Sunbathe Or Swim in Matching Bikini Sets For Mother And Daughter

Giving birth to your first baby will be a life changing day and one which will often make even the wildest of moms be replaced by a domesticated and in control person. That first touch of your baby will immediately be followed by instantly falling in love with her or him and promising them the Earth. Wanting the best for your baby is only natural and for any mom who loves fashion this will extend to their clothes. Obviously any newborn will be quite limited in respect of what they wear and will tend to live in bodysuits. They do grow up fast however and it will not seem like long before there are many more clothing options available. At the right age you will be able to introduce mom and daughter clothing which for regular beach goers and swimmers will mean a nice mother daughter bikini.

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From a mothers perspective, the age at which you might feel comfortable letting a daughter wear a bikini will differ from one to the other. Where some moms might think a certain age inappropriate for a bikini another will believe it to be alright. We leave this up to each individuals beliefs and let them choose when they are happy to allow their daughter to wear matching bikinis with them.

So what makes the bikini so great when compared to other options? They are always in fashion which means the one you buy will have some longevity. A large choice means there are shapes and sizes to fit everyone. When the summer is particularly hot a bikini will keep you cooler than other options. You will get a proper tan and is easy to manage. They are easier to change at a pool or beach when wet or to add an extra layer to if moving on to somewhere else after a beach visit.

When a mom decides her daughter is at an age when she can wear a bikini, she will then be able to buy a mommy and me bikini set. It is not only bikinis that can be found as a matching set for a mom and daughter but also a great many other pieces of clothing, accessories and jewelry. Listing them all would be extremely long but a few examples include mommy and baby outfits, garments for special occasions like Christmas dresses plus other styles of swimsuits. There are also boho dresses and home wear like robes as well as a variety of accessories like aprons and slides.

This matching or twinning style is not only being produced for a mother and daughter but also for all other members of a family. Obviously not all items are suitable for every person, bikinis being one example. However, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different items that are manufactured for parents and children as well as the many permutations of family members. It will be these two groups of people who will receive the predominantly positive response to the wearing of their matching items. This is in contrast to any couples who may wear the same style in order to show the world their affection for one another, which will receive a mix of positive and negative feedback.

Mother daughter bikinis and other garments can be a lot of fun to wear with most moms taking an interest in wearing this style because of how adorable it can look. The majority of moms will fall into wearing these coordinated designs through seeing friends and family wearing similar and wishing to share the enjoyment with her daughter.

The first thoughts will generally always be how cute they will look when worn together. It will not be until wearing them that they will discover a deeper and more meaningful side to them. This is the feeling of being closer to the corresponding person wearing the same piece of clothing which in this case will be her daughter. As with all clothes in this niche, wearing bikinis that match will show a mother and daughter that have a close relationship and a strong connection between them.


Cute Mommy And Me Bikinis Would Make An Awesome Gift



The bikini was an amazing invention and are hugely popular coming in many different shapes and sizes and, of course, colors. They are worn all year around, either to local beaches, to swimming pools or for vacations. They are available in matching sets and this makes them a great candidate for a gift to a mother, daughter or both.

Anyone who has purchased clothing for any woman in the past will understand the difficulties that can occur in trying to choose the right thing. Most will fail and we know this to be true because around 75% of all clothing given to a woman is returned.

We don’t blame anyone who has tried in the past to pick out a garment in the hope the recipient will like it, only for the opposite to be true, to be reluctant to try again. The one saving grace is that the garment in question is already known, a bikini. Of course bikinis can pose their own problems when needing a correct size but this can be overcome by a quick look at some older ones. Another advantage is, as we have mentioned previously, the feeling of closeness to each other a mother and daughter will have and this will lead them to liking more than they may have without the connection.

Any mom who has not yet had the enjoyment of wearing any kind of mommy and me clothing with their daughter are going to have a wonderful surprise. Because a bikini is an item that will be worn during any season in the year it will be something that could be given for any occasion. These include Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year, Thanksgiving or as a vacation gift.

There could be just one other obstacle that might stand in the way of both liking your intended choice and that could be their tastes. They may be mom and daughter but the doesn’t mean their taste in fashion will be the same. A bikini is quite standard in design and it will only take a few observation to know what styles they both like. The same can be said for the final option and that is color. By paying attention to the colors both like to wear you will be sure to find at least one that is common between the two.


Get Some Ideas Or Just Some Inspiration For Your Set



Take a look at some of our favorite designs in order to get some ideas or some inspiration.


High Waisted

  • Blue and white floral design, high waist bottoms with ruffled top
  • High waist design with green bottoms and green and white floral pattern layered
  • High waist tummy control bottoms in blue and white floral with ruffled flounce bikini top



  • Triangle bikini bottoms with white tassel top



  • Ruffled tankini top with bottom in leopard print


Polka Dot

  • Red ruffled top with polka dot blue and white high waist bottoms


Crop Top

  • High waist blue and pink bottom with pink halter neck crop top



  • High waist floral bottom with retro look cross bikini bra



Cool Beachwear Is The Perfect Garment To Wear When Bonding



It is all parents natural instinct and love for their child that means they want to make sure they are provided for with the right care and things they need to survive and be happy. Giving them the essentials and more is important but so is the right level of interaction which means spending proper quality time together. By quality we mean giving them your 100% focus rather than gazing at a phone, tablet or TV.

Offering them your complete attention all of the time is not practical but each mom should be setting aside at least an hour each day to interact with their child. This will benefit both parties with children getting the attention from their mom that they often crave and the mother being able to build precious memories of the milestones and achievement of her little ones.

We know from surveys that tell us we are spending more time now than ever before with our children that most mothers are dedicating enough time each day towards their child. Obviously this is only an average and will not account for all and there are moms who through no fault of their own are unable to have as much time as they would like with their children. For them, this can often be due to circumstance such as need to work long unsociable hours so that they can properly feed, clothe and provide shelter for their little ones.

There are also a small percentage of mothers who choose to continue the lives they led prior to giving birth and will often neglect their babies needs to spend time with their mother. It is this small group that we hope will wake up and start afresh.

After all, it only takes a strong will and determination to make any change and her we are talking about forging bonds with a daughter. It can all begin with a day out, to the beach or to the pool where you can chat, have fun and relax in each others company. A new beginning is a special day that will also be much better in special clothes and for a swim or beachwear, a mother daughter bikini will be the perfect choice. They are great for swimming, cooling in the sun and comfortable and wearing a matching set will bring the deeper feeling of closeness we spoke of earlier. Obviously one day is only a beginning and a mom must follow up on her actions, learning to put more hours into her daughters life to build that unbreakable bond.

The group we speak of above are just a tiny percentage in comparison to the millions of mothers who do the extraordinary on a daily basis. Often not only raising multiple children but having time for partners, cooking, hobbies, school, clubs, seeing friends and work. These supermoms also deserve some relaxing mommy and me days with their daughter and wearing a matching bikini set to chill out at the beach or pool would be perfect.