You Will Both Look Amazing In White Dresses For Mommy And Me


Everyone has their own opinions and tastes when it comes to fashion. We are going to go with tradition and say that a white dress will usually be more associated with the warmer weather of spring and summer. When and how they are actually worn is a personal choice and there are obviously different shades of white. If you love white enough to want to wear it throughout the year the off-white is a good choice when they weather turns cooler. When wearing white you want a good quality fabric to ensure it is not see through. Tighter dresses in white will highlight every single bulge so aim for a looser fit. Accessories play a big part in altering the look you are aiming for which makes the same dress alright to wear in many situations. White is a symbol of innocence, simplicity, purity and freedom. It is a color that attracts attention which makes mommy and me white dresses a good choice for a mom to share with her daughter.

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When you choose to buy any type of clothing that is a matching set for mommy and me, you have made an awesome choice. There are now more moms than ever sharing this look with their daughters and enjoying its benefits. It has always been a popular genre of fashion but since social media has made it so easy to share things, the amount of exposure the mommy and me style gets has increase rapidly. More people can recognize just how cute it looks and this will drive more people to wanting the same. The style is available for all ages from newborn babies up to adults although it isn’t usually until they reach the toddler age range that most type of garment open up to them.

A dress itself is a miracle piece of clothing with hundreds of uses and this makes them one of the most versatile items of clothing that we wear. Dresses in general are worn in many situations and can be at home on the beach, chilling out at home, to dinner, the office and any occasions that need some elegance and sophistication. They come in different lengths that suit these different moods, those being mini, midi and maxi. They also can have varied sleeve lengths which include no sleeve, 1/2 sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and full sleeve. Other option include belts, bows, ruffles and neckline, example of which are round and halter neck.

With the mommy and me range being so popular, as you can imagine there are far greater types of clothing beyond white dresses. There are many dress types, for example yellow dresses, black, birthday, tea party, Hawaiian and unicorn dresses. We are sure all moms will want some variety which is why there are a whole clothes line range some of which are seasonal like fall outfits and others for year round use, such as leggings, shirts and hats. Clothes play a large role in this niche but there are also many accessories both to wear and for the home, like aprons and cookbooks.

The popularity of these matching garments has spread beyond just that of moms and daughters and can also be worn by any members of a family. Most manufactures create good for all permutations of family members, in others words any sets of two persons that can be created. They wouldn’t be so popular if they were not liked by a majority or people. Each of the pairs of people mentioned will usually receive some nice comments from friends, family and often complete strangers.


A Matching White Dress Set Will Make A Wonderful Gift For Any Mother And Daughter


White dresses certainly stand out with some of the most beautiful dresses of all when we think of wedding versions. There are a number of shades of white and those different hues can suit different times of the year. Bright and soft whites are what we would call the cooler whites whereas ivory and cream are warmers whites. The best all rounder if you are unsure which suits you best is to opt for a soft white.

A white dress will always look amazing and there is only one thing better and that is two, worn as a matching set by a mom and daughter. A set like this would be a wonderful gift for them although buying clothes for a woman at the best of time can be a challenge. Knowing that most are returned makes this even more stressful but the end result, a beautiful unique gift they will love will be worth it. With white being suitable for any season, it means as a gift they can be given at any one of Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day etc. This is even better considering how hard it is to think up new ideas to buy each time with a set of white dresses being an incredible surprise.

Buying a dress for another person will always be a hard choice to make but with the versatility and popularity of dresses most women will own a few already. There will be different styles of white dress and where they are most likely to wear them will need some thought. To find the style that they like the most you will only need to look in their closets to determine what they are wearing. This should give an idea of length, neck type, sleeve style and more. Once you have these facts a better judgement can be made about which to purchase.


A Few Of Our Favorite Designs



These are some of our personal favorite designs. They all comes as a matching pair and in sizes that range from small to plus and all with a white base color.

  • Floral print on chiffon midi with short sleeves
  • White with light floral pattern and straps
  • Loose hibiscus vine on white, medium length, halter neck
  • Round neck, short sleeve with belt and subtle flamingo print
  • Spaghetti straps, V neck with butterfly and floral pattern



Any Clothes That Match Are Good To Wear When Bonding



We know that white dresses are one color that can be worn at any time of the year and look good for days out and nights. If a date night with your daughter is a preference, wearing your matching dresses will really make you stand out and help you to feel closer to each other. These matching garments create that feeling and doing something you both enjoy in a relaxing environment will help you to bond together even more. All the quality time you can spend with you child are important and every day should include a certain amount set aside for this. Occasional nights out just give another opportunity but this time with no distractions from general home life. A mommy and me white dress set is a fine choice to spend this time in, whether it is out for dinner or to a party.

If you have younger children there are also options to wear dresses together. One will be going out during the day to visit a favorite place which can still be a good excuse to dress elegantly. A second is to join in the fun if a younger girl goes through a phase of wanting to dress like mommy. This game can be a good laugh and again provide a good way of bonding. Obviously trying to wear her moms clothes is going to mean they do not fit at all and there are better ways to create the same effect.

The best option is for mom to purchase some various mommy and me garments. These sets of two will mean there is the right size for her and also one for mom. This is even better than dressing like mommy as she can look exactly like you at the same time in a brilliant twinning look. There is also the fact they look incredible cute when worn together. Included in these sets should be a variety, some casual and some more sophisticated. The more elegant, such as white dresses will be good for when she wants to try that style and can also be used for going out with each other.