Organize Your Closet Space


The first place to start getting yourself organized with your outfit is your closet. If you can get your closet organized then it will make it easier to find the clothes you are looking for and to immediately see outfits that will fit together. Once you have everything organized by category and color and easy to access, ensure to keep everything in order and have a clear out of non used items.


Build Your Outfit Around One Item


When you begin putting your outfits together, you need to begin with one item of clothing and build your way around it. The first item should be a particular statement piece you probably already have in mind and are eager to show off. It may not be an item of clothing that you wish to work around, it could be an actual color you have in mind that you feel like wearing or a special item of jewelry which means you may have to tone down the clothing so that the jewelry is the focus point of the outfit.

Another good way of starting to put something together is to take a couple of outfits that you have already built and look good as a base and start to switch one or two of the items around for other items of clothing but also keeping the good base outfit you had previously built.


Other Ways To Put Together Your Outfit


One way you may wish to build your outfit is to start at your shoes, especially if you have a pair you wish to show off to everyone. Obviously, different styles of shoes will go with different clothing and needs creating in a way that goes together well. Shoes that are flat can go great with a variety of things, such as dresses, jeans or a skirt and can be worn for a number of occasions. If you are creating your outfit as a couple, you could both base it around a starter item and build up the clothing as you would for one person.


Fashions Change With The Seasons


As the seasons change, so will your wardrobe. Depending upon where you live, you may need to swap your clothing around as the seasons change from warm to cold. The base outfits you have previously put together will still work but you may need to think about added layers and perhaps a change in colors with the change in seasons.

You can always be on the lookout for new ideas that other people maybe wearing or on shop displays or magazines. They may not be entirely suitable for you but they might give you some good ideas for the beginnings of a new outfit that could be your new favourite.