Make Your Home More Festive With Christmas Ornaments For Mother And Daughter


Christmas is a special time of the year that most people, especially children, look forward to immensely. It is a time of year when people are friendlier, smiles come more easy and there is a relaxed although also often chaotic feeling as the holiday season closes in. The build up is often as exciting as the day where some will be preparing for any weeks, buying gifts, putting up decoration and Christmas trees. Then of course is one of the things many families enjoy the most, the food. It is a good time of the year for eating with food fans rejoicing all of the wonderful dishes available and families getting together. Children are just eager for the big day to come so they can open their presents and parents enjoy the happiness on their sons and daughters faces. Obviously parents still also like to receive gifts and one to add to the festive decorations will be a beautiful mother daughter Christmas ornament.

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There are some items a home must have to make it feel warm and alive and one of these are ornaments. They bring color, beauty and personality to any room and are one of those things each should have. The same can be said for Christmas ornaments, along with other decorations they are an essential part of the overall Christmassy look of the home. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, placed in various places or stood someone depending on their type.

Objects that are given between a mother and daughter often come in different types. By this we mean that some will be designed to be given from a daughter to a mother and vice versa while others will come as a matching set. These come as a pair with one to keep and one to give, a good example being two turtle doves. A matching set means as long each has their half the other will have something of their close to them as a reminder and they will only be fully complete when coming together.

Christmas ornaments are just one out of many different pieces of clothing, accessories and jewelry that are produced with a mom and daughter in mind. There are other special seasonal items such as Christmas pajamas and Christmas dresses as well as day to day clothes like shirts and outfits. Accessories include things like willow tree figurines and even journals. There are also things like swimsuits if you are both active and nice jewelry such as bracelets.

The range of things you can buy is almost infinite and they are not only for a mother and her daughter. They are also manufactured for all others family members with every set of permutations you can think of available to buy. Some of the items are for public use for everyone to see where as others are only for the home for just you, your family and any visitors. Obviously Christmas ornaments are for home decor and like all of the other items can be bought for different members of the family.


A Mommy Daughter Ornament For The Holiday Makes A Lovely Gift



With the great variety in products that can be bought between a mother and daughter it could be hard to pick out just one but for the Christmas period, a simple gift like an ornament would be perfect. An ornament can be cherished and used for a long time, brought out year after year and will hold memories of the Christmas it was given.

Like many different art works, ornaments are subjective which might put some in the mindset of trying to second guess what their moms would like. Some people like certain themes and colors and it is possible that certain designs would not fit in. It is however also a gift that will connect a mommy and daughter which means it will have a greater impact and a sentimental attachment.

As well as celebrating a mother and daughters relationship they are also a gift that will be different and unique. With so many occasions in a year that do require a gift, Mother’s Day, Birthdays etc it can become difficult to think up new ideas for each celebration. As they are for Christmas, such as ornament will most likely be given as a Christmas present or perhaps Thanksgiving as it is close or a November/ December birthday.

Another problem arises if the ornaments are the matching type, a set of two with one each given to a mom and daughter. Two people obviously means to different tastes and if they live in separate houses, potentially two different Christmas decors. Some people are incredibly picky about where even the smallest things fit into how they have decorated their homes but most people are quite flexible and these are fairly small items that do have that beautiful sentiment they carry with it.


Ideas And A Little Inspiration


A list of some of our favorite pieces with a brief description to help give you some ideas and inspiration.

For Mom

  • Silver open heart charm surrounded with sterling silver with cubic zirconia diamonds with words – The love between a mother and daughter is forever
  • Remember I Love You Mom with red roses
  • Ceramic circular ornament with words Mom, I am the person I am today because of your love, your support, your time, your heart. I am the person I am because of you
  • Best Mom ever with heart


Matching Set Of Two

  • Set of 2 doves with words Love you always mother/ daughter


Long Distance

  • Circular ornament with words – never truly apart, may be in distance but never in heart



  • Baking Memories with custom year
  • Pink with butterflies and jewels with personalized photo option


Like Mother Like Daughter

  • Fabric ornament of two dresses, one smaller with Like Mom, Like Daughter on the ribbons
  • Adult and child boots together with words Like Mom, Like Daughter
  • Sculpted adult and child Christmas sweaters each with scarves and text Snowy weather, Cozy together, Mom Daughter



  • Porcelain Bambi and mother curled up



  • Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, Loved more than you know



  • Baby’s first Christmas with custom date



The Festive Season Is The Perfect Time For Some Parent And Child Bonding While Putting Up The Tree And Decorations



As you can see from the range of Christmas ornaments that we consider to be our favorites, they come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. They also come in various materials and while years ago many were fine glass that shattered very easily. Many years ago we used real candy canes, garlands and wreathes with bits such as ivy and mistletoe from real trees brought into the home. The ornaments today are made from plastic, wood and glass although they tend to be a little stronger.

To have built such a strong bond between them a mom will have spent many hours with her child. From being a newborn baby all the way through their infant and toddler years and on to moving away from the family home for education to get married a mom will always be there for her child. She will have witnessed many milestones over the years as her little one grew up fast and accomplished so many different things and all will be precious memories stored in her mind.

Building a special connection needs time together and for the majority this comes naturally but for some there are hurdles in the way. Some moms need to work long hours to properly provide for their children but there are also those that have the time but choose to prioritize their own social lives.

It is the later that will eventually come to the conclusion they have wasted an opportunity to watch the most important thing in their lives, missed some of the once in a lifetime events and never formed a strong bond with their daughters. Obviously it’s always possible to change and doing so before they get too old is the right time.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to launch a new beginning with the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. All it takes is for this to continue and by making a promise to yourself and your daughter you can succeed. A good way of keeping this promise is to have a symbol that represents the new start and because it is Christmas a matching Christmas ornament set could be perfect. You will keep one each which means each holds a reminder of your promise and each year on the anniversary of the new start they can be brought together once again to remind you both of how things once were and how amazing it is now to have the beautiful connection.

The moms who do choose to neglect their children are in the minority with most being incredibly attentive to their child and ensuring that are an active part n their lives. These, thankfully are out typical moms and are the reason who so many daughters appreciate them and want to show their thanks and love by giving them a mother and daughter Christmas ornament.