Morpheus’s Matrix Costume And Sunglasses Embrace His Leadership Role


In the Matrix trilogy Morpheus is played by Laurence Fishburne, one of the three major stars of the movies. He is the Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar. The Nebuchadnezzar is a hovership and is used to broadcast the minds of the crew into the Matrix. The crew members enter the Matrix via pirate radio signals that the ship sends out which transport the crew anywhere in the Matrix where there is a hard phone line. It is named after an ancient king that is referenced in the book of Daniel.

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The name Morpheus is taken from the god of dreams in Greek mythology which is in a similar vane to Morpheus dreaming of the Matrix. We first meet Morpheus via a phone conversation with Neo as he is trying to help him escape from his place of work as Agents are looking for him. When we first see Morpheus it is at a meeting with Neo when he offers him the famous red pill or blue pill choice. His appearance is striking and one of the first things you are drawn to are those tiny sunglasses.

It is Morpheus who frees Neo from the Matrix and explains about what the world is really like and that humans have been plugged into a machine. Morpheus and the crew are trying to save the enslaved humans from the machines. He instructs Neo in new skills such as fighting and how they can bend the realities of the Matrix world. Morpheus is later captured and tortured by Agents and is later rescued by Neo and Trinity.

Written and directed by the Wachowskis, a number of actors were considered for the part of Morpheus before deciding on Laurence Fishburne and these included Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Val Kilmer. There were rumors that Sean Connery was offered this part but infact he was offered the role of Architect in the sequels. The character Morpheus in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics were to be what Fishburne had to base his performance and this was asked of him by the Wachowskis.

In the film Morpheus was a very inspirational leader and to many people a teacher. He teaches Neo and most of his crew about the Matrix and by some is also seen as a father figure. His overall costume is designed to show no doubt about his leadership capacity and confidence. Morpheus like Neo and Trinity is a superhero in the movie and needed a costume to show this strong leader who also has exceptional fighting skills and the end result fits this description perfectly.



Release Your Inner Morpheus With Pince Nez Glasses



Morpheus is an incredibly strong personality and one of the leaders of the real world in which humans that have been freed from the Matrix reside. While many serve on ships as Captains and crew members such as the Nebuchadnezzar, most of the humans that have either been freed or born in the real world live in the last remaining human city, Zion.

He has been informed by the Oracle, a prophet who can see into the future that he would find the One but not who it was. He would just know and when he found Neo he had a feeling that told him he was the One. The One is the person who had been prophesied to save the human race.

Throughout the movie Morpheus has complete faith in Neo, even when he fails at certain trials and quests. His loyalty and belief in Neo is so strong he is willing to sacrifice himself in order for him to succeed. Throughout the film we never know for sure until the end if he is the One or not but Morpheus truly believes, guides him and teaches him everything he knows. Everything he does is for Neo and in that way he never seeks any glory for himself. He is completely selfless and allows Neo to the path he himself feels right. Eventually we find out Neo is indeed the One and he then is far more skilled than Morpheus but even after this he remains an important leader not just to Neo or his crew but to all in Zion where he continues to be a person of wisdom and guidance to all.

There is a quote that says the Eye are the windows to the soul but in the case of Morpheus it is the sunglasses that are in the way of that window. The sunglasses of Morpheus are unique when compared to others as they have no rim or arms. This type of glasses are known as clip on or pince nez. Pince nez have been used around Europe since the late 14th century. The name comes from the French pincer – to pinch and pez – nose. The small frames stay on the face with any earpieces and remain on by pinching the bridge of the nose.

Because they have been worn over the years by remarkable figures in history they have a reputation of those that wear them being advanced academically or someone with a high social status with a lot of money. Although in the movie Morpheus is no doubt lacking financially, he is a powerful and respected leader who people listen to and admire as well as teaching many people how to perform various skills within the Matrix.


A Powerful Character With An Outfit To Match



A mysterious, powerful and brooding character, Morpheus carries with him a strong presence. He remains calm ding every situation that is thrown at him and inspires the whole of Zion with incredible speeches. He is a presence not only in his power and leadership qualities but also his physique. Tall and with a large frame he is someone who commands attention and is listened to intently when speaking. Morpheus is also very confident and absolutely believes he is correct about Neo being the One.

This type of character draws attention and therefore needs a costume to match. One of the most striking parts of his outfit is the coat. The clothing designers for the movie describe it as a fantasy croc. It has specially printed embossing which is made from leather and lighter weight fabrics. The coat is long, reaching his feet, black and has an incredible shine. As the coat stands out so much, along with the sunglasses, it is easy to miss out on the details of the rest of the costume. Under the coat is a black shirt and this is topped with a dark purple vest. The pants are of the same color as the vest and are what would be part of a suit without the jacket. With this he wear a striped green tie with black oxford shoes.

Aside from the coat drawing the viewers eye it is also the sunglasses that stand out. These are round,highly reflective mirrored glasses. These are clip on – pince nez style that are rimless, without arms that attach and stay on the nose by a clip. They certainly draw people attention to the face and almost makes you miss the other parts of his outfit. A pair of sunglasses that are always in fashion and look amazing and on top of that you feel like you are wearing Morpheus’s glasses and perhaps some of that leadership and powerful personality will rub off.