Add Some Fun To Your Next Drink With Personalized Mugs For The Family


There are a few items that are guaranteed to be found in almost every homes kitchen and one of those will mugs and cups. You will be unlikely to find many households that will not have at least one of these sitting in the cupboard or hanging from a hook. For the majority of homes you will probably come across several, some of which will be sets and others individual one off items. Mugs or cups are a common vessel to drink from and they are used not only for drinking coffee but also many other liquids. Over the years most people will end up with quite a varied collection, some that may come as a set of four for example, Christmas ones, Best Mom and Dad varieties, a TV show or movie theme, animals, personalized photos or even free ones that have come from businesses advertising on them. The appear in all sorts of colors and patterns and while the overall design is the same, there are some small variations available.

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It is not only mugs that are design for individual and sets for family members there are also a wide range of different objects that can be classed as either clothing, accessories or jewelry which have been produced with many different people in mind. There are items of clothing that include pairs of slippers or single items such as pajamas as well as items of jewelry like rings and bracelets. All of these types of item are very popular among families and many are available in any combination of people if it is a set that is required. While there are many people who are not fans of garments that match or having custom messages on outfits, personalized mugs are liked and appreciated by most people.

As we have just mentioned, many of the garments that match or are dedicated to a particular member of the family are worn outside, mugs are much more discreet. Most of the time that are going to be used at home where they will be seen by family and friends or occasionally at the office where most colleagues often have their own mugs and pretty well everyone will enjoy the cuteness of how it will look. For an object that is fairly cheap it is one that will be well received with a smile on the face because they all tend to look beautiful and is something that serves a purpose and will be put to good use. The great things about using them for your drink of choice is that you will always be reminded of your loved ones every time you take a drink.

There are a number of different designs that will be available for any person or persons of the family. You will find separate mugs in many colors and patterns that might have different names on or ones dedicated to Dad or Mom for example which can also be purchased individually to form a set. However, you may also find ready made sets for various relatives that may suit your requirements with the words you want transferred on to the mugs. If those sets don’t suit your needs then buying  individual ones and creating your own set will be the best option.They are produced for Mom’s, Dad’s, Wife, Husband, Son’s,  Daughter’s, Brother’s and Sister’s which makes it easy to build your own person set. These will be used all year around but will normally given on special occasions as gifts and they make for great presents for many celebrations including Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Mugs can be purchased in many different shapes, colors, sizes with an infinite amount of different prints and messages both standard and custom which makes them a wonderful choice for families. If any of the already designed pictures or words are not to your liking there are many ways to add personalized elements such as your own text or images and there are many outlets that will have these transferred on to your mugs. Having so much choice is great as it means finding the perfect one that you feel will suit the people who will be receiving them is much easier. Of course, having the option to create your own also ensures both you and the recipient will be happy with the final result and that it will be unique.



These Family Mugs Are Decorative And Great For Coffee




Receiving gifts are always exciting but the feeling of giving one to a loved one is that creates an even better feeling. There is nothing quite like giving a family members a present and seeing their face light up. A gift that is personal to them is even more special and no matter what it might be, it shows there has been some thought and love put into it. Whether this is for one person or a number of people, a personalized item will help to form an even greater bond between each other.

Although a mug is perhaps not the most exciting gift in the world and can often look pretty ordinary, they type you would give as a present do tend to look more spectacular. One good thing about the gift of a mug is that it is sure to be used regularly unless of course the receiver deems it too nice to use and prefers to use it as an decorative piece. With the right words or image owners will soon place a sentimental attachment to them. It is this different text or pictures that will make them feel more personal to each person who has one and it is also a factor in making them more interesting to look at and often fun to read. Aside from any preset ideas created by the manufacturers you can also add your own names, initials, dates or even photographs. You can add a phrase that is from the heart and carries a deep meaning or go for something that is funny and guaranteed to bring about a laugh.

You may think of a mug as a simple item to choose and most people we would imagine would think of the same image when asked to imagine one. This would normally be the classic style but there are many different types which can be made from different materials and are not only used for coffee or tea but also water, juice and beer. Here we list a few varieties of mugs that are available:

  • The classic style mug that most people would pick out as a mug comes made from mainly ceramic, china, porcelain and glass and the volume that is holds will usually be around 8 oz. Materials different according to manufacturer and while some are stronger others retain their heat better and some also hold the flavor of a coffee better.
  • Another handy version are travel mugs which as you can guess by the name are for travelling or taking out somewhere. These tend to mostly be made from stainless steel which along with their amazing seals will help maintain the hot drink heated for a long time.
  • The demitasse has a much smaller capacity of 3.4 oz and is a cup usually used for espresso’s. These will mostly be manufactured from porcelain, ceramic or stonewear.
  • Tumblers are really a combination of two types of mug, the classic and travel style. They will shaped similar to a classic mug but will be slightly taller. These will normally be made from melamine or stainless steel as these materials help them to retain their heat for a longer time.
  • Anyone who gets a takeaway coffee will know that there are also disposable cups and are designed to be the most effect carrying vessel for a hot drink, however most are not eco-friendly and carrying your own would be better for the environment.


Most of the ones available with any type of images or text will tend to be the classic style mug although you will find then in a few different sizes. As we have previously mentioned they come as individual items or sets and can be for one or many members of the family. A nice thought is to give one to a loved one who spends a lot of time away from home due to work or education. It’s never easy to be away from family and many people will suffer from separation anxiety. Giving the person who is a long distance away something like a mug that is dedicated to them from their loved ones or one that is a part of a set that everyone at home also has can help them to still feel connected to their families. They can remind them of the loving bond you share and that it won’t be long before they are back home drinking from the together.


Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Or Beer Find The Perfect One For Your Favorite Drink




  • Personalized dog and family with custom pet name and photos of dog and family
  • Personalized 11 0z set of 2 with names of choice
  • Dad’s Favorite Turds with personalized children’s names


Coffee Mugs

  • White with monogrammed gold initial of choice
  • Ohana means family with Lilo and Stitch image
  • Be Grateful – Faithful – Thankful – Joyful set of 4


Family Cups

  • Ceramic flowering shrub design cup and saucer set
  • Vintage Royal bone china tea cup set


Family Panda Mugs

  • 3D panda inside coffee mug
  • Ceramic with panda face and 3D panda lid
  • Pandas in bamboo full wrap artwork


Color Changing Heat Sensitive

  • With panda art work
  • Color changing heat sensitive mug with llama image
  • Heat changing with Cat image
  • Harry Potter patronus morphing color changing ceramic


Family Tree Mugs

  • Family is like branches on a tree text with image of a tree
  • Genealogy: It’s all about family 15 oz ceramic


Long Distance

  • Distance means so little when someone means so much
  • Long distance two state two tone with state to state image


Family Christmas Mugs

  • Personalized Christmas mug with Merry Christmas text, Christmas image and custom family name with date
  • Snowman image with custom name
  • Set of 6 in different Christmas designs and themes all large 14 oz and snowflake handle
  • Set of 4 Christmas themed with Santa, Snowman, Elf and Penguin with matching handles


Family Crest

  • Scottish clan crest Badge Burnett
  • Stewart clan family crest
  • Macrae clan crest
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts crest


Modern Family

  • Success is 1% inspiration 98% perspiration and 2% attention to detail – Dunphy


Royal Family

  • God Save The Queen


Travel Mugs

  • Remember as far as anyone knows, we’re a nice normal family
  • I may look calm but in my head I pecked you 3 times 20 oz travel mug
  • Contigo autoseal vacuum insulated stainless steel 20 oz travel mug



  • Stainless steel set of 4 tumblers with straws


Copper Mugs

  • Set of 4 Copper mugs with straws and shot glass
  • Set of 2 Copper mug set 16 oz with straws and 1 jigger



  • Flower glass handmade tea mug with glass cup and handle
  • Double wall glass with bamboo lid, 12 oz



  • President Donald Trump You are terrific, the best for Mom’s, Grandma etc
  • Donald Trump talking mug
  • Mom thank you for giving me life and thank you for not taking it back during my teen years
  • I survived another meeting that should have been an email
  • I didn’t fart my ass blew you a kiss
  • Don’t hate me because I’m beardiful
  • Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice
  • You call them swear words I call them sentence enhancers



  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear – Baby Bear set


Griswold Family Christmas Moose Mugs

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation clear glass moose mug 8 oz


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

  • Merry Clarkmas ceramic 14 oz with image of Clark Griswold and Merry Clarkmas text



  • My new name is Daddy – My new name is Mummy
  • Custom name of choice on stainless steel campfire mug
  • Monogram letter with name
  • My name is …



  • Family Reunion – We’ve shaken the family tree and the nuts are gathering


Family Pictures

  • Design your own travel tumbler with photo of choice
  • Personalized 20 oz jumbo mug with choice of photo wrapped


Dog And Family

  • Dog Mom
  • Leave me alone I’m only speaking to my dog today
  • Rescue Mom
  • The Dogfather
  • Boston Terrier Dad
  • Yorkshire Terrier Mom



  • Best Dad Ever
  • Best Dog Mom Ever
  • Best Dog Dad
  • Best Mom Ever



  • The Simpsons – I am so Smrt
  • Cartoon engine with hot rod flames



  • Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip with gold foil in multi-color
  • Minnie Mouse 3D 14 oz ceramic
  • Disney Coco skull mug
  • Number One Grandpa Mickey Mouse
  • Disney Cinderella shoe shop
  • Disney Pocahontas morphing color changing heat sensitive
  • Disney 101 Dalmatians



  • Cute elephant image in black and white drawing
  • Colorful elephant image with elephant head and trunk handle



  • Express Your Elf
  • I’m the Daughter Elf -The Momma Elf – The Bearded Elf and more matching family set



  • For Fox Sake 11 oz in white and red
  • Watercolor green on white with painted fox 12 oz glossy stoneware


Family Recipe Glass

  • Mimosa recipe glass set of 2 – 92% Day Drunk and 8% Vitamin C


Family Hot Chocolate Mugs

  • Self stirring auto mixing mug perfect for hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate 11 oz stainless steel gift set with monogram initial
  • Half basketball mug with basketball hoop for marshmallows going into hot chocolate


I Love My Family

  • I love my husband
  • I love my wife
  • I love my sister
  • I love my sister – even though she farts
  • I love my brother
  • I love my dad
  • I love my mom
  • I love my family


Irish Family Crest

  • Irish designed pottery with shamrock design
  • Irish pottery with Celtic cross
  • Irish Claddagh ring bone china designed in Galway
  • The Irish blessing


Son In Law

  • Thank You for being my son-in-law…
  • To My Dear Son-In-Law…


Daughter In Law

  • To my Daughter-In-Law We did not get to choose you…
  • Thank You for being my daughter-in-law…


For Mom

  • Mom you are our sunshine it’s hard to raise a family


For Dad

  • You’re the man Dad, the old man but still the man


For Son

  • To my Son never forget that I love you…


For Daughter

  • To my Daughter whenever you feel overwhelmed remember…


For Husband

  • Trophy Husband
  • Best husband ever
  • To my husband I wish I could turn back the clock, I’d find you sooner…


For Wife

  • Thank you for being my wife, If I had a different wife, I would find punch her in the face and go find you
  • This lady is the best wife ever



A Custom Mug Or Cup Is Fun And Make Wonderful Gifts



Of all the people that you will come across in your life there will be no one that has more of an affect on all aspects of your life than your family. No matter what relations you are closest to, be it parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters these are the people who will be there to support you through everything. For children it is important that parents spend a lot of time with them as the do grow up so fast and it isn’t long before you are not needed as much as you once were.

That time spent with your children as they grow is time that should not be missed as it is full of milestones and precious moments that will never be repeated. These are a parents treasured memories that they will always have to look back on with fond happiness and missing them will always be a mistake. It is also advantageous for children to see as much of their parents as possible. Children are influenced by whom they spend the most time and this influence helps to develop their social skills and how they react in relationships when they do grow older. It has also be shown that parents the dedicate much time to their children benefit from them having improved behavior, confidence and school grades. Any parent guilty of not dedicated enough time to their kids should make some changes and although we understand there are some with busy work schedules, these are years that are far more important.

What better way to have a fresh beginning by having a symbol of a new start and a promise to yourself and the rest of the family that a change in ways has begun. It is often a idea to have an item to represent these new beginnings and a mug could be the answer. Each morning when you take your morning coffee or tea the words on the mug will remind you of your promise and to spend the day at work looking forward to getting home to your loved ones. It could even be a mug that you take to use at work which has a custom print which will drive you to finish your work and head home.

Obviously there are many items that are suitable to serve this purpose and a coffee mug may not be the number one choice for many in that situation. However they are one that does not need to be worn if you are the type that finds the wearing of either clothing or jewelry with personalized additions a little distasteful. Mugs with different images and prints are common and many people wouldn’t think anything of anyone drinking from a decorative one.

The mugs that fall into this niche often look incredible and there are many time where the owner will find them too nice to actually use and would prefer to use them as some kind of ornament or decorative piece around the home. They are wonderful display item and we can understand owners wanting to protect them. But they were made for drinking from and even one that is most sentimental should come out for an occasional use for a special celebration. They do not necessarily have to be carrying a deep and meaningful message of some sort or one of love to another but can also be found with humorous designs which can be very funny and the type which is purchased will be determined by for who it is being bought for and for what celebration.