Elegant Bracelets That Connect Mother And Son


Bracelets are a popular piece of jewelry worn by both men and women, although predominantly females. The most popular reason for wearing one is their looks and as a piece of fashion but there are other reason for which they are worn. Many times an elegant variety becomes a great conversation starter and in some areas of the world they can represent your social status. The can be a sentimental item or act as a reminder of something important in your life. They can also be worn due to religious beliefs or as a charm of some kind but in terms of a mother and her son, it will be to show their love and bond.

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There are bracelets that come as sets that are produced for a variety of couple combinations but out of them all there will be none that have the same effect of being so cute and those made for a mother and her children. There are many different items that have been designed and manufactured with the purpose of being for and allowing mothers and sons to show their love for one another. There are various mom son outfits that can be worn as well as many accessories and jewelry. Bracelets are one of the items that are produced with specific words engraved to display the bond between them.

When your son reaches a certain age and they start to become very attached to you there will be moments when they want everything that mommy has and this includes your jewelry. Who knows what goes through their minds, it might just be because you are wearing it but you may well find him tugging at it one day and this could be a good time for you to have a matching set, one for you and one for him. It may well be that you find wearing things that match with your son super cute and therefore wish to find ways to coordinate you both and a bracelet works just as well as any other accessory.

While matching sets may work for some, especially younger children there are also the individual types that are given between a mother and her son which might be engraved with words of inspiration and encouragement. There are a few options available that fall within this type and they can be given from mom to son or vice versa and they will all carry some kind of charm, plate or pendant that has an image or words that express one another’s love and appreciation among others. Some will have a message already written but there are also some that can be personalized with some custom text.

Most of the time these pieces are likely to be purchased by a mom or son from one to the other or as a set to satisfy a boy who wants to copy his mommy. Obviously they can also be bought by other family members and close friends for a wife or girlfriend and their son if you can find an appropriate set of two. Being a gift that involves their child will mean they are well received and with the many celebrations that occur through the year it can be difficult to find something unique to give. Most of the items in this niche are perfect for events like Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Christmas or even a baby shower.

Many times when you are buying a present for another person, especially something that will be a surprise is often difficult because you have no idea if the recipient will like it or not. If you know them well enough you may get a sense of their style and although a bracelet might seem like something simple there are various designs that are liked by some and not others. To give an example, this is a list of the different types available.


  • Chain
  • Tennis
  • Charm
  • Beaded
  • Bangle
  • Cuff
  • Designer
  • Pearl
  • Slider
  • Wooden
  • Friendship
  • Leather
  • Link
  • Magnetic
  • ID
  • Stretch
  • Stackable


As you can see there are numerous styles before thinking about the other options available. There are also many different sentiments for which you may be purchasing one. It might be one to give them strength when back to school or first starting school, it could be a forever love or infinity loop type or for a son who is going away to college or moving into their own home. For a mom, it could be Mother’s day or a simple thank you or a gift on your Wedding Day. There are many meaningful times for which they make a great piece of jewelry to give. The beauty of jewelry is that most can also be made personal with custom engravings that might include names and significant dates, perhaps a graduation and of course they all look incredible.



A Bracelet Gift From Mother To Son Or Mother And Son



Whether it be a separate piece or a matching pair they both have one thing in common and that is they are a gift that exudes sentiment. They are creating an even stronger bond between a parent and child that to the outside world may look like an ordinary bracelet. But for the person wearing it, they may feel a warmth and attachment to a mom or son who is a long distance away or it is a message of strength when they are going through a difficult time. Those sentiments vary and are personal to the wearers but a simple object can represent a number of things. One of the additional benefits is that they can be worn anywhere without looking out of place, be that to a formal function or just a casual relax at home.

Any kind of jewelry is a gift that most people seem to enjoy receiving and a bracelet fits perfectly into the gift category. As well as the various types that was mentioned above they also come in many different materials and the choice of these will come down to personal taste and when it will most likely be worn. Some of the more common materials include gold, yellow, white and rose variety, sterling silver, titanium, stainless steel, leather, plastic, cord and beads. This will be the base material but there will also maybe different options for the various charms or pendants that are attached.

Many of the charms, pendants or plates that come attached to the bracelet will have a message, usually engraved text or sometimes an image or a shape of something like a heart. This leads to another option which may influence the choice you make and that is what reaction you expect to see from the recipient. Due to the nature of who they are meant for most will include deep and meaningful words of love and support that is heartwarming or alternatively there are ones that are funny and expected to make people laugh. This choice will depend on the personalities of who is receiving it and for what occasion it is being given.

The majority of those produced for mom and son are individual items that carry a special message from one to the other but there are also a number of styles that comes as a set of two. A pair is a great choice for when you are spending long periods apart, especially when you both live a long distance for each other. During these times they are worn to act to connect you both and feel like the other is always there with you. Wearing them at the same time forms a connection and continues a strong bond that helps to act as a countdown for when you can see each other again. One point that is valid when it comes to wearing a pair is are they designed to be worn as a set while together or are they like the distance between you variety that have been produced for mom’s and son’s apart. You have to consider whether the sets designed to be worn together actually make sense to be worn alone before doing so, although they are fairly subtle and don’t stand out enough to bring too much attention.

We have covered a number of options that will need to be decided on before making a final purchase. The most important of which will most likely be what you wish the message they carry to say or whether the words suit your personalities. They will all evoke different emotions and only you will know what you are trying to say to the person receiving it. The other important decision will be the design and look and once again this is a personal decision and every one will have their favorites.



Find Some Inspiration And Ideas With Personal Engravings



There are many reasons for giving bracelets as a gift as a set or from one person to another. Whether it is a message of encouragement, a Mother’s Day thank you or perhaps a symbol of a wonderful time together like a vacation we have listed out favorites in the hope to inspire you.


Mother Son

  • Always My Mother Forever My Friend
  • Morse Code in sterling silver on cord band
  • Link chain style with Mom engraved
  • Remember I Love You Mom charm bangle
  • Everything I Am You Helped Me To Be
  • To My Son Wristband with inspirational words of courage engraved on stainless steel
  • To my son words of courage on black plate with black cord band
  • Forever Love heart and leaf dangle charm adjustable wire bangle


The Love Between A Mother And Son Is Forever

  • The Love Between A Mother And Son Is Forever engraved plate on cord style
  • The Love Between A Mother And Son Is Forever on charm pendant



  • Best F*cking Mom Ever



  • Personalized adjustable baby name Id, gold plated
  • Hand stamped personalized name charm on bangle with He Stole My Heart words


Mommy And Baby Boy

  • Mama Bear – Baby Bear
  • Mama – Baby
  • Mommy’s Boy – There is a boy who stole my heart
  • Mommy Bear – Baby Bear
  • Mommy – Baby
  • And She Loved A Little Boy Bangle
  • Will Hold Your Hand For A Little While But Your Heart For A Lifetime



  • Inspirational message for son after graduation engraved on stainless steel plate



  • Always My Mother Forever My Friend
  • First My Mother Forever My Friend



  • The love between a mother and her children is forever bangle with custom birthstones


Mother In Law

  • Thank You For Raising The Man Of My Dreams


Back To School

  • First day back at school set of 2, thinking of each other anxiety set


Mother’s Day

  • Mom You Are Beautiful And Amazing 14 ct gold plat beaded
  • Best Mom Ever charm



  • 925 Sterling Silver I Love You Mom heart chain type



  • Infinity loop on corded band


First Day Of School

  • Set of 2 first day of school anxiety


You Are Stronger

  • You Are Braver Stronger Smarter Than You Think


You Are Braver

  • Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe… stainless steel engraved



Matching Or Individual Custom Wristwear For Any Occasion



From the time they are born, there will be hundreds and thousands of hours spent with your son watching them grow up and having precious moments which will become memories you will treasure forever. Time seems to fly by and it will feel like only a short time before they have grown up and have less time to spend with you and more time for their friends or girlfriend. In another short time they are moving away to college or getting and married and moving into their own home but you will always have those wonderful memories when their mommy was their whole world.

This time is such a valuable point in yours and their lives and it is vital not to miss a moment. We know people have busy lives and hectic schedules but you can never replace all of the wonderful moments you potentially miss through the years. When they then head into the world on their own it is too late and you then only have regrets. It is never too late to change and begin to live all of the special growing up moments with your child. It is time to dedicate more time to them which is one thing they are bound to love and marking the occasion with a promise represented by a bracelet for you both would be a great

For some mom’s those moments are invaluable and will never be missed but they will eventually grow up. Whether you have had the phase of wanting to copy you and you both wearing a matching bracelet or you are giving him a gift as he goes to school or college or buying a new home, this is one item that will fit in with any occasion. There will be some items that fall within this niche that are not usable daily and while they are still great, many people will always want the feeling of the other person close to them, especially when being a long distance apart.

We have spoken of the various occasions for which these can be given and that is usually for one of the many festivities through the year, for a major event that is happening in one of your lives but of course it could just be a spontaneous gift. Everyone likes surprises, especially gifts and these certainly are a special one. You could plan a whole day around a mother and son bonding day, doing all the things you enjoy and culminating in this beautiful gift to show them how much you love and care for them.

If you are purchasing a set for a mom and her son then you should probably try to gauge their fashion style, perhaps seeing what they like to wear when it comes to the look and materials of jewelry currently worn. You need to consider the occasion you are giving it for and therefore what type you be buying, either cute or funny. In conclusion, there are many varieties of wristwear and a lot of options to consider which may feel a little overwhelming but essentially you generally know in your heart which is the right one for you and that the one you should choose.