Romantic Matching Keychains For Couples



Buying a romantic gift for your partner can start to become a problem of what to buy at times. With so many different occasions through the year where a gift is required, you may find yourself repeating the same presents. Finding that unique gift idea for your loved one for every celebration can be a process that you do not look forward to.

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When you buy your partner a gift that is personal and unique they will love it and remember it even more as it has shown that you have put a lot of effort and thought into finding their gift. A great idea for this kind of present and one that is romantic is something that is designed for couples and matches.

There are a variety of items that belong in this category and one is matching keychains. These key chains that are made for couples are not only a practical item they are also romantic as they come in a pair and will form a whole item when brought together. As you use them from day to day they will always be a reminder of your other half as you will need their piece to complete the keychain.

They make a perfect gift at any time for you and your partner or if you are purchasing for another couple but there as some special occasions for which they are perfect. If you were to give them as a present then a wedding gift, bridal shower or anniversary would be a good time. If you were buying for your partner then valentines day, anniversary, birthday or Christmas would be good occasions.


Long Distance Relationship Designs



Now more than ever when it comes to dating people are living in long distance relationships. This is often a necessity due to work but with so much dating on the internet there are many more relationships that exist over a distance and are spent online chatting.

There are a great number of people online dating, some who are many miles apart or in different countries while  being in a relationship. These distances can make it can be hard to maintain the levels of romance you would get from being able to see each other in person regularly.

Some kind of romantic gestures are just as important but harder to achieve. You can’t simply bring home some flowers or go for a meal so you need to be looking at different ways to find romance. Long distance keychains are something every one can use and carry with them as a reminder of the other person who is far away and there are specific designs especially made for people who are in a relationship but living far apart.

Here are some examples of texts keyrings that are available


  • You are worth every mile between us
  • Matching keychains with Always Under The Same Sky text.
  • I Will Hold You In My Heart – Until I Can Hold You In My Arms
  • I’ll Be Back – I’ll Be Waiting
  • I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us
  • Distance Means So Little When You Mean So Much
  • I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us – I’ll See You Soon
  • One Day Closer
  • Distance Is Just A Test – To See How Far Love Will Travel
  • Always Remember We Are Under The Same Sky Looking At The Same Moon
  • May All The Roads Lead You Back To Me
  • I Love You To Saturn And Back


Other ideas include a custom map of the states you both live in on different key chains and two chains that when brought together form a heart.

Most key rings are made from stainless steel so you can be sure they will last much like an other you may have  which is generally a long time. Your partner is sure to love this kind of gift from you as they are small, usable and you will always be their as a reminder when they take out their keys.


His And Hers Jigsaw Keyring Ideas



One of the more popular types of keyring that are designed for a couple are the jigsaw variety. The idea is each partner will have one part of the puzzle as their keychain and they are only complete when the couples come together.

Some of these are one of items with text to remind you of the other person but the type in pairs are the most romantic with these his and hers jigsaw style key rings being one of the better choices.

The basic design, as you can imagine, are pretty well the same. A pair of stainless steel keyrings in a jigsaw design where they fit when together. What will differ is the wording and this is where it becomes personal to you and your relationship as to what wording you choose.


To make life easier we have listed some examples of what you could use for yours and your partners.


  • You Are My Missing Piece – You Fit Me Perfectly
  • His Queen – Her King
  • Her Wierdo – His Crazy
  • His Geek – Her Nerd
  • His Beauty – Her Beast
  • Hers Forever – His Always
  • A Piece of Him – A Piece of Her
  • Always – Forever
  • Her Only – Her One
  • Wish I Was There – Wish You Were Here
  • You Hold The Key To My Heart – Forever
  • I Love You More – I Love You Most
  • Her Otter Half – His Otter Half
  • 1 Year Later – I Still Pick You
  • Mr – Mrs
  • Husband – Wife

There are also those available where you can choose the text of your choice and like each others name. In addition some have a jigsaw design with a short message and a longer bar with a more custom message.

As you can see there is a good variety in these styles and one that is sure to catch most peoples eye as being the most suitable for them.


Keychain Sets Make Great Personalized Gifts For A Couple



We have already spoken about how wonderful these sets are and we just want to add a few more ideas. Most of the time you will find these keychain sets are focused around couples. You will find customized ones that have the couples names, dates of anniversaries, designed in heart shapes and made for everyone to look at think how cute they are and even ones where you can add a picture of your partner.

You can also buy ones for loved ones that have a message like drive safe or first home. There are also sets that have an engraved picture paired up with a calendar or a name with a particular date that is significant to you both.

Although the majority are made out of stainless steel, you can also get ones made out of wood and leather although we think the steel ones look the best.


Paired With A Necklace


If a pair of key rings doesn’t suit you both or one partner uses them and other other doesn’t then having it  paired with something else is another potential idea. You can also have a couple keychain and necklace or bracelet matching set.

Some example of these include a key chain for him with a heart removed and the necklace with the heart on for her.  These have the key chain inscribed with Wherever you go, come back to me.

You can also get a set that has a jigsaw style keychain with the part missing and the fitting jigsaw part on a necklace. There is also a key on one and a heart shape with the key shape missing on the other and these can be set up in any combination.

There are far fewer choices when it comes to buying this type of design but the few that we did find look great and deliver the same romantic message.


More Key Chain Ideas


There are many different individual sets to choose from. Above we have listed the more common type with romantic text and features and here are some more ideas to help you with your choice.


Straight forward enough, perfect for anyone who enjoys anime.


The anchor in my life or anyone who wants a nautical theme.


An arrow into the heart with one half being the arrow and the other half being the heart and when brought together the arrow fits into the heart.


They taste nice so why not carry one around permanently.


A baseball mitt and you caught my heart, great for the baseball fan.


A good example of these are kissing piggy that lock noses when coming together. There are also kissing dolphins and elephants.

Friends TV Show Inspired

A fun chain with the text Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and the other Crap Bag.


Motorbike and separate helmet perfect for the bikers.

Teddy Bear

A pair of teddy bears, a few different styles, pretty straight forward.


Stainless steel is not for everyone, your choice if you prefer bronze.


Custom keychains, often paired with a photo, calendar will highlight a special date.


For all the cat lovers, both have a cat on them and they join together perfectly nose to tail, very cute.


Colorful and fun cartoon style characters.


One has Mickey, One has Minnie.


Usually inscribed with Buck and Doe.


His Fire – Her Ice, Game of Thrones inspired or perhaps you just like dragons. Also for the gamer with the Elder Scrolls Skyrim dragon chain.


Cute pair of dolphins, who doesn’t love these.


The elephant trunks turn in different ways so they come together and touch.


I’m hooked on you – You’re my best catch and with hook and fish set for the fishing fans.


Come home safe – Firefighter wife, Always come home to me styles.


Player 1 – Player 2. Controller Shape designs.


Swolemates – mini dumbbells – for the gym couples.


Huge amount of different styles and text.

Cowboy/ Hat

His cowgirl – Her cowboy with hat and boot.

Woody And Buzz

To infinity – and Beyond. Toy Story inspired.


Custom engraved with your initials


There are many different types of animals that when come together will kiss. Animals such as pigs, whales, elephants, giraffes, unicorns and cats.


Again inspired by the TV show Friends with the text He’s my lobster – She’s my lobster or I found my Lobster.


Pair of monkeys, for anyone who finds them cute.


For fans of Despicable Me – Pair of minion rubber toys.


Perfect for military husbands and wives with text such as – Keep calm, wait for him – Keep calm, she’s waiting for you and Always under the same sky and Divided by duty – United by love.


Fans of otters will love I found my otter half and Will you be my otter? and I love you like no otter.


Fans of owls will enjoy the inscriptions – Whenever you need me – owl be there and Owl love you always and


Another animal for pig lovers – Oink means I love you.


You’re my penguin – I found my penguin.


Pikachu metal key ring.

Legend of Zelda Inspired

He’s my hero – She’s my princess.


You’re my favorite asshole – You’re my favorite bitch

Stitch – Lilo Inspired

You are the Stitch to my Lilo – You are the Lilo to my Stitch.


Marvel Avengers Endgame – Iron man Tony Stark – I love you 3000
You are my Batman – Thank you for rescuing me
You’re the Batman to my Robin – You’re the Robin to my Batman
Her Superman – His Wonder Woman


Another animal, this time a turtle and they look nice and colorful on a keychain.


A pair of whales kissing when together or I whale always love you.

Winnie The Pooh

You’re the Pooh to my Piglet – You’re the Piglet to my Pooh

Yin Yang Set

Pretty self explanatory, one each and and yin and yang fit when brought together.


One for the zombie fans with Zombie apocalypse partners as text.

Which Is The Best One?


With such a vast choice of keychains on offer, actually narrowing your selection down to one is going to be difficult. You  will know what you and your partner and enjoy and there may be an obvious choice that jumps out at you, particularly if you are both a fan of something.

For others, due to the amount of different key rings for sale, the decision will be harder. The best thing is to start by removing the ones you really don’t like from the list and try to make your mind up based on what your partner enjoys. Fortunately they are a reasonable enough price to be able to purchase a few different sets if you really can’t make up your mind.