Enhance Your Passport With His And Hers Covers


Any time you are traveling to another country whether it be for pleasure or business your passport is the most important item as without one you will not be going anywhere. It does not matter how you are travelling, either by plane, ship, train or car it is the one item you will not want to leave behind. Unless you are traveling within your country or a region of that country a passport is essential as without it you will not be allowed to travel. There are other useful reasons to owning one which we will look through later but needless to say any couples who enjoy their vacations are most likely to have one or should get one. Almost all countries passports look pretty much the same with the only different being their color and the emblem. However, there are ways to get creative and make them more personal to you and help you both to stand out from the crowd.

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If you have taken an interesting in matching items that are available for a couple or even if it is just a passport cover you would like, you may have come across many other things within this range. That many varieties of clothing, accessories or jewelry than can be purchased and for the people who can’t get enough of objects that match there will be a paired version of almost every thing you can pick up individually. While many are for two people who are connected romantically there are also many for all different types of family members and friends. There are items of clothing that split opinion on whether they should be worn in public but there are every day things such as pillows and mugs for the home or luggage tags for travelling that are used by many people, including those who would no way wear matching shirts with their partner.

Most of the items that are found as sets of two will be more often than not purchased by the couple themselves and some will be given as gifts from one to the other. How they are bought and for what occasion will come down to what the individual item is but most would not be out of place when given as gift. This is because while individually they might be pretty plain and boring, when they become a part of pair then tend to be designed with this in mind and will have either images added or text with His and Hers or Mr and Mrs added to the item. These additions turn even a simple passport holder into something that could be given as gift and with the many celebrations during the year that require one it can often become difficult to think up something fresh and unique. These could be given during festivities like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s or Anniversaries.

Before you even think about any kind of cover your first task if you don’t already have one is to get a passport. Although just less than half of US citizens have one that is valid they are useful even without travelling to other countries. Another thing to consider is if any emergencies crop up or in the excitement of planning a vacation you forget yours is out of date in which case you will be waiting around 6 weeks for it to arrive. It is always advisable to maintain a current passport and here are a few more reasons to own one.


A Legal Form Of ID

Just like your driver’s license your passport is a legal photo ID that is valid for any application or situation which
requires one.


As mentioned above, and especially if you have family members who live in other parts of the world, a family emergency may arise which requires you to leave in a hurry.

Establish Identity

If you need to provide documentation to establish your identity for anything from loans to a new job then a passport is one of the best forms you can use.


Some countries will also require a visa to visit which means showing your passport. If you have to wait the 6 weeks for a new passport and then add the waiting time for a visa it becomes a long wait and requires long term planning


Travelling isn’t always about vacations, you may be asked to travel for work urgently and they may not be happy if you need to wait 6 weeks because you do not have one.

Domestic Flights

If your driver’s license does not meet federal standards then you will need to your passport for domestic flights also.


Once you have your passports it will be then be a good idea to get holders for them even if it is for the simple reason of protecting them. Every year around 300 000 passports are lost or stolen and as we have just mentioned that are a legal form of ID. By not protecting your passport you are open to potentially having your identity stolen and criminals can sell that information and use it to obtain credit or buy things. The fraudsters only require certain information to take your identity and apply for a credit card, take out a loan, open a bank account with an overdraft, a mobile phone contract etc.

Your passport is one of the most important pieces of information that criminals require to succeed in doing all of the above. Bank accounts can now be opened online with only electronic checks and with your passport in their possession you have given them the key to opening anything. Therefore once you have your passport make sure you protect it well and keep a check on it and a cover can help with this.



The Gift Of Mr and Mrs Holders For Your Passports Brings Style To Your Journey



Any time that we are given a gift we get that special feeling and a buzz of excitement goes through us. Even if it is not for a wrapped gift is something mysterious to look at and wonder what is inside. While receiving presents brings us a lot of joy the same is true when giving them especially when they are for a loved one. It only takes a simple gift to brighten up your partners day and put a smile on their face and seeing them happy will make you feel the same way. Obviously there are many occasions through the year that offer the opportunity to purchase gifts for your partner but there will be times when it is nice to surprise them perhaps as thank you, a token of your love or to show them how much you appreciate them. For this kind of gift most people would choose flowers or chocolates but maybe something different and a little unique like a set of passport covers would make a change from the normal.

If you both love to travel then wallets for your passport might be even more appropriate as they would be if you had planned a surprise vacation and wanted initiate the revealing of the surprise with subtle clues like these covers. If your partner opened a gift containing holders with Mr and Mrs embroidered on them it would drop a great hint as to what you have planned and this could be followed up by more clues. As we have mentioned, passports are not only for airline travel, they will be required on a cruise ship, driving across boarders or to use as a form of ID when required. A cover acts similar to a book cover in that the outer pages of your passport will slide into the holders pockets on either side.


Benefits Of Using A Passport Cover


A passport is not indestructible and will suffer from wear and tear over the years while a cover will ensure it does not deteriorate or have anything like liquid spilled on it.


You can choose your own color, designs, personalize it and decide how fashionable you want it to look.

Easy To Find

The dark blue of the passport can easily blend in and get lost amid the array of other items in a bag whereas a cover can stand out and make finding it quickly much easier.

Added Pockets

Many covers will not only not only protect your passport but they also provide extra pockets which can be used to store your money, tickets etc. They can now be all found in one place which makes everything super easy to find rather than searching through your bag for loose paperwork.

Protect Your Digital Information

The majority of passports have an RFID chip and some covers will have RFID blockers in order to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Hiding Your Citizenship

The color of your passport is a bit of a giveaway as to where you are from and if you wish to hide this then a cover will enable you to.

Identifies You In A Group

If you travel in groups on a tour the organizer will often take all of the passports to show and read the name to return them but with an personal cover they will know that it is yours immediately.

Conversation Starter

Whether it is a customs checkpoint or passport control, a great designed cover will more likely bring out some comment about it and start a conversation.

Making New Friends

If you have a cover that stands out you are sure to have some comments made by anyone that notices while you are travelling. It can be a way to break the ice, get the conversation started and who knows, make some great new friends.

Reduces Potential ID Theft

As we previously mentioned passports are a legal form of ID and many are stolen every year to be sold and used by criminals open bank accounts, take out loans etc. If your passport have a cover it will not be as noticeable as it will just look like a notebook and as they are usually after a quick and easy chance they are more likely to move on to another target.


We have established that having a passport up to date and using a cover are two essential things you should be doing. Next up is what design, style and color to choose for your holder. Those for couples will be matching in some way and can have a romantic theme or you could choose a theme that is funny. Obviously they come in a variety of colors and if there is not a set pair that you particularly like, you could of course by two of them same one. Next up are a few ideas with a brief description.



A few Ideas And Some Inspiration To Get Yours Customized


Looking to purchase your covers but perhaps need a few ideas or a little inspiration then take a look at a few of our favorites to see what might suit you.


Personalized Passport Cover

  • Set of 2 personalized with your names
  • Personalized engraving with names on genuine leather


Mr And Mrs

  • The Mr – The Mrs gift set in black and white
  • Mr – Mrs in black and white
  • Mr – Mrs slimline waterproof
  • Mr & Mrs custom surname – Traveling Together sice with custom date
  • The your custom surname


His And Hers

  • World map cover with RFID block set of 2
  • Adventure Awaits personalized with names and dates
  • In life, it’s not where you go, but who you travel with
  • To a lifetime of adventures together
  • His Passport – Her Passport
  • Live, Love, Travel


Bride And Groom

  • The Groom – The Bride in black and white



  • Mr Right – Mrs Always Right
  • Don’t touch me
  • Please ignore Incredibly embarrassing photo


Husband And Wife

  • Hubby – Wifey
  • As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen
  • Some road aren’t meant to be traveled alone with custom names and dates



  • Mr and Mrs customized with your surname eco leather marble effect



  • Where there’s a will there’s a way engraved anniversary gift



  • Disney styled Mr and Mrs with Mickey and Minnie ears



  • Handmade leather embossed set


Just Married

  • And So The Journey Begins laser engraved leather



  • Let The Adventure Begin vegan eco leather



  • Your initial monogrammed surrounded by heart shape



A Personalized Passport Cover For A Couple Displays Your Bond



From childhood to reaching adult life you may have been on a number of vacations with your family and friends and those wonderful holidays will always dwell in your mind as precious memories that you will always remember fondly. When you meet your partner and things take off it will be with them that you start to go on vacations with and it with them you create new memories to add to the already treasured times that you spent with your family. There may be a time they become your husband or wife with who you share all that life throws at you and the connection that formed between you grows ever stronger. You will always be there to love and support each other and while this is unconditional there may be times when you show how much you appreciate them being there by giving them a gift.

As a small gift that comes from the heart and sends a message of love and appreciation it need not be expensive and we are sure you can think of many items that your partner would love to receive. If you do have a partner that is difficult to buy for or you want to give them something that is a little unusual but also shows you connection and status as a couple then something like a personalized passport cover would be a good choice of gift. This is especially true if you travel regularly and with an embroidered or monogrammed holder that is eye catching and with wording like His and Hers or Mr and Mrs you will be giving off a fun and romantic vibe.

Obviously there are only so many options available for a cover and they will include the amount of pockets inside, the color whether it can be personalized with your initials or name and what other embroidered words or images there may be. You can also choose the theme, for example funny and the material they are made from. There are a few different material types and you will have a choice from the following:


  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Faux Leather
  • Polyester
  • Stainless Steel


They may have seemed like a fairly dull item to give as a gift at first but with the many benefits that using a wallet has and the various options to make it more personal to you both they soon turn into a fairly exciting gift. They are not only very useful but also adds some fun, can start a conversation and displays to the whole world the special bond and love you have for one another. While it is more likely that these will be purchased as a gift between partners it is also plausible that they should be given to a couple as a surprise from close friends or family. A set embroidered Bride and Groom would make a perfect gift for newlyweds on their wedding day to use for their honeymoon. These are not the only limitations and you could give them as a gift to any couple for any occasion during the year.