Now You Can Both Look Amazing In Matching Anklets For Mom And Daughter


There are many different designs of jewelry that matches for a variety of couples and there are different combinations out there for type from just friends to those that are romantically or family connected. Out of all of those available there are none that fit quite as perfectly as those made for mother and daughter. There are a lot of people that find clothing that matches and the people that wear them to be in poor taste and would never want to wear them. There are obviously others that love the style but which ever side you sit on, no one can deny that there is no more special bond than that between a mom and her girl. It full ensembles are not your things then a piece of jewelry could be something you could wear that celebrates your bond.

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There are many different items of jewelry that would suit, such as rings or bracelets but a more unusual one you could wear are anklets. As with most types of jewelry in this range these anklets come as individual items that often hold some kind of message that can sometimes be personalized and they often come with birthstones. You can also buy them in sets of two or three and these will match so that you can wear them together and look coordinated.

You will find that most ankle bracelets come as an individual item which will be either from mother to daughter or the other way around but there is still plenty of choice is you were wanting a matching set. They make a great gift for many different occasion and celebrations such Mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays, wedding days and engagements but they can be given to mark other events in your lives. One of you could be going through a difficult time and a gift like this sends a message of love and to show how much you care. It could also be for a daughter who is moving away from home, perhaps going to college or getting married or just to simply remember a bonding day for the both of you.

Although most of the time these will be given between parent and child it does not mean other friends or relatives cannot also buy them as a present. There are many celebrations to buy for throughout the year and it can be hard to think of different ideas. If your partner loves ankle jewelry then something with some meaning that includes their daughter would make a great present they are sure to appreciate.

While ankle bracelets are not as frequently purchased as something like a necklace there is still a good choice to choose from which can mean it can still be difficult to narrow down. If you are buying for someone else then you should consider there preferences and look at what they already wear. Do they prefer silver, gold, pearls, gems and what colors? Do they like something that stands out or is more subtle? Many will also allow you to add a custom message engraved into the jewelry so what kind of message you want to add also needs to be finalized before purchase.



Gift Your Mother Or Child An Ankle Bracelet Set



We have previously talked about how flexible this kind of gift can be but the most important aspect is that they will show the bond between a mother and her daughter. They can be worn by either party or as a matching set and they act as a great symbol of the love you have for one another. Whereas wearing some kind of clothing that celebrates this and the limitations involved in where you can wear such items, jewelry is more discreet and can be worn at any time. This can be especially true with anklets as they can remain easily hidden away should you wish.

Obviously when buying for someone else you have to consider what metal or material they are made from – sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, platinum or leather for instance as well as the intricacy of the design and of course the engraving possibilities. On top of those decisions you also need to think about the reaction you expect from the person who is receiving your gift. There are piece that will contain some kind of humor in order to bring some fun to the occasion or there are those that come under the umbrella of cute and heart warming.

You also have a choice in terms of quantity when it comes to this style of jewelry. Many people will want a matching pair that are a set and either split and complete when come together or share some kind of message. These are worn as a reminder of your connection and to help you feel close to the other person and can often be found being worn by persons that are living some distance apart. They are also purchased as individual items to give to a parent of child for various sentimental reasons which we have previously mentioned.

These are beautiful gifts for some many occasions and celebrations and can be given as a reminder of happy times, as a thank you or perhaps a more difficult period. They can be given as something to mark a memory of a great time together such as a vacation or at the beginning of a new journey. With all of the various design, styles, colors, materials and personalization that can be made the actual narrowing down of an ankle bracelet to a single choice can be quite daunting. With an almost  infinite amount of choices it’s going to difficult to choose just one so we are going to run through a few ideas to help inspire you.


Inspired Custom Ideas Just For You



If you are wanting a little inspiration then we have listed a few of our favorite designs below. These are the ones that we liked the best although everyone has different tastes. We have described the look for you so you get a feel of what is available out there. Many you will be able to customize with names, dates, initials etc


  • 925 Sterling silver adjustable with variety of charms
  • Silver with 18 ct gold plate and interlocking hoops design
  • Adjustable with heart charms in silver, great for the beach
  • Beaded design with heart charm in silver


  • Love rose flower ankle bracelet in silver

Mommy And Me

  • Sterling silver mom and baby turtle pendants


  • Custom made personalized with any name


  • Silver with love hearts and infinity symbol
  • Endless love infinity symbol with cubic zirconia available in silver or gold plated


  • Sterling silver with double interlocking hearts
  • 18 ct gold plated silver double love heart interlocking
  • Silver with cubic zirconia black heart pendant


  • 14 ct gold plated with letter of choice as pendant

2 layers

  • Beaded with two layers and heart design

Set Of 2

  • Pair of anklets in stainless steel both with infinity loop


  • Personalized birthstones with up to three available


Personalized Ankle Jewelry Fits In At Any Time



In the not too distant future your little girl will be all grown up and the time spent with mommy will become less and less. At an early age she may reach a time in her life where she may want to dress like her mom, known as the mommy and me period it can be something they or maybe you want. There are many types of outfits and accessories that can fit this requirement but this style is not for everyone and a good way to please them could be to share your anklet with them or better still get them their own that matches yours.

You will not have long before she will be heading out into the world on her own so make the most of the time you have together and one great way is to have a special bonding day with an item like a ankle bracelet as a reminder of a lovely time together. They can also be given to her when she is going to be leaving, perhaps starting her own family and an accessory such as these with a loving message will give her the strength she needs knowing you are there with her supporting her.

Buying this kind of accessory is not exclusive to a parent and children but could also be a great idea for in-laws as a wedding gift or perhaps for a friend and their daughter. With the styles they come in they have more of a deeper message when purchased between a mom and her girl but certainly don’t appear to be strange coming from another relative or friend. Knowing what style they like will be important and what type of jewelry they like to wear and perhaps skin reactions to certain metals that some people experience.

The great thing about ankle jewelry is the flexibility in terms of when you can wear it. Many items that fall into this niche such as clothing are more often saved for special celebrations and will not always fit in with every situation. Many will come as a pair that often look out of place when worn as a stand alone item whereas an anklet can be worn at any time of the day and will fit in at any occasion.

The final choice is probably the toughest decision that will need to be made and with all the different ideas out there, it certainly can be a hard task to pick out the one you think they will like. There are some beautifully designed and created items for sale that anyone would love and will look amazing when worn. Whatever the final choice we are sure the person on the receiving end will love it.