Find Your Connection With Matching Rings For Mom And Daughter


When it comes to different styles of rings that match for various couples you will see there are combinations available for all types from those that are together romantically to best friends but as with most items that come in a matching style there are none quite as adorable as those made for mother and daughter. We know that there are made people that find things that match a little too much such as going out in shirts that are the same whereas some people love the style. Whatever your opinion people enjoy these types of things because they feel a connection between them and when it comes to a special bond there is none quite like that between a mom and her child. You don’t have to display it to the world through matching outfits but a more subtle approach through jewelry will give you the same feeling.

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Many items of jewelry in this category, such as bracelets or necklaces will come as an individual item with some kind of preset or personalized message but there are also those that come as a set of two or three so both of you can wear one each and they often will split and match up in some way. If rings are your preference then you will only find a small number that come as a pair with a written message on each that connects the two. However there is a simple solution if you do want a set and that is to buy 2 of the same ring and if they are customizable add your own messages or perhaps a birthstone.

The majority will come as individual pieces that are either for the mother or daughter from one to the other. If you have in mind that you want to wear the same one each then buying two is the best answer. Most people will probably only want the one to send to their parent or child as they make perfect gifts for notable events in your lives. They could be given for an occasions such as your child moving away from home for the first time, going away to college, getting married or gifted to your mom or in-laws as a gift on your wedding day.

There are other uses for sets of matching rings and that is if your little one is starting to go through the phase of being exactly like mommy. This time is the mommy and me style time and the really want to wear anything that you do or maybe you want them to look like you. For some parents having their child dress like them is not to their taste and the thought of wearing something even as simple as leggings fills them with dread. This is where an item more subtle like a ring could help out and keep your little one happy as well as you.

For most of occasions these type of rings will be given between mom and daughter but they do not have to be gifts exclusively between them. If you can’t think of anything to buy for your wife, girlfriend or any other female relative or friend and their daughter then something such as these could make a wonderful special present and you could get the one each. With all the different celebrations throughout the year it can often be hard to think of something original to give and because these connect a parent and child they can be given to either or both together. We believe they make great gifts for many occasions, you could buy them for Christmas, Mother’s day, birthdays, wedding days, engagements, new home, moving home or even a special treat for a bonding day.

Mothers and daughters tend to know what style the other likes but buying for another female relative such as an in-law or as a husband buying for his wife or child things can sometimes get a little more difficult. There are some and you probably know a few, that are not that great at knowing another persons tastes and styles when it comes to clothing or jewelry which makes buying for a female relative a bit of a gamble at times. However, the majority of these styles look very  beautiful and it is a choice that even a person with the worse taste can get wrong. Plus you have the advantage of the mom and child connection which makes them look even better as well.

Rings are one of the most purchased pieces of jewelry so as you can imagine there are wide range of choices to browse through to decide upon which you want. If you are considering a set of two then taking into account each persons preference for material and design will be important. Some people prefer yellow gold, others might like white or rose and some might want sterling silver. If you budget is a little lower than stainless steel, copper or some kind of metal plating might suit. If you are purchasing for an individual then the choice becomes easier although it is still important to take a look at what they like to wear and get something similar. I don’t like anything too sparkly but my sister does so it all comes down to personal taste. If you are looking at getting it customized with a message, this is another option you will need to think about. What kind of message do you want? Something cute, adorable, loving, inspiring or funny? Sounding more difficult? Don’t worry there are many incredible pieces out there and one will jump out at you as being perfect.



The Gift Of A Ring Set For Special Mom And Me Times



As we have already mentioned there are many uses you can put these style rings to but they all come down to showing that love and bond between mom and daughter. Either one or both can wear them as a set and they will really show off the love you have for each other. The advantage of celebrating your connection through these is the fact they can be worn all day and at any time. This can be especially true if you are wanting to wear something matching between you as the outfits available are not always suitable for use at any time whereas rings can be enjoyed and accepted anywhere you go.

We all love almost any type of jewelry and being one that celebrates a connection between two people will be received with even more happiness. The thought is the same no matter what the material, you can get rings made from almost anything  including gold, titanium, silver, leather, elastic and more and designs can range from a simple band to one that is incredibly intricate. A wonderful addition to many is the chance to have your own message engraved onto the ring. This will usually be on the inner side and can be anything you choose.

It is not only the metal or material they are made from or the engraving that need to be considered, it is also the reaction you wish to get from anyone who sees it. Most messages are hidden away but you can still get those where something can be seen or the they has some kind of design and these can be cute and heartfelt or if you prefer you could choose one that has some kind of humor and will bring some fun and laughter.

We have previously mentioned that many items including jewelry in this category come as a pair but in rings it is less common to see. Maybe this is because it is easy to either buy two with their own custom messages or they are small so unlike a necklace where you could split the pendants so that they match when coming together that’s not so easy with a ring because of its size. The question of whether buying as a set makes sense to wear alone does not really apply when it comes to wearing this type of jewelry. If there are any special messages they tend to be on the inside of it where no one can view it anyway which mean for the wearer there is a special value to the ring but to everyone else it just looks like a nice piece of jewelry.

These could also be purchased as a reminder of a certain occasion or happy time you may have had together or as a thank you for something one has done for the other. There maybe a time in your parents or child’s life where they are going through a difficult time for some reason and a special gift from you is to help give them strength to get over and let them know you are with them all the way. It could be to mark a happy time perhaps on a dream vacation where a beautiful gift such as this serves a reminder for a wonderful time together and incredible memories made. Of course, you don’t need a particular occasion or celebration to add an item to your jewelry box, it could be enough that you love the look and want one regardless.

We have spoken about all of the various styles, designs, materials and customizations you may want to take a look at when purchasing a ring and perhaps the most difficult decision is narrowing your choice down to just one. There are many beautiful pieces available each one more striking than the last and with an almost infinite choice of designs we don’t envy anyone having to choose just one. With one choice potentially meaning so much it can be a mind field but we are going to run through some ideas to try and help you on your way.



Need Ideas For Sets From Sterling Silver To Gold And Birthstones



So here we are going to run through a few items that are available to help give you a few ideas and a little inspiration to get you started on your quest for the one ring. Here we go through some of our favorite designs with some of the engravings that have already been pre designed into them. For some you will be able make custom arrangements with your own words, names, dates etc whereas others are standalone items that look fantastic.


  • Personalized with two names on outer, two birthstones and custom engraving on inner
  • Personalized names and customized engraving with birthstones with cubic zirconia gems
  • With four birthstones and engraved names and personal message inside

Always My Daughter

  • Stainless steel band with text Always My Daughter

Set Of 2

  • Set of two wrap rings with I love you to the moon and back split style
  • Set of 2 with you are my sunshine, my only sunshine message


  • Sterling silver personalized with name and heart

Two Daughter Set For 3

  • Set of three with custom names and birthstones in silver


  • Lotus flower symbol in sterling silver


  • Stackable ring set available in matte, shiny, rose gold, gold and coffee with choice of words such as names
  • Sterling silver stacking set of 5 with personalized hand stamped font
  • Tri-color stacking set with hand stamped words


  • Sterling silver Mommy and baby elephant design
  • Turtle shaped jewel with custom message on inside
  • Bumble bee design with jeweled body and wings with own message on inner

Sterling Silver

  • Sterling silver band with heart in choice of colors and cubic zirconia
  • 925 sterling silver with three birthstones, three custom names and personal message
  • Unusual sterling silver design ring shape cut as a name


  • Three custom birthstones with 3 custom message areas
  • Four birthstones with 4 name plus personal message in inner side
  • Six birthstones and 6 names with personalized engraving
  • Choice of 2,3 or 4 birthstones with custom messaged engraved on inner
  • Triple banded with four birthstones and names


  • Simple band style with Daughter I Love You message
  • Band with any name and date

Family Tree

  • Locket style with tree design and birthstones encased inside


  • Heart shape design wrapped around birthstone with engraved names and message
  • Double heart shape jewels with names and personal engraving
  • Heart band design with four hearts in a row


  • 14 ct gold plated infinity style with gems

White Gold

  • 18 ct white gold plated lettered MOM

Rose Gold

  • Custom heart gems with choice of names and inner band message in rose gold


  • Cultured pearl with 925 sterling silver band


  • Vintage style band with Love you to the moon and back message on inner side


  • Simple band for pinky finger with custom names


  • Classic pride ring with choice of 3 birthstones and customized names


  • Infinity loop design with added birthstone, Mom and custom message
  • 14 ct gold plated with cubic zirconia encrusted infinity loop with names and personal message
  • Sterling silver band with simple infinity symbol
  • Intricate infinity symbol including customized birthstones and cubic zirconia


  • Stainless steel Celtic promise love knot
  • Simple stainless steel promise band with heart
  • Personalized promise style with cross and 2 birthstones and custom name

Mommy and Me

  • Two baby feet with center birthstone with name and date engraved on from and custom message inside
  • Baby foot cut out of band with own words on inside


Engraving Ideas


Unlike some items that can be engraved a ring is much more limited when it comes to space and the amount of characters permitted. There are some that come with preset words but many others you can add your own. These might often be names, initial, special dates or perhaps short quotes from favorite books, songs or movies or words of inspiration. Here are a few ideas that you may wish to use or adapt.

  • I Love You
  • Best Mom Ever
  • Love You Forever
  • You’re My Inspiration
  • Forever Your Child
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Have Courage
  • Keep Your Focus
  • Remember Your Dreams



Personalized Rings That Match Are Perfect For Any Occasion



As each day comes to an end your daughter grows older and it will not seem long at all before they are moving out of your family home to begin their own adventure. It could be that they are simply going to college and hope to return or perhaps starting a journey with their own family or just moving in with friends. Either way, the time that you spend with them as they grow up is very precious and every moment should be treasured. They will soon change from wanting to spend their time with mommy to wanting to have more time with their friends.

As a side note, time passing so fast in an important factor to consider. Have you been dedicating enough time to your child or has work or other projects got in the way? More time cannot be bought and if have been neglecting spending times with your child of late or for a while, maybe now is when to change all of that. A great start to a new adventure together is to kick it off with a symbol of dedicating more time to them and that can be a beautiful ring. Remember, its never too late but in this case it quite often is so now is the time to give your little one more of it.

Your little girl will of course eventually grow up and head out into the world, or perhaps they are about to. Whether its off to college or moving in with someone or getting married, at some point they will be leaving you. When they are due to start their new life what better way to tell them you will always be there than with a ring and special message. The same can be true for a daughter who wants to give her mom a gift of thanks and to let them know how much they appreciate everything they have done for them.

This type of jewelry has some degree of flexibility in terms of who you can buy it for as they are not just limited to parent and child. They could just as equally be purchased for in-laws as gift at a wedding or perhaps for a wife, girlfriend or friend and their child. Obviously they have a deeply ingrained meaning in a mother daughter relationship but they can still be given by other relatives or friends. It’s important to consider their style when buying for another as well as what metals they prefer and whether they want something light hearted and fun or that is more on the cute and loving side.

Another great idea is to surprise you mom or daughter with a surprise day out doing your favorite things, perhaps some pampering at the salon, lunch or a favorite activity or just enjoying a movie together. A bonding day between you could be marked as special occasion to remember with a ring for one or the other or both.

Many items in this niche that includes many clothing, jewelry and accessories that match are usually saved for certain days or special celebrations but this type of jewelry can be worn all of the time without looking out of place. Whereas items of clothing such as hats or even just headbands usually come as part of a pair that can be worn alone but look better when worn together as a set.

Lastly and certainly the hardest part is the choice you will be making from all the various styles and designs. No matter who you are buying for the decision can be a hard one, purely because there are so many beautifully create pieces that you will want to buy more than one and they are often cheap enough to buy a couple. Once you start to add in any engraving  you may be able to add, coming up with the right words to express you feeling can be just as hard as choosing one item. We are sure you will make a wonderful choice that will be loved by the recipient or recipients.