Show You Care With Bracelets For Mom And Daughter


The ranges available for matching bracelets target many different couple combinations but there is none quite so cute and adorable as those designed for mother and daughter. Even those of us who find gifts that match a little cringe worthy cannot say that there is a special connection between mom and daughter and sharing a common item shows how much they care for and love one another.

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Your little one will soon reach an age where they will come incredibly attached to you and will want to copy mommy in  any way they can. You could introduce them to a full outfit that matches you both or go with something less out there like a pair of leggings. If wearing this kind of mother daughter clothing isn’t your thing but you still want to keep them happy with something that looks the same and has a bond between you then a set of bracelets could be the perfect answer.

These also make great gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend or a friend and their daughter. With so many different celebrations throughout the year and all needing some kind of present it can be often hard to think up something new and different. Most of us end up buying the same old items year after year but a bracelet set could be a great idea. The make great gifts for all sorts of occasions such as Mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays, perhaps a baby shower or even as a special treat for a mother and daughter bonding day. You also have the added benefit that the gift includes their child so they are sure to love it even more.

There are different varieties of these and the ones we mention most here are the ones that come in a pair, so you are looking at a set of two bracelets. However, there are also specific mother daughter pieces that come separate which will contain some message about the bond or love, infinity or charms being popular with some special engraving. It all depends if you want to wear them as a pair or you just want to give your mom/ in law or daughter/ in law a separate gift. There are some that include grandma also so there are three generation remembrances in one.

As most of know, buying presents for others can be a bit of a gamble and buying for a female could be argued as being the hardest to get right. They know their style well and if you are not that fashion conscious trying to second guess what they like can often end in disaster but don’t let that put you off. It’s hard enough as it is coming up with something new and putting in a little effort and the fact these have such a personal touch should mean you get a smile and a happy recipient.

These are obviously aimed at two family members and they can be purchased as a pair with both in mind or for either just the mother or the daughter as well as for in-laws and sometimes including grandma’s also. There are no particular types that are more popular than the other. Buying for your child could be for when they are moving away, perhaps to college or buying their own house or perhaps when they are first starting school to give them strength or maybe for their wedding day. For mom, it can be for similar times and also for Mother’s day which is probably the most popular time for this type of gift.

When you look at the ranges of any type of jewelry, you will see there is a massive amount of choice and these ones for mother and daughter are no exception. If you are buying these for yourself and your child then you know your style but you may want to think about what kind of things you little one likes also. Buying a bracelet for someone else could be a little more tricky but not quite as bad as clothing, you can get an idea of the look, whether the engravings suit the persons involved and check reviews for quality. Most of them look incredible so now matter what your choice, you will be sure to get many compliments.


The Gift Of A Bracelet For Mommy And Me Times



The great thing about gifting a matching bracelet is the connection they create, while already strong, when it comes to those mommy and me times it will make them even more special. The wonderful thing about these is that they can be worn at all times and don’t need to be saved for any occasion like you may a set of clothing. Whether you are at home relaxing with one another or out having fun you will always be able to enjoy wearing them.

Most people enjoy receiving jewelry as a gift and bracelets especially those that come as a pair are also loved by many of us. They come in a variety of materials including gold, titanium, stainless steel, leather, plastic and beaded and come in a variety of designs from simple to intricate. Many have a standard engraving of a special message while other you will be able to customize with a personalized message such names, initials or dates etc. The personal touch makes them a great choice of gift for a mother or daughter.

Aside from the material used there are other things that may influence the choice which you make and one of these is the reaction you expect when anyone sees you wearing them. Because most matching wristwear sets will have some kind of message engraved or perhaps an image you have a choice of what kind of thing you want to be wearing. Do you want one with some funny wording or image that will bring a laugh or something that is really cute and warming to the heart or something personal that connects you both.

The nice thing about you both wearing some kind of wristband that is one half of a pair is that when you are apart there will always be a reminder of your mom or daughter with you. Not that they ever need a prompt to get you to remember them but it will give you the nice feeling of the special connection you have. This brings us to another point when choosing a set, do you want them to make sense when worn alone? It might not be something that is important as they are not particularly on show but it could be important to some people. You can get sets that still mean something when worn alone and others only as a pair but like we mentioned they do not stand out and as it is a reminder of someone special, it should not hold too much importance.

While we are on the subject, being able to wear them apart as a reminder of each other also allows for a good excuse to add an extra addition to your jewelry box. No one can have too much jewelry and it does not matter what it is or what the purpose, add extra piece is always a good thing. When it is one that carries a reminder of a family member then it also holds some added sentimental value.

Other good times for wearing any kind of bracelet is when you have a vacation planned. Buying a set for you both would be a great surprise and as vacations are a time when you are together a lot they make the perfect accessories to your outfits. Not only will they be an item that shows your bond which can be worn at any time they will also hold treasured  memories of a wonderful vacation where they were presented as a surprise at the beginning.

The final decision is, what do you choose? As with all jewelry the choices of styles, designs, colors, materials and because they are custom, engravings are almost infinite. You can portray any image that you wish and evoke many differing emotions dependent on your choice so lets check out whats on offer.


Set And Customized Engraving Ideas



Time to get have a run down of just some of the styles and designs available to give you some starting ideas as to what might suit you or the person you are buying a bracelet for. We have narrowed down to a few of our favorite designs and hope we offer some inspiration to the look you are wanting and perhaps the custom engravings you may be thinking of having added.


  • Two interlocking infinity circles in sterling silver
  • Single infinity symbol including the text Mom
  • Infinity collection especially for in-law

Alex And Ani

  • Daughter charm bangle with Swarovski crystals
  • Two-Tone charm with hand in hand design
  • Alex and Ani charm bangle with Because I love you Mom design
  • Path of symbols with love charm
  • You are my heart two-tone set of 2
  • True Direction Rafaelian bangle
  • Mother of the bride
  • Mother of the groom
  • Infinite connection set of two
  • Baby on board

Set For 3

  • For Mother And Two Daughters
  • Alex and Ani Mom knows best set of 3
  • Black cord wish bracelet set each with a heart – side by side or miles apart…we’ll always be connected by our hearts
  • Copper and stainless steel material with cut out heart disc on one and small heart charms on the other two.

Long Distance

  • Pinky Promise distance smooth cord with beaded heart pair – one for you, one for me


  • Set of 2 corded with cut out heart disc for one and solid heart piece that fits for the other with wish card.


  • Single stainless steel charm with various engravings including Mom, you are my best friend. Thank you for raising me to be the woman I am. I’ll always be your little girl.
  • Silver plated with message The love between a mother and her daughter is forever
  • Set of two charm style with Swarovski birthstone, always in my heart and love you messages
  • Heart charms with engraved names
  • 2 piece cubic zirconia with hearts

Sets Of 2 – One Mother – One Daughter

  • 925 Sterling silver double heart pair


  • Stainless steel cuff design with inscription – Everything I am you helped me to be
  • Engraved with I love you to the moon and back
  • Set of 3 with secret message stamped inside


  • Silver plated engraved with Marriage made you family…Love made you my daughter
  • You were chosen by my son and are like a daughter to me

Three Generations – Grandma, Mom and Daughter

  • Sterling silver with 3 interlocking circles


  • Blessing with beads on elastic pair with love and forever engraved


  • 925 Sterling silver infinity with heart and I love you Mom wording
  • Double heart customized and with birthstones
  • Engraved with Mom and kids names personalized with added birthstones
  • Forever love heart leaf dangle adjustable charm


  • Cuff bangle with any engraving on inside, outside or both

Mommy And Me

  • Pair with Mommy Bear – Baby Bear Wording
  • New mom charm with baby girl and tiny feet
  • First day of preschool for separation anxiety
  • Cultured Pearl with Swarovski crystal set
  • Natural stone beaded elastic heart charm pair
  • Lucky charms red string evil eye protection
  • Single Mama bear cuff design
  • Beaded stretchy good luck unicorn charm


  • Two piece set with heart that completes when together engraved with mother daughter
  • Morse code beaded with message I love you


  • Custom names within infinity symbol
  • Personalized custom text engraved on inner and outer of cuff style
  • Personalize with up to 4 names and their birthstones


  • Iconic moments snake chain charm in sterling silver
  • Smooth moments snake chain charm

Leather Wristbands

  • Braided leather with essential oil diffusing addition
  • Waterproof, adjustable with heart


Other Suggestions For Engraving


Many of these bracelets are customizable and will allow you to have your own personal message engraved on them. If you are struggling to think of something heartwarming to write then we have listed a few ideas to help you.

For Mom

  • Talking to you makes my day
  • Love you forever
  • You’re my inspiration
  • Thank You for loving me
  • Forever Your Child
  • Thank You for your strength
  • I couldn’t do it without you
  • The greatest mother
  • Your voice is all i need
  • Thanks for always knowing
  • Mother is another word for love
  • All the right things in life, we learned from you
  • A friend forever heart and spirit

For Daughter

  • Dream
  • My Princess
  • We are so proud of you
  • Believe in yourself
  • You are the joy in my heart
  • Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time
  • My favorite place is inside your hug
  • The peanut to my jelly
  • Happiness is mother and daughter time
  • Angels are often disguised as daughters
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • You deserve what you want
  • You are the joy in my heart
  • Always close to your heart


  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  • Live laugh love
  • Follow you heart
  • Everything I need is already within me
  • Every time i think of you, I give thanks to God
  • My heart and soul
  • Time flies, love stays
  • Jesus loves me and you

Different Language

Another great idea is text in a different language, for instance here are a few for I Love You

  • Chinese – Ngo oiy ney a
  • Gaelic – Ta gra agam ort
  • Japanese – Aishiteru
  • Portuguese – Eu te amo
  • Roman Numerals – 333
  • Italian – Ti amo

You can obviously combine any of the above or change them slightly to build your own words. Other ideas for engravings are words or quotes from a favorite book or movie which can be funny, inspirational or loving and also their special nicknames.


Wear Personalized Wristwear That Matches At Any Time


There will be many times you spend with your daughter as they grow up and all of them are precious moments and it will not be long before the moments you have together become less and less. Before long they will be spending more time with their friends or glued to their phones but at a certain wonderful age they will love having time with mommy the most.

This is an important point to think about because sometime lives become busy and people neglect to spend as much time as they would like with their children and if this is you maybe it is time for a change. Surprising them with a set of matching bracelets could be a great way to start a new period of more time dedicated to them.

Another way these could be given is to your mom for an occasion such as Mother’s day or perhaps you are going off to college and want to stay connected in some way. She will appreciate the fact you have thought of her and that the gift is a set that pairs with the one you will wear. There are designs where each will wear one half of a particular item or text which makes sense when coming together or those with messages on. They make great memories and for anyone a long distance apart serve as a reminder of each other.

Whoever you wish to give a set of bracelets to, unless of course it is a gift for a certain occasion, you have a couple of choices. If this is a spontaneous gift as a surprise to spend time with the recipient with a nice day planned out then you will need to consider not just what design you would like to wear but also what kind of things the like. Alternatively, you could decide on a mother daughter bonding day, plan it all out together and choose the bangle you would both like to wear together.

If you are buying this for your wife, girlfriend or a friend and their child then you need to consider their style of fashion, what they like to wear in terms of materials. What kind of reaction do you want to see when they open the gift? Do you want a pair that brings laughter or ones that are cute. With many different engraving options you have unlimited choices and you will need to think about what style the receiver would like the most.

These do no need to be saved for special occasions but can be purchased at any time. Many items that match tend to be reserved for certain celebration but the great thing about a piece of jewelry is that it can be worn at any time due to them being more discreet than an outfit or a pair of hats that are more likely to be worn while on vacation or at holidays like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day or birthdays.

Because there are many varieties of wristwear that match and narrowing the choice down to that final one can be difficult  with many that you also like probably being disregarded there could be a easier solution. With the prices being fairly cheap you could always opt for a couple of different sets which capture different moments then you can wear different styles to suit the mood or the occasion and they will both look irresistibly cute.