Workout Together In Style Wearing Mommy And Me Exercise Clothes


Working out with each other while at home or at the gym is a great way for a mom and daughter to spend time together. Staying healthy and being in each others company is a wonderful pastime whether it is running, cycling or doing yoga. Obviously babies are too young to workout but a toddler can join in the fun and any older children can be more serious. Doing your workout in mommy and me sets can bring some extra fun and closeness to your exercise.

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Mommy and me workout clothes are a fantastic choice for your exercise time, combining looks, comfort and being really cute. If you both enjoy wearing these there is a wider range of festive and day to day matching sets for a mom, daughter or son to explore and these are not only available in clothing but accessories and jewelry too. Some examples of items including Halloween shirts and Christmas outfits. For every day wear there are dresses and sweaters and in terms of jewelry or accessories you will find tumblers and anklets.

Looking at some of the other items in this range you will see that they are not limited to mother and daughter but are also available in many other permutations of the people in a family. Many of the garments are very popular among families with pajamas being a particular favorite. Although they are liked by many they are not to everyone’s tastes and certain combinations get mixed reactions. Items for families as well as parents and children tend to be more mainstream and accepted by most people as looking pretty cute. It is those that are produced for couples to show their love for each other that tend to have a mixture of positive and negative feedback and they are one of those things you either love or hate.

The mommy and me styles is certainly one that gets a majority of positive comments but it is still a fairly niche area with people entering into it for different reasons. Any mom who buys their first set usually has done so because of one of a number of different reasons. She could have experienced them as a child and wishes her children to have the same fun and become a family tradition. The most likely reason is seeing other people, friends or family wearing them and thinking they would be good for her and her son or daughter. Finally there is the daughter who wants to dress like mommy and therefore start pulling everything out of her wardrobe to try on. Any curious child like this is perfect to buying a matching set for and if you both enjoy exercise, a set of workout clothes makes a great choice.

Most moms are going to purchase this type of thing because of how they look. She will want her and her daughter to look their best and anything that matches also looks pretty cute. However, behind the looks there is a more meaningful purpose to them. The wearing of these matching garments shows that the people wearing them have a strong relationship. They portray an image that says this mom and daughter have a deep connection who enjoy spending time together, can have fun and there is much love. Wearing them gives a sense of closeness between the two than ever before and it is this feeling more than looks that makes them special.



Matching Yoga And Workout Outfits Are A Great Gift For A Mom And Daughter



Any clothing in the mommy and me range make for great gifts and if you know a mom and daughter who enjoying yoga and working out then a set of outfits for them would be a wonderful gift. There is one fact that holds many people back from buying clothes for women and that is they are very difficult to buy for and statistics tell us that they return around 75% of clothing they receive.

This make the chances of purchasing something she will like fairly low but there are a few things to your advantage this time. One is the fact there is only a limited choice of workout clothes that comes as a matching set. Secondly, this is a gift for a mommy and her girl which will add adorability advantage and because it will connect her to her daughter, a sentimental value.

For any one who makes the decision to buy a pair they can do so in the knowledge that it will be quite a unique gift. This makes it worthy of an attempt especially as with all of the various occasions in a year that need the purchase of some presents it can become hard to think up new ideas. Working out, exercise and yoga are all year activities and that makes these gifts that can be bought for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, New Year, Easter or Thanksgiving.

Aside from the difficulty in choosing the right clothing there is an additional problem and that is having two peoples tastes to please. Any infant or young child who wants to join in with moms workout will not be too bothered by how they look but an older child will have their own ideas of what they like. Again with a limited range this is made easier and by purchasing colors that both like to wear it will be most likely both will love them.


Ideas And Inspiration For Your Set



Find some ideas or some inspiration for your or a gift for another’s set. We have included some of our personal favorites with a brief description.

Yoga Outfits

  • Yoga leggings with pocket in various colors
  • Tummy control yoga pants
  • Stretchy and breathable polyester fabric with long sleeve top and pants set
  • 2 piece yoga leggings and sports bra


Workout Outfits

  • Racerback tank tops
  • Two piece outfit with stretchable and breathable fabric with zipped top



  • 2 piece top and pant set



  • Butterfly pattern leggings set of 2



  • 2 piece high waist running shorts and crop top bra set



Wearing Clothes That Matching While Working Out Is Great For Bonding



The bonding between a mom and her baby begins from the birth and continues all of their lives. This unbreakable bond between the two will last a lifetime and strengthens as times passes even if you did not think it was possible. However, it is important to continue being in each other lives otherwise, although always there, it may become less strong than it once was. Doing things together will always help to add strength to it and activities such as working out, exercise and yoga are a way of spending time together and staying healthy. As we mentioned doing things in coordinated clothes can help both to feel more connected which makes a set of mommy and me workout outfits the perfect piece of clothing to exercise in.

While most moms dedicate many hours of each day into doing things with their boys or girls there will be a few who do not. For some it will be because they have no choice, needing to work long hours just to be able to provide shelter and food for their children. Unfortunately there are also mothers who do have a choice but choose to put their social lives before being with their kids.

We would all commend the moms who try and work long hours for their babies but those that make a choice to neglect theirs for their own sake, the opposite is true. From the time they are babies, through infancy and beyond they are growing fast and achieving some incredible milestones. They will be learning new things and overcoming challenges daily and these are the special moments that no parent should miss. All of these milestones are ones are precious and will be treasured by any parents who witness them to be replayed in their minds for the rest of their lives.

A parent and child spending time together is not only beneficial to the parent, it is also vital for a child’s growth and happiness. Growing up with moms and dads that give them home full of love and care, who provide them with comfort and listen to them is something that every child needs. Their behaviors will usually be better and a school their grades will be also.

There maybe some moms who upon reading this realize there is a need for change and to start putting their little ones first. A fresh beginning can be at any time and can begin with finding some common ground, usually an activity than can be enjoyed, shared and talked about. Exercise or yoga, at a gym or in a park, is a good way to spend some time together without any pressure. Bonding over a common interest is a great start and perhaps the day will become an anniversary for a whole new beginning that lasts. It is a good idea to have a symbol that represents a promise to yourself and your son or daughter that you will be there for them more. This symbol can be anything but bonding over a work out could mean purchasing some mommy and me workout clothing and having the extra benefit of feeling closer to each other.

We are only speaking of a tiny percentage of mothers who fall into the category above. The vast majority of moms and dads know the benefits that both gain when being with their kids and it is natural for them to want to spend every waking hour with them. We know this to be fact from studies that have been taken from past behaviors which has show that in the past 50 years we are spending more hours a day with our children than ever before. This is fantastic for moms and daughters and the only thing left for them to do is get ready for their daily workout in their matching workout clothes.