custom text

Lock And Key

  • Lock bracelet and key necklace in a variety of colors and metals


  • Adjustable 2 piece cuff style with His Beauty Her Beast text
  • 18 ct gold or rose gold plated pair of thin cuff bangles

Black And White

  • Set of black and white beaded energy stones with all black stones and one white and vice versa for the other

Boyfriend And Girlfriend

  • Forever and always, Always and forever boyfriend and girlfriend set in stainless steel
  • I love you – I love you engraved on both with a heart


  • King and Queen crown bead set
  • Natural stone beaded with crown in black and white
  • Luxury imperial crown charm beaded design
  • Luxury fashion imperial crown 18 ct gold plated charm


  • Stainless steel ID tag bands with customized initials and dates


  • Set of two braided with infinity symbol on each
  • Sterling silver infinity loop with custom names

Beauty And Beast

  • His Beauty – Her Beast in pink and black with chain
  • Cuff style with His Beauty – Her Beast
  • Red braided set of 2 with Beauty Beast beads
  • My Beast – My Beauty pair of wood beads


  • His Crazy – Her Wierdo
  • His Angel – Her Demon
  • You’re my favorite asshole/bitch
  • Get Shit Done
  • I hope your day is as nice as your butt

Buck And Doe

  • Her Buck – His Doe engraved in pink and black with titanium and stainless steel
  • His Doe – Her Buck with braided rope

Her One – His Only

  • Stainless steel and titanium engraved His Only and Her One


  • Black and pink set with His Beauty Her Beast
  • His Queen Her King pair in black and pink


  • Cotton cord set of 2 in black and white both with anchors


  • Lava rock stone beads with aromatherapy peppermint essential oil


  • Set of two in 2 tone gold and black stainless steel with cross and bible verse
  • Christian bible set of two link style


  • Braided rope with custom engraved nameplate and birthstone pair
  • King Queen set stainless steel link chain with cubic zirconia birthstone
  • Custom ID nameplate with curb link chain and birthstone pair

His Princess Her Prince

  • 2 piece stainless steel with chain and nameplates engraved His Princess and Her Prince


  • Personalized anniversary matching cuff bangles – We Still Do


  • Nameplate engraved Always And Forever set of 2
  • Custom dates of Wedding day and initials


  • Stainless steel with magnetic rainbow LGBT pride braided
  • Her Only – Her One infinity love for gay – lesbian


  • Hooked from the second I met you set of 2 corded


  • 2 piece beads set with custom initial on each


  • Two interlocking circles in sterling silver

Morse Code

  • 925 Sterling silver beaded Morse code message You Are Enough
  • Sterling silver beads on silk cord with Morse code message Soulmate
  • Sterling silver Morse code bead with silk cord message – I Love you


  • Moon of my life – My sun and stars


  • Natural stone marble beads set in black and white

Roman Numeral

  • Handmade stainless steel braided rope with personalized roman numeral and name ID


  • Long distance promise cord and beads

Pinky Promise

  • Pinky promise set of 2 with adjustable cords
  • One for you, One for me set of two string cords


  • Braided rope with plate saying – I love you more – I love you most


  • Red string of fate protection pair


  • Stainless steel reel love heart puzzle link chain

Sun And Moon

  • Game of Thrones inspired – Moon of my life – My sun and starts


  • 2 piece his and her titanium and stainless steel – I love you to the moon and back


  • Yoga balancing Reiki healing stone with elephant in blue perfect for Christmas

Yin Yang

  • Two piece adjustable Yin and Yang set – split and complete when joining together


  • Retro style constellation zodiac 2 piece set


Customized Wrist Jewelry That Matches Can Be Worn Anywhere



When you think back through your life so far it is your family and friends that you most probably think about and have the most precious memories of. These are the most important people in your life and it is the times you spend with them that you will be best remembered and forever treasured. Along with you mom, dad, siblings etc perhaps the most important person will be the person you intend to spend all of your life with, your soulmate and love. They could already be a husband or wife or your boyfriend or girlfriend but they will be the person you love the most and sometimes it means a lot to them to show them just how much you care.

There are many ways to show them how much they mean to you and one way is buy them a gift. What the gift is does not entirely matter, as long as it is something they like of course. It can be cheap or expensive but the important part is that it is a gesture of appreciation and it often these little things that help a relationship stay strong. No matter how simply the gift could be you are letting them know how much you think of them and care about them and it always have a role in that it acts a symbol of the love you share. There are numerous objects that you could buy to represent the special relationship you have and one could be a beautiful bracelet.

Bracelets alone always make great presents at any time but for a couple who wish to celebrate their love and connection. One that displays this by way of being a pair that matches or having a certain image or engraving dedicated to one another makes them an even better gift that an individual item. One of the positives about wearing a bracelet is that they can be worn at anytime and anywhere you go. Although many come as a pair they can also be worn individually and will fit in with any occasion, be it going to work, out for dinner or to a party. They are one of those pieces of jewelry that are accepted almost everywhere as they are subtle and discreet.

We have already discussed the fact that there are many options to consider whether buying a set together, for your partner or for another couples and these include the material used, metals, charms and pendants, color and custom engraving options. You will also have a choice of whether you want a bracelet that carries a message that is romantic or funny. This choice is decided by what reaction you may want to see from the recipients and in what situation you are giving it to them. It could depend upon their personalities and how you think they would react to certain themes. You could get something incredible deep and romantic or one that is very funny and often rude adult humor. Like we say, who you are giving it to and when will be the most influential factor here. There will be occasions surrounded by friends where something that is funny and rude will have everyone laughing and will go down well but there will be other times, perhaps a gift for a child and in-law at a wedding where a bit of romance will be better received.

We have covered many options here and it might seem to feel like buying something so simple has turned into a complex puzzle. What you have to remember is that most of these look fantastic and if you give any of them the majority of people will love them. Most of these option will come down to one important factor like it has to be sterling silver and the rest doesn’t matter as much. With this type of gift you will know the recipients very well so you should be able to pick something that they will like fairly easily.


Engraving Ideas

To make them unique you can add many words and here are a few ideas for what to engrave

  • Dates of anniversary
  • Your Names
  • Wedding Date
  • Your Initials
  • Wedding and Location
  • Dates In Roman Numerals

You can then follow up with some romantic quotes, such as

  • You Have My Heart
  • I Knew From The Start
  • You’re The Only One For Me
  • Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow
  • To The Greatest Wife/ Husband
  • This Day And Every Day
  • My Heart Belongs To Her/ Him/ You
  • I Promise To Love You Forever
  • Dreams Do Come True
  • My Love, My Life, My Friend
  • Together As One Faith, Hope & Love
  • Our Eyes Met, Our Souls Danced
  • My Love For You Grows Stronger Each Year
  • Walking The Path Is Easier With You By My Side


Bangles, wristbands or the bracelet, whichever name you wish to call them have been around for many many years. The word bracelet comes from the Greek word brachile which means of the arm. One of the first known pieces was dated to be from around 40 000 years ago, made from bones, stones and wood and used for differing cultural, religious and spiritual reasons around the world. However, it was not until the 20th century that they became more popular as mass production made the price more affordable and therefore more available. Today there they are made from many different materials and used for not only decorative purposes but as symbols of support for certain causes.