Keychains Engraved With A Special Message For Mother Or Son


Keychains may seem like an insignificant item to many people but they not only have many uses, they also are a practical object that can be used as well as enjoyed. They have quite a good area of space in which to add a personal message to the person you are giving one to and for this reason are a popular item to give between a various family members and couples. This includes ones that are available to be given between mother and son and it those between a parent and child that will always be the most cute. There are many possible items that could perform a similar service and that choice is one of personal taste and keychains are fairly practical and easy to carry around.

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Many items that fall within the category of mother and son will be available to purchase as a set matching set but the ones for mother and son tend to more of an individual design that has a special message engraved from one to the other. The words will usually be meaningful and inspirational offering love and support or it could be something for Mother’s Day with words of appreciation and thanks. There are other varieties that fall into the novelty category and are designed to be a bit of a laugh.

There are many different celebrations during the year that are perfect for gifts of this kind and they include Christmas, Mother’s day, Birthday’s and even Easter. Obviously giving a gift really has no limitations as to when it can be given and there maybe a significant special day for you both you like to recognize and a simple item like this might be a perfect way to represent that day. When you combine the day with some personalized custom text engraved it can turn what may be an insignificant item into one that has enormous sentimental value.

Most probably the first thought of a keychain is to be given particular for someone to use it with their keys, either driving or house keys. Although they do have their practical use in that they hold your keys together and will be useful for any person who carries a set of keys, this is not their only function. Because they are generally small and simple but have a wide variety of fobs they can look fantastic and make a good gift as a stand alone item without being used for any keys.

They can also make great gifts or keepsakes and souvenirs from vacations with most countries, cities or tourist attraction usually having their own collectible keychains. Sporting teams will also have their own branded keychain as well large corporate businesses as a good way of advertising. There are also collectors of them and with the many thousands of different ones available and the cheap price, it makes them a fun and affordable thing to collect.

Beyond the types mentioned above there is whole range of styles that are produced to be useful in every day and these include:

  • Flash drives
  • Bottle openers
  • Scissors
  • Flash light
  • Lighters
  • Magnets
  • Pepper spray
  • Laser pointers
  • Compasses
  • Memo pads
  • Loyalty cards
  • Games
  • Membership cards
  • Pocketknives
  • Nail clippers
  • Photos
  • Crosses
  • Stopwatch
  • Watch
  • Tools
  • Whistle
  • Thermometer
  • Pill box
  • Tape Measure
  • Security
  • Key less car entry and start
  • Car keys
  • Car alarms
  • House keys


As you can see they can carry many differing objects that vary in purpose from ornamental and decorative to functional things used daily. There are many things you can add to the key ring which means while carrying a sentimental pendant from mom or son you can also attach and keep safe your keys, a fob to show off your favorite sporting team with the addition of a flashlight to help find the lock to your vehicle or home.



Perfect Simple Gifts That Offer Inspirational Words



The gifts that are given between a mother and her son that are deep in sentiment and displays of how strong the bond is they share have a special significance beyond normal gifts. It does not matter whether the item is a fine piece of jewelry such as a necklace, an article of clothing or a keychain. The advantage to many of these objects is that they can be worn or used and allows the whole world to observe how amazing and positive your relationship is.

The usability is the reason for which you may choose a keychain to represent your bond, because being used the message will be seen and carried daily by the other person. The most obvious uses are as a holder for car or house keys and we have mentioned other reasons for which a keychain maybe given above. They are not so limited in their uses as you may think and there are other great reason to carry one. Rather than keeping many items on your person you could have many miniature versions of useful things in one place on your keyring. For example you may want a flashlight, pocketknife and compass if you were to be going hiking but don’t want to carry heavy items and these could all fit on to your key ring and be of a light weight.

The words that are stamped or engraved on to the decorative attachment come with many different meanings and the message you wish to say through them will be a personal choice and may be influenced by what reaction you may want to see. Many are heartwarming messages of strength and love but there are also humorous designs and the one you give will be determined by the occasion for which you give it and the recipients personality.

While the individual versions are more common you will still find some sets of two available. These will be matching in some way or split in half to enable each person to carry one half of the piece which only becomes fully complete when both are together. These can be good for when you live a long distance apart from each other and wish to carry a reminder of either one to enable each person to feel closer to each other and have a symbolic object to count down to when you next see each other.


A Few Keychain Engraving Ideas



Whoever you may be buying it for, we have here a list of our personal favorites that you can be sure will please both parent and child or maybe just give you a few ideas of your own personalized engraved version.


To Mom

  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed remember whose mom you are and straighten your crown
  • Mom, I love you to the moon and back
  • Remember, I love you mom
  • You’re the mom everyone wishes they had
  • Mom, no matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have ugly children
  • I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living. My mama you’ll be
  • To the world you are one person. But to one person you are just the world. I love you
  • Everything I am you helped me to be
  • I heart Mom
  • Home is where mom is


To Son

  • To my son, wherever your journey in life may take you…
  • Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem…
  • Never forget I love you forever
  • As you grow older you will face many challenges in life…


Funny / Humor

  • Drive safe because your mom f*cking loves you
  • Sorry you had to raise my sibling – Your favorite
  • Have fun, be safe, make good choices and call your mom
  • Be safe, have fun, home on time, we love you
  • If mom’s were flowers, I’d pick you
  • Shit I’m lost, call my mom, she’s ugly crying



  • The love between a mother and her son is forever
  • I’ll love you forever, I’ll love yo for always…


Set Of 2

  • Heart pendant splits into 2, one half with mother the other son


Puzzle Piece

  • Barito – Taco puzzle pieces



  • Everything I am today I owe to you, as my Mom and best friend. Love always with infinity loop


Family Tree

  • Mom you are the heart of our family with personalized birthstone charms



  • Inspirational graduation words – I believe in you…



  • Lucky elephant pendant – Love Hope Dream



  • Custom photo of choice one one side with personalized text engraved on the other
  • Everything I am you helped me to be with mini photo/ picture frame charm


Long Distance

  • The love between a mother and son knows no distance engraved on plate with additional compass charm



  • Dog Mom




You Will Always Carry Your Personalized Keychain Wherever You Go



If you have a young child at the moment you might soon come to the age where he will want to either copy or have everything is yours and this can include pulling at jewelry to hold it and if they are anything like mine, keys. He may like the jingling noise or just the fact he sees them being used so letting him have his own version is a great idea. Key chains are a cheap and simple item to get hold of but rather than choose just any you could give him one that his own special message from mom or perhaps a photo version with a picture of the both of you. This will make him very happy as he has his own version of what you have, not to mention how cute it looks for you both to have matching items.

For older children you may have one that is learning to drive or has passed their drivers test which is where a small gift of a keychain with a congratulatory or be careful message would be the perfect present. Other examples are when your son moves away to college or into his own home and you want him to have some words of inspiration from you and also combine it with a celebratory gift that will hold the key to his new home and act as a symbol of a new chapter in his life.

There are other situations where keychains are a useful gift and those include souvenirs from vacations which will always be kept treasured to be a reminder of a wonderful time spent together. They may even be a reminder of just one special day out together which you want to mark with a keepsake and these are common place among many attractions. There are many objects that could play the same role but a keychain is one of the best because its size allows you to carry it anywhere you go and it actually serves a purpose in keeping things like keys together.

Lastly you may have a child who wants to start collecting something and anything will do. A keychain makes for a great collectible because they are mostly cheap, there are widely available and there is a huge range to pick up, some time free from businesses advertising, auto industry all the way through to various tools and every day objects. There is an actual world record collection and that currently stands at 62257. You may not reach that amount but it can be fun for him and you helping to add to his collection.

Overall they are a nice simple trinket to buy for a mom or son that will not only make them feel special and loved but also will be an item that will be used almost daily. This is a great advantage as many items that serve the same purpose are put away and forgotten whereas a keychain will be seen and used all of the time and be carried wherever you go because they are an object that is keeping items like your keys safe and in one place.