Wear A Classic Look In Vintage Dresses For Mommy And Me


Clothing can be described as being similar to artwork in that they and other thing define the culture of that era. Unlike paintings, clothes can be worn with additions to alter the overall look. Vintage dresses can be defined as genuine old classic varieties from a past era or modern versions of those old styles. The modern equivalents do not have the history to go with them and certainly no story but they are more readily available and being new, unworn. Because the style of dress has been around for so many years, you will find that they never actually go out of fashion. You can pair a vintage dress with an array of modern accessories to create numerous looks suitable for a variety of occasions. Their flexibility makes mommy and me vintage dresses an excellent choice for any mom and daughter with a joint love of these classic styles.

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Mommy and me is a vast genre of clothing that finds new fans each year. It’s popularity has increased greatly over the years and with each new generation of moms comes more excited first time users. It is a style that is fun and enjoyable to wear and one that inevitably always looks cute. They have always looked adorable but as more people quickly share their photos on social media platforms, so the reach of them expands and more moms are eager to try something from the mommy and me range. There is something for children of all age groups, starting from newborn babies and still going when kids themselves become adults.

If you had the chance to take a peak inside every woman’s closet you will see certain types of clothing consistently there and one would be a dress. Their versatility deems them an essential item for all closets, as well as their ease. Have you ever been in a rush with nothing to wear? Can’t seem to find anything that will go together and are short on time? A dress is the perfect solution, quick to put on and doesn’t need to paired with anything else. The same one will also fit in with multiple situations, often with just a few changes to accessories. They can be perfect for any kind of day time activities, chilling at home or special events.

As we said, the mommy and me genre is a large one that spreads far beyond the likes of vintage dresses. Continuing with the dress theme there are others in this range with some examples being elegant dresses, floral, holiday dresses and plus size dresses. Enjoyment of the mommy and me style does not have to revolve around dresses with plenty of other types of garment readily available. These include things like newborn outfits, Disney shirts, Easter outfits and scrapbooks for looking back on.

Mothers and daughters can enjoy wearing their matching items but what about others? Seeing how popular they are there is no way that everyone else would be left out. There is a full range of clothing, accessories and jewelry that can be purchased for whole families or each pair of family member. The amount of combinations of people can soon add up and with each having the most common items plus their own unique sets, the range obviously is a massive one.


A Vintage Dress Looks Beautiful And Would Make A Perfect Gift For A Mom And Daughter


What is a woman’s favorite thing to buy? If it isn’t clothes then they are certainly high up on the list. One study said the average U.S woman buys 68 new items of clothing each year and you know dresses are going to rank highly among them. A vintage version is a great one to wear when heading out with the right accessories and this will make buying a matching vintage dress for a mom and daughter a perfect gift.

Dressing up in vintage dresses can be for something during the day or night as well as for any season in the year. Most of us probably consider this style more for a evening event of some sort where turning up in the same matching pair will be very eye catching. As with all dresses, they come in various length including maxi, midi and mini, sleeve types like short, full, half, 3/4 length and different straps and necklines.

Because they can be adapted to wear in all seasons they will therefore be a gift that can be given at one of the several celebrations that occur in a year. Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day spring to mind as being the more common festivities that require a gift ad buying one that is different and unique will be a wonderful surprise. Obviously there is no use in choosing the first you see and the will be some thought needed. While taking the easy road and buying anything may pay off sometimes, with clothing more care is required. Woman return a very high percentage of clothing that is ever purchased for them so taking some time to check what they like is the best route. Checking their closets for what they currently like will be the most effective way. Making some notes of colors, lengths etc of what they own and buying a dress according to this should mean they will love them.


Some Of Our Favorite Ideas



These are a few of our personal favorite designs with a brief description. They come as a matching set but if there is a particular one you like that doesn’t, buying two in the sizes required will make your own set. Most can be found in a good variety of colors, patterns and of course sizes, generally from small to plus.

  • Butterfly floral printed spaghetti strap V neck cami dress
  • Leaf print sleeveless spaghetti straps maxi party style
  • Yellow velvet long sleeve maxi with bow
  • White with red floral pattern sleeveless midi with back zip
  • Sleeveless long maxi with ruffles and buttons
  • Green velvet long sleeve stretchy maxi
  • 1920’s Art Nouveau sequin embellished fringed flapper dress


Clothes That Match Can Benefit Your Time Bonding Together



All families need to set aside some quality time to spend together and they include moms and daughters. It is during this period where it is just the two of them that they can really bond. There are many things that come be done together from relaxing at home or dressing up and going out for a evening dinner. What activity they take part in together will often be dictated by the age of the child and their interests. Young adult children will perhaps enjoy different activities and then dressing in a beautiful dress and attending a party or other formal event. Taking advantage of the matching style and choose a mommy and me vintage dress will look amazing and make the night an even more enjoyable one.

If the weather is warmer then just the dress will be sufficient but in the cooler months you will want some additional garments. To mix things up a little any accessories or additional clothing to stay warm should mostly be of a different style or modern. If you dressed head to toe in vintage gear it might be mistaken for a fancy dress outfit. Older kids can enjoy looking glamorous at different evening events but younger children also love to dress up to look special and that opportunity will more often present itself during the day.

Games such as dressing like mommy, if she goes through that phase, is a fun way of spending some quality time together. Usually this will involve a little girl wearing her mommy’s clothes but in this case we have one that is her size which can be worn at the same time mommy wears hers. These will make her very happy and when bonding the matching effect will help a mom and daughter to feel closer to each other.