Share A Mom And Daughter Moment With A Keychain Set


You can find many different designs of keychains that are aimed towards a variety of combinations of couples. There are keychains for couples who have a romantic connection, for best friends, sister and many others but when we are looking at those that are available it is the mother and daughter type that seem to spring out above all as having that aww feeling. There many types of matching items including clothing and accessories and there are some people that find it all a bit revolting whereas other embrace the love and jump at the chance to wear them. If you are one of the former but you still want to share something with your parent or child the perhaps a keychain is subtle enough to not have you shaking at the thought.

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There are a few different ways in which these can be brought, many come as a set but you can also buy individual pieces. The sets will come as a pair and carry a message that joins the two in some way or it could be some kind of image or perhaps a charm that is split in 2 and only completes when joined together. They can be purchased as a set either buy mother or  daughter and one given to the other. This can be a great idea if one or the other is moving and will be a long distance away or is perhaps embarking on something or just want a nice accessory that lets them know that there parent or child is always there thinking of them and supporting them.

You can also get individual items given from one to the other as a symbol of their love or a thank you for being so special, perhaps for a mother’s day gift or wedding day or other times you may want to celebrate your bond. They can have words or symbols that are deep and meaningful and show you appreciation for one another or alternatively there are options that are designed to be a bit of fun and bring a laugh.

Buying a keychain does not have to be limited to just between mom and daughter. If you are struggling to think of a gift for your wife, girlfriend or any other relative or friend and their daughter then something like this could make a good choice. There are so many different celebrations throughout the year and thinking of new things to buy can become difficult and these matching sets would make a great gift for may occasions such as Thanksgiving Christmas, birthdays and we have mentioned  Mother’s day. Most mom’s will love the fact that the gift includes a connection to their little one.

Although these are a great gift but also quite usable you might think they are limited to a person with keys. However, they might be a nice gift for your little one. As they grow up they will go through a phase of wanting to wear items like mommy. If you are not the type to be dressing your girl up to look coordinated with you but you want to keep her happy then perhaps a keychain that connects you both might please her, if she is old enough and they are not too small of course. She gets to be like mommy and you don’t have to face dressing up the same although something like a nice bracelet would fit also.

As you being to look through all the various keychains available designed for mom and daughter you will see that there are a wide range of designs and style available. It is nice to have a good choice but often this can make narrowing down the choice to one fairly difficult. You have to consider what kind of things the recipient likes and if it’s a pair what both would like. Would they want to carry something small or larger? What material? And would they want something that brings a laugh or a design that is cute and adorable.



Give The Gift Of A Keyring To Show Your Love



There is something special about giving a mom and her anything that matches and shows the strong bond between the two. It does not matter what the item is – mommy and me outfits, jewelry or just a simple keyring the connecting factor is still there. Of course, there will always be a special bond but wearing or using an item that displays it to everyone lets everyone know how much you care. The great thing about a keychain is that it is an object that will be used frequently and will always serve as a reminder of a wonderful person.

When it comes down to buying a gift there are a few options and one important one will be the reaction you may wish to see when someone else sees it. As we have previously mentioned there are many varieties and many have some kind of feature or wording or split charm that can be chosen depending on how you want people to react. It is possible to get things that
are funny and encourage others to laugh but also those that are more loving and intimate and show that special connection.

When you buy these keyrings as a set of two, you each will carry one half of a pair and it will always be with you as a  reminder of the great relationship you both have. This is especially true if you live some distance apart but want to feel like a part of the other person is with you. Having half of a set that splits up and only becomes whole when connected again is a great way of always thinking of the person who has the other half and looking forward to the time when you can bring both halves together again.

Another idea for when to buy a set of matching keychains is to serve as a reminder of a special occasion. This could be almost anything, perhaps a wonderful vacation where these are a mark of a great time together and become a symbol of a time in your lives where you were happy. On the other hand, they could be something that are there as a memory of a difficult period in one of your lives and the keyrings were give to brighten the day and let the other know you are always there for them.

All the different designs, styles, colors and combinations can make purchasing a simple keychain the most difficult thing ever. There are so many options and so many decisions in order to make the right choice and have a happy recipient that it can something get a little overwhelming. Add in a few custom options like engraving and the choice can be infinite so we will run through a few ideas to help you out.


Awesome Ideas To Get You Started


We are running through a few awesome designs and ideas to help inspire your choice and set you on the path to the perfect gift. These are just to give you a few examples of whats around right now and we have made a small description to give you a starting point. Some you are also able to personalize with your own custom message.

Set For 3

  • Split design pendant heart shaped divided into three with Mom, big sis and little sis
  • 3 hearts with mom, big sis and little sis

Set Of 2

  • Two pieces compass design with split heart and no matter where text
  • Two pieces, split heart with The love between a mother and daughter is forever text on each
  • 2 piece each with I love you to the moon and back
  • Set of 2 with As long as I’m living my mommy you’ll be, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be


  • Disc with Everything I am You helped me to be words


  • Metal pendant engraved with inspirational message for child
  • Believe in yourself message
  • Never forget the I love you forever wording
  • Back to school strength with inspired message

Puzzle Pieces

  • 2 piece puzzle design with always my mother forever my friend and always my daughter forever my friend message

Long Distance

  • Tab with The Love between a mother and daughter know no distance
  • Maybe in distance, never in heart message


  • Mama Bear and Baby Bear


  • Drive safe because your mom f*cking loves you
  • Have fun, be safe, make good choices and call your Mom

In-Law – Mother Of Groom

  • Thank you for raising the man of my dreams

Family Tree – Tree Of Life

  • Family tree design with Remember I love you words


  • Penny design with baby feet

Photo – Picture Frame

  • Photo frame with double heart and engraving


  • Proud Mom of two angels sent from heaven above


  • Family tree with choice of custom birthstones
  • Pendant with personalized names and birthstones


  • Zodiac style pendant with choice of Constellation


Personalized Keychains Mean You Carry A Connection All Day



If you have a young child right now it will not be long before she or he will be all grown up and the time the your girl or boy spends with mommy very quickly becomes less. At an early age they love to spend time with mom and copy much of what she does and for your little girl this can mean wanting to dress like you also. This could also be something you introduce to her but if it is her who initiates it then its time to embrace this lovely phase. However, dressing up in matching outfits isn’t to everyone’s taste so you might need something else to keep them happy and a keychain might be a good idea. It will be something she sees you use daily and will be able to copy you and have something that looks like  yours.

Now your little girl could already be grown up and ready to leave home for various reasons such as going off to college to moving into their own home or getting married. At times like these a personalized gift is perfect as it lets them know that you are thinking of them and that you will always be there for them no matter what. A keychain is a great gift for one that is moving into their own place or perhaps you could be giving one to mom as a thank you for all the years of help and to show you are still always there by her side. Another great time to gift one of these is for someone who has just passed their drivers test as a mark of their new freedom in the world.

Although specifically designed for mother and daughter there are some with a degree of flexibility with a few other family members such as in-laws also being a part of those that are available. You might have two or three or more daughters and there also multiple people designs so that they all match together. You could be buying this as a gift for your wife or girlfriend and daughter and there are numerous occasions where these would make the perfect gift. You will always have to consider what taste each person has and make some compensations if they vary greatly so as to please all parties.

Many items and accessories that match are usually saved for certain celebrations or occasions and worn only a few times a year as they don’t really fit that well in day to day life. There is some clothing that has some flexibility but they tend to still come as a pair and can look out of place when worn individually. By using a keychain that matches you have the same enjoyment of having that special connection with you and can use it all of the time any day without it looking out of place.