Set Sail On A Fun Cruise Wearing Shirts For Mother And Daughter


Every vacation you take with your children is going to be a wonderful experience packed full of the best memories. Everyone's idea of the perfect vacation differs but where you can get many of the best elements rolled into one is on a cruise ship. Cruises travel all over the world staying at a variety of ports along the way. This means you get to visit many different places on one trip as well as have the amenities onboard which include many sports like swimming, shops, gyms, spas, entertainments and many restaurants. Cruises are right up there with possibly the best choice of vacation with most people who try once are converted for life. Your cruise is already going to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life but to make the little bit more fun you can both wear mother daughter cruise shirts to really get into the vacation vibe.

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and daughter matching sets of clothing have been around for a long time although perhaps not as popular as they are now. Their fame as has spread further with the internet and sharing images and general greater exposure to ore moms who appreciate the look. Their presence can be seen across all children's age groups from newborn babies all the way to adults. With more products being added and new moms enjoying their first taste of what wearing matching garments has to offer, fans of the style grows every year.

Shirts are a good all round piece of clothing for any moms looking for their first purchase or veterans of the genre with many types already in their closet. Shirts are one of the garments that can be worn almost anywhere and come in a variety of styles that see changes to necklines and sleeve lengths. They rank highly as one of the most worn items in the world and go together with a wide variety of other clothing.

While popular in every day life, shirts maintain their popularity among the range of matching sets of which you can find one off celebratory kinds like Christmas shirts, Easter shirts and Halloween Shirts. Of course these matching styles are not just about shirts with other examples that include summer pajamas, dresses and rompers. You will also note that there is more to this style than the hundreds of pieces of clothing with many accessories and jewelry included. These include items to wear like slippers and bracelets as well as those to admire, such as willow tree figurines and picture frames.

The mother and daughter side of matching items are just one pair of people and although probably the most popular their are also the same amount of matching products produced for all other members of a family. These are designed to be purchased as a whole family group or in any combination of pairs. We can see that the most popular are those for moms and daughter and ones for the whole family. It is the people from these groups that will be most likely to get a enthusiastic response from other people that they meet.

Moms will often first wear any kind of matching garment because they have seen friends or family with them on and wish to replicate the cute look with their daughters. Any time is a good time to start but festive times and vacations ar probably the best. This is a time when everyone is already in good spirits and ready to have fun which is exactly what this genre is all about. Wearing special cruise shirts is going to make the whole trip even more memorable and enjoyable. They also will portray an image to other guests that this mom and daughter have a strong relationship that is very close. The mom and daughter wearing the shirts will also experience a feeling of being closer to each other. This comes from fact we are talking about a set of shirts that have been produced to a pair that match and this in turn creates a feeling of them needing to be together. This feeling rubs off on the two people wearing them who also feel like they should be together, hence that feeling of closeness.


Mommy And Me Cruising Shirts Will Be An Amazing Gift


Having a cruise vacation booked and approaching is an exciting time, like any other holiday but there is that something special about cruises, their elegance, the extreme size of the ship and each day a new unknown. Sailing in warmer climates will see use of outdoor pools etc, sunbathing and visiting place of interest, all of which will need appropriate clothes for the weather. Shirts are already a great option but mommy and me cruise shirts will be even better and they will actually make an amazing gift for the first day of your vacation or for the build up to it.

Sailing in warmer weather will see you choosing cotton shirts and this material is great for keeping the body cool. Having a nice surprise like this ready is going to be a fantastic start to the cruise and is bound to make it even more exciting. Any moms who are new to wearing matching types of clothes are in for even more of a thrill as they also get to experience how happy they can make everything seem. Giving a loved one a gift that genuinely puts a smile on their face feels incredible and the beauty of matching cruise shirts is that they can be given at any time. It might well be a good idea to save them until just before or the day of the cruise but as cruises are often booked a year or more in advance they can also be given as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Mother's Day.

We think most moms will not mind at what time of the year they are given, the effort and thought will be appreciated at any time. The will be some required effort into choosing the right design, especially considering that women end up returned the majority of clothing given to them. Shirts are a fairly simple piece of clothing and with a few observations you should have some idea about what to buy. These shirt option will include length of sleeves, neck style, color, what kind of print they should have and of course, the right sizes.


Our Favorite Designs


Here are some of our favorite designs which can be purchased as sets of two. Each are available in a variety of both sizes and colors.

  • Disney Minnie - Minnie Me printed short sleeve
  • Personalized sets with names on front and Minnie Mouse on back
  • Vacay Mode printed on variety of colors
  • Here Comes The Sun Printed shirt


A Cruise Vacation Is A Wonderful Opportunity For Parent And Child To Bond


For many people a cruise is a dream vacation and sharing it with children makes it even more special. There are so many wonderful opportunities for parents to do things with their children, not just on the ship but also at each port of call. Cruises will be divided up between days sightseeing and sea days where you are travelling to the next destination and each are as much fun and provide times for parent and child to bond.

During the days at sea there will be lots to do together including:

Chilling Out And Playing In The Pool

Every cruise ship has a pool but some have very exuberant ones that are full on water parks, pools for smaller children, water coaster rides and even surf pools. There is also the obligatory sun loungers to relax after some play together.

Working Out

Best for older children and especially good for parents who like to go overboard on eating while on holiday. Keeping on top of those extra calories with a light workout will help to stay in shape.

Spa Days

An awesome way for a mother and daughter to spend a few hours together in relaxation. Do away with the cruise shirts, on with the robes and enjoy some well deserved pampering. It doesn't have to be restricted to one day either as with so many option you will be going back for more. Suggestions include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, botox, teeth whitening, mud baths, wraps, sauna, steam rooms and relaxation chairs.


Eating is for many one of the major delights of cruising and there is so much choice that every appetite and taste buds are counted for. Meal times are always good for family chats and you can go for anything from a burger or barbecue to a la carte fine dining.

Take A Course

This will be a fun thing for parent and children to take part in together. Cruise lines run many mini courses where you can pick things like cookery or baking classes, photography courses or learn about astrology. These are just a few among many different categories that could be an enjoyable experience.

Kids Recreation

All cruise lines have some kind of kids recreational area where they can play with child related toys, ball parks, slides, video games and kids parties. While not classed as bonding time with mommy, it is good for them to have a break away from parents to enjoy your company even more later.

These are just an example of the many other activities that can be enjoyed on the cruise ship when at sea. There are always large shopping malls and the ships are so large there is much to see.

Obviously days at ports are totally different and will depend on what stops are scheduled for your cruise. Most will entail visiting famous places for certain landmarks or special history and it is a further opportunity for mom and daughter to enjoy some quiet quality time together. Presuming your cruise is in warmer areas these days are also perfect for wearing your mother daughter cruise shirts which should get some attention and comments about how cute you both look from other passengers.