Cuddle Up In His And Her Couple Robes

A robe is an item of clothing that every person should own. They are extremely comfortable and have many uses as well as there being enough styles around to suit anyone. Any robe would make a wonderful gift but those that are designed for you as a couple and are more personal are even better. As well as there being many varieties generally there also many that are produced for the family. There are those that are made for the whole family, parents, children, brother and sister and those that we talk about here, his and hers robes for you and your partner. One of the best we have seen are these amazing king and queen style sets.

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If you have in mind to buy a gift for your partner or wish to buy something together that are coordinated you will notice that there are many different clothes and accessories that fall into this range. Almost anything that is sold individually you will be able to buy for a couple. These items that match have a popular following and you will see there are many items of clothing such as underwear and also accessories like matching keychains. Most of them will have some image or writing that identifies you as a couple, like Mr and Mrs, King and Queen, his and hers and they can be both funny and romantic. Another item are these matching robes for couples and because they are already a great piece of clothing to have those that are designed to match make them even better.

The designs that we mention here will be produced for couples to either buy together or to give a set as a gift to their other half. Throughout the year there are a lot of celebrations and occasions where you need to think of a gift to buy for your partner. With each passing celebration and year it can get difficult to find new and exciting things to purchase and many of us will fall into getting the same kind of items we always end of buying. This kind of dressing gown is not only a great gift in itself but because they connect you both in their design it can also make them a fun and romantic gift.

Giving these as a gift shows care and thought. It will show you have thought about your partner and put some effort and love into what you are getting for them which should in turn me they appreciate it more. A robe can be bought at any time of the year but saving them for special occasions such as Christmas, anniversary, birthday’s, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s day or any other time you buy each other gifts will be the most popular. Next time you are going to be giving your partner a gift, surprise them with something romantic and personalized.

  • One of the reasons a robe makes for a great gift is its flexibility in terms of the ways that you can use it and here are a few of them.
  • The typical use will be before and after a shower to stay warm but they also make for a nice thing to slip on when waking up  in the morning. They are comfortable to sit around in and have breakfast before you are fully ready to dress.
  • You cannot visit a spa without one, at the spa they are one of those necessities that you need to wear for your time their.
  • Many hotels will provide their own robes but if you have your favorite then taking your own will help you relax in your room.
  • One of the best things to do in them is to relax after a busy day. They are the perfect relaxation clothing where you can lounge on the sofa and have a drink.
  • Because they are loose and free they are also a good piece of clothing to do little jobs around the house while staying comfortable.
  • If you have some close friends and family you can wear one to relax with them or if you have a pool, they make a good thing to wear for a pool party.
  • Because they are for him and her, obviously you can enjoy all of the above together but also enjoy your own time together wearing them while cuddled watching a movie.

There are many varieties of robes that have been designed just for you and your partner. Having a lot of choice is great but it also means making some decisions before making a purchase. There will be quite a few different styles, materials,
colors and personalized custom ideas that will need to be decided on before buying one. All of these decisions are ones that are personal to you and something and will be ones you both can decide on.



Personalized And Monogrammed Matching Bathrobes Make Wonderful Gifts



When it comes to giving gifts to a loved one or any couple you may know, if it has a personal touch it will usually be a way of telling them how special they are, how strong the relationship is and how loved they are and this can be achieved through something serious or fun. The relationship between any partner, be it husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is a special one of trust, being able to confide in one another, support and love. The person whom you are with are the person you share all of your intimate secrets and thoughts and the person you will want to spend all of your life with. Whether the bathrobe is being purchased by both of you or for the other half with their personalized touch they can be  considered a symbol of your love for one another and the bond between you.

Buying matching bathrobes for you and your partner mean you have chosen a gift that is useful, look amazing but can also be personal to you both. A bathrobe on its own is fantastic enough but to share one with your partner makes for an even more enjoyable experience. There are many plain robes of various colors but also those that can be personalized and monogrammed. You can generally add your names or initials on the front that will be embroidered on and there are some that are available that will allow for a custom piece of text on the back. There of course those that made to be and look romantic while others are designed to be fun. Unlike some items in this niche they are not so much laugh out loud funny but more amusing and cute at the same time. If you want something that is very funny then looking at individual robes would be a better solution.

These may be produced for partners but they are not restricted to being purchased by the couple themselves. A set of bathrobes would make a brilliant gift for a couple at numerous times. They could be given as a housewarming present for anyone who has just moved into a new home. There are designs for bride and groom which would make for fantastic wedding day gifts and along the same lines they could also be given as an engagement gift or for a bridal shower. There are also the standard festivities through the year that could also suit a gift of this kind and we are sure any couple would be glad to open a set of these.

There are a few different designs and styles when it comes to robes which is great because we all like plenty of choice. In terms of materials used you can buy those made from silk or satin, cotton of different varieties and quality, microfiber and fleece. You can get ones that are long, mid length or short, with or without a hood, long sleeved or short sleeved and those with or without pockets. Obviously, you also have a choice of colors and for those that can be personalized or monogrammed a choice of names, initials and occasionally some other text.

All these are options that need to be considered and decided upon between you if you are buying a set together. If you are surprising your other half with a set then making a final decision will include what both you and your partner like and perhaps making the odd compromise. If you have in mind to buy a set for newlyweds or any other couples in a relationship then once again decisions to be made that will suit and please the both of them.

Having a lot of choice is great because it means more chance to find the perfect item to suit you but often too many options can make that choice more difficult to narrow it down to the one you will buy. Up next we will got over a few ideas to kick start your decision making with some descriptions to help.


Get Some Ideas And Inspiration With These Sets


Below is a list of a few of our favorite designs from a romantic and fun point of view. We hope our favorites will give you a few ideas and hope to inspire you enough to make you final choice an easier one.

His And Hers

  • Spa style cotton kimono bathrobe set with elegant monogrammed embroidery with choice of his hers, Mr Mrs or initials
  • 100% Egyptian cotton super soft plush and lightweight with His and hers embroidered in various colors

King And Queen Robes

  • Super soft 100% Egyptian cotton with King and Queen embroidery in a variety of colors
  • Microfiber fleece fluffy robes embroidered with The King, The Queen and custom last name

Mr And Mrs Matching Bathrobes

  • Soft Egyptian cotton with Mr and Mrs embroidered in choice of color
  • Mr and Mrs hotel style fleece robe with pockets
  • Short length and sleeve Mr and Mrs satin set

Monogrammed Robes

  • Custom monogrammed robes of 100% Egyptian cotton in choice of colors


  • Luxurious soft plush fleece bathrobe in white with custom monogram


  • Personalized cotton robe with rich waffle weave with personalized monogram
  • Satin robe set in black and white with personalized last name monogrammed on back


  • Silky short kimono style in different colors

Bride Groom For Wedding

  • Luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton with Bride and Groom embroidered in white, grey, black, pink and blue
  • Satin set in black and white with Bride and Groom monogrammed on back

Hubby Wifey

  • Satin charmeuse set in black and white with Hubby and Wifey monogrammed on back


  • Personalized micro fleece with custom text on front and back


  • Hotel spa set of two in premium fleece with pockets


Relax In These Robes Whatever Your Couple Status – Mr And Mrs, Boyfriend Girlfriend


Any times that you spend with your family, no matter what you maybe doing are all precious memories to be enjoyed when you look back on them. They should all become treasured moments in your mind that will be with you forever. These times are especially important with your partner, whether they are husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend they are the person that you have chose to spend your life with and letting them know how much you appreciate them and care about them is important.

A beautiful gift can be one way of letting them know how much you think about them and these gestures help make a relationship successful. It shows how much they are on your mind and a gift can act as a symbol of your love for one another and be a reminder of the love you share. There are a variety of items and accessories that you can buy that can represent the bond you have and these could be bracelets for couples if you like jewelry, blankets for your home or even matching pajamas. We also believe dressing gowns make a wonderful symbol that can be personalized for you both.

Bathrobes make for a great way to show your status as a couple because many will have thing like his and hers or Mr and Mrs embroidered on them and can also be monogrammed to suit you. They come in a variety of styles from short to long, hooded, long or short sleeved and also various materials and colors. They are great piece of clothing for you both to wear together, cuddle up and enjoy each others company in ultimate comfort.

It does not matter who you may be buying these for, be it your other half or a couple that you know apart from the choices of color, material and length you will also want to consider what reaction you expect from the recipient. Do you want to give them something romantic and cute or do you want to have them laughing with something that is fun and amusing. You will know from their personality and the type of things they already wear what you may think they would prefer to receive. You could be buying these for your son and daughter in law or vice versa, for newlyweds, engagement gift or a any couple you think would enjoy them, whoever it is these same choices will still apply.

Like we have stated here already, there are a number of options to run through before buying for yourself or anyone else and these are important to get right. A set of bathrobes are not a cheap gift and you want to buy a pair that you know they will love and wear. Ask yourself all the questions and tick each box for each option to ensure the recipients won’t be disappointed and can enjoy many years relaxing in their robes.