Strengthen Your Bond With Necklaces For Mother And Son


There are many men and women who wear necklaces although it is probably women that wear them more often and have the better selection available to them. Most of the time they are worn as a fashion accessory, to compliment or add something that draws attention to an outfit or worn as one that is sentimental to the owner. A woman, man or child will wear them for differing reasons, a small boy for a connection to his mom, for a man it will be just to compliment an outfit and for a woman is again to enhance an outfit and will be worn more frequently but could also be to highlight the neckline and bring out the beauty around the jawline. There are also other reasons and they could be for religion, in some areas they show wealth and power and for many others they will be worn for sentimental reasons.

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There are many thousands of different necklaces available and some of these have been designed as sets which are created and engraved in order for them to be worn by various couples. Most combinations of couples will have their own style and they are available for sibling, husband and wife although there is an additional cuteness to those that have been designed for a mother and her son. There are many different accessories, clothing and of course jewelry that have been especially produced to show the love between a mom and her boy, to create a link between the two or to offer special words  which could be inspiring. There are a few popular choices within this range for mom and son, one of which are bracelets and the other is necklaces.

Your son may have not yet reached the phase but if you have a toddler you are likely to see them suddenly become very attached to you and with this attachment comes a longing to touch, play with and generally hold anything you have or are wearing. This is just one of the many reasons you might want to introduce a matching set of an item for you and him and if you are keen on necklaces and so is he, then they could be a great thing to wear together. Having one each might just stop him wanting to grab yours and take it for himself and he will be really happy to be copying mommy and of course will look incredibly cute.

A matching pair will work at any age but are probably most suited to younger children and the designs tend to be for young boys or babies. Those that are produced for older children and adult sons will usually, but not always, individual pieces which have been engraved or will have an image on a pendant or charm. The engraved metal will often be an already designed and written message that will usually offer words of inspiration, courage, strength and love to suit various situations or you may have the option to have your own personalized message engraved onto a pendant. The necklaces given from son to mom will most likely be on an occasion such as Mother’s day and will usually be words of love, thanks and appreciation.

If it is a mommy either wanting to wear something coordinated with her little boy or trying to keep him happy then it will most likely me mommy who is buying them. For an older son, depending on who is giving/ receiving the necklace will be purchased by one or the other. This would most likely be the more normal but they could also be bought by close friends and family and given as a matching set to a mom as a gift for Mother’s day, birthday or Christmas especially when a child is too young to be buying gifts.

At the best of time buying a gift for another person can be fairly tricky but trying to find a suitable set of two that not only look fantastic but also have the right wording can be even harder. For the overall design you can take a look at what style they like to wear and how they were them. There are different styles and designs of necklace and you might want to do your research before buying one for another person.


First up is length and there are some standard sizes

  • Collar 12 – 14″
  • Choker 14 – 16″
  • Princess 16 – 18″
  • Matinee 20 – 22″
  • Opera 30 – 36″
  • Rope 36″ +


Once you have decided upon the length there are then various styles to wear

  • Locket – Any length but usually Opera or Princess
  • Bib – Collar or Princess length
  • Pendant – Any
  • Multi Strand – Choker or Collar
  • Negligee – Longer lengths Opera or Rope
  • Graduated – Any length
  • Festoon – Choker length
  • Riviere – Collar or Princess
  • Lavaliere – Princess length
  • Sautoir – Very long Rope


There are also various types of chain which include:

  • Rope
  • Franco
  • Marina
  • Gucci
  • Curb
  • Bead
  • Figaro
  • Popcorn
  • Box
  • Snake
  • Foxtail
  • Anchor
  • Bismark
  • Wheat
  • Belcher
  • Mesh
  • Herringbone
  • Singapore
  • Diamond Cut

Lastly you may have a choice in the type of clasp that is used

  • Magnetic
  • Box
  • Lobster
  • Swivel
  • Toggle
  • Bead
  • Bolo
  • Hook
  • Spring Ring
  • Barrel
  • Fishhook
  • Toggle


Between length,style, chain type and clasp you can end up with quite a number of possible ones to choose from and when you  add in decisions about material, color and of course what message you are wanting to share by giving it. This is very personal and will be one that you choose carefully in order to tell the person exactly what you wish to say. There are some more popular messages that are wanting to be said which we look at further down but there are also custom option which may be more suitable. Many can be engraved with a choice of words or simply names and significant dates which are personal to just the both of you.



Necklaces For Son From Mother Or Son To Mom Are Forever Gifts



These necklaces that are for a mother and her son can be purchased as individual items or a matching set and this will depend upon what message the creator is trying to tell and the purpose for which you are buying it. To a passing stranger it will be a necklace like any other but for you there will be a deeper meaning attached to it that carries a message. This message will vary according to what the person giving it is wanting to say but it will generally be one that will tell them they are loved, offer words of inspiration and strength or to remind them they are always be connected through them when some distance apart.

There are certain gifts that seem to lighten up a persons face even more so than others and jewelry is among them. With one of the more popular pieces being a necklace you can rest assured that giving one or a set of these will mean they are going to be happily received. Because of the nature of the gift, being between a mom and her son, it will be treasured even more greatly and will become a gift that will be enjoyed forever. Aside from the varying designs, lengths and options when it comes to engraved messages they will also come in a variety of materials. The more popular among these will be:

  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pearls
  • Beads
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Cord


You may find that manufacturers have found some ways of incorporating words and text into the actual chain of the necklace itself but most of the time the words will be engraved onto a pendant which is the additional ornamental part of the them. These can vary in shape, design and size and will be the focus point of it although often the terms will be interchangeable with the whole necklace itself. While some pendants are exquisite and intricate there are simple ones such as dog tags. Dog tags could be more suitable for certain men who may feel apprehensive about wearing a necklace as the dog tag part has the more macho feeling to it. There is also a good amount of space on a dog tag to fit a longer message on when compared to some of the pendants.

Looking through the options available you will see that you can buy a set of two that match in some way like being a split design that completes when both join together. As you both wear one each they can help you both feel connected when a long distance apart or if there are any anxiety issues wearing one each can help them feel like you are with them. Whereas you will notice there are also many individual pieces what are designed to be given from mother to son or vice versa. These individual varieties have the larger choice available and will have an individual message from one to the other, depending on what words are wanting to be said. The choice of message can be one that is inspirational, meaningful and loving but there are also items that will have words that are funny to bring about a laugh.

As we have now mentioned, there many different options available which is great in terms of many choices from which to find the perfect one for you but it can also be a disadvantage in that you may find you like too many and find it harder to pick out just one. One of the most important aspects will be what words are engraved on to the pendant and these are written to bring out differing emotions and only you will know what this needs to be.



Takeaway Some Ideas And Inspiration From Our Favorite Pendant And Dog Tag Sets



Here we have listed a few of our favorite designs with a short description of what kind of engraving you can expect to see in the hope you feel inspired and walk away with a few ideas.


Mother And Son Necklace

  • Mama Bear – Baby Bear
  • Always my mother – Forever my friend
  • Mama Wolf – Baby Wolf
  • Sterling silver two heart with 14 ct gold chain
  • 925 Sterling silver mom and baby sea turtle
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual…


Mom And Son Forever

  • The love between a mother and son is forever
  • Mother and son forever cubic zirconia pendant
  • Forever heart and infinity symbol


Mother And Son Matching Necklaces Set

  • Heart shape split jigsaw design set of 2
  • Heart shaped split style in black


Dog Tag

  • To my son words of inspiration and courage
  • Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seam..
  • To my son, Never forget I love you…
  • Believe in yourself… engraved dog tag
  • I want you to believe deep in your heart…
  • There’s a boy who stole my heart, he calls me…
  • Never feel that you are alone no matter how far apart… long distance
  • I’m a proud air force mom…
  • I am one phone call away…


Personalized / Custom

  • Baby feet pendant with custom name and date with Swarovski crystals
  • Personalized name bar with custom name
  • Pendant with personalized initial
  • Personalized dog tag pendant with custom text


Photo / Picture

  • Dog tag with photo of choice and laser engraved message


Mother’s Day – Son To Mother

  • Sterling silver heart shaped pendant with mom and child in center
  • Sterling silver two heads in heart shape
  • I Love You Mom heart pendant
  • Floating charms in custom engraved locket
  • Blue Swarovski crystal pendant in heart shape
  • Tree of life pendant – To our family you are the world
  • Pendant – 9 months in belly, 3 years in arms, forever in heart
  • I love you to the moon and back pendant
  • Mama pendant in gold



  • Two interlocking infinity circles
  • Infinity heart in 925 sterling silver


Baby Shower

  • You are going to be an amazing mother


Long Distance

  • Set with GPS coordinates
  • Always remember we are under the same sky moon pendant



  • Locket containing floating birthstone charms with love between mother and son words



  • Set of 2 cross pendants that split



  • 925 Sterling silver lucky elephant tree of life pendant



  • 14 ct solid gold disc with initial monogram



  • 18 ct gold plated stainless steel, initial of choice



  • Heart shaped locket holding photo with custom text
  • Tree of life locket in sterling silver with photo


Bullet Pendant

  • 28 inch chain with lords prayer on bullet in stainless steel



  • Choice of 2 names styled into either side of infinity symbol
  • Rose gold plate name bar with custom option of your name



Sentimental Personalized Chains Can Symbolize Your Bond Daily



Throughout your life there will be many special memories that you will treasure the most and many of those will be the time you spend with your child as they grow up. From the day they were born there are daily precious moments and even as they grow into an adult they will still be your little boy. Once they reach an older age the time you get to spend with them lessens as they are busy with their own friends, college, work and eventually family. The time when their mommy was their whole world flies by all too fast and before you know it, you only have those memories.

Those fleeting moments when their mommy is everything to them pass by in a heartbeat which makes it all the more important that they are not missed. Many people have their own busy schedules and try to balance their lives but all too often it is time with the children that is sacrificed. That missed time will no doubt leave the parents with many regrets in later years and although at the time it may seem like the right thing to do, nothing can turn back time and you only get to live the years your baby grows up once. If this sounds like you, then perhaps now is the moment to make some changes and being to dedicate more time to your little one. You could mark that moment with a promise and have an item that represents a new beginning and a bracelet or set of two could be a great choice.

There are of course many moms who enjoy every stage of their baby boys growth and are on hand to witness every little achievement and major milestones. It during this time you may enjoy a matching necklace together or give one to him as a gift for starting school or offering words of courage. Eventually he will grow into an adult and at this time they also make a wonderful gift for starting college, moving into a new home, getting engaged or married.

Most of the time a gift such as this will be given for one of the various celebrations that occur during the year and that is true for whoever is giving or receiving. They are there to act as a symbol and are an item that can be worn daily to feel connected to each other and serve as a reminder of your bond. They could symbolize any day or event that you both take part in or perhaps a vacation whose memories you want to preserve and act as a reminder of a wonderful time together. Any moment you chose to commemorate with any object makes that item incredibly sentimental and it is at these times it is a good idea to personalize it.