Decorate A Room And Feel Cozy Wrapped In Personalized Fleece Blankets


Blankets are an item that you are most likely going to find in every persons home. Much like quite a number of different objects found in a household they are one of the more essential and have many uses. They come in many different sizes and this will dependent on how they are to be used as well many various colors and patterns. Their uses are varied with them being mostly used on the bed but they are used for throwing over oneself while relaxing on the sofa to warm the legs, body or both or if they have a particularly nice image they can be draped over a sofa for decorative purposes. Other ways to use them as part of the decor or to place them on a table or hang them on the wall. Those that have been personalized for a particular person or the whole family make great items to decorate the home with and these custom designs can be themed around a particular thing such as animals, photo’s of the family, a movie to a person such as Mom or Dad or even for a certain festivity such as Christmas.

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Aside from these typical uses there are many other ingenious ways to use a blanket although some may be best saved for when it is past its best and ready for use for anything. Here are a few more suggestions for what to use them for when they are both new and aged:

  • Staying warm and cozy
  • Keeping other items warm
  • Use it as a picnic blanket
  • Let your cat, dog or other pet have some comfort lying on it
  • Use them as curtains
  • Hide behind one in a game
  • Use a large one to make a tent
  • Use one as a cover
  • Divide a space into two
  • Use them a dust cover on a car in the garage
  • Fold them an put them on a hard chair as a pillow

Blankets are made from many different materials and the fabric used may decide upon which way they can be used. Fleece varieties also have their uses and advantages, some of which we have listed here:

  • They dry fast
  • They are cheap for use as bedding when on a tight budget
  • They can be used to insulate clothing in cooler weather
  • Pets love to sleep on the soft fleece
  • Cut them out and make other items from them such as hats, rugs, socks, boot liners, pillows, toy animals, oven mitts, heat packs.
  • Store a few in the car in case you break down on a cold night.
  • Make current blankets even thicker.
  • Great for using as bedding if a guest visits at short notice.
  • Use them to add a layer of in
  • Insulation to curtains.


As we can see the uses outside of the obvious are wide and and very handy. A new special variety is not one that you will to see cut up and used to make other objects just yet. These can be beautiful items and it is not only blankets that are made to be personalized for various members of the family. Looking at the various objects available you will come across you will find many many different items of clothing, jewelry and accessories which are designed and manufactured for many different people. There are garments such as sweaters or Disney shirts, jewelry like necklaces and rings and accessories such as socks, slippers and even mugs for family to drink from. Any of these items including blankets can be found for many different combinations of family members and individuals and are designed with particular patterns and words are have custom additions and personalized words and quotes and also photographs. While the majority of them will look visually beautiful it is the personal touch that will make the extra special to the owners.

We spoke earlier about their being a number of different personalized items available and in fact with a little research you could get virtually anything personalized. There are certain ranges that tend to be customized more than others as most of the will be ending up as gifts for individual or many members of a family. Some of these type of things are not for everyone, one such item is clothing as many people are not fans of wearing garments with special prints focusing on them or their families. However, there are many items like blankets where anyone can enjoy that personal element but have it for their own home and only close family to see rather than having to stand out by wearing something outside.

Designers and producers of blankets make a huge variety with many choices for various family members. They will come in a wide range of colors and sizes that come with short messages, single words or full verses and can be dedicated to a Mom or Dad for example. The individual blankets could be purchased together to form a set or you will be able to find those that are made for two, three, four or more people. They will be produced for Dad’s and Mom’s, Husband’s and Wives, Son’s and Daughter’s, Brother’s and Sister’s to name but a few. While most of these blankets will be used throughout the year you will also find those themed around certain celebrations such as Christmas. Regardless of when they will be used they do make  incredible gifts for many different occasions like Birthday’s, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Blankets are not only flexible in terms of how they are used but they can also be bought in various sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and countless standard prints as well as various embroidered words or custom monograms. All of these have options to personalize to make them yours or your families own. It is great to have so much choice as it makes finding the one that is right for you or a gift for someone else a task that has been made easier to find the perfect solution for whomever it may be for.



Add Names, Pictures Or Photos To Customize A Blanket And Make A Wonderful Gift



It is safe to say that almost all of us love to receive a gift and we are equally happy to be given them at the usual times like Christmas and Birthday or indeed any time of the year. Another wonderful thing about gifts is the giving of them and often seeing the joy on a loved ones face is all the more rewarding. The happiness at receiving a present will be even more so when it is one that has had much thought and love poured into it. One such gift is one that has been personalized for the recipient and these will often become an item that carries a lot of sentiment.

There are many exciting items that would fulfill this role and although a blanket is perhaps not the most exciting thing they are a wonderful item to personalize due to their size and sheer flexibility. The large area means the personal elements can also be large and plentiful. They can have many images added to them all of a good size to make them easy to see. Words can be large and bold and be seen from a distance and even long sentences, poems or special verses can be added and they will still be clear enough to be read with ease. They can also have your own custom words or have the addition of those that are more simple like names, dates and initials.

For many a blanket is just a blanket but there a number of versions that suit one or multiple purposes which can be made from a variety of materials or fabrics.


Here are some of the different types available:



A comforter is one of the popular styles available and are made from two pieces of fabric that are sewn together with a warm material added inside. This inner material could be feathers, down, polyfill or cotton whereas the outer will tend to be cotton or polyester. They are heavy, warm and fluffy and serve well as a topper for any bed during the cooler months.




Throws tend to be a smaller variety of blanket which will be mainly used for decoration. They will be draped over a bed or a sofa and tend to be just one layer of fabric. They come in many colors and patterns and could provide additional warmth over a comforter in the winter. They are also a great option to use a leg and foot cover while on the sofa watching TV. They can be knitted, be an intricate woven tapestry or could just be plain fleece.




Duvets and comforters offer similar benefits although they are slightly different. Duvets are plain and are designed to be put into a duvet cover that has the color and pattern of your choice. The actual duvet itself is similar to a white comforter and are filled with a insulating material like cotton, polyester, feathers or down.




Quilts have been around for centuries and have to keep people warm in bed for that amount of time. They come in three pieces sewn together, the top which carries the design work, a filling of cotton or wool and a back which will be a large piece of woven fabric. The stitching that holds the three layers together is quite distinctive and is what give the quilt it’s typical design. They are lighter in weight that a comforter or duvet and therefore not so warm which makes them a good choice of bedding in warmer weather.




Sherpa blankets are lightweight and this is because of the special light synthetic material that is used to make them. They have two sides, one of which is flannel and the other side is fuzzy fleece that offers the comfort. They are perfect for wrapping around yourself during cooler spells.


Blankets also come in many fabrics and here are some of the more popular:




Chenille is decorative and warm but can also be delicate which requires them to be dry cleaned.




Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps you to regulate body temperature but it is lightweight so not the best for cooler weather.




Knitted blankets come in a wide variety of patterns and colors which means a lot of choice but they can be delicate and can easily be pulled or snagged.




Wool has been in use for a very long time and while it might be itchy to anyone with sensitive skin, they are warm and will also repel water. They are easy to layer which makes them a good fabric to use between changes of seasons.




Bamboo will absorb sweat and help to regulate body temperature. They are odor resistant which means less frequent washes required although they cannot be dried by machine.




Down is feathers usually from ducks or geese which makes it very soft and also warm but breathable. For anyone allergic to feathers the synthetic options are better.




Fleece is soft, warm and cheap but is not a breathable fabric which means it traps sweat and odor.




Shearling is simple sheepskin which has been tanned and processed while the wool was still attached to the skin. They are warm, soft, breathable and antibacterial.


We can now see there are many different types but also many fabrics from which they can be made. The type and fabric you choose will likely come to individual taste, in what way you will wish to use it and in what environment or time of the year. However if your wish is to have them personalized you may need to research what options are available for for each type and fabric. Having one that is personalized with words of dedication or to remind someone how much they are loved are a wonderful gift to give. This custom option is perfect that works away from home or is away for college for instance. Many people will suffer from separation anxiety and having an item such as a personalized blanket with words of love and encouragement from their family is something that they can treasure while away. They work as a wonderful decoration and can serve as a reminder of home being not so far away and that they will be back soon.




Ideas, Colors And Fabrics For The Whole Family To Choose



Here we present a list of some of our favorite blankets that have been personalized or custom made for various members of the family in different colors, materials and sizes such as Queen and King size.


Personalized Blankets With Names


  • Large 50 x 60 inch size with personalized custom names printed in heart shape and up to 23 different names in colors burgundy, green, navy and rose white.
  • One individual name and initial on 30 x 40 inch fleece in blue, pink, purple , red and white.


Picture Personalized Blankets


  • Personalized picture printed in a custom collage, size 50 x 60 inch throw, 60 x 80 Queen and more with some custom text and 4 – 6 pictures
  • Personalized printed picture with two lines of custom text included


Photo Personalized Blankets


  • Personalized collage from your own photo’s of up to 9 with additional custom text and date
  • Single full custom photo on fleece
  • Personalized woven photo in full color in soft woven cotton fabric


Personalized Blankets For Kids


  • Custom cozy plush fleece with unicorn print and kids name
  • Embroidered monogram initials on custom fleece throw for kids


Personalized Blankets Grandma


  • Love You Grandma thick and warm throw
  • Personalized for Grandma with reasons I love being a Grandma or Grandpa
  • Best Grandma or Grandpa Ever with custom photos


Fleece Personalized Blankets


  • Custom fleece with option to add your embroidered name
  • Super soft fleece throw with options for picture collage


Personalized Blankets Mom


  • Best Mom Ever text with addition of custom names on outer edge
  • Mom, whenever you touch this heart, You’ll know that we Love You with any title and up to 8 names included


Mother’s Day


  • To My Mom, verse of appreciation and love


Mama Bear


  • Mama Bear lightweight fleece throw




  • Grandma or Grandpa throw from Grandchild
  • Grandma embroidered with heart shaped wreath
  • Just when we thought our work as grandparents was finished someone calls us Great woven from cotton




  • Wedding Anniversary 48 x 68 inch tapestry
  • Loving and sentimental words on reversible plush velvet


For Wife


  • To My Wife with photo and loving words




  • Unicorn printed on to cozy plush fleece
  • Twin size sherpa with colorful cartoon unicorn




  • Disney Winnie The Pooh 30 x 30 inch
  • Disney Mickey Mouse soft plush in grey, navy and red
  • Disney Lion King Simba super soft
  • Disney Minnie Mouse super soft plush in pink, white and black




  • Memorial  paw prints left by pet, comfort for pet loss




  • Volleyball sports themed print
  • Ultra soft micro fleece in blue with volleyball pattern




  • Flannel fleece with hockey arena in spotlight
  • Hockey goalie equipment print with your own custom text




  • Christmas theme with house in snow scene and Christmas trees with custom name and text
  • Christmas throw with Christmas scene and custom photo with text




  • Nana we hugged this blanket, you’ll feel our love cozy plush fleece




  • Custom embroidered 50 x 60 inch with your choice of words




  • Watercolor abstract three horses heads
  • Premium quality fleece with horse image 63 x 73 inch


For Him


  • Bravery, Inspiration, Strength, Encouragement and Perseverance
  • Baseball half in water half on fire soft large fleece


Best Friend


  • Friendship gift blanket, BFF
  • Best friends forever throw
  • BFF best friends pink with mixture of words including I’m Here For You




  • Knitted Christmas design 50 x 60 inch in red and white
  • Chunky knit in soft chenille yarn




  • Red truck Christmas tree lap throw in premium velvet




  • I love Irish decorative 39 x 49 inch fleece
  • St. Patrick’s Day 50 x 60 inch fuzzy couch throw
  • Aran Irish throw 95% wool 5% cashmere 66 x 40 inch




  • Lovie Lovey security blanket with rattle




  • Sunflower quotes flannel fuzzy plush reversible
  • Healing thoughts inspirational quotes




  • Hugs from heaven velvet throw
  • Weaved carried to heaven on wings of a dove




  • Hope and Love religious cross, Easter Queen size fleece
  • The old rugged cross, three crosses on hill with verse
  • Luxuriously soft throw with scripture Jeremiah 29:11 50 x 60 inch
  • The Lords Prayer tapestry 50 x 60 inch




  • Wedding Anniversary quote from Corinthians 13 cotton tapestry
  • I love you in red with white text with bag and card perfect for anniversary




  • Waterproof lightweight and sand proof perfect for outdoors and camping




  • Collage of up to 9 photos with text
  • 15 photo custom collage with customized text




  • Interlocked engagement rings with custom names and year


For Daughter


  • To My Daughter… words of love and encouragements printed on ultra soft micro light weight flannel


For Son


  • Dear Son, we love you for all that you are… 55 x 70 inch microfiber


For Husband


  • To My Husband I Fell In Love With You… verse on premium fleece


For Dad


  • Dear Dad, even when I’m not close by, I want you to know I love and appreciate you…


For Granddaughter


  • To my Granddaughter, wherever your journey in life…verse on mink sherpa


Funny / Novelty


  • Novelty realistic pizza printed wrap
  • Funny farm animal selfie fleece
  • Realistic novelty burritos tortilla flannel wrap
  • Avocado plush realistic food throw




  • The future lies before you with custom name and school name and year




  • Handmade wreath initial
  • Handmade initials and names
  • Handmade choice of 2 initials




  • Spanish pink print with matador and bull




  • Firefighter department logo 50 x 60″




  • Letter printed quilts in hand writing with choice of recipients


Over sized


  • Custom over sized 60 x 85″ plush with embroidered name




  • Plaid Sherpa fleece double sided 60 x 80 inch
  • Flannel fleece 60 x 80″ in green plaid
  • Christmas plaid flannel microfiber




  • Live Love Softball anti static luxury velvet nap throw
  • Custom softball cozy fleece with name of choice
  • Softball fan gift idea with printed softball and gloves and custom name




  • Custom choice of name on baseball
  • Baseball glove and ball on American flag
  • Circular baseball printed throw




American Football

  • Over sized American football pattern



  • Soccer ball in blue flames cozy fleece



  • Basketball surrounded by orange flames with hoop soft microfiber




A Throw Can Be For Decor Or Comfort And Can Be Used Throughout The Year



Blanket and throws have many uses but it is for the comfort value and warmth that we use them the most. More likely to be pulled out in the cooler weather and wrapped around your body for that much needed added warmth while also used on some of chillier warmer seasons. They do what they are supposed to do very well and the personalized versions make them an excellent gift for loved one. Putting some extra thought into a gift such as personalizing it will be something a loved one will very much cherish. Seeing the joy on their faces is enough to make the person giving it happy because after all your family are the people that are there for you through the good and bad and will love and support you throughout your life.

By giving them a gift such as this you are telling them how much you love them and appreciate all that they have done for you. They are also a wonderful statement for the whole family, somewhere to hang up as a piece of decor with specially chosen words that define the family. They can be words that describe your bond, love, be words of courage and strength or perhaps there is a running theme through the family that can be put into words. Whatever words or pictures they are that are associated with an individual or a family they are great to display and to serve as a daily reminder that the people included are valued and loved.

There are many items including objects that can be displayed, used or even worn that would suit this role and blankets are only one of them. However, they are large which means they will be viewed more easily and there can be much more added to them. Apart from the beautiful words that can be added they also serve a wonderful purpose and that is ensuring people are comfortable in bed.

Not being able to get to sleep can get frustrating at times but having the right blanket for you can help to prevent it. A blanket keeps us warm while our core body temperature is lower during the night. They are help to increase levels of serotonin and melatonin in the brain which in turn helps us to be more relaxed. Our body has a natural rhythm called the circadian rhythm which helps us to sleep and will slowly being to lower the bodies core body temperature at various times in the afternoon and this will depend on when bed time usually is. This will make people feel colder as the evening and night draws and a good blanket will keep people warm. When you use a blanket that has some weight to it by using a heavy type or a couple of lighter ones, the pressure helps to activate the nervous system and in turn release a chemical to help the body feel calm, serotonin and a natural sleep hormone, melatonin.

Blankets actually become a part of our routine and it is a habit that begins when we are children. Because we are creatures of habit the brain has automatic association between having a blanket over you and going to sleep. We do actually sleep better at slightly cooler temperatures usually in the range between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. Obviously this does not include every person and there are many people who get hot at night and sweat. For these people sleeping naked is not the answer with the best solution being to use light breathable fabric and this includes blankets and pajamas.

While using them for sleeping and staying warm is their primary purpose there will likely be many people who can’t bring themselves to actually use them for this. The plain types look pretty ordinary, boring and will be used without a second thought but some of the intricately produced versions that look beautiful, colorful are often kept safe and just used as a throw over the bed or sofa for show. This is also true of those that have been especially personalized for a person or persons and that carry some meaningful words. These are item that often become quite sentimental and are not ones the the receiver will want to get dirty or potentially spoiled by washing or cleaning. If this is the case then perhaps a plain and simple second one is best purchased for actual use.