Soft And Elegant Personalized Blankets To Keep Your Baby Cozy


Almost every household will have at least one blanket of some sort with most have a mixture of various sizes that are used for many purposes. While they still have flexibility no matter the size, each one tends to have a certain function. Most of them are used either for the bed or for staying warm, wrapping up legs on the sofa or using them as decor draped over a bed or the back of a sofa, especially if they are beautifully designed and printed in stunning colors. The personalized versions add a special element for the receiver and for those produced for a baby certainly have the cute factor in abundance. Obviously those for a baby will not be used in quite so many ways than those for an adult and will be for keeping him or her warm while some make for wonderful decorations.

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Baby blankets have a similar role as to those for an adult and they also continue to have their role and babies grow into infants and toddlers. Obviously staying warm is a key point to them but there are other important factors for you little one and some of these include the following:

  • Their blanket will be an item that gives them a sense of security and comfort
  • Having a special one just for them helps them to relax and alleviate any stress
  • They can come in many colors which provided visual fun
  • Some have different types of materials to touch and hold
  • They can also come with some audio stimulation to provide interest through different sounds

Your babies first encounter with a blanket will probably one that will be used for swaddling as most hospitals will swaddle them at birth. They are generally swaddled after birth for comfort as it is the closest way to recreate the comfort of the womb. There is more on swaddling to come but one school of thought is that this way provides them with a better sleep as they are not as likely to wake themselves up. Because swaddling can also have disadvantages and risks we will continue later in this article.

When a baby gets a little older there will probably be a blanket that he or she will begin to prefer. This will be one that brings a lot of comfort to them which are usually called security blankets. This is one that they will have had for a long time and offers comfort when not close to their parents. These items that offer this type of comfort are also often soft toys such as a teddy.

There are many reasons why babies may choose a particular object or blanket to hold for comfort and this could be because of having their own smell attached or perhaps the feel of a certain material. It could have different materials and textures that the baby finds curious to touch or maybe the colors, patterns or printed designs provide something interesting and stimulating for them. Most babies choose one particular item that they seem to always want with them and this will be the one he or she has developed a strong connection with.

Your baby may have a preference as to what materials or fabrics they like to hold and touch and luckily blankets come in a wide range of fabrics all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of materials used to produce blankets:


A lightweight synthetic material usually of two sides one of which is flannel and the other fleece.


A warm, soft and decorative material that is also delicate.


Cotton is a lightweight breathable fabric that is great for warmer climates.


Very warm with many colors, patterns and thickness of the knit.


Odor resistant and help to regulate body temperature.


Very soft, cheap and warm which makes it great for cooler weather.


Sheepskin that will have been tanned and processed while still attached to the skin. Very warm, soft and antibacterial.

There is one more fabric that we wish to add to this list and that is wool. Because wool has many fantastic qualities we wanted it to have it’s own dedicated section.

Wool is an amazing material to use for making babies blankets. It is a natural fabric that is insulating, regulates body temperature, moisture repellent, hypoallergenic, odor resistant, self cleaning, stain resistant and biodegradable. We are going to run through some of the benefits of choosing a woolen baby blanket.

Temperature Regulation


This is important as it adjusts the bodies temperature in hot and cold weather. From birth to around 18 months old it is
difficult for babies to regulate their own body temperature. This can be especially true of those that are premature or
of a low weight at birth. There is a large surface area of skin in comparison to the weight of their body. Babies can lose
their body weight very quickly if they are not wrapped up properly. A rough guide says that a baby should have on one more layer than what adults need but always check their temperature to ensure they are not too hot or cold. During colder weather wool traps warm air next to the skin which creates an insulated barrier which also helps to block any wind. During warmer times it creates a cooling barrier to ensure your baby does not get to hot and being moisture repellent it also stops any perspiration.

Eco Friendly


Because wool is naturally biodegradable it is great for the environment as it will break down in soil.

Does More Than Synthetic


Wool is fire resistant which is a a great safety feature and it also slows the spread of fire and even if it does catch fire it produces a char that will self extinguish. It can be twisted and bent more than 30 000 times without ever breaking compared to just the 3000 times for cotton. It has a lot more elasticity about it and when stretched will go back into shape naturally and this makes stretching it out to make it easier to dress a baby a lot more forgiving.

Helps Sleep


When sleeping on wool and with it wrapped around you, it means an improved sleep as the body doesn’t need to use energy on temperature regulation.


Good For Sensitive Skin


There are many people who believe wool to be quite itchy but this is only true of items made from cheap, scratchy wool. The scratchy feeling comes from low quality wool with large strands. High quality fine strand wool is incredibly soft and any reactions will usually be from chemicals that are used on the wool. One strand of wool actually has three layers which are Keratin, a protein in animal hair that help to maintain a stable body temperature. Scales are another layer and these overlap helping to push off any dirt and this is what makes them self cleaning. There is also an outer skin which is a water resistant wax that is a water repellent. These three things come together to make wool sensitive skin friendly.


Hypoallergenic And Self Cleaning


Wool contains lanolin which when moist turns into a lanolin soap which helps to hygienically clean itself. Lanolin is also
naturally antibacterial and this all helps the wool to repel dirt and the resistant strains means any liquid spilled on it sits
on the top instead of soaking in.


We now have quite a comprehensive list of why blankets are good to use for babies as well as many options for fabrics.
The material used to make the blanket will be chosen to your personal taste and while the benefits of natural wool are great there may not be the look of the one you want available in wool. They obviously come in the traditional blue for a boy and pink for a girl but there are many many options available in terms of color. The thing that may sway you away from wool is the personalized part. You could find the perfect custom written blanket but it happen to be in fleece and not available in wool and this means deciding on what is the most important. You could have one with babies name, birth information or milestones that will go really well with your decor but the best fabric might need to be sacrificed. Of course you could always buy two, one for the added comfort and one for the personalized aspect.



Baby Boy And Girl Custom Blankets Make For Beautiful Gifts



Apart from the practical element of these blankets in that they keep a baby warm there are also those that look incredible and are almost to beautiful to be actually used but rather reserved for decorative use. These personalized blankets are made to look special as they are often given as gifts. There are many various items that are produced to be personalized for any individuals or whole members of the family. You will find things like mugs for the kitchen, socks to wear and other clothing like sweaters. On top of those there is also beautiful jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. All of these are made for mom’s and dad’s, son’s and daughter’s, husband’s and wives and many more family members. Babies are a little young for some of the objects produced but personalized blankets are one that is perfect for them.

As with any blanket that is produced those for a baby come in various sizes as well as a choice of colors. There are many simple versions and other that have some custom options that are printed or embroidered on them. These can range from just an initial or name to include dates, birth information, photographs and even milestones. Being for a baby they can be presented from Mommy, Daddy, Grandparents or Godparents. They would usually be purchased around the time of birth and perhaps a gift for a baby shower would be a great idea. They will of course be used for a long time and depending how long after the baby is born Christmas arrives, one could make a nice Christmas gift also.

We have already mentioned the choices of fabric with an in depth look at wool but fleece is also a very commonly used material especially when looking at those that have custom option. Wool is a fantastic choice but fleece also has many benefits, some of which we have listed:

  • For anyone look for cost savings fleece is quite cheap
  • They can be used as an added layer to make other blankets thicker
  • Fleece is not absorbent which means any spills are easy to clean
  • After any spills fleece will dry very fast
  • They are very soft making them perfect for babies
  • Unlike fabrics such as cotton they stay fairly warm in cooler weather
  • It retains its soft and luxurious feel even after a lot of washes


As we had previously touched upon, fleece is also one of the more common materials wear you can find personalized versions for your baby. While having a custom addition to the blanket will not make it any softer or warmer they do add a fun, adorable and sometime interesting element to a blanket that you will be able to keep as your baby grows up. Personalizing the blanket will mean adding certain things that make it unique for a particular baby. Here are some ideas for custom additions you can have for your babies blanket:


  • Photograph of the newborn baby
  • Birth Weight
  • Date of Birth
  • Time Of Birth
  • Length of Baby at Birth
  • Babies Full Name
  • Month of the Year, 12 blankets, 1 for each month
  • Milestones


These personalized additions or wonderful for mommy and daddy and baby to enjoy all of the colors. There are other options that can be added to most or come with many blankets and they are sensory objects. Sensory exploration is especially important for your little one as it helps to encourage exploration and helps them to learn. They can benefit a child’s cognitive development as well language, emotional and language skills.

These sensory type babies blankets do have a variety of objects attached to them but then general themes is mostly the same. Some of the more popular sensory items you will see attached include the following.


  • A wide range of bright colors
  • Made from many different textures to encourage them to explore their sense of touch
  • Different fabric for different feel, for example fleece, velvet, sequins or felt
  • Other textures such as buttons and beads
  • Noisy items like small squeaky toys and rattles
  • Safe pacifier tag or anything chewable
  • Things that make crinkling and rustling sounds


There is much variety when it comes to choosing a babies blanket and you will probably find have quite a few different ones at home even before your little one is born. Blankets look incredibly cute and make for great gift for a baby shower or for when the baby is born. Many friends are likely to give you a more simple and practical blankets and maybe more down to very close family to purchase one that is personalized as they are more often than not the first to know the child’s name and birth information. The sensory version are probably not required for the first couple of months but it will not be long before they are grasping for things more and more. Buying anything for your baby is a personal choice for the parents in choosing what you believe is the right thing for them and over time from experience knowing what their preferences are. They all have their own unique function and like we said, you will probably end with many different versions inside the first year.



Inspiration And Ideas Such As Embroidered Names, Birth Information, Photo’s And Pictures



With so many varieties we thought we would list some of our favorites many of which have been personalized or have custom additions such as embroidered words of your choice as well pictures and a babies birth information.


Custom Baby Blankets

  • Custom minky print with black grey and mint moose and Aztec minky
  • Custom minky print double layer with deer antler pattern
  • Custom minky print double layer with black bear pattern and grey plaid minky
  • Lovey Lovie custom security blanket with rattle and baby giraffe


Baby Boy Personalized Blankets

  • Intuitive large milestone for boy in thick flannel and plaid background
  • Monthly or Weekly milestone blanket for boys with jungle and safari theme
  • Blue monthly milestone for newborn boy with growth chart, custom photo and matching bib


Baby Girl Personalized Blanket

  • Monogrammed with girls name and initials in pink and white
  • Soft cotton shades of pink and white embroidered for girls crib
  • Monogrammed quilt with girls name in pink


Personalized Baby Blankets With Name

  • Monthly milestones with 104 alphabet letters and personalized photograph
  • Monogrammed with name and full name in various size and fonts
  • Embroidered with first or full name of choice


With Birth Information

  • Various colors with full birth information including time, date, year, birth weight and length and name


Embroidered Baby Blankets

  • Double layer plush with embroidered rocket
  • I love you to the moon and back embroidered tribal theme 30 x 40 inch



  • Handmade tag style with sensory objects attached
  • Crinkle textures and teething squares in a forest theme



  • Non slip fleece designed to stay in place in a stroller
  • 30 x 40 inch fleece with satin trim
  • Premium fleece with room for monthly milestones



  • Floral design for newborn in soft fleece with milestones for month
  • Months of the year on soft premium fleece with photo



  • Organic monthly milestone, dream big for growth with a frame


Blankets And Hats

  • Blanket in floral patterns with matching hat



  • Soft silky bamboo muslin swaddle blankets



  • You are the sun and the moon to me newborn milestone plush decor



  • Knitted super soft warm multi color 30 x 40 inch
  • Newborn wrap in sleeping bag shape and great for a stroller



  • Mermaid scales glow in the dark plush throw



  • Soft cotton wrap with matching hat in camo



  • Winnie the Pooh fleece in blue
  • Disney Mickey Mouse Hello World icon double sided velour and sherpa



  • Little explorer woodland forest theme with custom baby photo and milestones


With Pictures

Today I am… calendar and week months choice with custom picture



  • Printed mink with Sherpa backing with woodland creature scene



  • Soft silky bamboo muslin swaddle wrap



  • Organic monthly milestone with woodland theme



  • Lightweight embossed cotton quilt for toddlers



  • Monthly milestones in days, weeks, month and years with calendar and height chart



  • Navy printed giraffe on plush material
  • Giraffe face and color security style


Teddy Bear

  • Teddy bear face and arms on soft security



  • Baby deer head with antlers for security


Bible Verse

  • Under His Wings Muslin Swaddle with Scripture Quote Psalm 91



  • Monthly milestone with small elephant print, also great for photography mat
  • Elephant head security type with soft minky dot fabric



  • Baseball glove printed on growth chart soft photo prop



  • Monogrammed quilt embroidered with name of choice



  • Fleece 30 x 40 inch with satin trim


Stuffed Animal

  • Snuggler stuffed animal fox head



  • The most precious moments large fleece 60″ x 40″



  • Comfy Cubs soft minky reversible multi use for infant or newborn



  • Holiday milestone, my first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Halloween, Easter, 4th of July etc
  • Happy Christmas snowman image soft plush receiving wrap



  • Premium bamboo muslin security quilt



  • Handmade knit plaid glitter butterfly design


Lovie Lovey

  • Sloth rattle head security type



  • Nautical theme with anchor and whale super soft and double sided



  • Security bear Pittsburgh Steelers NFL
  • Security bear New England Patriots NFL



  • Taggies soothing sensory stuffed animal security with flora fawn theme



  • Various blessing – May the Lord bless you… for Baptism gift


Black And White

  • Muslin swaddle super soft touch 47 x 47 inch in black and white



  • You are a child of God quote on 100% cotton muslin with gift box for Christening


Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter themed Little Muggle with Hogwarts, Broomstick, Books and Owl


Bibs And Blankets

  • Milestone blanket with animals and balloons and matching bib




A Throw For Show Or Luxury Warmth For A Newborn



Any item that is given for a baby will be small and cute and will deliver that aww! moment. Their tiny blankets have the same impact and seeing them lying on them looking up at you and laughing is a heart warming experience. When a friend or member of the family gives your baby a blanket that has been personalized it shows how much thought they have put into it. Every gift requires some thought but when they have some custom extras that make the blanket unique and individual to the baby there has been more love and effort put into choosing it. The baby will not understand but parents will be overjoyed to see something that has been created especially for their bundle of joy.

A personal gift such as these will be highly appreciated by mommy and daddy and will be one that will be treasured and retained in their babies keepsake items no doubt. There is a downside to when something looks too cute and adorable and that is parents think they look too beautiful to actually use. They don’t wish to see them covered in food, drink or any other baby accidents. Rather than tuck them away for safe keeping they can be hung up on a wall as a decorative show piece in the babies room. Being smaller than an adult version they would make a great addition to any nursery.

Obviously it is important for a baby to have blankets they can use. Like adults the core body temperature drops during the night and having some covering increases the levels of serotonim and melatonin in the brain and this helps us all to relax. Just as with adults, babies have a circadian rhythm which is a natural rhythm that helps us to sleep although a babies is not set like ours at first. It makes the body cool down before sleep which is why any kind of warm protection is required.

Parents use different methods to keep their babies warm, one of which is swaddling. Although we have children and know of the potential dangers when babies sleep we are no experts so please seek proper advice on sleeping from known professionals. Swaddling has been used for hundreds of years and basically wraps your baby in a thin blanket to help them feel and secure. It can help your baby to sleep for longer periods because they are less likely to be woken up by their startle reflex and can often help to sooth when they are over stimulated. There are some risks and these include swaddling too tight affects mobility and development. The most important being SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome which research has shown to have an increased risk in swaddling that is unsafe. One such bad practice is to place a baby on its front or swaddling too tightly but there are others and we implore you to undertake your own research into how to keep your baby safe when sleeping.

The above is not meant to cause too much alarm but awareness, research and safe sleeping practice is vitally important. A baby still needs to be kept warm and I always lay a blanket loose over my boy just up to his under arms with his arms out and over it while lying on his back of course. I would then just keep the room at a warm enough temperature so he didn’t feel cold.

Always have plenty of blankets available as they soon get dirty, they are so useful which is probably why there are among the most common gifts for a baby shower. It is not just the soft and cozy feeling while sleeping they are also wonderful to have wrapped around a baby while cuddling. For the baby they will just have a feeling of softness for their sensitive skin, of warmth and of feeling loved. Different patterns are also interesting for them and again that softness also means they are great for wrapping a baby, drying them and keeping them warm after a bath. High quality blankets are very affordable which means having many readily available cheap enough to achieve for most people and relieves any pressure from suddenly realizing all of the blankets are dirty.