Show Off Your Couple Status With Matching Cases


Your phone needs to be protected and a case is a vital accessory that will provide the protection it needs  from drops and scratches. There are a huge amount of designs available when it comes to phone cases, the ideas out there are endless but you may want to choose one that matches with your partner.

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Almost everyone these days has a smart phone that needs some kind of cover and you and your partner will be no exception. You can combine the need for a case with a nice romantic gift that you can both enjoy together. These kind of couple gifts are romantic and personal which means anyone receiving one will be happy.

There are many time throughout the year where you need to think about what to buy for your partner. With all these different occasions year after year it can becomes difficult to continue coming up with ideas that you think your other half will like. A lot of us get caught up in buying the same type of presents all of the time because its easy and requires no thought.

On this occasion you can get them something a little different that is both practical and romantic and also looks great protecting their phone. On the plus side, you both get to enjoy the gift because matching phones cases come in pairs.

The designs for couples make great gifts at any time of the year but certain occasions are perfect for them. Valentines Day is a great time to share a pair of these as are anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. It could be that one of you needs a new case right away and we are sure most people like a present at any time of the year and these make a great surprise for your partner.


Personalized Phone Case Design Ideas


As has been previously mentioned, there are numerous phone case designs available and we are looking at ones made for couples. If you are a couple in a relationship then there are a wide variety of styles to suit almost every one. A personalized case that means something to both of you will be great to have and each time you bring out your phone it will be a reminder of one another.

You could be a couple that has been dating online or lives a long distance away and with each of you having one half of the case. This will be a romantic gesture and they will once again serve as a reminder of each other every time you use your phone and of the special connection you both share.

The case designs are not all for couples that are in a relationship. There are many different couples that might want to have a matching case set. You could be friends – bffs, sister, brothers, a team, mom and daughter/ son, father and daughter/ son or whoever you might want to share a matching pair with.

The more numerous choices are for husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend but you will still find many available for other couple combinations. Depending on who you are buying for will influence the choice of theme for the case. A romantically involved couple will be looking for romantic, love, flirty and sexy or a combination or all but may also want ones that will bring a laugh and a bit of fun. Whereas buying for a best friend or sister for example you would be looking to purchase something that will be funny or a design that will show off your true friendship.

These will make great gifts for almost any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, wedding, bridal showers, engagement, valentines or anniversary.


Designs For Couples



We are going to take a look at some of the designs that are available for the various couples out there who would like to match up their case with their partner/ sister/ friend/ relative etc. These are some of the more popular ones available and we have listed them to help give you some ideas as to what you may want.


Couples In A Relationship


Here are some of the designs you can get for you and your partner.

King And Queen Phone Cases

The King and Queen logo is one of the most common among items for couples and you can find this logo in many different designs and many color combinations – black, white, pink, grey, gold, red, sparkly,  wood effect, blue and more.

For example

  • King and queen text with crowns
  • His Queen – Her King with crowns
  • Letters K and Q with heart and spade
  • Basic King and Queen text
  • Stylish text
  • Large heart and spade with crown
  • King Queen with key
  • I am her King – I am his Queen
  • With numbers 01
  • Keep Calm I’m the King – Keep Calm I’m the Queen
King And Queen iphone

All designs available for various iphones as well as Apple all other makes Samsung, Google, Sony, Huawei, HTC,  Nokia etc are catered for.

Mr and Mrs

  • Mr right – Mrs always right with mustache and lips
  • Mr never wrong – Mrs always right
  • The Boss – The Real Boss
  • Mr right – Mrs right with bow tie/ jacket and high heels image
  • The Mr – The Mrs
  • Mr and Mrs with heart Mickey and Minnie that complete when joined
  • Soon to be Mrs
  • One lucky Mr


Bonnie and Clyde

  • Bonnie – Clyde
  • Handcuff that complete when joined with Bonnie and Clyde text
  • Handcuffs with partners in crime
  • Bonnie and Clyde with guns


His And Hers

  • His – Hers
  • Her One – His Only


I Like Her Butt – I like His Beard

Various colors and designs with text and images such ass and beard.


Hubby Wifey

In a variety of color and different style of text.


Beauty And Beast

  • Plane boarding pass style
  • Beast with claw marks – Beauty with lips
  • Every Beauty needs a Beast – Every Beast needs a Beauty
  • I’m her Beast – I’m his Beauty


For Long Distance Relationships

Together forever never apart… maybe in distance but never at heart with map that completes when phones come together



  • Dinosaur with text – I love you this much – thats not very much
  • Hug Me – I’m Trying



  • Mickey and Minnie
  • Mickey
  • Lady and the tramp
  • Selection of Disney characters
  • Cinderella
  • Quotes from Disney movies
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Aladdin
  • Stitch
  • Minions
  • Donald Duck


Earth and Sun

One with earth and one with sun and best friends

Custom Name

Have you and your partner/ friend etc names or initials added to your cases

Custom Photos

Add you and your partner/ friend etc photos to your case


One with stone one without


Various selection of colorful anime characters


  • Spaceman with heart constellation complete when both phones joined
  • I love you – to the moon and back

Gamer Friends or Couples

Player 1 Player 2 with controller image that complete when joined


I like her Bobbers – I like his Pole

Other Designs

  • Promise? Promise with pinky finger grab matching when joined together
  • Hands holding that completes when joined.
  • Peanut butter and jelly cartoon image with hearts
  • She’s mine – He’s mine
  • If lost return to babe – I am babe
  • Custom initial with hands and heart
  • Pizza and slice
  • Sorry I have a girlfriend – Sorry I have a boyfriend
  • Best friends with joining hearts
  • Sorry I have a wife – Sorry I have a husband
  • I love this boy – I love this girl
  • I’m a wierdo she’s a freak – I’m a freak she’s a wierdo
  • Girlfriend – Fiance – Wife
  • Hands forming love heart which completes when joined together
  • I stole her heart – So I’m stealing his heart
  • I belong with you – You belong with me


Best Friend Matching Cases


It’s not only couples in a relationship that can match up. You and you best friend might want to share a laugh with your own matching phone case. There are plenty of choices for all of you with a bff. Lets take a look at some ideas you could pick from.


  • God made us best friend because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters
  • Drawing of girl on each case holding a coffee.
  • Earth and Moon on each with Always with you text.
  • Tall best friend – Short best friend
  • BFF with line through and replaced with Sister
  • Best friend forever loo roll and poo drawing
  • Sweet and Sour
  • My sister from another mister
  • We’ll be friends forever won’t we? – Even longer
  • Yin and yang symbols
  • Best friend forever – Best friends never die
  • Friends forever with infinity symbol
  • She’s my bestfriend, break her and I’ll break ur face
  • Every short girl needs a tall girl – Every tall girl needs a short girl
  • Compass that completes when coming together with By my side text
  • Best – Friends
  • Best – Bitches
  • Thing 1 – Thing 2
  • Be fuc bit – st kin’ ches – Reads properly when coming together
  • Soul sisters
  • Double – Trouble
  • Bad – Good
  • BFF – Sister
  • BFF – Bae
  • BFF She thinks I’m crazy – BFF I think she’s crazy
  • She’s my best friend both with finger pointing to one another
  • She’s my unbiological sister


Covers For You And Your Sister


Your sister can also be your best friend or one of them and because they are very similar, most of the designs for sisters are the same as you would find for your best friend. For most of these please take a look at the example above under best friends.

There are not many one specifically for sisters, they are generally aimed more broadly at sister/ bff but you can see there are ones produced with sister named on them. You could also choose custom name ones for both of you.


Mom Daughter Dad Son


Mama Bear Papa Bear text with image of polar bear in a variety of colors.


Personalized Styles Designs And Models


We have covered almost all of the different styles and design you can get. Most of the personalized cases come with your name, your partners name or your initials in plain or decorative text. There are some that will include an image with the text and others that offer just a custom image of your choice printed. Images would normally be of you and your partner or your family or a pet or friend.

Other great custom ideas are a personalized number plate style case with state and your name printed. If you are religious you can get a Christian Bible quote protector.

For Sports Fans


Baseball jersey design in various colors with your name and number


Basketball jerseys in various color with custom name and number


Custom football jerseys again with name and number in a variety of colors

Your Team

Customized to feature your team and it colors

iphone Models

You will find most of these phone protectors fit the majority of Apple’s range

  • iphone 4
  • iphone 4S
  • iphone 5
  • iphone 5c
  • iphone 5s
  • iphone 6
  • iphone 6 Plus
  • iphone 6s
  • iphone 6s Plus
  • iphone SE
  • iphone 7
  • iphone 7 Plus
  • iphone 8
  • iphone 8 Plus
  • iphone X
  • iphone XR
  • iphone XS
  • iphone XS Max
  • iphone 11
  • iphone 11 Pro
  • iphone 11 Pro Max
  • iphone 12
  • iphone 12 Pro
  • iphone 12 Pro Max


Couples Will Enjoy Using These Protectors That Match


When you give someone a gift that matches they can be given to expect a particular reaction from the receiver. A personalized gift such as these cases means you have actually thought about the process rather than choose something more obvious and easy. Buying such a present for some else can be a little bit of a gamble as to whether they have the same tastes as you. Generally because the person receiving the gift will realize the thought that has gone into it and be happy you have given them something personal.

The design and wording that you choose will depend on the message you are trying to put across and the reaction you may want to see from the person you are giving it to. When you are buying for your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend then you will be looking for designs that are romantic, flirty, sexy as well as ones that will evoke a feeling of fun and laughter.

When you are buying for you best friend you will be looking for something along the lines of fun and bringing a laugh or one that says i’m here for you as your best friend to help you through anything that life throws at you. This could be also be said if you are buying for sister/ brother/ mom/ daughter/ son/ father/ grandparents or any other relative.

There is something for everyone in this category and with so much variety it will be difficult to narrow your choice down to the any particular one. Luckily the prices are cheap enough to be able to buy a few different designs then you can swap them around to suit both or your moods and occasions.