Display Your Love With A Picture Frame Designed For A Couple


Picture frames are an essential part of any home and without them leave any house looking empty. Have you ever walked into a house that had no photos, it would be a rare occurrence but if you did you would realize immediately that it felt empty,  that there was something missing. They will bring warmth and love into a home as well as wonderful reminders and are probably one of the most important pieces of decoration that you will have. There are ones designed to fit in any room in the house and come in enough different sizes, designs and colors to give everyone a choice.

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There are many various items of clothing and accessories that have been produced especially for couples with almost anything you can think of having something in the range. Although for many it is too over the top, for others it is a popular niche and with the many varied things available there is something for everyone. The kind of things that make great items in this range are things like matching underwear or for those who enjoy jewelry, bracelets. Even normally these would make wonderful gifts but what enhances them further are their words or images that are meaningful and romantic. Depending on the item this can be just a few words like I Love You or for some larger items such as his and her blankets, long verses that are letting your partner know what they mean to you. Some things can be customized with your names, initials and dates and picture frames are among those items you can create custom versions for you and your partner.

There are many items produced for couples that will come as a matching pair but a photo frame does not really fit into this style, unless of course you buy two of the same which is a simple solution if you do want a matching set. These frames will usually chosen and purchased together or it may be something you would buy for your partner as a gift. You will likely have many photo frames around your home of single prints and collages and that you would have bought together or separately. These are different because they will express words of love and similar messages and if you buy them together you will want something that fits in with your the overall design of your home.

They make a great gift for you partner because you not only get to choose a beautiful photo of you both to go into it but the frames themselves look fantastic and you are also telling your other half how special they are through whatever message has been written or personally chosen by you. These can make a great little surprise outside of the normal presents you might buy and with so many celebrations throughout the year it can be easy to end up buying the same things all of the time. These make for great items for your home to enjoy daily but are also romantic and full of wonderful memories.

In addition to being a wonderful gift it is also something that is very personal which will be even more appreciated by your partner because of the thought and effort that has been put into it. Picture frames go down well at any time of the year but make especially great items for gifts on occasions such as Birthday’s, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Anniversary, Wedding days, Easter or as an impromptu love you gift.

Anything that you choose that is produced directly for you and your partner will be well appreciated and photo frames have the advantage of already being a great present. A home does not feel warmly or yours without it having many photos on display of you at different ages and captured at different times you have enjoyed throughout your lives and together. They make a home your home and would feel empty and cold without any. Photo’s show your life from child to getting married and of course your family and are items you get to see every day to remind of treasured moments.

There a huge number of picture frames available in every shape, size, style and color you can imagine. If you can imagine it, we are sure it exists and although maybe there are not quite as much variety as that for couples there are still many options from which to choose. Having a wide range to choose from is great because you are sure to be able to find something that suits your style but sometimes too much choice can also turn into a nightmare actually picking the one that you want. It is something you see every day so it is important to choose wisely but they are also cheap enough to buy a few different ones and swap them around if certain ones no longer suit.


Romantic Photo Frames In Heart Shapes And Collages Make Great Gifts For Couples



Most of us love to receive gifts but many of us also enjoy the feeling of giving and seeing the happy look on the recipients face. If this gift is for a loved one or a couple then also having one that is personalized for them makes it more intimate for them and therefore adds to joy of receiving it. The personal element is a fantastic way of telling them just how much you care about them and you are giving them something loving and romantic. Photo’s are great because they preserve memories and each time you look at them they serve as a reminder of a time you were happy and symbolizes how strong the relationship you have is. The love, trust and intimacy between husband and wife or boyfriend/ girlfriend are important factors in a relationship and commemorating those special times together helps to strengthen that bond and you will always have something to share with the person you intend to spend your life with.

A picture frame can be something simple or intricate and is something you would normally have many of in your house. Many times they will picked up by either partner separately but for one that connects you both would usually be purchased together. If you are buying one as a gift then you will obviously be buying it in secret and keep it hidden as a surprise. The designs of the frames for couples can still be simple in appearance yet will usually have some added words of love or romance. They can also be designed with some quite intricate detailing and produced in shapes such as hearts to make them look even more romantic. They will usually be constructed using various types of wood but materials can also include metals, ceramic, plastic and more. You can also get pretty well any color you might want although woods are usually left in their natural state. Most will also have words or a message of love with wood often being engraved while other may have words printed on but you can also add your own custom words that mean something to you both. If one photo is not enough there are frames that allow for multiple pictures or collages and words can be deep and meaningful or more lighthearted and fun.

As we have said, a frame is a great gift that carries a lot of memories and meaning and they are not limited to only a couple buying between them. For any family members or friends who are in a relationship where you are thinking of a gift to buy for them, a photo frame would make a wonderful solution. Photo’s warm up any home and more are always welcome which makes them perfect items to buy for any occasion but could be particularly suited to celebrations such as moving into a new home, engagement parties or wedding day presents. Another celebration where one would be well received is a bridal shower and with a little research you could find a great bride and groom photo to have in it ready upon opening.

Whichever color you may wish for to suit the decor of your home you will be able to find in a photo frame. You will also find a wide range of woods to make them and these include oak, walnut, cherry, ash, pine, redwood, cedar and mahogany to name a few. You will also find them made from materials like plastic, silver, aluminium, bronze and many plastics. Another important part of the frame is its glass and these also can differ. You have a choice from standard glass, anti-reflection, UV protection, water-white float glass, reflection control coated glass, anti-reflection and UV protection and plastic glazing. Then there is the choice in size and whether or not to have a border and this depends on the room you have and the style of the photograph. Sizes will usually be 6 x 4 , 7 x 5, 8 x 6, 10 x 8, 12 x 8, 14 x 11, 16 x 20 and larger as well as some half sizes in between. There are then options for the custom or standard text and this can be loving and romantic or bring about some fun and laughter.

As you can see there are many options to decide upon before making your purchase. These will be the same decision you will be making whether you are buying it together as a surprise or for a couple that you know. The style will need to fit in with the theme of the home if there is one and then there all of the above choices to make. It’s great to have a large selection to pick from but that can also make it a harder choice so lets go through a few ideas.


Ideas And Inspiration For Your Next Display


Here are a few ideas for you to look through and these are our personal favorites among a vast amount of choice. We don’t know what would fit well in your house but there are enough varieties here to hopefully inspire you in your decisions.

Heart Picture Frames

  • Elegant silver plated 4″ x 4″ heart shaped
  • 8 x 10 jewel frame in silver hearts surround
  • Heart shaped metal frame in gold measures 5 x 5
  • Silver metal heart shape with pearl and crystal decoration
  • Heart shaped photo frame with crystals

Love Picture Frames

  • I Love You with love birds and hearts decoration in natural wood
  • I Love You To The Moon And Back words on 4 x 6 size
  • In black with one word Love in wood at bottom
  • I love you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond forever and ever

Romantic I Love You

  • Black wood in heart shape with P.S I Love You written in white
  • Love you most. The end I win rustic design 3 x 3 image placement
  • Lucky to be in love with my best friend 5 x 7 or 6 x 4 anniversary for wife or husband

Long Distance

  • I Love you more than the miles between us message on wood 4 x 6 frame
  • No matter where you are I’ll always be with you

For Girlfriend/ For Boyfriend / Husband/ Wife

  • My heart for my girlfriend 3 x 3
  • I love you and I like you
  • You are my person, You will always be my person

Infinity Symbol

  • You will forever be my always with infinity symbol


  • Collage style in a heart shape
  • 3 Picture collage in shabby chic distressed wood with heart displays
  • Love You More text next to collage of two 6 x 4 prints
  • Cherish every memory collage style of 8 photographs


  • You will forever be my always engraved leather
  • Let the adventure begin 4 x 6 wooded frame
  • Mr and Mrs 5 x 7 in wood with Corinthians verse
  • Thumbprint in heart shape kit on photo with Mr And
  • Of all the walks we have taken, this was my favorite
  • Mr and Mrs mirrored glass in silver 8 x 10 size
  • True Love 10 x 8 sized frame
  • Mr and Mrs with love verse in 10 x 8 and 16 x 16

Personalized / Custom

  • 6 x 4 photograph with custom poem for him or her
  • Two photographs with personalized dates


  • I’d find you and I’d choose you… in wood
  • 1st anniversary 12 months of love, 52 weeks of bliss, 365 days of loyalty…
  • 3 years of marriage…
  • 40 years of love…
  • Our 9th wedding anniversary…
  • 25th silver plated two tone twin frame
  • 10 years of marriage, months, weeks, days countdown
  • 50th Golden two tone silver with twin photographs
  • Wooden happy anniversary 5 years of marriage


  • He asked… She said Yes wood 4 x 6
  • We’re Engaged glazed ceramic with silver 4 x 6


  • Our first Christmas red heart shaped frame

You And Me

  • You and me frame in heart shape
  • Black wood with You And Me engraved at the bottom
  • You and Me 4 x 6 wall or table top style made with real wooden slats

His or Hers

  • And I’d choose you in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds…

Valentine’s Day

  • Word Love in red with letter O in heart shape for 4″ photo
  • Natural stone personalized photo rock plaque


  • You might be an asshole…But you’re my asshole
  • I love you…I know


A Personalized Picture Frame Makes Beautiful Decor For Your Home


You are probably at your happiest when you are spending time with your loved ones, family and friends. These will be the most important people in your life and those that bring joy into your days. Your partner will be one of the most important of these and any time you spend together are moments that are creating memories for you to treasure. Whether you are husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or in a civil union, that person is the one you will be spending the rest of your life with and the person you share everything with. You will be there for each other through the good times and bad and sometimes you should show your appreciation of them and let them know how much you love them.

Gifts are an aspect of being in a relationship and they can act as objects to show your love for your partner and become symbols of the love and bond that you share. There are an infinite amount of items you could choose to represent your love and appreciation of your partner including jewelry, clothing and accessories. Photo frames are one such an item and they are not only beautiful in appearance but also act as a wonderful display for your moments together.

We know frames come in many materials, colors, designs and sizes as well as loving messages and this means there should be one that you know your partner will love. Because they come in many sizes from small to large there is one to fit in any room in the house including large center pieces for your living room. Your photographs will already add life to the home but with the right frame you can also display your love and affection for one another.

Buying a frame as gift gives you plenty of options which include the materials used, colors, size and which photograph to use but there is also the decision of what reaction you might expect from the receiver of the gift. The photo itself can portray many emotions, romantic, moody, serious, laughter and funny to name but a few. The frame itself can also be small and discreet or massive and designed to be a central part of the room. The frames themselves will come with message and words and these can also be loving and romantic or written to be funny and amusing and make people laugh. You can also  customize many with your own words which again sets the mood that you wish to give. Many of these choices will depend upon who you are giving them to, their personalities and for what occasion. An engagement gift, wedding day present, anniversary or birthday gift will offer different opportunities to give them different photo themes.

Although frames can be relatively cheap, they can still end up being costly for large elaborate designs. Regardless of price you will set want to make the right choices from all the options we have mentioned here. One of the main things to think about are the recipients personality and how their home is currently decorated. These may give you some idea of the things they like and will be happy to receive and use. It is alright to change it around but getting everything right the first time by not rushing a decision is the best way.