Quench Your Thirst Using A Mug For Papa Bear


There are millions of households and each will be unique in its decor with the items and objects people use and collect. There will be certain things that are common to each and every home and one of those will be something to drink from. Humans need to drink which means some kind of vessel exists in every home. The most common will be some form of mug, cup or glass. Most people will accumulate quite a collection of each of them over the years though set breaking and gifts. Mugs are commonplace because they come printed with so many different things. There are ones printed with words and images dedicated to a family member, to support a sports team, animals, showing a favorite TV show or movie character, businesses advertising along with many more. There are also those that are quite personal in that they can have names, dates and pictures printed on them which are often displayed rather than used. One of the more popular mugs for dad is the papa bear design with the image of a bear. All of the different varieties usually will result in home with plenty of mugs.

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There is a vast range of personal items that can be given to a dad and many can have custom additions applied to them to make them more personalized. The range of personalized items such as these also stretch into those that match that are produced for all manners of combinations of family members. These are given to two people or from one to ther other and can include father and daughter necklaces, clothing including dad and son shirts and for the whole family, Disney shirts and even rings.

The clothing produced for two people who enjoy the coordinated look is great at showing the connection the two have. Individual items have the same message as they can usually be seen as one person showing another their love, such as shirts with Best Dad Ever printed on them. Any clothing for parents and their children are usually viewed as being cute but those for couples in a romantic relationship are considered by some to be too public for such displays of affection. Things for the home, although similar, are classed as more mainstream and are often given to a dad on days like Father’s Day.

Do not let some negative reactions dissuade you from giving or wearing any type of clothing that says how great a father is but if they are not your thing then there are plenty of other choices. Mugs and also cups, glasses or tumblers are generally for the home which makes them a more discreet way of sharing a close bond. There are times when they can be taken outside and if it is practice to do so, used at work but then many colleagues will have similar types of mugs.

The mugs that are produced with a dad in mind can come with many various prints already added to them. These are printed or lasered on to mugs of various sizes, designs and colors. Often there are choices to perosonalize them by adding custom text such as initials, names and dates and also photographs. One of the more popular designs is that of the papa bear. Papa bear mugs also come in a variety of colors with word and bear image also available in different colors and fonts. You will also find the as a set with baby bear and mama bear mugs.


Mugs Are Wonderful Gifts For Any Dad Who Enjoys His Coffee Or Tea



An exciting part about many celebrations is the part where the gifts appear. Most people love to receive one and enjoy seeing them wrapped up, wondering what it could be and then the enjoyment of ripping the paper off. There is as much pleasure in giving a loved one something you will know they will love. Seeing the look of surprise and joy on their faces is often better than receiving something. When it comes to giving a present to a dad, anything from the child will be considered especially important and one that is personal to them from your heart, even more so.

Thinking of the wide variety of incredible gifts you could purchase with the likes of necklaces or bracelets, they can make a mug seem a little ordinary and even boring. They really are not all that exciting when look at a plain version but they can be made to look bright, interesting and often fun to look at. There are many humeros designs with cartoon image and jokes as well as the more serious but heart warming types. The papa bear design offers a great message in a way that the children see their dad as their protector and one who will look after his cubs well. They can also have added features such as dates and are also a very functional gift that will be used regularly for coffee and tea. Having said that, there will be some owners who thing too much of the mug and would rather use it as an ornament than use it and risk it breaking.

Before purchasing a mug, you should consider the various types available. We are sure most peopl conjure a similar image when asked to think of a mug but there are a number of different types.

The Classic

This is the one that most people would picture in their minds when thinking of a mug. The materials used include china, ceramic, porcelain and glass. A typical mug of this type will hold 8 oz of your favorite drink.


This is quite a small capacity mug at around 3 to 4 oz and are usually used for espresso’s and are usually made from ceramic.


A travel mug is what might be described as a portable mug with the name being the clue, i.e for use when travelling. Most of these are made from strainless steel with seals to help keep any hot drinks hot.


A tumbler can be described as a cross between a class and travel, being the same shape as the classic but taller. They also have the benefits of the travel version, produced in stainless steel or malamine and are well insulated in order to maintain heat or allow for cold liquids to remain cool. They have leak proof lids which make them equally good for home use as well as taking out in the car, for picnics or exercise.

For anyone looking to purchase a version that is decorated with the papa bear design, it can be found on mugs, cups, tumblers and glasses. It can often be a struggle to think of different things to buy for all of the various celebrations that occur during a year and these are a gift worthy of any, including Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving. Because they are one of those heart felt personal presents they will mean even more to any father.



A Few Designs From Ceramic To Stainless Steel



Enjoy a list of our favorite styles from the selection that is available with an added brief description. All come with the text Papa Bear and with the image of a bear or paw mark.



  • 15 oz ceramic with bear paw and text including quote saying – Nobody Messes With My Cubs
  • Artisan black with white print

Coffee Mugs

  • White coffee mug with brown words and image
  • White with black bear image
  • Black coffee mug with bear wearing shirt with words Papa


  • Ceramic cup in white with black text


  • Vacuum insulated, stainless steel tumbler in black with silver words and image
  • Black tumbler with 2 lids, straw and mixer with white image


  • Pint glass with laser engraved print
  • Glass with bear head shaped inner liquid container

Mama Bear Papa Bear

  • Mama Bear and Papa Bear set

And Cub

  • Papa Bear and Baby Bear
  • White mug with black print include cubs

Travel Mug

  • 30 oz stainless steel travel mug and lid with black text and forest outline
  • 15 oz travel mug with flip lid


  • Dada Bear 11oz in white with brown cartoon bear
  • Papa Beer pint glass

Father’s Day

  • Premium 11oz mug with words in shape of the bear
  • 11 oz with words and image of a grizzly


  • Campfire speckled ceramic 15 oz in black with white text and image


  • White with black and red plaid image

From Baby

  • I Love My Papa Bear with image of a teddy


  • Enamel camping mug in white with black image and custom established date


  • White enamel with Daddy Bear in black


  • White with blue print and personalized established date
  • Stainless steel travel 14oz with custom established date

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel tumbler with lid, thermos style, vacuum insulated flask hydro water bottle



Papa Bear Is A Popular Image That Reminds You Of A Special Bond



The people that most humans with have personal contact with during the lives will run into the hundreds and thousands. Out of all those people some will become close friends but none will have as great impact on your life than the people within your immediate family. This group can vary from person to person and can include one, two or any number from mom, dad, grandparents, brothers and sisters, son and daughters, uncles and aunts, cousins or any other close relatives. Those that are closest to you will have given you the love, support and encouragement that made you feel special as you grew up. Children very much need a parental figure of some sorts in their lives and all the better for it to be their moms and dads.

Throughout their year growing up a child will learn to appreciate more and more the time that has been dedicated to them. It is in these periods from baby, through infant and toddler, through education that parents sacrifice much for them and when strong bonds are constantly being built upon. There will eventually come a time when they wish to say thank you and this will often come way of a simple gift, such as a papa bear mug.

It will not only be the children that gain an advantage from their moms and dads spending times with their kids. The parents also get to witness many special moments such as the many important milestones each baby hits as the grow. There will be many never to be repeated and unmissable moments that a parent will enjoy and will store in their minds as treasured memories that willl be looked back on for many years.

While most moms and dads are able to make the sacrifices from work and their own social lives, mainly because they want to and love spending time with their family, there are some that don’t. There will still be some parents who would love to have more time with their children but need to work long hours just to feed, cloth and provide shelter for them. These are the parents that do their best and are to be applauded, however their are some who put their own lives first, who have the time to be with their kids but put their own lifestyles first.

These are the types of parents who needs to change and begin to dedicate more time into the children. Continuing to neglect them will only lead to regret later in life so now is the time for change. A fresh start needs a symbol to mark a new beginning that can be a constant reminder of the promise you are to make to yourself and your children. Any object will be fine but we suggest a mug as it is something that is more likely to be used multiple times a day, starting in the morning and will act as a constant reminder of your new life. The papa bear addition is a good print to have on the mug as it tell the story of who you should be, the papa looking after his babies.

Of all the various mugs that can be found for a father, there will be a particular one suitable for yours. There are many amazing looking mugs with all sorts of prints that range from novelty to heart warming, any of which would make for a gift that any daddy will love. Papa bear is one of many designs and another that looks beautiful. Because of how good many of them do look there will be many fathers who will prefer to use their mug as an ornament or similar type of display item. We can’t blame anyone for wanting to protect their gift from breakage, after all they will be a sentimental present from their son or daughter that represents a strong family bond.