Document Your Mother Daughter Journey Together In A Journal


There are many different ways in which to document your life’s journey. With all the various technology available to us, smart phones, tablet and laptops and even being able to dictate to them rather than type might make some people think an actual physical journal is outdated. Writing in your own book, in handwriting still seems more personal and it will be a thing that lasts. Relying on digital storage could possible end in special memories getting lost, although of course they are still great for many purposes.

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Journals come in a variety of different appearances which include varied sizes, colors and overall designs. Some are quite basic looking and can be customized to suit your requirements whereas others are more elaborate and already have titles telling the user what this journal is all about. One such version is for a mother and daughter and these mother daughter journals are an amazing way to store memories of the things you have done together, share stories and write down feelings in addition to the memorabilia and photos of the things you have seen and places been together.

Along with journals there are many other items that can be found in the mother and daughter or mommy and me range and these include lines from clothing, accessories and also jewelry. The number of different pieces you will find will be in the hundreds and we don’t wish to list them all. We can list a few examples and these include garments such as shirts and leggings as well as specials such as Christmas dresses. There is also garments for certain occasion like hospital outfits as well as accessories like a scarf or a tumbler to drink from and rings to wear. You will also find footwear the includes slippers and something similar to a journal, a scrapbook.

As we mentioned, there are hundreds of different items produced with a mom and daughter in mind, as you can see from the few we listed above. It is actually awesome to have such a range, especially for moms because it means a lot of choice and that makes it more likely there will be at least one thing that stands out although there will probably be loads. Almost all of the things you will find the are made for a mom and son or daughter will also be produced for all of the family or as a particular set for any combination of two from a family.

If it makes sense to produce them, then they will be made for any permutation of family member. Some will remain as separate items that will be dedicated from one member or multiple members of a family to another or vice versa. Most of the garments and accessories that are designed for both families and moms and their children are usually the ones that receive mainly positive reaction and are what you might consider to be the most popular and mainstream. The versions that are produced for couples in a romantic relationship who wish to display their affection through these different pieces of clothing and various accessories usually get a mixed reaction as it tends to be one of those niches that are either loved or hated.

While some people may enjoy sharing their connection to one another in public, others may prefer a more private approach. There are of course many items that are designed for using at home, some of which are matching sets and other individual. One individual item you can bond over and share together is a mother daughter journal. They can be purchased together or given from one to the other as a gift and are a great way to share your life together.


A Mommy And Me Style Just Between Us Journal Would Make A Wonderful Gift



There are a number of different things that are great for a mom and daughter or within the mommy and me range with journals being one of them. A journal will also be a wonderful gift for a mom and daughter but there are some points that might hold you back. One is a known fact and this is that women are very difficult to buy any kind of gift for that they will be happy with. While some things are more difficult than others, there still many options when it comes to buying a journal which can make it easy to get wrong.

There are also some positives that may push the chances of her being happy more in your favor. The first point here being that is will be a gift that is for a mommy and her baby and with that mother daughter connection comes more of an emotional impact and the memories a journal will create. Another fact is that once again this is for a mom and her child and anything that ties them both will mean it will have a sentimental attachment. If you think about all of the different celebrations that happen in one year and of those the many gifts that need to be bought, it can seen get difficult to think up new ideas. A mom and daughter journal will be something different and unique and one that will be created over time. This makes it a gift that could be given at any time of the year which includes Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Birthdays or Thanksgiving.

A journal for mommy and me will come start life in a variety of appearances. There will be some that look fairly plain to begin with while others will be decorated and come with various additions. The basic versions can often be customized to the owners liking and can often end up looking like nice pieces of art. This makes them a good center piece for a home, perhaps in the living room, on the coffee table for visitors to see, unless it’s a private collection of memories of course.

The majority of these journals are produced in cardboard which makes them easier to personalize. However they can also be purchased with a wood or leather outer cover. Some of the covers are plain so the owner can add their own titles or photos to show what it is all about. Others come ready made and already decorated covers with words such as Just Between Us or Let’s Write About Us.


A List Of Ideas To Help Inspire Your Choice


We have listed a few of ideas here that are a selection of our personal favorites in the hope to inspire your thoughts.


Just Between Us

  • Just Between Us no stress, no rules journal
  • Just Between Us – for adult women


Between Mom And Me

  • I Love Us – So Lets Write About It – back and fourth book
  • Between mom and me – a guided journal for mother and son
  • All about mom and me
  • You and me – Our Journal
  • Mom, Whats Your Story?



  • Love Mom And Me keepsake book
  • For mom and me – a keepsake journal



  • Faux leather personal lined mom to daughter gift
  • Embossed handmade leather with refillable pages
  • Vintage refillable writing notebook with retro tree of life design


Like Mother, Like Daughter

  • Like mother, like daughter – a discovery for the two of us


Time Capsule

  • A time capsule of questions you’ll wish you asked



  • Just Us Girls
  • Mommy And Me
  • Mom and Teen activity diary
  • The difficult mother daughter sharing book
  • Letters to my daughter as I watch her grow
  • Stories for my child – A Mother’s Memory Keepsake Book



  • Deepen – A Christian Mother – Daughter Journal
  • Side By Side – Catholic Mother



Writing A Keepsake Book Can Be A Great Way To Bond



There will be some options you will want to think about before diving in and buying your journal. It it often easy to buy there first one you like the look of buy sometimes planning ahead is the best option. Firstly the color is a feature that a mother and daughter may not agree on. We are sure their must be some common ground somewhere and getting this right is important as it will be something you will be looking at for a very long time.

Another option are the dimensions of the book and the importance of this lies in what you have determined to put in there. This is something you will need to think ahead on. Are the pages the right size for what you may have in mind adding? Are there enough pages in the book to fulfill the length of time you both may wish to add to it? Obviously you can’t plan everything and will sometimes not know what might happen in the future that will produce an item you wish to add in which case you can judge by the things you normally do. A further option that will need to be resolved is the material from which it is made. Do you both prefer cardboard, leather or wood? The leather and wood varieties will usually come in their natural colors whereas cardboard can be any color you wish although you could of course paint the leather or wood.

Writing or adding things to the journal itself will be partly individual where you add your thoughts for the other to read but it will also be an activity that you can participate in together. It is a great way of bonding together and can be a lot of fun. When you make additions to the book together either the words or items will spark different memories and this makes a fantastic way to reminisce over the day with each other. Talking about the things you have done together is a wonderful way of looking at the day from a different perspective and perhaps picking up on things you may not have noticed. This shows that creating a journal together is also encouraging you both to communicate even more.

Most moms will consider each moment they spend with their babies, infants or older children precious. From the first moment they are born they are growing and learning and in those early years this happens at a fast rate. Along their journey through infancy to toddler and beyond they pass some incredible milestones and achieve some amazing things. Those moms that do dedicate as much time as they can to their children are the ones who witness all of these special moments many of which become some of their most treasured memories than can be looked back on forever.

There will always be moms who for varying reason are not able to dedicate as much time to their child. Some of the time this will be enforced due to the need to work long hours but for others it will be a conscious decision to prioritize their own lives. Most who do miss many of their children’s achievements will end up with many regrets later in life.

However, it is never too late to make a fresh start and begin dedicating more hours into spending time with your daughters. The perfect way to start is to present them with a mother daughter journal and in this book you and your daughter can add thoughts for the other to read. You can also make a promise that each week you will do something new together in order to be able to add things to the book and have even more time bonding over talking about what you are adding.

The majority of moms do of course play a very active role in their child’s lives and the ones that do not are only a small number. Most will be present for all their daughters various achievements and will do many things together. Their journals would most definitely get filled quite rapidly and it would not be long before a new one was needed. We know this to be true because statistics tell us that parents now spend more time than in the past 50 years with their children.