Awesome Matching Outfits For Mother And Son Bonding


I have a wonderful boy and I love him more than anything but maybe like many but not all moms I was hoping for a girl. I was looking forward to buying her beautiful clothes, dresses etc and loved the thought of her reaching the age of wanting to dress like me but buying some matching outfits even if she didn’t. But, I had a boy and I wouldn’t swap him for anything. He probably won’t be wanting to dress like mommy but that doesn’t stop the fun of wearing an outfit the matches.

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They won’t be the same as mommy and girl outfits but there is still a good range of clothes to choose from for your son and still look really cute. Getting coordinated with your little boy will bring some very happy moments and give you great opportunities to bond with him. They will also give you an opportunity to take some wonderful photos and share them with family and friends who I am sure will find you both totally adorable.

You might be considering buying an outfit for you wife, girlfriend or any other mom and their boy as a gift. These will make great gifts that are a little more unusual. There are so many celebrations throughout the year that often thinking up things to buy can become pretty tedious. Clothing can be notoriously difficult to choose from a woman but as you are buying these as a set to include her son that actual clothes in this line are a little more limited which will make your choice somewhat easier but still with some decision to be made, as we will go into later.

As these are for mom and son they can be brought at any time of the year but special occasions tend to be the most common times with those such as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s day, Easter, Thanksgiving, baby showers and vacations being among the popular choices. Alternatively, you could surprise the mother or son with a surprise bonding day for the both with a nice day planned out to create some incredible memories.

Most clothing especially something as broad as outfits will have a vast range of choices and when you throw in customized varieties you can be looking at almost unlimited choice. However, with the mom boy range there are a few more limitations as to what outfits will work well for both. You will still need to consider each ones fashion taste if the child is old to understand that is. Also what do they like to wear, what type of clothes, what styles, loose, tight fitting, colors and what print or text would they like to see? Would they prefer something funny to bring out a few laughs or something that is considered cute. There are still some difficult choices but not quite as bad as buying for a mom and daughter.



Boys Need Outfits For Mommy And Me Time Too



When you being to look through the various matching outfits that are available you will see there is something for every kind of combination of couples, family and friends and mom and son are no exception. Although a mom and her little girl probably have the larger choice mommy’s and their baby boys also have a lovely range of clothes to choose from.

The most common reason for buying mother son outfits would be to wear for a special celebration but they can be worn at any time. There is nothing wrong with wearing any matching clothing to go out for any reason or simply relaxing at home. You choose your outfit to suit what you are going to be doing and the same can be said for this niche of clothing. They do bring some fun to an occasion so various celebrations are perfect time to wear these but don’t discount wearing them at any time you please.

Obviously dressing up in a coordinated style and staying at home does not have the same impact compared to when you are going  out. If you have made an effort to both look great then you will probably want to show off you and your sons fantastic look  to anyone you come across. This also gives you the perfect excuse to be spending more quality time with your boy enjoying everything you like to do together with your outfits making the day out an even more memorable occasion.

Showing off your outfits are a large reason for buying them in the first place and this leads to one of the choices you will need to make before making a purchase. This style of clothing comes in a variety of designs and what you get will depend on the reaction you want to see from the who see you. You may want an outfit that has a funny design of some kind, like its print or wording or one that spells out cute or perhaps ones that are very discreet and just matching up in term of color. The same can be said when buying these as a gift for someone, what reaction do you want to see from the recipient when they open it and how would they feel about wearing them.

A further wonderful opportunity to have some mother and son matching time is when you are going on vacation. This is another example of the perfect time to be wearing this kind of gear. Picking out what you will wear and having a laugh together in them enhances that holiday spirit and they will always serve as a reminder of a fantastic time spent together.

One of the appealing little bonuses of getting a new outfit for you and your son is that they can also be worn independently. This may well depend on what design you eventually chose as many are made to be a set and only look right when worn as a pair with someone else. However, there are many designs that will still make perfect garments to wear individually which makes buying this style a great way of adding to your wardrobe.

Lastly you need to wade through all the various outfits that are made for mother and son and make you choice. Although not as vast a range as many in this category it can still be a little daunting trying to make the right choices with all the different prints, images, words, styles and colors so lets take a look through some.



Ideas To Look Coordinated With Your Boy



Time to have a look through some ideas of whats available to get you looking coordinated with your boy. We have made a list of out favorite looks and design and made a brief description which may help off some inspiration as to what to buy and perhaps what custom words to add if the choice is available.

Mother And Son Matching Shirts


Shirts are a popular item of clothing for the mom and son range. They will come as long sleeve or t-shirts in a wide variety of colors to suit anyone. Each with have some kind of image, words or both on the front and will often be amusing. We have listed a few different ideas for these below in various categories. These make great items to wear at any time but also for various celebrations and for a holiday in the spring, summer.


  • 100% Charged – Low Batter
  • I Need A Coffee – I’m A Latte To Handle
  • Burrito – Taco
  • Ok But First Coffee – Ok But First Milk
  • Trouble Maker – Trouble
  • Tough Mama – Tough Cookie
  • Mom Of The Wild One – Wild One
  • Wine – Whine


  • Just A Mama In Love With Her Boy – Just A Boy In Love With His Mama
  • Mother Of Dragons (er Sons – Same Thing) Game Of Thrones influenced

Mommy And Me

  • Mother Of A Prince – Son Of A Queen
  • Mama Bear – Baby Cub
  • Killin This Mom Thing – Killin This Kid Thing
  • I Am Your Mother – I Am Your Son


  • Disney vacation shirts with Mickey ears
  • Customized with own name and Disney castle plus Mickey ears


  • Christmas tree print in various colors
  • Christmas tree and truck with Merry Christmas words


  • Mama Saur – Baby Saur

Valentine’s Day

  • Heart Jigsaw – Missing Jigsaw Piece

Mother’s Day

  • Our first Mother’s Day print on each
  • Boy Mama – Mama’s Boy


  • It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus
  • In a world full of basic witches be a Sanderson


  • Plaid dress for mom and shirt for son


  • You Are My Sunshine – My Only Sunshine
  • Love At First – Light

St.Patrick’s Day

  • One Lucky Mama – One Lucky Charm


Black Mother And Son Matching Outfits


Many of these come in a variety of colors but if black is your favorite and will not be tempted then there are many of black styles to suit you. Some examples of prints found on black clothing are as follows.

  • Pizza Slices
  • Mama Bear – Baby Cub
  • Need Wine – Need Milk
  • Mother of a Prince – Son of a Queen
  • Control Copy – Control Paste
  • Queen – Prince


Other Outfits


For occasions that require that bit more effort, perhaps for church visits at Easter or to a party or even a Wedding day.

  • Formal dress for mom with shirt that matches for son
  • Dress suit for baby with bow tie with same color dress for mommy


  • Hawaiian Luau outfits – vintage dress and shirt with shorts for boy in matching colors



Great choices for all year around but especially when you may want to cover up more in the colder seasons such as fall and winter. They will mostly have similar prints, images and wording of those found on shirts and sweaters etc but the hoodie is suitable for different times compared to other garments.

  • Mother of a Prince – Son of a Queen
  • Yes – No
  • Love – Love


Mommy And Newborn Boy Matching Outfits

If you have a newborn boy then clothing is a little more limited for the baby but you may want him to look cute and be dressed matching mommy for those first photos. There are many outfits that suit you and him and for him these would be sleepsuits. Here are a few text examples.

  • Mommy Shark – Baby Shark
  • Mama Bear – Baby Bear
  • Edamommy – I’m Soy Cute
  • Straight Outta Labor – Straight Outta Mommy
  • Taco – Taquito
  • Me – Mini Me
  • Biggie – Smalls



Look Great Together In Personalized Clothes That Match



All of the times that you get to spend with your son are very precious and all become very special memories that you will treasure for all time. These are moments to enjoy and cling on to because before not too long your little boy will be all grown up and be spending more time glued to his phone, games console, laptop, TV etc or out with his friends. The times he used to enjoy being with you will be replaced by other things and those precious moments will become a lot less frequent.

Now is the time to really enjoy everything you do together and if you have been busy of late for genuine reasons such as work or other commitments then maybe the time has come to realize that these potential moments together do not last forever and you will suddenly realize that you have ran out of time to do things together. Start planning a great day out now, make that change and started dedicating more of yourself to him.

Unlike having a daughter who would probably be asking you to dress alike for a long time, your little boy will most likely not have a similar amount of enthusiasm for this kind of thing. Obviously the outfits for girls matching with their mommy are going to be different types to those available for boys. Garments like t shirts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans are all items of clothing that will suit your son as well as you and the print them makes them a set will offer different choices to those for a girl. The print which can be an image or text can be chosen to suit a boy and his mom and also can be dependent on what image you want to portray, whether it be something fun or cute and adorable.

When buying as a gift for your partner or any other friend or relative and child then again you will have to choose what type of outfit to purchase that will suit a boy and mother and also what colors will make them both happy. On top of that, as above you also have a choice of print, words, or a customized choice that will suit them both. Again this will come down to what reaction you want from them when they open their gift and also what reaction they might want when wearing them.

You would probably be buying these as a gift for a celebration such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter or a baby shower or even as a surprise mom and son bonding day. This is a gift that is unusual, perhaps a little risky but definitely one that is outside of the usual stuff you may buy and this makes them a great present especially as they involve two people and can be a lot of fun.

As we say there are a few different types of outfits for a mother and son which can make it hard to pinpoint exactly what you may want but as prices are fairly reasonable there is nothing stopping you from buying a set of various items to suit a particular mood or what you might have planned.