Beautiful Matching Necklaces Designed For Couples From The Heart


A necklace is a piece of jewelry that almost everyone will own at least one of and is something that the majority of owners will probably wear daily. They are a beautiful item that look wonderful around anyone’s neck and for some is an item that many eyes will first turn to. Any necklace will be a gift that everyone would be happy to receive but for those that want to make them more personal they make an even more appealing present. As you can imagine with such a popular piece of jewelry, their are hundreds and thousands of different styles and designs and those include ones made specifically to link members of a family or friends. There are many that are made to connect all persons of a family including parents, children, brothers and sisters and of course romantically connected couples.

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When you begin to look for items for you and your partners that fall into the matching range you will soon find many choices of both clothing and accessories that are coordinated in design and ready to purchased as a pair. There are not many gift type items sold individually that you cannot also buy as a matching set. Many of these type of items have a popular fan base and many are happy to walk around in different clothing for outside and in the home, for instance a set of robes. This type of thing also has its haters although while some may think be seen out in clothing over the top there are certain accessories that can be more discreet and acceptable to even the most arduous hater.

You will find most things will come with either an image with some custom or pre written message or verse that will in someone present you as a couple, for example His and Hers or Mr and Mrs and this text or logo or monogram can be either romantic or funny. Necklaces make great examples of a piece of jewelry in this matching category because they are not only beautiful and popular but with the added couple element will be romantic and celebrate the love between you.

The necklaces you will come across which are produced with couples in mind will most of the time come as a set of two which you can purchase together but these would normally be bought as a gift for your partner. There are also some individual pieces available that would hold some special words or memory of your other half. With such a range to choose from any of these would make excellent gifts for your partner because they are romantic and often unique. As you know there are many different celebrations during the year and dreaming up new and exciting things to buy can often become difficult. We are sure like most of us you have at some point fallen into the trap of buying the same things over and over. Now you have a new weapon at your disposal and vast choice from which to choose and give something personal and romantic.

It is this personalized and romantic element of the gift that shows how much you care about them. This is a present that a lot of thought lot has gone into and which has also required some effort to get right. Generally when someone receives a gift that has been chosen and had so much love put into it they will understand and appreciate it even more than they would  normally. Although your partner would surely love to receive the gift of a necklace at any time it is the kind of thing that would usually be reserved for occasions such as Christmas, birthday’s, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, engagements, wedding day’s, Thanksgiving or Easter. Of course, a spontaneous present is welcome at any time and a beautiful necklace even more so, so if you are feeling romantic and want to surprise your partner we are sure they will be very happy.

Many items, be it clothing or accessories that fall within the matching niche are not always suitable for all occasions. You couldn’t really wear a top with his queen on to work as an example and couple swimsuits are limited to the beach and swimming pools. If you want the flexibility to be able to wear this special thing at any time you will need something that is discreet and acceptable in most places and necklaces are a great item that ticks all of the boxes. A good piece of jewelry will enhance any outfit whether it is casual, work or party wear. There was once and partly still is a whole area dedicated to jewelry etiquette but we believe as long as it isn’t too bold, anything goes.

With what must be many thousands of different styles of necklace available we know there is a lot of choice and this also applies to those designed for a couple. Often having a lot of choice is a positive because you are more likely to find something that satisfies everything on your wish list. However, a lot of choice can also prove to be troublesome because with all the various options that need to be decided upon, it can get hard to narrow down your final choice.



The Gift Of A Romantic Necklace Set With Names And Initials For Him And Her



If you are deciding on what gift to purchase for your partner or if you wish to buy something for a couple it is ones that have a personal touch that are usually more gratefully received. The personal element for partners will be an item that acts as a symbol of how strong their relationship is and will tell them how special they are to you. For a couple it will act as a reminder of the bond and love they have between them. It does not matter what status your relationship is, whether it is husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or civil union there are a few common factors and they are the trust you share, knowing you can confide in one another, knowing you will always be supported and the love. Your partner is the person with whom you share even your most intimate secrets and the person you turn to when life is at its worst. This is the person you will hope to be spending the rest of your life with and when you buy a gift to act as an item to represent this love for one another and the bond between you it in itself will be very special.

A necklace is a delightful gift to receive and in buying one for your partner you know that it will be enjoyed and worn regularly. Not only that but as they connect you both that also become personal and sentimental to the both of you and this makes wearing them even more special. You can purchase any number of necklaces in many materials and with a huge variety of pendants but it is those that are personalized in some way which makes it important to a couple. There are many ways in which these are personalized or custom created and this could be something simple like your names, initials or dates or more complex like those of a split design that only complete when joined together, those that have pictures of you both or some of that have long meaningful verses. There are many that are romantic and unique while others can be very funny and they both will come as a set of two and sometimes as a separate item.

Obviously, these are produced in the belief that a couple will buy them together or for each other but they don’t have to be as limited. A pair of necklaces could also be bought for any couples by a friend or family member such as you mom or dad, brother or sister. These family members will likely be very close to you and see how amazing you are together and may want to get you something that celebrates this. It could be given for when you move into a new house or to a bride and groom on their wedding day or prior to that as an engagement gift and even a bridal shower. You can also include all of the other usual yearly festivities like Christmas as an opportunity to buy a set of these for you favorite partners in crime.

As you can image there are many designs and styles when it comes to purchases this type of jewelry which means plenty of choice. When you look at materials used the vast majority will be either in titanium, platinum, gold – yellow, white, rose, sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, leather and beads. There will be long to short length chains and many different styles of pendants and lockets, some simple others more intricate. You then have the custom options for your names or dates or any other text if it has that option.

As you can see when it comes down to actually choosing what you want there are going to be the many options to consider. Because they come as a pair as you will be usually surprising your other half with a set as a present you will need to think about what they would like to wear. You could take a look at their current favorite jewelry and base your decision off of this or go with your gut instinct. As they are a pair you will need to consider whether you also like what you have chosen and perhaps sometimes making a compromise to fit you both. If you are purchasing for others, perhaps newlyweds that you would again need to tick the right boxes for what they both would like and hope they will please them both. We will say not to worry or dwell to heavily and what they might like, all of these are very beautiful and most of the time it is just a matter of getting the words or names correct.

With all of these awesome options available it can make your choice easier or often more difficult to actually narrow down to the ones you think they will like the most. We are going to look through a few of our favorite styles and designs to help you in the decision making process.


Ideas And Inspiration for Standard And Engraved Heart, Interlocking, Birthstones And More


Many different styles of chain, pendant, lockets, charms, metals and design might leave you scratching your head. We hope to give you a few ideas and a little inspiration by listing out our favorites.

Couple Necklaces Names

  • Personalized heart puzzle style set with custom names engraved on each
  • Custom engraved jigsaw puzzle style in stainless steel with choice of names and dates
  • Personalized sterling silver pendant custom made with two names and heart

Couple Chain

  • Stainless steel chain with matching heart pendant and male and female symbols
  • Sterling silver chain with bow and arrow pendant

Couple Initial Necklace

  • Sterling silver with choice of personalized letter charm on 18 inch chain
  • Infinity symbol with choice of two initials
  • 2 initials monogram block pendant

Matching Necklaces For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

  • You’re my person two halves of heart for boyfriend and girlfriend
  • To my Girlfriend, To my Boyfriend soulmate dog tag set of two
  • My dear girlfriend, Love holds our hearts together engraved on double heart with cubic zirconia

Interlocking Couples Necklaces

  • Interlocking hearts in stainless steel
  • Coin cut into interlocking horses
  • Buck and Doe heads interlocking

Couple Necklaces Heart

  • Stainless steel heart with I love you text on both
  • Bonnie and Clyde with hand guns on heart pendants
  • Gold plated heart split with custom engraved names

Couple Birthstone Necklaces

  • Heart shape personalized with two birthstones and names
  • Sterling silver interlocking hearts with 2 custom birthstones
  • Infinity symbol with two Swarovski birthstones

Husband And Wife set

  • To my gorgeous wife, my soulmate my everything… on heart shaped pendant
  • To my gorgeous wife – To my gorgeous husband


  • Silver molecule pendant
  • 925 sterling silver caffeine molecule

Heart Locket

  • Heart shaped locket engraved I love you to the moon and back and holds 2 photographs
  • 925 sterling silver heart shaped engraved with kissing couples and room for picture

Dragon And Phoenix Pendant

  • Dragon and Phoenix on black obsidian
  • White jade pendant with dragon and phoenix

For Him And Her

  • Stainless steel pendant with split heart for him and her
  • His and Her titanium eternal love bar style set
  • His only Her one stainless steel bar with hearts

Ring Necklace

  • Engraved double ring style pendant
  • Two matching ring pendants with Her Wierdo – His Crazy engraving
  • Stainless steel double ring I love you engraving, one in black/blue one in black/red perfect set for wedding

Heart And Key

  • Valentines heart and key style puzzle in stainless steel
  • Gold plated titanium puzzle heart and lock


  • His and hers matching cross chain set
  • Stainless steel cross set of two with forever love engraved
  • 2 piece his and hers cross pendant in black, gold and silver

Half Heart

  • Half heart charm with partners in crime written across and broken in middle
  • Personalized broken 2 half heart pieces with 2 engraved names
  • Broken heart sterling silver with custom engraved names

Custom/ Personalized

  • Personalized 2 piece custom engraved bar pendant with heart


  • Personalized laser engraved calendar with date, photo and text

Long Distance

  • Tonight I will look up at the moon and know that somewhere you are looking at it too
  • I’ll hold you in my heart – Till I hold you in my arms engraved on set of tags


  • 2 piece stainless steel numeral compass
  • Find your way back to me matching set each with compass

King Queen

  • His Queen Her King heart shaped kissing couple
  • King Queen crown set of 2
  • His Queen Her King dog tag style pendant
  • King crown Queen crown pendant 2 piece in stainless steel
  • King of Spades, Queen of Heart playing card jigsaw pair


  • You’re my favorite asshole – You’re my favorite bitch
  • His crazy – Her wierdo
  • Dog tag style I love f*cking you, I mean I f*cking love you
  • I love you – I know (Star Wars inspired)
  • His Beauty – Her Beast dog tag pendant set


  • Custom dated years ago we had promised each other card wallet and necklace set


  • Coin cut anchor pair


  • Split pair bar style pendant with LO on one and VE on the other


  • His and Her titanium and steel eternal love promise set

Story Book

  • Stainless steel promise love story book with crystal pendant gift set


  • Yin and Yang in from of cats in steel, silver and gold


  • Stainless steel bullet charm with bible verse engraved


  • 18 ct gold plated silver Country, State map charm pendant


  • 0.5 Carat Round diamond bezel solitaire pendant with 14 ct gold chain


  • Double set of tags customized with dates of your choice


  • Her buck and His doe heart shaped split style
  • Her Buck, His Doe 2 piece alloy dog tag chain


  • Alchemy of England Draconic Tryst
  • Yin Yang pewter 2 set with dragons
  • 2 piece dragon wrapped around a ball and a dragon wrapped around a cylinder crystal healing pendants


  • Heart shaped lucky elephant with blue heart and Swarovski crystals


  • His Always – His Forever puzzle piece style


  • Personalized guitar pendant for the music lovers


  • Custom sterling silver names and date on infinity loop

Key And Lock

  • His and her stainless steel key and lock puzzle set


  • Lettered charm – any letter of the alphabet in sterling silver

Pictures/ Photo

  • Personalized text and photo image on stainless steel tag
  • Custom picture on military dog tag with engraved text

Puzzle piece

  • Stainless steel heart puzzle in black and silver

Sun And Moon

  • Sun and crescent moon celestial pair
  • Steel Moon and Sun pendant pair with cubic zirconia


  • Titanium rectangle bar set with Love Devotion engraving


  • I Love You in 100 languages great for Valentine’s day
  • Angel Wing love heart in silver and gold with jewel pendant


  • Interlocking wolf set
  • Coin cut wolf set

Yin Yang

  • Yin and Yang style with cats split style
  • Yin Yang cat puzzle piece matching pendants


  • Constellation luminous glowing zodiac pendant


These Personalized Chains That Match Are Fit For Any Occasions


It is your friends and family who are the most important people in your life and when you think back on previous memories it is those with your loved ones that you will treasure the most. Among the most precious memories will be those you spend with your partner. No matter whether they are a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend they are your soulmate and the one who you will be spending all of your life with. They will know how much you love and appreciate them but sometimes showing them how much you care will mean the feel even more loved.

There are a few ways you could approach this and one is by giving them a beautiful gift. It does not matter if it is cheap or expensive, it is a gesture of love and many times it is these simple acts that help keep a relationship solid. They let the other person know how much you care about them, think of them and will always be a symbol of your love for each other. There will be many different things that could be given to fulfill the role of this gift and act as a representation of the bond which you share. It could be a simple matching keychain or one more lavish such as a necklace.

Necklaces make for wonderful gifts for any celebration and are loved by most people and they would certainly make for a great way to show your connection as a couple when they come as a set of two with both persons wearing half that matches that of their partners. They will fit in with anywhere you go or anything you do, whether it is a casual picnic, stroll in the park, an elegant dinner party or a business lunch. You can wear one long or short and have a good choice of materials and metals for which we all have our favorites.

As we have previously mentioned you could be buying a necklace for your partner or for another couple you are close to you have those choices we have already been through – material, metals, length, pendant type, color etc and when it comes to the engraving be it preset or custom you have a choice of whether you want to give a message or romance or one that is funny. This comes down to what reaction you would like to see from the recipients when they open it and this could be influenced by their personalities and the occasion for which you are giving it to them. One occasion may suit something that is rude and hilarious for everyone to see while another celebration maybe more suited to one that is full of romance and love. This decision will also be influenced by who you are buying it for, be they your daughter, son and in laws or for newlyweds or for an older couple on their anniversary. You will know what type of message suits which people when you read them and can make it easy to filter down.

We have again added to the already numerous options and things to consider before purchasing a necklace for you and your partner or any other couple and it is important to make the right choice. They are not always cheap but we also don’t want you to think an item which you would think is an easy purchase has become impossible to choose. Once you have their basic likes and dislikes, the majority of those for sale look incredible and most people will be thrilled with any of them.