Travel In Style With Matching His And Hers Luggage Tags


Whenever you travel to any destination, whether it is by plane, train or a boat there are a few essential accessories you should have and your tag is the most important. If you think of the huge volume of bags that go through just one airport terminal in a day and then picture your bag among the endless amount of indistinguishable bags waiting for their owners you can begin to appreciate the importance of one small item to help identify which bags are yours. From known records in just one year almost 26 million people either lost their bags or experienced some delay in having their returned. When you use a luggage tag you bag is not only easily identifiable to your when you collect it but also to any one searching for it should it get lost. Luckily, much like any other item you can buy, you can turn this simple object into one that is fashionable with a host of different varieties available in a whole lot of colors as well as those that have been made for couples.

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There is in fact a very large range of clothing, jewelry and all sorts of various accessories that have been produced so that couples can have a matching set. Most things, especially gift items will have a version available for a couple and while for many object this means a pair that will be others where an individual item is meant for two people romantically connected. There are some items like clothing that are probably disliked more than they are liked but when it comes to smaller or household items such as figurines or discreet clothing like socks or even items like teddy bears then you will find many more people approve and own such things.

When it comes to those accessories that come as a matching set it will the couple themselves who will tend to choose and buy them together. On the other hand they could also make for great little additional gifts or stocking stuffers. They may seem a more unusual gift idea but being designed as His and Hers makes them more interesting and some what romantic. The designs are fairly eye catching and many times will brighten up a plain piece of luggage.Plus with all of the various celebrations  during the year that require a gift it can easily feel overwhelming trying to keep up with new ideas and these could serve as a small gift idea for occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Birthday’s.

They may only be an accessory to identify your luggage but by purchasing a his and her set you are making a plain item more interesting and much more noticeable and fashionable. However, aside for identifying your bags they do play an important role when traveling, especially by plane. Lets take a look at a few reasons why these little objects are so important.


These are some of the reasons why you should use a luggage tag:



Your luggage will not get lost

They will prevent your bags from being picked up by somebody else

Easy to spot

If you have a fairly unique or bright tag it will be easier to identify as it will stand out among all the other bags on
the baggage carousel

Less chance of getting stolen

Having tags attached reduces the chance of your luggage being stolen as thieves will prefer to take any unnamed bags so they can plead innocent and say they just picked up the wrong one.


In the old days of paper tags they would easily rip off but these are lasting and unlikely to fall off.


In the event your luggage gets lost or misdirected the tag will hold all of your information which helps employees to return it to you more quickly


The are many varieties of tags and they don’t have to be simple plain ones. If you want to add some fashion to your bags then this is the chance.

Track progress

A lot of airlines allow you to track the progress of your luggage through various tracking apps so you know where it is at all time and allows you and staff to track missing suitcases

Identifies your bag

A tag is like a passport or driving licence for your bag which allows airlines know who they belong to


The most important reason is to ensure your baggage does not get lost and with crowded airports this happens frequently. On average there are 6 bags lost of stolen for every 1000 passengers and just under 50% will be delivered late. Having a  luggage tag not only helps you identify your bags easily it will help any staff members on any of the ways you may be travelling to get them back to you as quickly as possible. Around 97% of all lost luggage that has a tag is returned within two days which beats waiting a week or two on vacation without any of your belongings.



Start A Vacation With A Gift Of Romantic Mr And Mrs Tags For The Luggage



When we receive a gift we feel special and always have that excited feeling of wonder, looking at the shape and feeling it trying to work out what it might be. While we all love receiving gifts most of also take great pleasure in giving one to a loved one such as your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Many of us take more enjoyment in seeing them happy than ourselves and giving your partner something that will brighten their day makes us incredibly happy. It does not have to be for any special occasion, you partner is there for you through the good and bad times and will support and love you in every way they can. If you like to buy them the odd gift like flowers to let them know how much you love and appreciate them then perhaps you could surprise with something small and simple like a matching set of tags.

They would make an especially good gift if you have a vacation planned and presenting them with these could be a way

of starting the count down to when you finally set off. They could also work well as a part of a surprise vacation which you might have already booked. Wrapping up and giving a set of Mr and Mrs tags would be a fun way of revealing the surprise or see if they guess why you are giving such a gift. It is not just flights for which they are used, any journey that requires any suitcases should have a tag attached. Cruise ships also have huge volumes of baggage to process and while not on the same level, they will also be a useful identifier on trains and coaches. If you are driving yourself and staying in a hotel they are still essential for those who have a bellhop service as baggage can easily get mixed up. There is also another positive point in buying these as a gift and that is unlike some presents that disappear without use, these will certainly be used and provide a benefit to you both.


If you travel often enough it might seem like misplacing your baggage will be inevitable at some point but a tag will at least assist everyone in getting it returned to you. However there are some extra precautions you can take in order to keep your luggage and its contents that little bit safer.


  1.  Place tags on the outside but also the inside of your bags
  2.  Lock your case
  3.  Place your itinerary in one of the bags pockets
  4.  Remember to remove your old tags
  5.  Try to avoid using connecting flights
  6.  Take your valuables onboard with you as a carry on
  7.  Ensure you check in on time
  8.  Take photographs of your luggage and their contents
  9.  Check the airports own tag to ensure all the details are correct
  10.  Use a tracking app to check the status of your luggage
  11.  As soon as you believe your luggage is lost, notify the airline immediately


Following these steps should help to reduce the chances of you ever losing a piece of luggage and if you ever do you have a very high chance, around 97% of having it returned within 2 days should you use tags. To help those employees dealing with your lost bags get them to you, you should provide the right information on your tag but also be careful not to reveal too much. Here are some do’s and don’ts of what information to have on your tag.


Outer Tag

  • First and last name
  • Cell Phone number where you can be reached while on vacation
  • Email Address
  • Photograph of yourself

Inner Tag

  • Travel Destination
  • Contact information of destination
  • Contact Information for return journey
  • Alternative contacts for your destination and home


What you should not ever include is your address as this will let potential thieves know your address and that they have plenty of time because you will be away for a week or two. The tag on the inside of your bags shows a little more information as criminals are only going want to catch a glance of the outer tags for any addresses on show. Although you still don’t want to have your address in their will be safe to put the destination address.


When it comes to which tag to choose you will find a huge variety of styles that come in many different materials and colors and you will probably want one that will compliment your existing baggage. Those with couples in mind have a smaller amount of choice but if there is a particular one you must have, you could of course buy 2 the same and you will end up with the same effect of having a matching set, albeit without being able to show off the His and Hers, Mr and Mrs logos that often come with those produced especially for a couple.



There Are Sets For Everyone One – Bride And Groom, Initial, Wedding, Couples



Whatever you status as a couple maybe there will be something for everyone and if you are looking for a few ideas or want to be inspired then we have listed a few of our favorites with a short description.


Mr And Mrs

  • Mr – Mrs with additional words exploring together forever
  • Mr – Mrs – More Mrs set of three in black and pink
  • Mr – Mrs set of 2 in grey and white
  • Mr – Mrs – More Mrs set of 3 all in black
  • Mr – Mrs with a heart



  • Initial with full privacy cover and stainless steel loop
  • Set of 2 Orange in color with white initial letter
  • Personalized leather set of 2 with initials of choice



  • Half heart on each one pair of 2
  • Just Married
  • Just Married set of 2 in black and white with opposing text


His And Hers

  • Set of 3 – His – Hers – Ours
  • His – Hers laser engraved
  • His – Hers in purple and blue
  • Hers – Also Hers


Personalized Luggage Tags

  • Silver or Gold laser engraved personalized with initials and details of choice
  • Personalized stainless steel set of 2 with pdf template



  • Mr Right – Mrs Always Right
  • Oh For Fox Sake set of 2



  • Beach holiday designs – Sun, Sombrero, Coconut tree, Cocktail Pineapple
  • Ice cream and ice lollies
  • Cocktails
  • Star Wars – Kylo Ren, R2D2, BB8, Stormtrooper
  • Comic book art style
  • Set of 2 Frogs


Bride And Groom

  • Adventure Awaits
  • The Bride – The Groom
  • The Bride – Also The Brides – The Groom set of 3
  • The Bride – The Groom in pink and black


King And Queen

  • King or Queen gender reveal tag


Personalized Wooden

  • Mr – Mrs wooden set of 2 engraved


Husband And Wife

  • Hubby – Wifey
  • Personalized with names and date of choice
  • Hubby – Wifey embroidered with arrow on each



  • Mickey Mouse – Minnie Mouse Disney tourist
  • Mickey and Minnie faces and ears
  • Mary Poppins Lets Go Fly A Kite



  • Van Gogh green flower pair in leather



  • Vinyl PCV with zip seal and steel locking loops



  • Luxury pink flamingos and palm tree set
  • Premium handmade deluxe 2 piece



  • Custom monogrammed with fancy font



  • Aluminium identifier set of 2



  • Vintage world map design
  • Vintage suitcase style set



Show Off Your Couple Status With Personalized Initialed Tags



Throughout your life you will have probably been on many different vacations or short trips with your family and looking back you are bound to have some treasured memories of you and your family enjoying yourselves. As you grow older and meet your partner you will start taking vacations with them and those times will become an additional part of your precious memories. As your partner is the person with whom you will be spending the rest of your life the memories you create with them will become more expansive through the years and your love and appreciation of them grows unconditionally. There are times when a few caring words are enough but there maybe occasions where you want to show how much you love, care and appreciate them by way of a simple gift.

A small gesture need not be expensive as it is coming from the heart to let them know that you are thinking of them and there are many different items you could choose to show this and act as a symbol of your love and bond. If you love to take trips and vacations together one such item that will always be with you to represent your connection would be a luggage tag. In order to establish the connection between you they can be engraved or monogrammed with such words as Mr and Mrs, His and Hers or making it personalized with your initials. There are a few different words of this kind which are produced to give a romantic vibe to them but there are also funny or novelty ones that are still made as a matching set for couples to use.

Other options include the color of the tag and this will be chosen to compliment the color of your luggage and also the material of which they are made. An airline will attach its own paper version but you will want of quality and this can only be achieved by buying your own. Here are some materials you will find them to be made from:


Leather version look stylish and will generally come with a buckle and strap. They are very long lasting, strong and very difficult to break


Very strong and almost unbreakable and you can have them engraved with the important contact information as mentioned previously.


Cheap and practical, they can be removed and changed to other bags quick and with minimal effort. The come in any color you can imagine but have the downside in which they can break easily.


Very cheap and easy to use, much like what the airline uses but can really only be used once and probably most practical for some additional details for you inner tag.


While design, color and material are all important in choosing the tag that is perfect for you and your partner there are a few other points you may want to consider in order to get the most out of them.


  • Try getting one that is waterproof or at least one that will protect your printed or written details.
  • Use more than one tag for each piece of luggage as an extra precaution to one coming off.
  • Watch out for sharp edges especially if being used on children’s bags.
  • Most people use shades of brown or black, so why not stand out more and use one with a bright color.
  • Ensure they are uniform for every bag so that you will be able to identify all of your baggage easier.
  • The information on your tag should be clear, concise and easy to read so if your handwriting is a mess, get your partner to write it.


For most people a tag is just a tag and is purchased and added without much thought. However, as we have discovered here, there is a lot more too them and they provide an essential service when travelling. You can also turn the most dullest of objects into one that can be fun, romantic and telling the whole world how happy you are and that a lot of fun happens in your relationship. Sometimes it can be these little details the bring a couple closer together and the tag can be saved in a memory box to serve as a reminder of a wonderful time spent together. You will probably also find they become a conversation starter at the airport and will probably have everyone wanting a pair.

While usually purchased by the couple themselves or as a gift from one to the other they could also be given to a couple by friends and family close to them. A set with Mr and Mrs printed on them would be a great gift for a bride and groom who have just married and are heading on their honeymoon. There are other varieties that would suit engagement parties, housewarming or even a bachelor/ bachelorette party especially if you come across something funny. There are no limitations as to who will be able to buy a set of these as there at least one pair for everyone.