Enjoy Your Yoga Session Together On Mommy And Me Mats


If you were to list the amount of different activities a mom could participate in with her child, it would be extremely long. There are so many fun things to do and while obviously not all are to each and everyone’s tastes there will be many that are. One activity that can be fun and provide health benefits is yoga. This is a very popular exercise with millions of people practicing it as their daily exercise routine. Any mom who herself enjoys yoga might want to encourage her child to join in.

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There are of course many forms of exercise that could be done together and it will not be a case of only having to do one but yoga is one that has many benefits. Some of the things that participating in yoga can help with are back pains, balance, flexibility, strength, increase in energy and less stress. For children doing yoga can help with anxiety, increase their self-esteem, help with body awareness, enhance their memory and improve concentration and helps with flexibility and strength.

When performing yoga there many different movements which range from basic to very advanced. These are undertaken in various positions including standing, against a wall, seating and lying down either on the front, back or sides. Some of these moves on the floor can potentially be painful and this is why a yoga mat is often used. Yoga mats will provide a useful padded area between you and the floor and ensure there is plenty of comfort when doing your exercise.

Whether joining in with your exercise sessions is yours or your child’s idea they will still need a mat. Taking part in anything together is a fantastic opportunity to use things within the mommy and me range. There are hundreds of different items that can be found in this range and they include clothing, jewelry and a variety of accessories.

To list them all would mean many hundreds of rows but a few examples include Christmas outfits for the festive seasons, rompers for daily use and garments like pajamas or onesies with an additional kimono or robes for the home. There are also what you might class as different accessories and these can range from picture frames to cookbooks along with keychains and cups. For those that like things a little more sparkly there are also pieces of jewelry available such as necklaces.

The list does not stop there with many additional items and all of these are not only available for a mother and daughter but also every other member of a family. Not every item produced is going to be for every permutation of family members as not everything will be suitable for all but a high percentage are. The items produced for family and parents and their children are the most popular and what would be considered to be the most mainstream. Each item designed for these groups will usually receive a positive reaction whereas those that are produced for couples of a romantic nature tend to get quite a mixed reaction with an equal number both loving and disliking the show of affection displayed publicly.

With so much choice you would expect a matching set of mommy and me yoga mats to be included in the range but they are not readily available to buy as a set of two. However there are many that have been designed for children which can be purchased individually with an adult version in order for mother and daughter to participate in yoga together. Alternatively you could buy two of the same one if there is a desire to have a set that matches.


A Yoga Mat Set For A Mom And Daughter Would Make A Great Gift



With the amount of people who take part in yoga added to a combined mommy and daughter or son means the potential for a wonderful gift. Most moms would enjoy any gift that brings her and her children closer together and a mommy and me yoga mat would be perfect for a yoga fan.

This is quite an unusual gift and we can understand any hesitation especially as women can be notoriously difficult to buy for and buying the usual things that are well received is an easier option. However, with the many occasions in the year that need a gift it can often be difficult to conjure up new ideas and relying on those same old thing time after time can get boring. People exercise all year round which means a yoga mat can be purchased for any one of the celebrations through the year including Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, New Year, Thanksgiving or Easter.

Any yoga mom will love to receive an item such as this as a gift due to the fact it is something that will bring her and her girl or boy together. The fact it is one of her favorite activities is a bonus and with the addition of being able to take part while spending time with her child, even better. As well as this they will be able to bond while also being healthy and taking part in exercise together. All of this results in a gift that will be very well received and one she will treasure because of the additional sentimental attachment that comes as it is also a connection to her children.


A Few Ideas For Your Comfort


We have listed some of our favorite mats with a brief description.

  • 68″ long by 24″ wide non slip mat with instructional poses
  • Alex Active yoga kids activity exercise mat
  • Manduka Pro yoga mat, premium 6 mm thick and eco friendly
  • Kids, teen or adult may with yoga game
  • Yogi junior kids mat
  • Mat with floral pattern
  • Kids 3 mm thick 60″ non toxic, non skid mat with cartoon panda poses
  • Organic natural jute mat, non slip and eco friendly
  • Unicorn rainbow non slip mat 72″



Exercising Together Is A Healthy Way To Bond


Yoga is a terrific form of exercise that over time will give your body and mind many healthy benefits.


  • It can help with stress by lowering levels of cortisol which in turn reduces stress. The decrease in cortisol levels may also contribute to help fighting depression.
  • There is no scientific reason why but studies have shown those practicing yoga saw a reduction in anxiety.
  • Although there is no confirmation of the fact there have been studies that show daily yoga can help to reduce inflammation.
  • Most exercise and healthy lifestyles promote the fact they can improve heart health and yoga is no exception.
  • It can help with your overall quality of life including better mood, less fatigue and improved sleep quality.
  • One of the major reasons people like to include yoga in their fitness routines are because it is great at improving balance and flexibility.
  • Yoga incorporate many breathing exercises which have been shown to improve breathing.
  • Yoga places a major emphasis on mindfulness and for some this can result in helping to change eating behaviors to more healthy ones.
  • Participating in any form of exercise results in use of the muscles and these in turn will help increase a persons strength and yoga is no different

This shows what a great all around form of exercise yoga is and even if it isn’t your primary interest it is one that should be included in all fitness routines. It can be done pretty well anywhere, just take your mat and you are ready to go. This means you are not restricted to the home or gym and can head to the park or beach on a nice day. This also makes it the perfect form of exercise to do together. A mom and daughter can go to one of their favorite places and run through their yoga routines together. Afterwards sharing a drink and something to eat. Whether it is outside or at home, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to take part in together which means it is a wonderful way for a mother and daughter to bond.

An important aspect of taking part in yoga together is getting your mommy and me yoga mat. There are a few options that will need to be considered before buying your mats and these are some of the important ones.



The thickness of the mat is all about comfort and there advantages and disadvantages to both. If it is too thin your knees may get injured but too thick and you lose your connection with the floor which makes certain poses all the more difficult. A standard mat is around 1/8 of an inch and each individual will need to determine their preference between comfort and connection.


The materials will determine how spongy, sticky and eco friendly it is. Standard mats are made from PVC but there are also some available in recycled rubber and organic cotton. PVC will provide the most stickiness and will be the most long lasting with the ability to take a lot of abuse.


The texture effects how much traction each mat will provide. They are available from very smooth to extremely rough and you will get to know they type that suits you.


The stickiness of the mat is what stops the user from sliding everywhere and helps to maintain alignment when you go through different poses. This makes stickiness an important option with PVC being the best.


Those are some of the most important points to consider with another being the design and color. Obviously these mats come in a wide range of colors and many that are patterned, covered in images and words or cartoon type prints for children. You should now be ready to pick out your mommy and me yoga mat and enjoy spending some quality time bonding over many sessions of yoga together.