Find Your Perfect Plus Size Swimsuits For Mommy And Me


There are mommy and me garments for every season and almost every kind of event or activity. One of the more popular for trips to the beach in warmer seasons or even if you love a swim at the pool anytime, are swimsuits. Any mom who has tried this range will tell you how amazing it feels to wear something that matches with their daughters. Finding the right style of clothing for curvy women can often be a struggle and swimwear even more so but there will be some plus size mommy and me swimsuits available.

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Every body shape is unique so there can never be a one size fits all swimsuit for curvier ladies but there ones to choose that flatters the body. We can roughly divide bodies up into certain shapes and give a best solution for this type and work from there.

For apple shapes, ruffled swimwear can high the stomach area and take the eye elsewhere. A skirted bottom will hide your lower part and this will make your waist look smaller. High waist bottoms will take attention away from the lower half of the body. Off the shoulder with some additional ruffles can help a pear shape look in better proportion. High necklines and tankini tops can help to balance out a top heavy frame whereas a sweetheart neckline will help to flatten the chest and take the emphasis away from that area. Shirrings in the waist area can create an illusion of having an hourglass figure. Some have built in tummy control that is tight but not uncomfortable and again will create an illusion of looking slimmer.

Like we previously spoke of, there is a wide range of clothing that is manufactured for the mommy and me range and as well as swimsuits there are plus size outfits. There are also a larger range of swimsuits and bikinis for the beach and swimming with maxi dresses, hats and kimonos for cooling off. T shirts, tank tops and Hawaiian dresses are also great things for the beach.

The few items above are just a small portion of the thousands of different ones that can be purchased and these are not just clothes but also various accessories and jewelry. They are also not only limited to moms and their children but also made for all other members of a family. Obviously pairs of family members can come in numerous combinations which means not all items will fit in with each particular pair of persons due to them being made only for certain sexes etc.


The Right Plus Sized Matching Swimsuit Can Make A Fantastic Gift For A Mom And Daughter



Whether it is for spending time at the beach or going to the pool for a swim, both will require a good swimsuit. For some people this is a regular occurrence, especially if they live in a warmer climate by the beach and for others it is just for a yearly vacation. Whatever category a person falls into, swimwear is an essential garment. They come in quite a number of varieties both as one or two piece, as well as colors, patterns and sizes. All have one common theme and that is that there will be one that will plus size matching swimsuit that will be a fantastic gift for a mom and daughter.

Usually buying clothes for a woman ends up being quite a challenge which more often than not ends with them being returned or at least exchanged. It is difficult to judge another persons tastes when it comes to fashion and even if you get it right on one particular item, it will not transfer to another. Although swimsuits don't appear to have as much to them as some pieces of clothing, they are an item than can show varying degrees of a person and the amount a person wants to bare is quite a personal choice.

To overcome these decisions and still maintain the element of surprise, one could look at what the person you wish to buy for already has and copy that closely. Almost everything from the mommy and me range is going to be well received. The majority of moms love the look because it is so cute and for the connection they create. Anything that brings them closer to their child will always be cherished, liked more and worn more because of it and this is a great advantage over buying normal clothing as a gift.

Some plus size women might feel a little self conscious in certain styles of swimwear which could make choosing the right style more difficult. Following our guide at the start will help but as we just mentioned and even better will be to see what they already have. This will obviously be something they are already comfortable with and this is the swimsuit style to choose for their mommy and me surprise.


A Few Of Our Personal Favorites



We have listed some of our personal favorite designs with a small description. They come as a matching set of two and are available in a variety of sizes from small to plus. An idea if a set is not available as a set it to create your own by purchasing two of them same items in the sizes you require.

  • Leopard print high waist 2 piece triangle bathing suit
  • One piece, deep V neck line in black floral with two piece identical child size
  • Mama - Got It From My Mama - one piece bathing suit
  • Ruffled halter neck top with bottoms in floral blue
  • Island Vibes printed one piece bathing
  • Mommy Shark - Baby Shark one piece bathing suit
  • Ruffled flounce top combined with high waist bottom in floral red, blue, green, pink and black
  • One piece tummy control swimwear with straps, shirring detail and skirt style bottom half



Enjoy Bonding In The Water Or Relaxing In The Sun While Wearing Great Swimwear



We spoke earlier about how essential any sort of swimwear will be for both parent and child who enjoy swimming or time relaxing at the beach or pool. This can be a regular thing or just for a vacation and while not used as often if just for a holiday, they are still a necessity. If this is mom and daughters idea of heaven for their day together bonding then keeping cool in the sun will make it a more comfortable day. Of course the most important part about all of this is that mother and daughter will be spending some great quality time together.

There are infinite ways for moms and daughters to enjoy some quality time with each other with one of the fun and most enjoyable being when a little girl decides she wants to dress like her mommy. She will probably be looking at a lot more than just swimwear here and will be trying on everything in the closet. There are many fun games that can be played with her and you will both have a good laugh.

It is also one way of knowing she is going to like wearing any mommy and me garments and this will be a better idea than trying on her moms clothes. Wearing her parents items is fun but they will not fit and this is where matching sets prove to be much better. Having them fit and also a mom being able to wear hers at the same time will mean not just being confined to wearing them indoors. We already know how big this range is and this means a mother can buy a number of different sets for every day use in addition to the plus size mommy and me swimsuits for beach and pool wear.