Protect Your Surfaces With Special Coasters For Mom


There are certain items that you will find in many homes that are there for a purpose. Coasters are one of those items that not everyone uses but many do because they have many benefits. They can be quite plain and boring but also made for certain occasions, for certain people or are themed with various things such as animals with drawings or photographs.

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Coasters can be found in thousands of different designs. The amount of various images you will find are almost infinite, especially when you include the personalized options. Mother’s Day or those dedicate for a mom or the varieties produced in the mommy and me design are another example.

Most will come as a set of four or sometimes six and will usually be slight variants of the same topic. You will also find many of these kind of things between a mom and daughter or son also come as matching sets for both to enjoy. However, in this case they are singular objects dedicated from a son or daughter to their mom.

There is a very large range of items that are produced within the clothing, accessory and jewelry types especially for a mom for Mother’s Day or in the mommy and me style. These include items such as cups and tumblers which will be perfect for placing on some new coasters. Other accessories are designed to bring a mom and child closer together like cookbooks and even beautiful silk pajamas to enjoy the day together.

The coaster which you will be choosing for Mother’s Day are going to be beautifully designed and often owners find them so pleasant to look at they prefer to use them as decorative ornaments around their home. But coasters do serve an important purpose and that is to protect surfaces from the heat damage of hot mugs and cups or spills from cold or hot drinks. They are useful for the dining room or kitchen table as well as coffee and side tables. Anywhere you may expect a person to put down their drink should have a coaster ready.


Coasters Make Great Gifts For Mother’s Day And More



There may well be a lot of different choice for a Mother’s Day gift with coaster being one of them. A mom is going to love any one of them but coasters are a little bit different and will always serve a purpose. They can also have custom additions such as photos or words which will mean they are something that she will be able to reminisce a time together over.

As with most gifts there are always niggling doubt about whether you have chosen the right thing and even then whether you have picked the right color or material. Many of these doubts are not ones that should be worried about because most moms will automatically love anything given to them from their children and will always have a sentimental attachment.

Some people are not the greatest in choosing what will or will not fit into a persons home and a coaster is one of those objects that should fit in with the decor. This could be construed as another obstacle but often it is good just to go for it and believe your mom will love it. After all it can become difficult to think up new ideas for gifts and while many of these coasters will be for Mother’s Day they can also be purchased for Christmas, Birthdays and Easter.


Some Ideas For Your Set


Here are a few ideas to help you to decide on your set


  • Set of 6 with cork base each with individual words including – Best Mom Ever, Always My Mother, Forever My Friend, Remember I Love You Mom and more
  • Set of 4 wood, handmade with engraved words – Remember I Love You Mom
  • Set of 4 floral designs with words such as Home is where you Mom is
  • Set of 4 retro ceramic with text Mom’s Diner
  • Set of 4 cloth and rubber material with a selection of Jane Austin quotes
  • Set of 4 funny slate with words Don’t F*ck Up The Table



Beautiful Designs To Tell Mommy How Much You Care



Before buying a set of coasters there will be a few different options to consider. One is shape, with squares, circles and hearts being the most popular. However, there are also many other shapes including, hexagonal, pentagons, stars with various numbers of points, bottles, fish, houses, dog bones, octagonal, triangle and more.

You will also find coasters being manufactured in different materials with the most common being wood and ceramic. Other materials used include glass, tile, leather, cork, plastic, melamine, leather, faux leather, slate, silicone, marble, faux marble, sandstone and bamboo. Looking at a few in more detail:


  • Silicone is cheap, flexible and cleans easily.
  • Slate is solid and look fantastic but can be harder to clean and might chip if dropped.
  • Sandstone look great and are very absorbent but are also fragile.
  • Wood provides a classic appearance and look amazing when carved but can possibly warp and crack when hot drinks are spilled on them over time.
  • Faux marble is usually some form of porous ceramic which is very absorbent


Depending on the materials used you may also want to check whether or not that have feet and some coasters will require a non slip foot or back to prevent slipping.

The size of the coaster will depend on what you wish to place on it. A good idea is to check the diameter of the largest cup, mug or glass you will place on and choose a set a little larger. The standard sizes are 3 1/2 inch and 4 inch but there are other options available, especially for some of the more unusual shapes.

Once all the options have been decided upon, it just leaves finding the color, pattern or custom option that is perfect the one you wish to give to your mom. There are some beautiful designs of coasters that will really let her know how much you love and care about her and it they will be an item that she will be able to use daily for a long time.