Matching Coffee Mugs Make Great Gifts


There are numerous occasions when you could be looking for a gift for another couple and cannot think of something suitable that they will love but is also quite unique.

A set of matching coffee mugs make a great gift for someone you may know, such as friends, parents, brother, sister, son or daughter. They could be given as a wedding present, an engagement party gift or perhaps something for a bridal shower, for newlyweds or a housewarming gift.

The gift for a two year anniversary in modern times is china so if you know any coffee lovers with an anniversary approaching then these will make the perfect present at this time.

They are fairly inexpensive but look exquisite and are something the receivers will be guaranteed to love and make use of. They are a way of saying I love you in one of the sweetest ways and while drinking coffee from these you will remember each other every time you take a sip.


Find The Perfect Present For Your Partner


You may not be looking for buy for other couples but for your own partner and once again theseĀ  could be the perfect gift. Whether it be for husband or wife, fiance, boyfriend or girfriend, they are sure to love them and they make a wonderful anniversary or Valentine’s gift. They are a way to remind them of how special they are to you or just to let them know their better half is thinking of them.

There are many varieties of mugs that can be purchased and the choice depends upon the occasion. When buying for weddings, engagements and anniveraries for example you will be looking for something romantic and elegant that will add a nice touch to the home and maybe the relationship.


Romantic And Funny His And Her Mugs Ideas


As well as finding ones printed for romantic occasions there also those that are more humorous and are more of a funny mug set. Having something a long the lines of I Like Her Buns, I Like His Guns printed can be fun for those who receive them and any visitors who see them. Many times you can also get your own special message written on the box for the person or persons to read when they get them.

The romantic prints include the popular Mr and Mrs, His and Hers and can be found in various styles. If you are looking for different ideas then here are some to think about –

  • His And Hers
  • Mr And Mrs
  • I Stole Her Heart, So I’m Stealing His Last Name
  • Good Morning Beautiful, Good Morning Handsome
  • Hubby And Wifey
  • Beauty And Beast
  • The Groom, The Bride
  • The King And Queen
  • Best Friends – BBF
  • Mr Right, Mrs Always Right
  • I Like Her Butt, I like His Beard
  • I Like Her Buns, I like His Guns
  • The Boss And The Real Boss
  • His Mermaid, Her Captain


What To Look For When Buying A Mug Set


Once you have decided upon the design and print you wish to buy it is worth checking on some of the finer details of the item themselves. As they are for two people, ensure you are purchasing a pair and the price is not for separate ones.

Look at the material of the item, is it a high quality material and are the graphics of a high quality also? Are they hand painted and are they microwave and dishwasher safe and not prone to fading under these conditions.

This is hard to check before hand but will they stain easily? We have all seen how easily many cups and mugs seem to stain up and not look very nice. Lastly, check on the weight of the mug. People have different preferences when it comes to weight so compare the weight with your current favorite mug or if it is for someone else and you can, the receivers favorite, as the weights can vary and some prefer heavier and other lighter.