Dress Like Neo And Fulfill Your Matrix Fantasy


The Matrix movie along with it’s second and third parts, Reloaded and Revolutions are among some of the best sci fi movies ever made. It was released in 1999 being written and directed by the Wachowskis and produced by Joel Silver. They star Keanu Reeves as Neo/ Thomas Anderson, Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus and of course the incredible villain, Smith played by Hugo Weaving. The movie was a box office success with a current imdb score of 8.7 and scoring 88% on rotten tomatoes it scores highly among viewers and critics and even now has a cult following.

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If you have a longing to dress like Neo to either act out your Matrix cosplay, role play game or you just think the clothing is what represents then you are probably big fans of the movie. The costumes put together for the movie back in 1999 have been influencing designers ever since and still do not look out of place today.

The movie is about a dystopian future in which humans are trapped inside a simulation without knowing and believing what they are living is actually reality. The idea of the Matrix is so that humans are too distracted to notice anything strange and the intelligent machines can use the human bodies as a source of energy.

Thomas Anderson is a known hacker who goes under the name Neo who has a feeling something is not quite right with the world and comes across the term the Matrix online. A woman named Trinity contacts him to let him know a man called Morpheus holds the answer to his questions. Agent led by Smith chase him down at his work place and arrest him as they are looking for Morpheus who is regarded as a terrorist. The famous red or blue pill scene soon follows which releases Neo from the Matrix. Morpheus believes Neo is the One, the prophecy that says a human with a lot of power will free humanity. After meeting the Oracle one of the crew members, Cypher double crosses them by giving away their location to the agents and Morpheus is captured. Neo heads back into the Matrix and with a belief in himself performs feats that only the Agents can do. Neo eventually reaches his full power and has control of the Matrix. He defeats the Agents and their leader Smith with ease.

It is actually a cyberpunk sub-genre of science fiction and the fight scenes were influenced by martial art films and wire techniques used in Hong Kong Movies. It also utilized the technique known as bullet time to perceive the characters moving super fast and items such as bullets moving in slow motion.

Of course it also gave us these characters dressed in incredible creations with the long black trench coats being the signature costumes of the movie. This movie had a massive impact on the whole fashion world. They were then and still are so iconic and those leather outfits have been influencing many designers since the release in 1999.



Keanu Reeves Neo Costume Looks Amazing



One of the great things about Neo’s costume if the fact they fit in any period of fashion which is why they are still so influential, relatable and wearable even now. During the movie, while in real life the main characters where old looking, distressed sweaters and shirts and it is only in the Matrix you see them dressed in the iconic black outfits with long coats.

When the Neo and the other plug themselves into the Matrix they are creating their own personas – how they want to see themselves while in there. Because they understand what the Matrix is they are able to all sorts of superhuman things such as jumping across buildings. This concept of being able to almost fly is where the idea of long trench coats came from as they were like a cape fluttering around behind.

All of the costumes have been designed with each particular character in mind but it is Neo’s that we will look at more closely here. The actual design of Neo’s costume embraces a mixture of cultures and religions from around the world. Certainly Japanese Samurai and 18th century Chinese warriors has their impact. Other influences would include cassocks worn by the clergy of many different Western religions. The designer wished to show the change that Neo had gone through from confusion to accepting his power.

In the Matrix Neo wears knee-high combat boots that buckle up, black trousers with buckles, black cassock and black duster full length wool coat and custom made sunglasses. Most people think of the Matrix characters as wearing leather coats which is true of most but Neo’s is made of wool. This is an incredible costume and is still in fashion today, probably because it never has actually been out of fashion. Although for fans this will never be the important, it is nice to know many of the garments Neo wears has influenced what many people are wearing now.



The Matrix Outfit Is One Everyone Loves



An amazing production with a fantastic cast and of course the story makes The Matrix a dominant film in its genre. A cyberpunk sci fi in a dystopian future with a great story and excellent fight choreography was always going to mean this move had a following. The outfits still even now have the futuristic feel and are central to help show off the progressive themes of the movie.

Even when designed the costumes the designer were considering what would be happening in the world during the present day and trying to come with a vision that fitted. The outfits were created to make the movie world feel reel and playing with the audiences subconscious. If you consider the real world in the movie, the crew wear distressed and faded, blue washed tops. They speak of an apocalyptic existence where everything gets recycled because of a shortage of clothing.

While in the Matrix they are wearing the outfits that define them as the heroes of the world trying to save human kind. While the costumes are similar they have been made to look unique enough to enable views to pick out which characters are which when viewed by silhouette.

These are timeless outfits in which anyone would feel immense just by wearing. We have a sense of confidence and power coming from wearing Neo’s costume. You could easily immerse yourself in the character and feel stronger for it. This is how Neo seems himself in his own persona, his more confident and powerful self projecting his superhero status with the change in clothes similar to any other superhero character putting on their suits. By matching his costume you could psychologically make a similar change in terms of confidence and being a person who seems powerful and in control as well as looking fantastic.