Accentuate Your Curves In Plus Size Outfits For Mommy And Me


We love the mommy and me range and so do thousands of other moms out there who have experienced the highs of wearing this style. We almost envy those who are embarking on trying it out for the first time. There are so many different items of clothing available and most come in sizes from small to plus sizes. Finding the right designs in plus sizes can be tricky at times with many items of clothing just made larger and just not fitting correctly all over. The right clothing in the right design can really emphasize the right areas of the body and accentuate the curves where you want them to. Not only that but we want the right type of plus size mommy and me outfits to ensure it is as enjoyable experience for curvier ladies as all the other mothers.

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A lot of plus size moms and indeed many other body sizes are looking for ways to really flatter their curves and this is more about body shape than size. If we consider the five main shapes which are apple, pear, strawberry, rectangle and hourglass and of course a lot that fall into more than one category, the hybrids. For ease we will look at the five main categories.


Apples will want to draw all the attention to either the very top area around the shoulder and chest or the legs. Wearing light colors that accentuate the legs and V necks on top will make sure peoples eyes are taken away from the tummy area.


Pears should be looking to draw all of the attention to the top half by wearing vibrant colors and some eye catching accessories. They should also be making sure not to wear anything that looks to be adding any extra volume to their bottom half.


Strawberries should be trying to keep things simple on the top with V necks being a good choice. Light colors are best along with anything that emphasizes the legs.


Rectangle shapes have the largest degree of flexibility and can get away with a lot more with stripes and textures working best and V necks being the worst.


Hourglass figures will want to draw the attention to the waist and hug the figure tight. Garments containing lyrca will will hug the shape nicely and by wearing fitted jumpsuits for instance will ensure you maintain that great hourglass shape.

We touched earlier on how many different pieces of clothing there were within the mommy and me style. Things like plus size dresses or other outfits are just one possibility. The range extends beyond just clothing and into many accessories and jewelry also. As an idea of what you can see, some ideas include festive Christmas outfits and mommy and baby matching outfits. There are some wonderful garments for the home like pajamas, kimonos and robes as well as slippers and anklets to wear with them.

It is a vast range that runs into thousands of products, each with its own fans with some things worn on special occasions and other things like bracelets, daily. Almost all are also produced for all other members of a family as well. We say almost all because obviously there will be some garments that cater for either male or female. Many hundreds are shared designs that suit everyone with most of the looking so good it is hard to make a decision as to what to wear.

Companies would not create new products and manufacture them if there was not any interest or they received poor feedback. In reality the opposite is true, people love these styles and can't get enough of them. It is just a look that turns a mom and daughter into instantly looking incredibly cute. The fact that they attract positive attention and look so adorable is what makes many moms encourages many moms to first try them out and plus size moms don't have to miss out on experiencing the same effect with their daughters.


Plus Sized Mom And Daughter Matching Outfits Will Make Wonderful Gifts


Outfits is a broad term to use and literally include every piece of clothing and accessory you can possibly wear. Once you take any two or more garments that you think will go together and suit your taste you have created an outfit. Everyone should have a set number of outfits that they know will work all ready to go. Then if any emergencies occur or you just can't seem to put anything together, one of your go to outfits will be ready as a back up. Experimenting with different pieces of clothing and creating new favorites should be an on going process. Because outfits can mean anything, it means there is an outfit for every occasion. Combine this degree of versatility with matching garments and we can see that a plus sized matching outfit will make a wonderful gift for a mom and daughter.

As we just mentioned, outfits can mean anything and although we know a matching type will be a great gift, the thought of trying to buy clothes for a woman can and will put many people off. This is because the difficulties many have faced before and the knowledge that almost all of them will end up being returned or exchanged. To find the right thing appears to need quite a lot of thought and there are easier types of gift that can be bought.

However, those easy to think of and buy presents have usually all be done before on one the many celebrations that occur during a year. With so many it easy to end up repeating the same kind of gifts but would it not be nice this time to have something unique and one that will be a great surprise? With outfits consisting of any type of clothing they will make great gifts for any celebration at any time of the year including Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter and more.

It is not only about having something unique to give, the purchasing of this type of clothing is also not as complicated as it may seem. We agree trying to buy an outfit for a woman is an almost impossible task but buying a mommy and me style one that covers plus sized curves certainly narrows down the possibilities to a more manageable choice.

We also know how cute the majority of people think this style is and how much all moms will look forward to sharing it with their daughters. The brilliance of this matching style does not stop at how adorable they are but also have a far deeper meaning, understood by many who wear them. This the amazing feeling of closeness felt by the two people wearing them. It will be mostly psychological but stems from the fact that the matching items being worn are a set and these sets are usually only fully whole or complete when brought together. The two people wearing them get this sense of feeling also with the items making themselves feel like they are only complete when with the other person. This helps to form a special connection and stronger bond between moms and daughters. Combining the cute looks and this bond that forms and any mother will absolutely love this kind of gift.


Some Of Our Favorite Designs


We have made a list of some of our favorite designs which come in a set of two and all of which are available in a variety of sizes including plus.

  • Sleeveless shoulder strapped chiffon in white with floral pattern
  • Shoulder strap maxi in a casual fit and blue, pink and white striped
  • Boho flared O neck maxi with long sleeves
  • Cold shoulder backless and ruffled midi style, great for summer
  • Long sleeve, crew neck floral printed dress
  • Black and white chevron pattern maxi with long sleeves
  • Pink floral pattern with adjustable shoulder straps, V neck and invisible zip
  • Mer Mama - Mer Mini - blouse and bodysuit set in pink, black or white
  • Our First Mother's Day - blouse and bodysuit set in pink, black or white
  • Floral printed jumpsuits, short sleeve and above knee length
  • Red flannel and plaid Christmas pajama set
  • Green patterned leggings set of two up to XXL



Everyone Should Spend The Day Bonding In Clothes That Are Comfortable



Moms and daughters should have a day put aside every so often to spend together and really bond. Their choice of activity could be one or several different things in a day as long as they have some quality time together. These sorts of times are vital for both parent and child with both gaining a lot from them. Moms get to see some of the amazing things their little one can do and witness many of the new accomplishments and milestones they often cross. Children will get the attention they require, have someone who listens, help and offers them the love and care they need to reach their true potential.

Whichever activity you might wish to do together to bond there is one common thing that will make the day better and that is doing it in clothes that are comfortable. Choosing outfits that are flexible enough to be able to do different things during the day is something to think of and plan ahead of your day together. Obviously if you are close enough to home to go and switch outfits all the better but this isn't always possible so prepare for comfort and for them to be versatile.

Something that will not require any planning but can be a fun couple of hours together at home will be when a girl reaches an age where she wants to dress like mommy. As the words suggest, this will be a phase where your little one wants to put on your clothes so she looks like you. This is both adorable and funny and is an activity you both can have a lot of fun doing with many great photo moments.

The only obvious problem with wearing her moms clothes is that none of them will fit. This really restricts the wearing of them to around the house and there are better solutions for her to achieve the same thing. By purchasing a mommy and me set, the daughter will have an outfit that is especially for her and even better, mom has exactly the same one to wear at the same time. Creating this twinning effect or mini me style will be fun for both but remember to pick something of comfort for a day out from the choice of plus size mommy and me outfits.

While there will be many little girls who go through the stage of wanting to look like their mom, there will also be a lot of mothers who enjoy dressing their daughters to match them. Sometimes this will be coordinated and others in identical matching sets. Many moms will get introduced to this style through seeing other friends or family in them and deciding to try it out. Being how cute they look it does not take much to convert them to this look which is why they are worn by millions throughout the world.