You Will Forever Feel Closer To Each Other With Beaded Bracelets For Mother And Daughter


There is a variety of beaded bracelets which can serve different purposes. These beaded styles of bracelets have been worn for many thousands of years and are thought to be one of the worlds oldest ways of showing your own individuality. These would have been one of the easiest ways of crafting with eggs used as beads Over time bones would start to be used then came the likes of glass, wood, stone. For the majority of the time people purchase beaded types of bracelet as accessories their outfits much like other pieces of jewelry.

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There are also people who wear them for a purpose in which examples include:

Karma bracelets which are made from wood and are worn in the hope it will bring good luck and karma to wearer.

Stone beaded bracelets are worn with the idea that the person wearing it will absorb the stones energy. These stones will be identified as having healing powers that has been absorbed by them over millions of years. They are believed to help the mind, body and soul.

  • Rose quartz is the stone of attracting love and encouraging trust and harmony in a relationship.


  • Lapis lazuli is the stone of logic, creation and truth and is a deep blue.


  • Tiger eye stones provide courage and calm by releasing any fear and anxiety.


  • Amethyst is a popular healing stone, particularly good for inner peace and curing insomnia and anxiety.


  • Turquoise can stimulate problem solving while being good for health.


  • Black Matte is for people who get stressed easily with a power to calm.

The mother daughter range is a vast one with an array of different matching clothes, jewelry and accessories. Being a matching set, each will wear one pair and worn in this way is said to offer several benefits. One is the fact that they look really cute when worn together, the other being how close to each other and the bond that these matching items create.

As we just mentioned, the range is vast with beaded bracelets being just one of the mommy and me, twinning type things available to purchase. Some moms like to wear clothing with their daughters and these sets include the likes of tutu dresses, Christmas dresses, fall outfits, thanksgiving outfits, jumpsuits and t shirts. Other items are also available with the likes of picture frames for the home and necklaces to wear.

While the matching type of things are particularly popular with moms and daughters, other family members also enjoy wearing this kind of genre of fashion. Products can be bought for whole family members like bracelets or a necklace. Whole family items are commonly worn around festive periods and there are also sets of two for each pair that can be made from a family group.



Matching Beaded Bangles Will Be A Wonderful Gift For Any Mommy And Her Girl



Probably one of the most beautiful discoveries that come from wearing a set of matching beaded bracelets is the feeling of always being connected. A bangle or bracelet such as this type with beads can be worn permanently. Whether it is at home, to dinner or work, this kind of jewelry is excepted in most situations. It means they do not need to be reserved for certain occasions like many of the clothing items and are sure to get more use.

Any jewelry that is received as a gift is going to be loved. Most women love being given a piece of jewelry but they are going to feel even more special because they are a set that tie her to her daughter. Although there are more elegant styles like gold and silver which make beads seem kind of simple. The fact that there are two and as mentioned above, how they form a connection, it will mean they are more treasured that an individual piece.

This leads us to the fact that they are going to make for a beautiful gift. Giving a matching set to a mommy and her little girl will light up both of their faces as they are something quite unique and will be a wonderful surprise. Beads can be worn all year around and this means they are a gift that can be given on one of several celebrations. You can make your choice as to what you believe suits you and them best, be it Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter plus any others you give presents for.

Although we are discussing beaded bracelets there are still many options within this division. When buying for two people, it is these two people you will have to consider before making any choices. We have mentioned a few versions above and their benefits but there are also many more. Some will have charms attached, others personalized or custom options to add names, dates etc. Most will have a serious and heartfelt tone but others will be playful, fun and worn to be amusing. The type you buy will be decided by the personalities of the receivers and the reaction you think they want to feel when wearing them. With custom designs the options are endless and evoke many different emotions.



A Selection Of Our Favored Designs


These are some of our favorite designs. Each come as a matching set of two for a mommy and her daughter with the appropriate sizes.


  • Handmade beaded Chakra yoga bracelet in imperial jasper, adjustable, healing natural stone
  • 8 mm lava stone rock, 7 Chakras with essential oil diffuser for anxiety
  • Sterling silver with cultured pearl beads and crystals
  • Mommy and me elephant in a unique handmade style
  • Morse code beaded type in 925 sterling silver
  • Handmade rhinestone crystal and heart charm
  • 18K gold on 925 sterling silver, natural black spinel rosary cross charm bead bracelet
  • Black matte agate and turquoise 8mm beaded stone



This Style Of Wrist Jewelry Can Be Worn For A Connection And Bonding



We spoke about the connection that is formed when both wear an item that matches and the fact that any kind of jewelry for the wrist can be worn at all time. Many of these matching objects, especially jewelry like bracelets are designed as a pair with some addition where each bracelet gets one half of an object. In this case the object is only whole when the two come together. That feeling is often transferred over to the wearers who also carry that feeling of wanting to be with the person wearing the other half. Therefore there is an increased and feeling of being closer to each other and having a stronger bond.

By wearing one half of anything where a loved one is wearing the other half will always serve as a reminder of that other person. This can be especially true when you are away from each other for some time. Obviously you are not really going to need anything to help remind you of someone dear to you. But by having a part of that person close to you, in this by way of a beaded bracelet, it feels like they are not too far away. They can also acts as a sort of countdown to when you will see each other again.

Reminders and creating a closer connection are just a couple of the benefits to wearing bracelets produced with beads. There are other ways in which they can bring some positivity into your life.

One of these is simply because they look amazing. Like all other wristwear beaded bracelets are stylish, many are beautiful in color and appearance. If out wearing a matching pair together, then they look twice as beautiful.

Another is meditation which goes hand in hand with those people who wear different types for reasons such as energy and healing. Stone prayer beads have been used for hundreds of years during meditation. Those that practice this believe they interact with the subconscious mind.

Some people insist on the stones for a bracelets being their birth stone, the one that is relevant to your zodiac sign. It is these stones that most believers can identify which stone is the best for them. This is then attributed to elevating natural hidden strengths.