A Beautiful Willow Tree Figurine Will Show The Love Between A Mother And Daughter


Any home that does not have any kind of decorations, ornaments or photos feel like they are empty. Having decorative pieces around the rooms are what bring it alive and provide the home with some warmth. Bland pristine houses are all well and good but they look too clinical and need some kind of decoration to make it feel an all around happier place to live. Willow tree make some incredible looking pieces that are the perfect solution to adding some life into a home.

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Willow tree ornaments come in many different designs including music boxes, trinket boxes, statues and figurines. While they all look particularly beautiful the mother and daughter willow tree pieces have an extra special aura about them. Maybe it is because the relationship between moms and their baby girls have always been so powerful. Now every mother gets to put on display the special connection that her and her daughter have.

There are many different items that are produced for a mom and daughter, some of which are individual pieces and others come as matching sets. These figurines are separate items which have been designed so that they can be given between a mom and her daughters as a symbol of their love for one another.

Willow tree figurines are one of many items that can be found being produced for a mommy and her girl. There is also a range of clothing, jewelry and other accessories for a person and home there are popular. Things that can be worn include sweaters and holiday dresses as well as garments for special occasions like Christmas outfits. A few examples from the vast number of accessories include coasters and mama bear mugs with hats and bonnets for the head. There are also some beautiful items of jewelry such as anklets and necklaces.

This is just a small sample of what can be purchased for a mother and daughter and having such a large choice is brilliant news as it means an improved chance of finding exactly what you want. In addition to these garments and accessories produced for a mom and child, they can also be found for all different combinations of family members. These styles are very popular among families as well as parents and children and almost always receive a positive reaction. It is for these people for who they are considered fairly mainstream and common yet couples who wear them to show their affection for one another usually have more of a mixed reception.


A Willow Tree Ornament Will Make A Wonderful Gift For A Mom And Daughter



If you are looking to buy just one item from one of the many various things you can purchase that are dedicated to a mom, the willow tree range for mother and daughter are one of the most beautiful. Obviously your choice will be dependent on whether your preference is for something that can be worn, used to put on display. This kind of figurine is designed to be displayed in the home as a reminder to your mom of how much she means to you.

As with any gift, there will always be some doubts as to whether you are choosing the right thing, where will it go and will it fit in with the decor of the room. Will it even fit and are the colors right? While these options can be important, you will need to remember that a gift like this will have a great impact on your mom as it will be a reminder of the connection the two of you share which in turn will increase its sentimental value.

Let’s not forget that sheer amount of celebrations during just one year that have need for at least one gift. Thinking up new things for each occasion and doing it year after year can often mean being stuck in a rut of buying the same old stuff because you can’t think of anything new. This is an opportunity to give your mom something different this year. As they are a display piece they can be given for an occasion and these include Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving or for a mom of the bride wedding gift.

Willow tree have quite a range of mother and daughter items including sculpted figurines, ornaments and boxes. As a gift you will usually be trying to second guess what the receiver would like the most but often you are better off choosing your favorite. They will all be celebrating the unbreakable bond that hold a mom and daughter together with the hand painted beauty of the ornament being the perfect finishing touch.


Some Of Our Favorite Boxes And Statues



With items that include figurines, statues, trinket boxes, music boxes and more, choosing the right one can become difficult because they are all so amazing. We have listed a few of our favorites with a brief description for ideas or just some inspiration.


Mother Daughter

  • Close To Me – 8 inch figure of older woman embracing younger girl
  • Loving My Mother – 6.5 inch adult daughter and older mother
  • Chrysalis – 9 inch woman standing behind the other embracing
  • MotherDaughter – 6 inch woman sat with young girl sat on lap



  • Carving of adult woman and child embracing on hand painted wooden box
  • Tenderness – Woman holding toddler on keepsake box



  • Close To Me – older woman embracing young girl with music base


Mom And Baby

  • Angel Of Mine – 8.5 inch woman holding baby
  • Always – 6.5 inch woman sat holding older baby
  • Tenderness – 8 inch woman holding toddler
  • Child Of My Heart – 9 inch woman carrying toddler
  • The Quilt – Woman in rocking chair holding toddler and covered in a quilt
  • Sanctuary – 6.5 inch woman holding infant wrapped in blanket


Mom And Two Children

  • Quietly – Woman holding toddler with arm around older child



  • Generations – 7 inch older woman, woman and child



  • Our Gift – 8.5 inch Couple holding baby
  • Home – Man and pregnant woman embracing


The Perfect Way To Show The Bond Between Parent And Child



The willow tree range include sculptures of men, women and children as well as angels, all of whom are faceless. They are created by artist Susan Lordi and have been designed to represent peoples feeling or different events in their lives while also taking inspiration from dance and ballet. Susan hand carves the clay sculptures and then the figurines are produced from a hand painted resin which has been cast from the clay sculpture.

From the way they are casted, cured and hand painted, it allows each figurine to retain the artisan hand crafted look but obviously at a fraction of the price of an original piece. This obviously means many more people can enjoy the beauty of them in their homes. Colors are predominantly white, grays and brown and the height of each figurine usually falls between 15 cm and 25 cm.

Giving your mom a willow tree figurine will something she will never forget. She will love the fact that it comes from her daughter and will display it appropriately to show any visitors how much her little girl thinks of her and what a strong bond they have.

These mom and daughter sculptures come in a various designs that celebrate mothers all the way from pregnancy to first having a baby and on to having an older child. The figurines that show a pregnant woman or those with a newborn baby will most likely be purchased by the father or another close relative but still have the same effect of showing the bond between the two.

The different designs can be displayed in many different ways, which will also be dependent on if you have just the one or many willow tree figurines.

Some Display Ideas



Separate shelving with baby scans, babies name, birth weight and date of birth, foot or hand prints or both. Some loving words or quote for your baby and your willow tree father and pregnant mother with proud mom and dad holding a newborn baby beside it.


The willow tree pregnant mother figurine stood next to a photo of the real pregnant mom in the same pose.

Glass Case

Use a circular glass casing to cover the figurine to enhance its presence.

Display Cabinets

If you have a collection of figurines then a display cabinet makes an excellent way to show them effectively. The wood could be rustic, natural or treated and of any type of wood, all enhance the beauty of the pieces.

Next To Family Photographs

They will always look great next to family photos and you are telling a story through the placement that you have the special connection the emotions of the figurine are trying to show.

Family Tree

A family tree stand with small shelves each holding a willow tree figurine of each stage of the families history.


Obviously to deserve such a thing of beauty from your daughter means you are an amazing mom. The time you spend with your little one are the times in which you are able to build that incredible bond. This is happening from the moment they are first born through their time as an infant and on to being a toddler and more. They are forever learning and evolving and from an early ages achieving some amazing milestones. Mom who have been their to witness these are very lucky as they have with them some of the most treasured memories of their lives.

Playing an active role in a child’s life just comes natural for the majority of mothers but there are some who struggle. For many of these it is out of genuine necessity with the need to work long hours to keep their children fed and healthy. However, for others it is because they have chosen to prioritize their own social lives over that of their kids. These are the kind of moms who will end up being full of regrets and are unlikely to be receiving loving gifts like a willow tree ornament.

We do have a message for these mothers, it is never too late to change. A new beginning can start tomorrow with a day at home or out together doing things that your daughter enjoys doing. You can learn more about each other, talk and listen and begin to forge a new strong connection between the two of you. Obviously, many of these options are dependent on the age of the child, a younger one, thankfully, may not understand but she will love having her mommy paying special attention to her for the day.

The benefits that come from spending many quality hours can be seen for both mom and daughter. The mother will be there to witness all of those many special milestones and have the precious memories that go with them. The child will reach their full potential from growing up in a loving home with parents she can talk to and be listened, be encouraged and advised.

Most parents understand the need to participate in their children’s lives with those will mentioned above being only a small minority. Studies have proven that parents spend more time now with their children than they have in the past 50 years. Moms dedicate many hours to their babies lives from the time they are born and are generally always there for their daughters no matter what. This is why many of them will buy their mother a special willow tree figurine as a gesture of their thanks for all that they have done for them and the love they share.