Feel Cozy Together With A Blanket For Couples


Blankets are a very common and frequently purchased item of which there are many different types and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. The have many uses and make great additions to any home but it is those that have an extra personal touch that will make the better gifts. There are a wide range of ones produced to fit the personal category and these will be designed with family members or friends in mind. You can buy them for you parents, children, siblings and of course your partner. All are beautifully designed and produced and will fit well in any home.

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If you are looking to buy something for your partner either as a separate item or as a set you will come to realize there is a wide range of clothing and accessories that are available to fit in with anything you happen to like. Whether it be phone cases for couples or matching aprons for the kitchen you will find a product to suit your needs. They will all carry some words that are fun or meaningful and are made especially for couples. You can have items with a small message or his and hers, Mr and Mrs along with many more and blankets are included in carrying these slogans, verses or messages. A blanket is a good fit for this kind of gift or if you are buying it together because they carry those same couple type words and have great uses in the home.

The ones we will look through here are obviously designed for couples to either buy together or to give to your partner. As you go through the year there are many different occasions and celebrations that require a gift and it can get difficult thinking up new ideas every time. Most of the time you end up getting the same old stuff that you always get because you can’t think of anything else. This type of gift is not only a great item that will used daily and can be fun and romantic but it also has that personal touch which makes it more unusual but also perfect for a couple.

When you choose something personal and a little more unusual as a gift it will carry more meaning because it has required more thought and effort which means the recipient will appreciate it even more. The next special occasion that requires a present you will be giving them something special that you can also both enjoy. These blankets are the answer to giving a great present for many celebrations such as Birthday’s, Christmas, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Easter or
Valentines day.

A blanket makes a wonderful gift for many reasons but one is because it has many uses. The designs are particularly written with couples in mind and they can be romantic, funny and very heartfelt. Many are soft and cozy and can be used for cuddling up on the sofa or in bed, relaxing and watching a movie. Because they look so great when not using them to stay cozy you can use them as a cover for the bed, kind of like a day cover. They can also be laid out on a sofa for every one to see and they will also work as a cover for anything else such as a table. For something extra beautiful you could just hang in on the wall as a decoration in your home.

Because there are many different types and styles of blankets there will obviously be quite a good range of choices available that will be made just for a couple. This means there will be quite a few decisions to make before buying one and some of these will be the color, material, pattern, prints and p


robably the most important decision with be the words. These will be something personal to both of you and will be on display for everyone so you need to choose wisely.



Personalized His And Hers Blankets Make Great Gifts



When you give an individual or a couple something that is personal it will generally be a way of telling them something like how special they are and how much they are loved or for a bit of fun. The relationship between a husband and wife is a special as are any partners who are together romantically. They are the person you share every detail with and who you will hope to spend the rest of your life with. This may be an item that you wish to purchase together as a couple, look through then range and make a decision together. It could be bought as a symbol of a something private between you or just a simple purchase that you think will look great in your home.

You could be thinking of buying one for your partner and there blankets designed for this. This is where one of the great advantages of a blanket comes in and this is its size, there is a lot of room to fit in a beautiful verse or words to your partner. Some will come with a standard message of love, thanks and how much it means to have them in your life. There are some options to personalized with your own titles, names, dates and photographs. All of the romantic designs will have some meaningful and loving verse that will be written either for a man or woman. There are also many that are produced in a way to add some humor to the house and for the receiver to laugh. The type which you choose will obviously depend upon your personalities and the type of blanket you want displayed in your home.

Being made to be used by a couple means that they can be purchased by other relatives or friends as a gift for a couple who is close to them. These could be presents for anyone who has bought a new house and is moving in together and you want to give them a gift that is personal to them. You might have a child who is about to leave home and want to present them with something that wishes them luck and serve as a reminder of the amazing times you have had together. They could make a wonderful wedding present, engagement gift or given at a bridal shower. Due to their nature there is a good amount of flexibility in who can buy these and who they can be bought for.

Many are very decorative and have some amazing colors and images that will brighten up any household. There is a choice of materials with microfiber fleece, cotton and velvet being some of the most common and you will even find many that have been hand woven. When it comes to the actual design and production there are those that are fairly simple in appearance yet still look amazing but also those that are very intricately created. They will all have some kind of words or message, be it just a random selection of words of love or a composed message of love and care and added to this you can also customize many with your own names, dates, initials or message.

When purchasing for another person or persons it will not only be the color, material and size that you will need to consider but also in what style you want the blanket to be. You can choose words that are deep, meaningful and heartwarming or you could opt for something that is more likely to have the recipient laughing. You will to decide what reaction you want to see from who you are giving to and make your purchase accordingly.

You would think it would be an easy thing to buy but with all these choices it can soon get quite difficult to narrow down to the one you think is right. We are going to run through a few ideas with a small description in the hope that it will help you to decide.

Ideas And Inspiration For Your Set


We will go through a few ideas of our favorite blankets and sets that we chose as being ones that stand out for us as being the best in the range. We hope you like our small selection and that it helps to inspire your eventual choice.

His And Hers Blankets

  • Her side, his side with male and female symbols – Split blanket with different images

His And Hers Set

  • His side, Her side in grey and white
  • Fun his side, her side with her side taking the majority

Mr And Mrs Blanket

  • Mr and Mrs Established with custom date velvet soft throw
  • Mr and Mrs in black with gold text
  • Mr and Mrs in black and white with opposing text color split style

Couples Snuggie

  • Large double size blanket snuggie, extra soft

Wedding Throw Blankets

  • Mr and Mrs, May your love continue to bring you happiness…
  • Cute what a marriage takes wedding tapestry throw

Custom Couple Blankets

  • Custom throw with your choice of text and image
  • Custom family name, date and 3 image collage fleece throw

Novelty For Adults

  • Warm – Cool with one half red and the other blue
  • Burritos tortilla blanket – double sized 60 inches
  • Darth Vader adult fleece with sleeves
  • Novelty pizza style wrap throw
  • Novelty soft doughnut style throw
  • Just a girl who loves sloths novelty throw
  • Avocado fruit, soft in avocado shape

With Sleeves

  • Deluxe fleece throw with sleeves in various colors
  • Fleece with sleeves and foot pockets – wearable wrap
  • Wearable blanket with hood and sleeves

To My Girlfriend

  • With heart, cute silhouette of couple and verse of love
  • Moonlight with silhouette with message letting her know how much she means to you

To My Boyfriend

  • Once upon a time, I became yours and you became mine…
  • To my boyfriend, I wish I could turn back the clock to find you sooner…

To My Wife

  • To my wife, never forget that I love … woven 60 x 80″
  • To my wife, Once upon a time God blessed…
  • To my wife, I didn’t marry you so I could live with you, I married you because I can’t live without you…

To My Husband

  • To my husband I love you… long message with lion and lioness image
  • To my husband, no matter what happens, no matter where we are…

Photos/ Pictures

  • Personalized collage of photos of own choice
  • Full color photo fleece with your custom pictures

To Newlyweds – Just Married

  • Just married groom carrying bride in arm soft fuzzy throw


  • The couples Christmas movie watching sofa blanket
  • Plush fleece 50 x 60″ with Christmas holiday print in red and white


  • Large circular funny her side his side for beach
  • Extra large, over sized 10 ft x 9 ft for couple on the beach


  • Just married wedding mugshot style tapestry with numbers and police dept with height chart in background

Anniversary/ Wedding

  • Wedding anniversary, Love is patient… verse in cotton tapestry
  • 50th wedding anniversary cotton tapestry with message
  • 40th wedding anniversary ruby cotton throw
  • Two hearts as one – 25 years together
  • 25th soft fleece 50 x 60″
  • 60th Diamond jubilee sofa throw


  • Weighted blanket perfect for cuddling


  • Personalized with names, message and photo collage


  • Love is ours 50 x 60″ soft throw
  • I love you and other loving words on throw


Any Couple Will Love These Custom Throws



The time that you spend with your family and loved ones is always something to enjoy and this includes your partner. Whether they are husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, they are all precious to you and it is important to take time to treasure all of those moments and create memories that will last forever. It does not matter if you are married or partners you are together to be there for one another through everything life throws at you and showing how appreciated your other half is can be a great way to show how much you care and think of them.

A gift to show them how much you love them acts as a symbol of your love, always to be there to represent that loving gesture and as an item to remind you both of the bond and closeness you share. There are many different accessories that would work as a symbol of this such as couple bracelets and what you choose comes down to the kind of thing you want. Jewelry is great but you may want something you can also be useful for your home and although you can add small custom text on jewelry it is more limited when compared to a blanket.

Blankets like these not only come in a variety of materials, colors and images but they also come in many different sizes ranging from large to huge. The large sizes means you text or images will stand out more and you can add more writing to it if you have a lot to say to the person you love. There is plenty of room to say things that you might not often say to their face and to let them know how much you truly love them.

Not only do they have that wonderful potential to melt a persons heart with beautiful words they are also something that you can use in a number of ways. They are mostly used for getting cozy under and snuggling up on the sofa but they can also be put on display either on the bed, over the sofa, draped over a table or if it is particularly amazing hung on the wall and used as a decoration.

As we have previously mentioned, you could be buying these together, you may be buying one for your partner or you could be buying one for you son or daughter and their partner or friends moving into together. There are many different combinations of who could be buying for who but it still comes down to considered what the recipient will like before you buy. How is their house decorated, what color and will the color match, will it fit in with the style of their home and what kind of material will the prefer. What sort of things do they enjoy, should it be a certain theme and what words would suit them the most. All these are questions you need to answer before making the final decision of which one to purchase.